The Nookie Nurse


Copyright 2006 http://www. DramaSex. com All Rights Reserved
Copyright 2006 http://www. DramaSex. com All Rights Reserved
As with every other day at the clinic, the day ended with Dr. Harding talking on the phone with his girlfriend. She was keeping him occupied and away from his work. As usual, it took him ten minutes to get off the phone with her.
When he hung up, he started flipping through the papers on his desk preparing for his final patient of the day. He shouted out loud to relieve some of his stress and then turned to Deidre, his assistant nurse.
She was sitting on a swivel chair. She was giving him an odd look. Then she crossed her legs and started saying strange things. She wanted them to remain alone in the office with the door shut.
He told her about the black woman waiting outside, but she didn’t care. She got up, slithered her limber body onto the exam bed, and kicked the chair away.

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“Isn’t this much more fun?” she asked.
Dr, Harding was mumbling something about the client, but it didn’t last long. His cock had started getting hard and all he could think about was getting out of his chair so he could get into the blonde in front of him.
“I could teach you a few tricks,” he said.
Deidre lay down with her upper body propped up on her elbows. “What kind of tricks?” she asked.
Her legs were partially separated with her skirt covering everything, but the gesture alone was enough to increase the tingle in the doctor’s crotch.
“Well, first I gotta shave you,” said Dr. Harding.
“I hope you’re talking about my legs,” she said as she lifted one of them high in the air, which caused her skirt to slip farther down her thigh.
The doctor answered, but he was mumbling in his haste to get to her, so Deidre couldn’t make out exactly what he was saying. She slowly pulled her skirt higher as she watched him getting nearer.
His eyes were fixed between her legs. He could see white panties pressed tightly together by her inner thighs. Traces of a fleshy cunt lay just out of sight.

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Playing along with the “examination” joke, he said, “Do you like plastic or metal?”
“Actually, I like rubber. ”
She gazed intensely at him the whole time they spoke. It was sexy, but intimidating. Deidre was a fine piece of woman and the position she was lying in made her look more alluring.
He was nervous. He kept fidgeting and every now and then he’d look at the door as if he was expecting someone to kick it in. It was obvious that he wanted her, but he had to get something out of the way first.
“Do you promise not to use this on the outside?” he asked.
“Of course, not,” she said matter-of-factly.
“You won’t get me in trouble? You don’t have video cameras taping me right now? I’m not gonna end up on one of those shows?”
She shook her head to answer to every question. She was giving the doctor her pouty lips and baby eyes, seducing him with body language.
She didn’t have to do much talking to convince him. He probably would’ve fucked her even if she had answered yes to his questions. Judging by his anxiety and his wide-eyed eagerness, she figured he most likely hadn’t had sex with anyone other than his girlfriend for a long time and he was thrilled out of his mind to be getting some new pussy.
He sat on the stool that she had kicked away earlier.

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   He pulled it up between her legs as he held her by her feet.
“What I usually do is, when I’m really alone, I play with my instruments…”
He paused so he could lift Deidre’s skirt all the way up. She offered to scoot forward so her crotch would be closer to his face.
He applied light pressure to open them a little. Deidre felt the pressure and spread them completely for him as she watched his reaction through her legs.
His mouth was gaping wide, his breathing rapid and eager. He saw fine layers of pubic hairs spreading out from behind the thin panty material. The faintest scent of cunt met his nose, and all of his worries were out the door.
“I usually do this too,” said Dr. Harding as he stood and leaned over Deidre’s half-naked body kissing her passionately.
She started kissing him back. She wrapped her legs around him and slid her tongue in his mouth. She retracted it and felt his sliding into her mouth. Her pussy was tingling like mad.
He pulled away and started rambling about his nervousness (which she already knew) and about the big black woman who was still sitting outside.

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   As he spoke, he was sliding her panties to one side.
He went quiet. Her pussy was the most erotic he’d ever seen.
It was juicy and moist. Deidre had trimmed the hairs that were off to the side, but there was a lot of hair around the middle and bottom. It was just the way he liked it.
And now that her panties were out of the way, the smell was stronger. He needed to see what it tasted like.
Deidre felt the doctor’s hands close around her tits and give them a firm squeeze as she felt his tongue worming its way into her hole. She let out a loud gasp.
He slid his tongue up her snatch and let it glide over her clit. He closed his mouth around it, giving it a long, slow, sensuous sucking.
Deidre started sucking in air as her face contorted with pleasure. She started grinding her hot pussy in Dr. Harding’s mouth.

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   She pulled her shirt farther down so her tits would be out.
Already, she could feel an orgasm coming. She would’ve had one if the doctor hadn’t stopped so they could take the rest of their clothes off.
Now she was the one who was in haste. She got her upper garments off quickly, but she was too horny now to wait any longer. Once that was off, she grabbed his head and pushed it back into her wet pussy.
She watched him giving her pleasure. She loved the way his head moved around and the sight of his upper lip moving, knowing that his tongue was buried deep in her cunt as it did so.
She grit her teeth and held her pussy lips open for him. He was fingering her twat, then he dove back in it, face first.
Dr. Harding was enjoying the taste of this new pussy. He liked the sight of it so close to his face. He even liked the feel of her fine pussy hairs rubbing his nose.
He stopped and said, “What did you ask for? The plastic or the metal?”
Deidre started taking the rest of her clothes off and answered, “The rubber.

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“That’s been requested before,” said Dr. Harding as he took out the rubber tool that he used for examining vaginas.
Once her panties and everything else was off, Deidre sat up, grabbed a handful of the doctor’s curly locks, and guided his head back into her pussy.

    He came up and kissed her, allowing her to savor her own juices off his lips. Then he inserted the tool into her as he sucked on her clit.
    Deidre’s mouth flew open as the intense pleasure took control of her. She was gasping for air like she was going to suffocate.
    He was such a good pussy licker that she didn’t want his face to be anywhere else, but the doctor had done all he was going to do down there. Now he wanted to fuck her.
    He made her lay back. He stood between her legs. She eagerly scooted forward getting her pussy level with the edge of the examining table.
    “Oh, yeah,” he moaned as he started thrusting his cock into her.
    She was totally naked except for her hat and shoes, and Dr. Harding was glad that she hadn’t taken them off.

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       The high-heels and nurse’s hat with her sexy body made for an exotic combination.
    Deidre was beyond sexy. She was fucking gorgeous and Dr. Harding couldn’t believe he was inside her.
    She kept staring at him with lust in her eyes. Her gaze was intimidating, but it was still very alluring and inviting. He liked it, but he didn’t. It was an odd feeling, so he climbed totally onto the table and started pounding her.
    “Ohhh,” she moaned.
    Her pussy was really slippery now. She felt so good.
    As he fucked her, he used his forearms to prop himself up. It was hard to keep his balance that way, so he sat all the way up, never pausing in thrusts while he did it.
    Deidre remained on her back. The doctor held one of her legs up.

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       He liked watching his cock sliding in and out of her wet, hairy muff.
    They continued like this for another five minutes or so. Deidre’s hair looked a horrible mess. They’d both worked up a light sweat.
    There was a lot of moaning going on, but most of it was coming from Dr. Harding. Deidre had some really good ass, and he found out exactly how good it was when she started riding him.
    She slipped his cock into her tender snatch. He held her by the waist and helped bouncing her on his swollen member. The tingles were growing inside of him. Then suddenly, he felt the tightest squeeze of his life on his cock.
    “Ohhhh!” he screamed out.
    Deidre had contracted her pussy muscles. She released it, bounced on his dick for a few more seconds, and then did it again. This time it was stronger and she held it longer.

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       There was barely enough space for his cock to get in her. He felt a distinct pull every time she rose up, and then a wet, squishy feeling when she went down. She released it and held her pussy lips open with her fingers.
    “Oh, oh, oh god!” screamed the doctor. “Ooh! Oh!”
    She was in the reverse cowgirl position, so it’s like the only thing for him to look at was her tight ass moving up and down.
    He knew an orgasm was coming soon. He couldn’t handle much more of Deidre riding him like that. Then, as soon as he had that thought, Deidre contracted her pussy again.
    “OOOhhhhh!” screamed Dr. Harding.
    His body became rigid for a second. Deidre lifted her body high enough to make his cock fall from her pussy.
    She looked down and saw it jumping. She grabbed it. It was jumping in her hand.

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       She started stroking it.
    Seconds later, loads of hot cum shot out and landed on her pussy and hand. She held it close to her crotch for warmth and didn’t stop stroking until every drop was out of his pulsing dick.
    After he calmed down, the doctor looked up at her and said jokingly, “You failed the examination. ”
    She returned his smile and said, “That was the examination?”
    “Yeah, that’s all I do all day long. ”
    There was a brief moment of silence, then Deidre said, “Can I get off now, doctor?”
    Sarcastically, he said, “Yeah, that’s what usually happens unless they’re too big. Then you find them on the floor. ”
    She giggled. They kissed and got dressed. They were relaxed and ready to go home, but they’d forgotten about the big, black woman who was still waiting to be seen. Oops!
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