The pool game


Note: Sarah, Tanya, Cindy and Stephanie are all in form 6 of high school and are all 18 years of age. The following takes place in the form 6 common room. Sarah swayed next to Stephanie, her elegant blonde hair drifting with her movement like a falling autumn leaf. Sarah looked over to Stephanie, her eyes were hard with confidence, she was sure that she and Stephanie could beat Tanya and Cindy at this special game of pool. Then Sarah proceeded to articulate the rules of their pool game to the other girls. Basically the rules were the standard rules of 8-ball, however when either team sank a ball the player who would take the next turn on the opposing team would remove one item of clothing. On the break if one team sank two balls of different colours then the next opposing player would have to remove two items and the one of the balls would be replaced. In addition to this if any player fouled they would have to remove a piece of clothing. If both players on a team had lost their clothes and by the rules of the game had to remove another, they would lose. The loosing team would be humiliated by being strapped down on sybian while being filmed and photographed by the winning team. The losers would also have to wear remote vibrators, which linked with their mobile phones, for a whole week. This was to be the end game to weeks of rivalry between the two groups. “So do you accept the rules of the game ?” Stephanie shouted at Cindy and Tanya. Cindy and Tanya both glanced at each other… Cindy and Tanya were both thinking, the same think; “are they being serious…”Cindy and Tanya gathered up their confidence and said simultaneously accepted. The girls were in their high school uniforms- wearing tight white shirts with short black skirts. The girls had all elected to remove their shoes to bring their clothing count down to 5 items.

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   had to remove it to make the game equal. However, Cindy had to remove her playhouse so as to equal the others. She did so quickly. “So should we start ?” Sarah hissed. “We will, after all you came up with this idea” Cindy hissed back. “No we will flip a coin for it- do you want heads or tails?” Stephanie elegantly whispered. “Heads” Tanya exclaimed back. Stephanie flipped the coin into the air and it landed on the tails side of the coin. Cindy and Tanya looked up at each other and then glanced off as it was nothing. “Ok now before I break who will be going next ?” Sarah growled at Cindy and Tanya. Tanya reluctantly said “I will” after short silence. Sarah shouted “Ok let the game begin, when you and Cindy loose I will have you both orgasm in assembly. ” Sarah moved the white ball into the  right hand corner of the circle and graced it with her cue. The white ball spun off into the triangle of balls and the balls spread out until two solids, the one and the seven ball, fell into the top left and the top right pockets respectively. “Well it looks like lady luck is on our side, isn’t it Tanya… remove two items and slide them into the metal cage over there next to the television.

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   Tanya slowly removed her socks and took off her top to reveal a red-laced bra housing two tight B-cup boobs. After Sarah saw Tanya slide her cloths into the metal cage, she shot again, this time she hit and sunk the red three ball. To her dismay the white ball also slid down into the pocket. “Well I guess  you can’t win them all. . oh well we can’t have Tanya naked just yet” Sarah quietly said to the room. She took her socks and slid them into the metal cage. “Tanya aren’t you forgetting something ?” Stephanie said to Tanya, who was about to take a shot. “What ?. . Sarah sunk the white ball and oh… fine. . I will remove my skirt. “Trying to cheat Tanya ?” Sarah hissed. Tanya rested the cue against the pool table and slid of her black skirt to remove a sexy black thong.

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   “I didn’t have a chance to change after Josh’s part” Tanya said shooting back at the other girl’s surprised faces. Tanya aimed at the 9-ball and sunk it. “Oh yeah, Stephanie remove one item of clothing” she sexily whispered as she danced on the spot. Stephanie reached into her top and removed a black bra. She exclaimed; “this is just a tease honeys. ” Tanya aimed for the 12 ball and just narrowly failed to sink it. Stephanie glanced up at Cindy and slyly purred “are you ready to show some sink ?” Cindy moved back, unsure of how to reply. Stephanie shot and sank the 6-ball. “Remember I’m just so sexy at this game aren’t I know Cindy ?. . oh and wait I want you strip out of a little more clothing then just your socks at one time” Stephanie sexily purred at Cindy. On her next shot she sank the 2-ball and the white ball spun off in just the right way to nudge the 4-ball into the right middle pocket. Cindy looked around rather nervously; she wasn’t ready to be controlled by Stephanie or Sarah. Something twigged in Cindy’s head and she started to slide off her socks. Then she reached into her skirt and removed her pristine white panties.

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   Next with the same sexy move, she pulled off a tight blue C-cup bra. Stephanie was distracted by Cindy pulling her bra over her brown hair and sliding it into the metal cage, so as she shot she accidentally flicked the ball up and it spun off into the top left corner. “Oh to bad, did I distract you by making you think of humiliating me after this game is finished did I” Cindy said to Stephanie through cracked laugher, as Stephanie slid her socks into the cage. “Oh be quiet, the both of you are only wearing two items, while Sarah has 4 items and I still have 3 items remaining. Get real your going to lose” Stephanie growled back at Cindy and Tanya. “Ok Cindy you know what to do” Tanya exclaimed. Sarah interjected by hissing “yeah just sink the white ball, oh on second thought don’t forget the black ball, we want to be politically correct now don’t we ?” Cindy took no notice of Sarah’s comment, she aimed at the twelve ball and sank it. “Oh Sarah I liked though you were so going to have us, but now the tables have turned” Cindy said sweetly. Sarah took off her top in a rush and slid into the cage. The white ball had bounced off the top ball of the pool table, Cindy was now in a good position to sink the 13-ball and Sarah knew it. A line of sweat dribbled down from Sarah’s perfect blonde hair, she whipped it instinctively off before it reached her left eyebrow. Cindy had seen it and grinned. She took aim at the 13-ball and sunk it. “Well now I don’t want to be rude but Sarah do take some clothing off, its getting hot in here” Cindy gracefully whispered. “Oh don’t be so top-50 cliché” Stephanie purred back.

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   Sarah removed her skirt to reveal a black thong, which was slightly more revealing than Tanya’s.
    “Copycat” Tanya growled to Sarah. Several lines of sweat dribbled down from Sarah’s hair. On Cindy’s next shot she  managed to hit the 14-ball into the 11-ball and sink both. “So Sarah I’ve been dying to see what you have under that push up bra, you really couldn’t be more than a B cup so why bother with the C-cup look ? . . oh and your probably so loose with all those fun times you have had” Tanya exclaimed with excitement. Sarah closed her eyes, she couldn’t believe this, she now had to show her self to her best friend and her worst enemies. She pulled off her bra to reveal perfect C-cup breasts and jiggled her thong off. As she bent over to pick them up, the other girls could see that not only were her boobs real, but they were tanned the same golden colour as the rest of her and that she had naturally blonde hair, it wasn’t dyed as they all had thought. Cindy watched as Sarah slid the last fragments of her clothing into the metal cage and tried to cover her self with her hands. Cindy aimed for the 15-ball. As the white ball hit it, it spun towards the back right hole and fell down into the pool table. “Damn, oh well it wasn’t like you couldn’t see my boobs through this white top” Cindy violently exclaimed and took her top off. Sarah was shaken, she was nude and she had to lean over the pool table in order to get the cue to reach the 5-ball.

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       It was the last solid on the table and if she sunk it they would be only one ball away from winning. As she moved to take the shot her left boob glanced the table and she pulled up out of reflex, the white ball shot off towards the 15-ball and nudged it into the middle left pocket. “Sarah why ? common your like the best at this how could you … miss that shot it was so easy. . ” Stephanie shouted Sarah. “You try playing in the nude” Sarah answered her. It was Tanya’s shot, she only had to sink the 10 and the 8 ball to secure victory. The girls went silent, as she sent the white ball sailing towards the 10-ball. Sarah and Stephanie stared at the ground as the 10-ball moved towards the right back pocket and fell safely into it. “Stephanie, Oh Stephanie please remove something” Tanya teased. Stephanie reached down into her skirt and removed her pink panties. “Oh how cute, she thinks that keeping her skirt and shirt on will helper” Cindy said to the room.   Tanya smirked as she positioned the cue to sink the black ball. She shook her brown hair for effect and hit the white ball. The black ball slowly moved towards the left back pocket and rolled down into it.

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       Stephanie and Sarah fell to the floor, they had lost. “Oh cheer up Sarah, Stephanie is now going to join you in bareness, get up Stephanie and put your skirt into the cage” Tanya growled authoritatively. Stephanie slowly unbuckled her skirt and put it into the metal cage. “Stephanie is so sexy with her Brazilian wax, don’t you think Tanya” Cindy purred to Tanya. “Oh yes, now lets get the sybian show started” Tanya purred back. Stephanie and Sarah moved over to the sybians and each sat on one of them. Cindy secured Stephanie’s legs in place with two strong velcro wrap and handcuffed her hands behind her back, Tanya did the same to Sarah. “I guess you ladies know what these things can do, after all they are yours” Cindy giggled. “Ok now we agreed to an hour, so I hope you set these things on a timer because Cindy and I are just going to watch and record what happens” Tanya exclaimed to Sarah and Stephanie. One second later the sybian sprang into life. .

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