The Other Girl


Its about 8 oclock one night and we are talking on the phone…and we are both being naughty to each other…and I don’t know about you but I am so horny…my cock is pushing my jeans out, cause I am not wearing any underwear again…
Your telling me how you cant wait to come down and suck my cock…and your gunna suck it so hard that I cum in your mouth and just when I cum your gunna take my cock all the way in your mouth and let it shoot down your throat… I am totally in shock… you must be really horny… and I’m saying how I want to stick my cock in you and fuck your cunt and spray the inside of you with my cum… you tell me that you’ll be down late cause your going out for a bit with friends…and you’ll probably be a little drunk…and I say YES! About what time cause I am really horny… you say about 1230 or 1… maybe 2… I say oh my god I can’t take it… OK I’ll meet you in the cabin I’ll be there at 1230 waiting for you…then we say I love you to each other… and hang up…
So I go take a shower and while I am in there I shave my cock and balls so they are nice and smooth for your mouth…and I jerk off till I almost cum and then stop… then wait till he gets soft and then I do it again…actually I do it 4 times…I am thinking if I am gunna get to cum in your mouth I am gunna build up the shot and give ya a good hard blast…I get out of the shower and dry off, put my pants on (no underwear) and shirt… put on some deodorant…and some jupe cause you like it that stuff and it seems to make you more horny…then I am sitting watching tv for a bit… and I figure what the heck I’ll go out too and have a couple beers…its only 945 now…I have a long time to wait…so I go outside and it’s a beautiful warm night no coat needed…and I get in the truck and I head over to evans and go in and sit at the bar…I order a beer and start drinking it…there is a little crowd, there is some kind of band going to start at 10…and it seems everyone is having a good time and drinking a bunch and getting drunk…there seems to be a lot of girls there…some pretty ones and some not so pretty… anyway more girls then guys…it’s about 10 now the band starts playing and everyone is having a blast…I am still sitting at the bar drinking my 2nd beer so far… I have not drank in a long time so I have a little buzz goin on…im just lookin around watchin everyone dancing and drinking…then I feel someone sit in the stool next to me and I turn to see who it is, and it’s a girl…she smiles at me and I smile back…she’s wearing a very short jean skirt and a thin white top and it looks like she doesn’t have a bra on either…shes kind of cute but not pretty…she has long dark brown hair down to the middle of her back…and shes thin like you…she orders a beer then she says hi… and I say hi back…then we start chattin about this and that…and the whole time we are talking she keeps touching my knee…and thanks to you and my shower time I am super horny and after she touches my knee a couple times my cock starts to get hard…I look down and I could clearly see my cock hard inside my pants…its about 11 now…and she says wanna go for a drive or something…I say sorry I’m married… she says oh sorry…and then walks away…im on my third beer now and its about 1145… and the same girl comes back and sits down and orders another beer and while she’s waiting for it she says come on lets go for a drive…and I say ya ok where being a little smart… she says lets go to your place… I say first I am married and second I am staying in a little cabin to night…she say great lets go there… I say ummm my wife is meeting me there at 1230… she says great lets go…I say what?… she says lets go…ok now im getting a little excited again so I say wait here… I go out side and call you to see what your doin…and you tell me your getting a good buzz going and havin a great time …but your probably leavin soon to come down cause your super horny from before…so you have a good buzz and I have one, and we are both really horny…so I go back to my stool and sit and the girl is still there and she says well are we goin…I said don’t know my wife is coming down… she says good lets go… I say are you sure and she says lets go and she puts her hand on my crotch area…so then we finish our beers and get in the truck and head back to the cabin…we get back to the cabin and we go in and its about 1220 now…and we sit down on the bed…I say well my wife should be here very soon… she says that’s good…and shes acting goofie cause shes buzzed… then she climbs the ladder up to the top bunk and sits right at the edge hanging her feet off the side she kicks her shoes off …and shes facing me… I don’t know if she knows but I could see right up her skirt… she has no panties on!!! My cock goes hard …her pussy is shaved bare… and she has tiny little pussy lips…
Its like 1240 now and I am wondering where you are at… wishin you would get here…then she jumps off the top bunk and lands on the floor and she falls right on me…and we just lay there laughing…and then she says whats that and I say what…she takes her hand and touches my cock…I said sorry when you were sitting up there I could see right up your skirt… she kind of smiles and says did you like what you saw… I said cant you tell and I laugh…so she stands up… and opens her skirt and it drops to the floor…then she slips off her thin white shirt…and she is standing there naked…she has small round tits and her nipples are hard its now about 1 am…wondering where you are… then she says your turn… I say ok …I take off my shirt and stop…she says lets go buster off with the pants, I’m naked so just do it… so I unbuckle my belt and open my pants button and pull down the zipper…then drop my pants… she says wow your hard… I said that’s my wifes fault and she better get here quick…the girl comes over to me and I back up a bit… then she moves closer…and now we are both standing there then she takes her one hand and puts it under my cock and with her other hand she seems to be petting the top of my cock…nice light strokes…im like ok?
Then she takes her hand and rubs my balls and with her other hand she starts jerking me…I cant just stand there so I reach for her tits and start massaging them…her nipples are so hard…I bend over and suck each one for a bit… then she pushes me on the bed…im laying there with my cock pointing up… its about 130 now… she kneels over my cock and starts sucking it…and rubbing my balls… now she’s sucking just the tip…I grab the side of the bed cause its very intense… then she slides my cock out of her mouth and it makes a little slurp sound as it comes out… then she gives my cock a couple of jerks and then lays down on the bed next to me… I reach over and put my hand on her pussy and start fingering her… and we are just laying there…I sit up then lean over and start sucking her tits…then I move down to her pussy… I use my hands to open her lips to find her clit… then I start licking it …she lets out a little moan…and as I am licking it I stick a finger in her pussy…she is very wet, my finger slides right in…now I am fucking her with my finger and licking her pussy… she starts squirming around, and breathing heavy... then she closes her legs on my head and i pull my finger out and move away from her pussy... I lay back down next to her… and we are touching each other shes rubbing my cock and I am playing with her nipples…and its about 200 and out of the blue she says do you have a rubber with you I said no I never wear them then with out even saying another word she climbs right over my cock and squats right over it… and takes it in her hand to guide it and slowly it touches her pussy… then she sits down on it… and now shes ridin my cock and she says tell me if you are goin to cum cause you really can’t cum in me I leave the protection up to the guy…I say no problem… after I say that she starts fuckin me good… I could feel my cock getting harder and I start fucking her back pushing up as she comes down…and then we hear a car coming up the dirt road towards the cabin…its like 215…I say that’s my wife lets stop till she gets in here…seems like that turned her on more cause now shes ridin me harder… I hear the engine shut off…now my cock is getting even harder and thumps every now and then…I start to arch my back and I just get ready to tell her to stop and the door opens…and she turns her head and looks and my cock just explodes right inside of her…all my cum went right in her pussy… I don’t think she noticed cause shes a little drunk…and now your standin there and shes still ridin my cock…and then she starts cumming shes really loud …your just standing there in shock…and as soon as she is done I push her off of me and say hold on… I jump up and run over to you as my cum and her cum are dripping off my cock… and I walk you over to the bed and we sit down…the girl is layin on the bed right behind us just rubbin her now filled pussy and laughin and sayin wow am I wet…I give you a very big hug and say I love you…and you say what the fuck are you doin…as you look at the girl…I say I brought us a play toy…as I reach over and rub her tit…and you say why the fuck would you do that…I say you made me so super horny today… and I thought we could have some extra special fun… and you say it looks like you had your fun already… I say as I start rubbing your tits oh no I’m just getting started…and you push my hands away and say leave me alone hope ya had fun… I grab you tight and give you a kiss and try to get your ear and start kissing your neck and you start to calm down a little…I notice you came prepared for a fun evening…you have your short jean skirt on and your super thin white shirt that you wore in delaware for me when we went on the board walk and shopping
I say did you wear a jacket at the bar… you say no why…I say cause your nipples and the rings around them are showing right thru your shirt…almost like you didn’t have a shirt on…you say good that was the plan you should have seen all the looks I was getting…and I say I bet… and we are still sitting on the edge of the bed and I look at the floor and there is some cum that dripped out of my cock from cumming and my cock is still covered in cum from me and the girl…and you look at my cock and just shake your head…And I lean over and whisper in your ear the girl told me not to cum in her cause I didn’t have a rubber to wear, but when you came in the door I was getting ready to tell her to stop and things didn’t happen like she asked and I shot in her…and I don’t think she noticed cause I kind of threw her off me and came over to you… and then you say oh boy…then I whisper hopefully she doesn’t remember cause she’s pretty drunk… and you say hope so… now I am rubbin your tits again… and kissing your neck and ear, I know how that drives you wild… I slowly slide my hand down to your skirt and go under it… you don’t have any panties on…so I start fingering your cunt while still kissing you…then the girl starts rubbin your back… you don’t really move cause your feeling to good from my finger…then she reaches around the front of you and starts rubbing your tit…I push you down slowly on the bed and the girl slides her hand under your skirt and I take my hand out… she moves down toward your legs and I am up top…I start to take your shirt off and she unbuttons your skirt and starts to slide it down… you reach down to stop her and I grab you hands and pull them away… the girl gets your skirt off, and I get your shirt off and then she spreads your legs and climbs in between them on her elbows and knees with her ass in the air and starts licking your cunt…I go to work on your tits, sucking on your nipples and rubbing them… your moaning a little now… and its making my cock hard again seeing you get licked by another girl… so now your all into getting licked so I get up and get behind the girl… and stick my cock in her again and start fucking her while watching her lick you…and she says no cummin and she starts to moan too so I fuck her faster and she’s super slippery from when I shot in her before and shes getting very wet on top of it…I have to stop for a min cause seeing you get licked is making me want to cum…but I leave my cock in her…I hear you carrying on pretty much…I guess the girl is doing a good job…now your cummin.. the girl starts licking your clit now and your just about screaming… your trying to grab the bed cause its so intense…seeing this my cock starts to thump so I pull out… its all covered in cum and the girls wetness…I just sit back there and watch and finger the girl till your done cumming…as soon as your done I grab her by the ass and lay her down beside you then I climb on top of you and start fucking your cunt… I slide right in no problem…cause my cock is nicely "lubed" and so is your cunt from you cumming…I fuck you for a bit till you start to breath heavey and leave out a couple of moans then I start fucking you a little faster till I get you to cum… then I get off of you and guide you to the girls pussy… I take her legs and spread them for you…and you kind of hesatate a little then you stick out your tounge and lick her little pussy lips… then it seams you get into it cause I see you trying to lick through her lips to get to her clit… I take your hands and guide them to her pussy and help you to spread her lips exposing her clit… then you start licking her more intensely…
She starts moaning and breathing faster and then she starts cumming… and now your licking her entire pussy…your sticking your tounge in her hole and everything…I climb behind you and start fucking you and I guess your so horny from licking her that you cum almost as soon as I stick my cock in your cunt… and I am about to explode for a second time and then bam I am cummin right in your cunt…my cum spray the inside of your cunt now I got to cum in both of you…then you fall to the bed right next to the girl and I squeeze in the middle and we are all laying there… the girl reaches over and starts touching my drained cock and I turn and start kissing you…I don’t believe it my cock is growing again…then the girl climbs on my cock and starts riding me and says again no cummin in me… I say ok and I think to myself if she only knew… and then you get up and kneel over my face and I start to lick you… even though your full of cum, I figure if you could lick her full of cum I could do it... so I am licking away and then you get your cunt right over my mouth and I am licking you and some of my cum comes out of your cunt and goes right in my mouth so I just swollow it and keep right on goin… what I cant see is that you and the girl are kissing each other and touching each others tits… now shes ridin my cock pretty good and your ridin my face pretty good… my cock starts to get the cum feeling again but I could go a couple more in and outs…you and the girl start moaning again and both of you are starting to cum at the same time…now my cock is ready to explode…I get ready to tell her to stop and you notice me arch my back a little like I do when I am about to cum… and then for some reason you put your cunt right on my face and now I cant talk… and the girl is just ridin away… my cock starts thumping and thumping and now I am cumming and cant tell the girl to stop…I am shooting right in her… she still doesn’t seem to notice cause she is still riding me…then I finish and my cock starts to go soft and you too are both done cumming… but still making out and you both just fall to the bed with me in the middle again…the you turn your head and whisper ha ha that will teach ya look what I made you do and then you kiss me and whisper again see shes so drunk she doesn’t even know…I just shake my head and smile… then you get up and climb over me and go to the edge of the bed and now you say I have to go honey I love you and will talk to ya tomorrow…I say sorry if your mad at me and you smile at me and say I’m not no more!!! That was great thanks and you wink at me and get your skirt on and shirt and we kiss again and you head out the door…I’m standin there naked and my cock all dripping from all the fun… you get in your jeep and start it, close the door then I see you figiting around in the jeep so I walk over and you roll down the window and your laughing… I say what are you doing…you said I coughed and made a mess on my seat… and then we both start laughing and you keep saying knock it off every time I laugh your cum squirts out of my cunt… I laugh and open your door so your light comes on and oh boy do you have a mess…its all over your seat, your legs, and your hands cause you reached down to feel if you made a mess when you first coughed…then you shock me a little you lick your hands clean and say yummy and smile…thanks you just got my cock growin again I say as I close the door… then I am standin right next to your jeep… and you start rollin up the window and you say love you and by the way good luck with the cum in the girl thing…you back up and then I see you drive away…now my cock is hard from you licking your hands and I turn around thinking the girl is getting dressed…so I could take her back but shes not shes passed out on the bed…she is laying on her stomach … totally naked… I go over to her and shake her sayin we have to go… I start pokin her I even poke her ass… nothing… so I say hummmm…hard cock passed out girl…I spread her legs and get in between them take my finger and stick it in her pussy and she doesn’t move… so this is a go I think to my self…I use my finger and stick it in her pussy and get some of the slippery stuff I left in her and I wipe it on my cock…and then I lay on top of her and take my cock and stick it her ass…it goes right in cause the stuff I took out of her pussy was super slippery…her ass is so tight, it squeezes my cock in and out I go I push it all the way in…I don’t know what I have left in me but I start to get the cum feeling goin again and then I push it in one last time and I start cummin I am cummin in a girls ass I think to my self I never got to that before…as I keep pumpin her… then I lay on top of her and relax with my cock still in her ass it starts to go soft and falls out…then I roll off her and try to wake her again and she wont wake up…well if fucking her ass didn’t wake her up nothing will… so I pull the covers up and lay down next to her and fall a sleep…next thing ya know the sun is out and I am being wokin up by the girl sucking my cock (what she doesn’t know is that it was in her ass last night lol) still sucking my cock it starts to grow harder and then she says lets have a quicky so I say why not…she lays down and I get on top of her and take my cock and guide it into her pussy…she says you can’t cum in me… I said I know you told me a bunch of times last night…and she says did I, jeeze I don’t remember and laughs…I do remember the 3 of us having a good time though … and I said oh ya we did…so I keep fucking her and she starts to moan and she starts cumming then I fuck her really hard till I am ready to cum and I stop (like a good boy lol) and pull out… then I roll off her and she starts sucking my cock again and it doesn’t take long for me to cum… I shoot it right in her mouth and she swollows it…then she rolls to the end of the bed and gets up and gets dressed… I do the same then we walk out the door and get in the truck and I take her back to her car at evens… she gets out and says had a really fun time last night and I think to myself more then you will know…and then she closes the door and I drive away…then you call me a little later and you ask what I did last night after you left and I tell ya and I tell ya about the morning wake up too…and you say I hope everything is ok cause you shot in her pussy twice… and I said oh ya she doesn’t even remember me doing it and you said that’s not what I mean…and I am like ohhhhhh…I say oh well and then we start talkin about what we are gunna do that day…
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