The Soda Jerk


Elizabeth, who worked the soda fountain at the drug store, had just bent down to get a bottle of chocolate syrup from under the counter, when the sweet purr of a motorcycle caught her ears. The bell on the front door of the drug store jingled merrily as a man came strolling in, with a battered leather bag slung over his shoulder, and a twinkle in his blue eyes that could compete with the brightest stars. . . Elizabeth caught herself staring hungrily, as he took his leather coat off, his body rippling with golden muscles. She quickly set the syrup down on the counter, and before the pharmacist could reach him, she raced over to ask the sexy stranger if there was anything she could help him with. His deep voice was so low and soothing that it instantly put Elizabeth into a trance, and she felt her stomach fluttering with butterflies. When Elizabeth regained consciousness, his words became clearer, and she heard him say that he was thirsty, and he also needed to wash his clothes. Elizabeth blushed shyly and lifted her dress, showing a little of her lacy stockings above her ankle as she slowly walked back behind the counter to fix him a soda. As he gulped the cold drink, she made him another one, and told him about the experience she had earlier that day with a woman who had spilled coffee on the white ruffles just at the top of her cotton blouse. She reached forward and showed him the dark coffee stain as her small ripe cleavage pushed out invitingly from underneath. She then told him that unfortunately the wash room was closed for the day, but since the wash room and drug store were both connected, if he waited around until closing time, she had a key to the back door and would open it up, as she needed to wash her blouse anyway. Time seem to drag by as Elizabeth impatiently waited for closing but this biker seemed to enjoy the soft drinks and attention she had to offer. Elizabeth continued with her work, and when the last customer left, she quickly turned the sign over to "Closed" and locked the door behind her. Her body started to quiver with fear and excitement, as she realized that she was alone with a man who made her thighs and pussy strangely ache. Being a virgin, Elizabeth had never felt this way before, and she soon started to become dizzy and hot.


   The man caught her as she fainted, and picked her up in his huge arms, carrying her off to the next room where he laid her on the table. Elizabeth came to just as the stranger was placing a cool cloth on her forehead. She apologized, hopped off the table, and quickly hurried to the wash room with him following close behind her, worried that she might collapse again. Now inside the wash room she took his clothes and dunked them into a bucket of hot soapy water to soak. He watched her as she slowly proceeded to take off her stained blouse and drop it in to the wash bucket with his clothes. Elizabeth's small, ripe breasts were visible now as she wore just her lacy corset and skirt. Elizabeth scrubbed the clothes nervously while he watched her, soap suds flew everywhere, glistening off of her soft virgin skin. Water splashed so high that it splashed her skirt, and the man began to laugh with a twinkle of delight in his eyes, looking at her wet skirt as it stuck to her small, shapely frame. Embarrassed and frustrated, she quickly discarded her skirt to add to the wash, completely forgetting that all she had on were her lacy corset, garter belt, and sheer, lace stockings. His eyes melted into two crystal blue pools as he fixed them on her body, watching her as she bent over the old wash bucket, frantically scrubbing the clothes clean. He had never seen such a silly but beautiful sight all wrapped into one sweet package. . . He watched as her firm round bosoms pushed and heaved up over the top of her sexy lace corset. Glancing down he noticed the pink rose buds on her garter clips, and watched as her little round bottom push against the silk garter straps every time she bent over.

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   His eyes hungrily traced the seam of her sheer lace stockings all the way down her shapely long legs. He was drawn to her like a magnet is to metal. Reaching out, he wrapped his big strong hands around her tiny waist, and turned her to face him, pulling her close to his thundering body. He then picked her up, and set her on the folding counter. Feeling their connection, Elizabeth reached foreword to kiss him as he pulled at her corset, and slid a hand between her soft, quivering thighs. She moaned as he wrapped his warm, wet lips around her pert virgin nipples, sucking and cradling her ripe breasts in one hand while pushing her thighs apart with the other. His thick cock throbbed as he pulled it from his Levi's and slid it between her creamy thighs. Elizabeth winced and shook as he softly pushed his way into her tight, virgin slit. She wrapped her long, slender legs around his muscled ass as he picked her up and continued to make love to her ~ ripping into her body and soul with a hunger that had never been satisfied until now. Thrusting his big cock deep inside her, he carried her across the room and laid her on a pile of clothes to continue devouring her. Elizabeth moaned and winced with every thrust as they climbed to an orgasm together, their bodies glistened with sweat as they melted into a puddle in each other's arms. All night they feasted upon each other, and in the morning the aroma of their orgasmic nectar filled the room, making them drunk and dizzy with lust as they quickly cleaned up. Elizabeth folded up the biker's clean clothes and handed them to him. He kissed her forehead one more time to say goodbye, and she watched him sadly, as he climbed on his waiting motorcycle and disappeared into the desert. Elizabeth sighed, thinking that this handsome stranger was worth the sacrifice of her virginity, hoping he would return someday and be with her forever.


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