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It was week off work and i had woken up slightly later than normal and was having a nice warm shower. I was fairly relaxed and seeing as i was naked in the shower i started to play with my arger than average cock, around 8" for those who want to know.
Well i was just getting into the rhythm when I heard the doorbell ring. Without thinking I turned the shower off as I ran for the door and appeared stark naked in front of a post woman with the most beautiful eyes ever, though i couldnt gauge her body due tho the large postal jacket she was wearing though her legs seemed really nice. Having appeared in front of her with a raging hard on she seemed to smile and look me up and down and said "Large package for you sir. " At which point I realised my mistake cos she looked down at my erect penis and smiled. Slightly embarrased by all this I asked if she wanted to enter my house for a tea while I went to cover myself up at which point she agreed. Qucikly running indors to obtain my dressing gown and putting the kettle on I went in to the living room to entertain my guest.
At this point she said "there really was no need to cover up" At which point i suggested she remove her coat and make herself comfortable to which the riposte was "how about we both remove clothing and i'm sure you can help me relax. " To which i responded mildly confused by the openness of this strange woman. " How would I do that?"
"Well I haven't had sex in 5 months and need someone to help me and you have a nice body and great dick plus im already on this sofa. " She said this all whilst removing her jacket, and starting the buttons on her blouse. I needed no further requests as I immediately dropped my gown and moved towards her as she undid her last button and i kissed her lightly to begin with and followed by a passionate kiss. Half way through this kiss I moved my hands round the back of her and undid her bra. As soon as this feat of impossibility was done my left hand went staright to her breast and started to caress what I am guessing by the feel were around a full C cup the perfect size. The kiss was stopped when she pushed me back and decided to remove her lacy underwear.

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Being the lover of pussy that I am i kissed her again and placed my right hand over her clit and fingers curling around her slit feeling the warmth and started to rub her slit with my fingers and gently part he lips to insert my index fnger. As my right hand caresses her vagina my left keeps working her breasts with my mouth as my mouth started to move and kiss its way down her body to her clit where my tongue snakes oout and flicks her hard hood. My second finger enters her pussy and curls round to rub against her G spot. My left hand now comes down to reveal her clit from the hood and rub gently whilst my tiongue flicks it in a regular pattern. My lips occasionally suck it when my tongue lags a bit until encouraged by the heavy breathing and moaning of the beautiful blonde lying on her back on my sofa. Her breathing gets more lavoured and the moans more frequent as my fingers pick up space going in and out and up an down and rubbing her G-spot. My tongue circling and flicking her clit even when my mouth occasionally sucks on it. Until finally she almost screams "i'm cummmmmiiiiing" and her legs circle my body and her arms grab my shoulders while one brings my head closer to her pussy as i slow down. and the power of her orgasm racks her body for a while until I untangle myself and she syas "wow. . . thankyou but now may I try the real deal?" While she gazes at my rock hard cock.
"yeah why not" I gasp as I gaze at this beautiful woman wanting me so.
leaning over i kiss her again and my cock brushes her pussy lips that are wet with my saliva and her juices and my hand leads it to her opening and I slide my shaft all the way in to the hilt. She gasps as she takes all of it.

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   I slide out slowly now so that just the bell is still in her well self-lubricated hole and ram myself all the way back in wriggle my hips a bit and slowly lside out till just my bell again. This rhythm slowly increases to a regular pounding and moaning from her. And she moans in pleasure as she reaches her orgasm so I slow until she's recovered and then pick up her legs put them on my shoulders and start to pick up the pace while reaching out and caressing her wonderful tits with her lovely nipples erect and firm.
Our breathing gets more ragged and the pace increases even more and she keeps moaning louder and louder and telling me to fuck her wanting pussy until she moans that she's gonna cum again so i start thrusting harder and harder and she then reaches up and grips my shoulders hard as her orgasm hits her and I succumb to her grip which pulls me to her body as I shoot my load inside her pussy as the walls of her cunt contract on my cock squeezing my fluids from me. She rolls me to the side as she gets up and dresses back into her unifrom and says "thanks for letting me see your package and I hope to have one for you soon" With that she walks out leaving me naked and happy. Until the next time she has a package but thats another story. . .
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