The Pink Bikini


Samantha was a local woman who contacted me after reading some of my erotic stories on-line.   At first she just expressed her appreciation for my work, but as we wrote back and forth we found ourselves connecting and not long ago we spent a long, no strings attached weekend in the mountains exploring each other.   She had an acute sexual hunger and was an anal sex virgin.   Our time could be the basis for some stories in and of its self, however, one evening after we were literally exhausted from hours of pleasuring, she related a most unusual experience she’d had this last summer.   While she is a very private person she told me I should write it up for others to enjoy – so here it is in her voice, let me know if you enjoy.
Because I live, not too far from Thomas, way up in the mountains, I commute to work down toward the city and the long drive is not easy on a woman’s bladder.   You men got lucky in your body design, but we have to make room for some much more inside, uterus, ovaries, and of course our vagina and to accommodate all this important equipment we got short changed on our bladder size.   Hence, I have learned the best places to pee on the way to and from work.   About three-fourths of the way home there is a small parking area owned by the park service that is used by whitewater outfitters to put groups in and out of this rather famous whitewater river.   There are several porta-potties, which are rarely used except on weekends and it is placed just perfectly to provide relief when I feel like I can’t drive another mile without relief.
One Monday after work I found myself swinging into the parking area barely able to notice the gloriously warm summer day, after a rainy weekend because I had to go so bad.   I ran from my car to nearest potty – the handicapped one and not bothering to close the door I yanked up my skirt and pulled my thong aside unwilling to wait even long enough to pull it down.   I peed, sighing audibly in relief when I noticed something odd in the potty with me.   On the wall was a small coat hook on which was suspended a light pink bikini and a note.   Curious I stood and took a closer look.   The outside said, “please read” and I reached up and brought the bikini down so I could un-pin the note.

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    Suddenly feeling self-conscious for no apparent reason I latched the potti’s door before I sat back down on the toilet seat and opened the note, which read:
Please excuss my poor English.   My family come to this place from our country just three years ago when I was ten and five years.   My country very constrictive of woman expresses her sex love, but from an early year I discover my response and even rarely I had relation with nice boy whose opened my womanhood but he move with family and I have no man for more than a year leaving me eager, I think American word horny.  
This weekend my girlfriend and I were planned to go on raft trip with a bunch of people from college.   My cousins Manny and his brother Rob were driving us, but at last minute she get tummy illness and I almost cancel but decide I bored, I want have good day, do fun things.   My cousins are nice young men, who I not know real well, as they are distance relatives.   We had so much stuff in car that we all ride in front, me in middle and I begin to be concerned because I’d just got up and put on tee shirt planning to put bikini on later before we start.   No one notice, even at a couple of feet away, but right next to them, they see my breasts more free and tease me, the younger one not driving even try to touch me and I hesitate to make him stop because it make feels good, but I shove his hands away my nipple hard and push the tee shirt now.   They now tease talk sex talk the whole way, telling about what they do to girls and asking what I like.   I no talk, but I have trouble sitting because I so wet and so want relief so much.
Then it began raining, first a few drops, but by the time we get here it is heavy and with thunder, it is clear trip is canceled. No one else show up in parking. I need go bathroom and even tho rain come down I get out and run in here to go.   I brought my bag with me planning to pun on my bikini under my clothes before we drive back home to protect from cousins hands.   I pulled my shorts off and ran my hand between my legs and I am very wet from the sex talk and my fingers begin moving in a circle around my small center and I am almost complete when the door opens and Manny, the oldest rushes in, the rain soaking his shirt just from his short trip from the parking area.

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“What’s keeping you?” He asked before looking at me then he stares at me.   My white tee shirt is clear see from the rain and he sees my nipples very hard with excitement and cold. , but I can’t stop, my body is hanging on the edge of release and I could not have held back had my own father walked in.   Somehow the evil of what I doing in front of someone made it that much better and my legs stated to shake as I gain relief, my pleasure expanding throughout my body in waves while I screamed out again and again, my fingers making small wet sounds between my legs.
When I began to recover I see Manny naked his organ stiffly poking out as he came over and pulled my shirt off laving me in just my sandals.   He push me to the side and bend me over having me hold the rail for support and then he force himself inside of me as I cried out over and over, “No you cousin, we not allowed,” but he just push in all the harder his fingers running all over my breasts, and then he pull my nipples hard.   I think they will rip off, but feel so good I beg him not to stop and to pull my nippis even harder. I was such an evil woman fuck my cousin and enjoying the sin so much.
He suddenly began grunting and his trusting wild making me scream so loud that he brother come rushing in from the car and seeing what we were doing pulled off his outfit and before a pair minute pass he replace his brother in my vagina his organ very much in proportionally his brothers organ double. I never think even a baby so large as he make me open, using his hands to painfully slap my hanging breasts as me cry in pain and fear as he used me.
I am just getting used to his rough placing organ inside me when he pull out and sits on toilet seat while his brother leads me over and guides me to plant his organ inside my passage while facing him.   Once more the large organ separated my woman opening and as I worked him inside he began roughly sucking and biting my nipples making me willing for his whole large organ.   Then I feel a rubbery wet sensation on my anus and I horror to understand that the older brother was planning to enter me in this forbidden place and I cannot stop it.
      Thanks he still wet from being inside me but, while it no hurt I still felt as if his whole arm go in my bowels.   I somehow didn’t pass out but when they where both completely inside me then began moving and soon they trust fast in both orifices my rectum the only time a man enter.

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    At last I can tell they are getting ready to finish and I am more worried than pleased when all of suddenly I have biggest pleasures of my life my body exploding , my mind almost unaware of anything but pleasure as they fill my opening with their emissions. I fall atop Rob unable to but scream over and over until they complete inside my body. When they at last pull out I am still so weak they guide me to the seat.   I listen to their talk and grow red from shame that they will think I  wicked.
    “How’d you get the little one interested?” Rob asked his brother.   “She was cold as ice in the car.   Never saw such a self-controlled girl. ” 
    “Just walked in and she was wanking herself – didn’t even stop when I walked in. ”
    Rob then told me he’d never seen a woman rub herself and I had to show him what I’d showed his brother.   I refuse, but he said he tell my parents I such a whore unless I do it and reluctantly and move my legs apart and begin rubbing my feel good places.   Before long pass it feel better and I start enjoy some and close my eyes while I rub.   I still very wet and in put fingers inside my wet.  
    In a while when I open my eyes the cousins are both rubbing their man parts and they are hard.   I never saw this either and it makes me hot for them hard inside me then I remember my best, I think the word is favorite idea to rub by and that is sharing my body with another woman.   I bring wet fingers to my mouth and taste the women taste and think what another woman will taste like and suddenly I am pleasured and crying out loud as something warm hits my cheek and breasts and my eyes open once more I see the guys sending streams of cum all over my tits and my hands cup my own tits rubbing it all over but in my mind it is all woman juices leaked over my face and nipples.

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    We all walked naked to the chilly river and wash up then get dressed for drive home.   My cousins have been the best man experience of my life and they play with my body all the way home.   It was so wicked, woman not to have two men at one time, let alone relations but it was best ever.   So I thought all day today at college and drove out here to place this in the same location.   If you woman who has desire too, please take and wear my bikini to the Johnson Lake each this summer. I will go every Saterday and it I see you I will know you are the one and my body is yours.   Please only take if you are willing to do this.
    Love, Casandrea
    By the time I reached the closing lines I was nearing my second climax, my pussy dripping with arousal and own fingers soaked with my juices traveling back and forth to my mouth as I tasted my own love nectar and thought what Casandrea’s must be like a hot college girl some ten years my junior, but just as inexperienced as I with women.   I moaned as my second climax tore through my body then I stood took my new Bikini to the car and got out a sheet of paper from my briefcase, wrote briefly and taking the pin used to attach her note went back to the potty.   It only took a moment and I looked at my handy work.   Hanging where the bikini had been was my thong the crouch completely soaked with my female juices and a short note:
    “Message received.   Looking forward to it.   Love, Samantha”
    Thanks for reading.   If you enjoyed or have comments or suggestions please feel free to contact me thomascan06@yahoo. com

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