The Reunion


They stood in the rushing water, hearts pounding, and she felt a longing shehadn't felt in years. A deep, almost painful, fire inside her. As her tongue sought out his,she began to undress him. Taking her time, feeling the warmth of his skin, the strengthof his muscles, she savored every inch of his body. He kissed her, gently at first, lettinghis mouth explore hers. Slowly he quickened the pace, applying more pressure, until shegroaned with want and need. They made their way back up to the grass, their hands never leaving each othersbodies, their kisses never stopping. He gently lowered her to the ground, onto a blanket hehad laid out. She reached for him, pulling him down with her, on top of her. Thecoolness of the breeze against their wet bodies was heaven. To have him this closebrought back all the memories of when they knew each other years ago. With thememories came the need, the desire that she felt for him, that she had always felt for him. Time stopped and they were teenagers again, consumed with a desperate craving for each other that hadn't deminished with the years. The thought of having him inside her, the need to devour him, was almost too much to bear. The months of pent up frustration and anticipation since they had first spoken again were finally coming to an end. He was here , with her, touching her, caressing her body with his hands and his eyes.

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   He knew what she needed, he always had. As he followed the shape of her, tracing every curve with the tip of his fingers, he could feel his desire growing. She had been the source of many nights of secret longings and cold showers, and to have her here now, beneath him, was pure ecstasy. He ran his tongue along the base of her neck, flicking gently as he went, teasing her, taunting her. He made his way down her body to her large supple breasts, the nipples hard with anticipation, and she moaned with pleasure. He ran his tongue around the nipple, gently biting at it, driving her crazy with want. His hands caressed her body, moving down past her breasts to her belly, barely touching, whispering along her flesh, sending electric jolts through her as his touch both burned with heat and tickled like a feather. He ventured downward, caressing the insides of her thighs, feeling the heat and wetness of her. Knowing that she wanted him so badly inside her, filling her with himself, satifying the craving. But he waited, teasing her instead. His mouth left her breasts and followed his hands down her body sending shivers through her. He parted her legs and slowly ran his tongue along the inside of her thigh to the source of the heat and wetness. He traced the folds of her lips to the center, then he flicked his tongue against her clit, making her cry out in delight. Gently he nibbled at the hardened nub, sucking and pulling at it with his mouth, delighting in the moans that escaped her. He increased his pace, flicking his tongue faster and harder against her clit, darting in and out of her , loving the taste of her, musky and sweet at the same time.

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   She moaned louder and began to quiver and shake as the first orgasm shot through her. He drank in her juices, remembering how much pleasing her excited him as he grew harder with desire. When the shivering subsided, she ran her fingers through his hair, gently pulling him back up her body to her waitng mouth. She kissed him, tasting herself on his lips, smelling her scent. She had waited so long to feel this way again, to be consumed with passion and desire. He had made her into a sexual person so many years ago, and here he was again, bringing it all back to her. She could feel him against her thigh, hard with anticipation and need. She ran her nails down his muscular back and across his butt, digging in, drawing thin red lines in his flesh. She heard a soft gasp escape his lips at the pain/ pleasure of her nails branding him. He rolled over onto his back, drawing her on top of him. As she kissed him, probing his mouth with her tongue, her hands found his throbbing organ. She began stroking him, slowly moving her hand in time with her tongue. He groaned, the feel of her touch sending shockwaves of pleasure through him. She worked her way down his body, stopping at his chest and winding her tongue in circles around his hard nipples. Continuing her desent, she bit the inside of his thigh gently, leaving traces of teeth marks in his flesh.

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   Moaning, he begged her to continue. She found him with her lips, taking the tip into her mouth, tracing the outer edge with her tongue. Keeping pace with her hand, she stroked him and sucked him to the brink of explosion. Not wanting to end this adventure too soon, she stopped, bringing out a gutteral cry of pain at the denial of release. As she climbed back up his body, she traced her nails over his hyper-sensitive abdomen and chest, making him shiver. He grabbed her, lifting her above him, suspending her in the air. Slowly he lowered her to him, and she guided him into her, filling herself with him. She rocked slowly back and forth, bringing him deep inside her, then to the edge of parting. Sitting upright on top of him, taking in the whole of him, she groaned as he filled her even more. Her pace quickened, she could feel the tension building inside her. Her body shook with the intensity of the explosion, the impact so forceful she couldn't catch her breath. He grabbed her, kept her in motion as the orgasm ripped through her. The sight of her on top of him, the look of pure abandonment on her face almost sent him over the edge. He held onto her as she slowly regained her sense of reality, then rolled over, bringing her with him. Kissing her again, he cupped her face in his hands, getting lost in the blue sea of her eyes.

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   She had always gotten to him with her eyes. The desire for her was stronger now than it was when they were teenagers. He knew he couldn't last much longer. As he entered her again, he moved slowly, building her back up to a frenzy. He thrust himself into her, only to pull back and wait to see the look of want on her face when he didn't immediately return himself to her. But he couldn't keep this up for long. His whole body shook with the need to release. He raised her legs to his shoulders, filling her completely. He thrust faster, harder, deeper inside her. She moved in time with him, pulling him into her. A deep, animalistic groan escaped him as he exploded inside her, filling her with all he had. She felt the eruption, the spasms, deep inside her and came again, both of them rocking and shaking uncontrollably. As the intensity subsided, he collapsed on top of her, spent and exausted. In each others arms they melted together, each reading the others mind, knowing without words that this is where they should have been all along. .

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