The Present


“So is that birthday present offer still open?” Michael asks on messenger. I blush and reply mins” he says. I look at the clock, 9. 30, “Ok” i reply “any requests?”“ I want you shaved bare, wearing bra, knickers, dressing gown and nothing else”“Cool, see you in 20 X”“X”See it’s Michael’s birthday tomorrow and for his present i said he could do me anytime, anyplace, anyhow and anywhere. He was quite keen on the idea. I look around my living room thinking what i needed to do, i had shaved anywhere earlier that day so that was ok. I went to the bedroom and picked out my favourite royal blue bra and thong and sexy dressing gown. I shivered with anticipation, i felt the heat and wetness between my legs. I find my handcuffs and vibrator from my chest of draws and place them under my pillows, just in case. I strip down and change into the underwear, putting the dressing gown on but not doing it up. I lie on my bed, and move my hand back and forth over my pussy through the fabric of my thong. My fingers move under the fabric to touch clit, circling slowly as i moved my hips gently back and forth against my hand. I reach my other hand down and slide one finger inside me. Moving in slowly in and out in time with the circling on my clit. I feel my orgasm starting to build slowly inside me, my pussy starting to tighten around my finger. My breathing starts to speed up and my toes curl as spasms start.

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   i grab the headboard with the hand that had been inside me, continuing to rub my clit with my otherI lie still for a moment while my spasms subside, until my body was just twitching gently. The doorbell goes. I tie the dressing gown up, with both the inner and outer ties and go to open the door. He stands in the doorway, dressed in a red t-shirt and dark jeans, his dark hair messed up and a smile on his face. He looks me up and down as he moves into the flat. As i close the door he grabs me and kisses me, parting my lips with his tongue, then pushing his tongue to fill my mouth. I step towards him, pressing myself against him as he grabs my ass, squeezing gently. I smile against his mouth as not losing contact we walk over to the bedroom. He pushes me down onto the bed and pulls a camera out from his jacket pocket. I see the light come on as he takes a picture. He leans down and kisses me sliding his hand into my bra, i arch up towards him. He pulls the tie on my dressing gown apart. “that’s cheating” he jokes when he finds the inner ties are tied. I laugh up at him as he undoes them and pushes it open. He stands up and takes another picture, pushing my legs apart with his hands.

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   I eagerly spread my leg and he moves the camera down between my legs taking a picture before sliding a finger into my thong then  into me. i moan and push towards him. He retracts his finger and sucks it with his mouth. I lay there, not sure what to do. He moves down and slides my thong off. “i love your shaved pussy” he says, having never having seen me shaved before. I sit up and undo the button on his jeans, the slide the zipper down, finding him hard and ready beneath them as he wore no underwear. I pulled his trousers down and took his cock into my mouth. He sighed and grabbed the back of my head to control the pace. I moved my tongue around the head of his cock before sliding it down to the base and back up before taking him as far down my throat as i could, I feel my throat spasm around his cock and he moaned and moved, fucking my mouth. He grabbed the camera and took another picture before pulling out and pushing me back onto the bed. He pulled my dressing gown off me and unhooked my bra, sliding that off too. He lies his cock up with my pussy and takes a picture of him just entering my pussy. I moan and push down to take him deeper into me. He holds me hips down as he penetrates me, moving higher and higher into me until he hits something so good i jerk against him and feel my pussy spasm.

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   He moves into me fucking me in long slow strokes, i move against him trying to get him to fuck me faster, but he stops moving inside me holding himself there. I feel every inch of him inside me and contract my muscles rhythmically until he loses control and starts to fuck me hard. I feel my orgasm start to build tightening inside me getting stronger an stronger. I moan in protest as he pulls out of me. He stifles my moans with his mouth as he kisses me hard, before moving down to take my breast in his mouth, biting and sucking them in turns. I cry out as he does. My breasts have always been sensitive to mouths and i feel the pull of his mouth shoot down to my cunt. I place my hands ontop of his head and push down, i know it’s his present but a girls got needs u know. He takes the hint and kisses his way down over my stomach as  i moved my hands down to pull his t-shirt off. He licks into me and i moan losing all thoughts, pushing my hips towards him. he moves his tongue to my clit and i thrust towards him. he moves his tongue as deep into my cunt as possible feeling the heat and wetness of his mouth making me shudder. i move my hands to press his head into my cunt but he moves away and i cry out. “i need to come”“soon” he promises. and moves up and moves me round so me can both lie on the bed.

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   he lies ontop of me in missionary position and slides inside of me making me jerk against him in pleasure he kisses me and i taste myself on him and it turn me on. im so wet and willing i feel the moistue from my cunt moving down the crack of my arse. he grabs my breasts roughly as he slides in and out of me, moving faster and faster. biting my neck and breasts.   i arch up to him and we kiss as we fuck. i dig my nails into his back and bite his shoulder. he starts to move harder inside of me and he moans into my neck. i feel my pussy clamp down on his cock as i reach the cusp of my orgasm. “dont stop” i cry but as he moves his hands to get leverage for a deeper thrust and feels the handcuffs beneath the pillow. he stops moving and pulls them out, looking with interest. He pushes my hands over my head to the headboard and snaps the handcuffs on. tying me to the headboard, i feel so out of control and i love it. i moan and he kisses my neck sending shivers down my spine. i  move and lick into his ear before moving and sucking his earlobe in an imitation which makes his cock jerk wildly inside of me He starts moving inside me again, moving slow and deep, so i feel all his cock moving in and out. .

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   i move my hips up to him trying to get him to move faster and harder again. finally he gives in and we fuck like animals, using each other more and more ruthlessly almost to the point of pain. i grab his arse and and pull him deeper inside me hitting all the right spots and rubbing my clit against him as the pressure builds and builds tightening my cunt and pushing me over the edge. “fuck” i say as i come hard, my whole body shaking, my mind going blank, it lasts forever. “god, i want to fuck your arse” he whispers into my neck breathlessly. he slides out of me and undoes the hand cuffs. i kiss him hard and nod he kisses me again tonguing me deeply i move so im kneeling in the doggy style position. he kneels behind me and pushes his cock against my arsehole. i feel a shot of pain bt say nothing as he pushes into me, after all i did say anyway he wanted, even if its not really my scene. he moves into me and starts fucking my arse slowly, using my juices from my pussy to lubricate my arse. he pushes my head down until im lying on my front on the bed with him still in my arse. he places his hands either side of my head so he can thrust deep and hard into me. , i twist round so he can kiss me and he whispers into my ear ’can i come in your arse?” i smile and nod in agreement. smile he starts to move frantically inside me bringing him closer and closer to orgasm. both of us are breathless and crying out in pleasure.

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   i feel him moving inside me and he slides a finger into my pussy moving in and out in time with his thrusts. i feel another orgasm building inside me and move frantically with him and as it overtakes me i cry out and he comes too, moaning so loud im sure the neighbour's will hear, shuddering and spurting cum into my arse for a long time  keeping moaning over and over getting quieter and quieter. we roll apart and i turn to face him“happy birthday babe”

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