The start of something amazing


Topic: The start of something amazingI didn't plan it.   Didn't even expect it.   I'm just glad it wasn't (and isn't!) a dream. The story starts with me visiting my brother Tom's house on a Friday night.   My brother is 37, the oldest in our family, and I'm the youngest at 24.   He's divorced, and has a seventeen year old daughter, Amy, who lives with him.   She's pretty much the typical party girl, and he allows it for the most part.   He makes sure she confines most of her escapades to the house, though, by allowing her and her friends access to alcohol so long as they stay there for the night. Anyway, I went to visit my brother on a Friday night about a month ago.   Amy's friend, Danielle, was staying over for the night.   When I got there around nine PM, Amy and Dani were already well on their way to a good buzz.   Tom asked me if I wanted a drink, and I figured, what the hell?  I might as well.   I dropped my keys in the jar by the door, a tradition if your planning on drinking at Tom's house, and got myself a rum and coke. The reason for my visit that night was to help Tom with a problem on his PC.   Tom's kind of a gearhead, into cars and engines, but he doesn't do well with the electronics.   I'm a PC technician, so I sort of get drafted whenever anybody in the family needs any computer repairs.

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    His problem wasn't that serious, and didn't take too long to fix, so before long I was pouring myself another drink.   Tom and I sat around in the kitchen for a little while and had a few too many while the girls spent their evening in the living room drinking and watching some chick flick.   Every once in a while we'd hear one or both of them pound up the stairs to Amy's room and then putter around up there for a while.   I always wondered why teenage girls seem to make more noise than an elephant when they run upstairs!After about an hour of drinking, Tom was obviously past his limit.   He'd probably been tossing back cold beers all afternoon, while I'd only had a few rum and cokes.   Letting out a huge yawn, he got up and scratched his pot belly (God, I hope I don't look like that at his age!), and told me to feel free to sack out in the spare bedroom upstairs.   Then he was off to bed, staggering all the way. I wasn't really tired yet, so I poured myself another drink and decided to go see what the girls were up to.   As I got to the living room doorway, I realized the sound was turned way down on the TV, and the lights were out.   The only illumination in the room came from the television screen.   In that dim light, I could see Amy and Dani sitting close together on the couch.   I started to walk on in, and then I saw what was on the screen.   They were watching porn!  Not just any porn, either.   Lesbian porn.   Two very attractive young women were on screen making out, fingering each others' pussies.

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    When I looked back at the couch, my eyes now adjusted to the darkness, I could tell that Amy and Dani were kissing, a blanket tossed over their lower bodies not able to hide the fact that something vigorous was going on down there.   I just stood there, mute with shock, and then slowly backed away from the doorway, hoping I wouldn't be noticed. I leaned against the wall in the hallway, my mind racing.   My cock had sprung to attention as soon as I'd seen the television screen, but it had practically burst out of my jeans when I noticed the two girls, one of them my own niece, making out on the couch!  But I didn't want to embarrass Amy, and I didn't want either of them thinking of me as just a big perv.   But the stairway was through the living room!  I didn't have a lot of choice, I had to go through there.   Taking a deep breath, I intentionally stumbled against the wall with a loud thump, giving the girls plenty of warning. Sure enough, when I got through the doorway, the girls were sitting about a foot apart, and the TV was on some sci-fi show. "Hi, uncle Charlie," said Amy with this little grin like she'd gotten away with something.   "You spending the night?""Yeah, had a few too many," I replied.   "Don't worry, though, I don't want to spoil your girls' night in.   I'll just head on up to bed. ""You sure?" asked Amy.   "You can stay and watch some TV with us, it's no big deal. ""Yeah," chimed in Dani, "come on and stay up with us.   You mix better drinks than Tom does!"  Both girls were slurring their words slightly, but I didn't think either of them were all that drunk.

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    I shrugged. "What the hell, I'll drink with you ladies for a little while, I guess.   Be right back. "  I returned to the kitchen for the bottle of rum and the two liter of coke, and then went back to the living room to plop down in the recliner next to the couch.   I poured each of the girls a rum and coke and turned my attention to the very bad show they'd turned on.   After a few minutes of awful special effects, and silence from the girls, I shook my head.  "OK, listen, if you want me to keep pouring you the good drinks, you're going to have to put something else on.   This is terrible!"Dani and Amy laughed sheepishly. "You're right, it's pretty bad," said Amy, grinning.   "But there's really nothing else on. ""We don't have to watch TV, do we?" asked Dani.   "Can't we do something else?  Play a game or something?"I shrugged my shoulders again and refilled Dani's drink.   "Sure, what do you want to play?""Truth or dare," replied Dani with a wicked smile.   Amy's mouth dropped open, and she started to shake her head. "Sure, I'm up for it," I said.

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    "I haven't played truth or dare with a couple of hot teenage girls in years. ""Uncle Charlie!" said Amy, laughing in protest, but Dani interrupted her. "Truth or dare, Charlie?""Truth. ""How old were you when you first had sex?"My eyes widened in surprise at the directness.   "Um, well," I stammered.   "Uh, I was 12. ""Wow, really?" said Amy, suddenly interested in the game.   "Who was it with?""Nope, I've already answered.   My turn. "  I looked at Amy.   "Truth or dare?""Umm, truth," she said, looking nervous. "Have you ever kissed a boy?""Well, duh!" she said.   "I'm not a little girl, Charlie!""OK, OK, it was just the first one that popped into my head!""Whatever.   Yes, I've kissed a boy and then some!"  Her tone was almost defiant.   She looked at Dani.

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    "Truth or dare?""Truth," said Dani. "When was the last time you had sex with a boy?""Never," she replied, "but I fucked a MAN yesterday. "  I almost choked on my rum.   "Truth or dare?" she asked, pointing to Amy. "Truth. ""Have you ever given a blowjob?""Why would you ask that?  You know the answer!"  Amy looked annoyed. "Charlie doesn't," Dani replied evilly, and Amy sighed. "Yes, I've given a blowjob.
      Back at you, truth or dare?"  My mind was boggling at all this information. "Dare," said Dani. "Take off your top. ""Hey, wait," I said quickly.   "No need to get out of hand, Amy.   We don't need to go there. "But Dani was already taking off her top, smiling all the while.

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        My jaw dropped as a pair of small, perky breasts were revealed, the nipples barely the size of quarters and already hard.   Once the top came off, they weren't the only hard things in the room, that's for damn sure!"Truth or dare, Charlie," said Dani.   It took me a moment to realize she was talking to me, and I looked up from those beautiful little breasts to her grinning face. "Uh, truth," I said. "Have you ever given a blowjob?""Dani!" said Amy, smacking her friend on the arm.   I cleared my throat. "It's OK, Amy," I said.   "Yes, I've given a blowjob. "  The looks of shock on both their faces gave me a great deal of satisfaction.   "Amy, truth or dare. ""Dare," she said, and I was taken aback, having expected truth. "Oh, uh. . . "  I thought for a moment.

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        "Pinch Dani's nipples. "Amy laughed as Dani cried, "Hey!"  But it was too late.   Amy pinched both nipples with a twist, and Dani's cry choked off with a gasp and a shiver. "Truth or dare, uncle Charlie," said Amy. I shrugged.   The game might be getting out of hand, but I'd had enough to drink that I was feeling adventurous. "Dare. ""Show us your cock. "I hesitated a moment, then looked back at Dani's beautiful little breasts.   I stood up and peeled my jeans down to my ankles and stepped out of them, and then dropped my boxers a bit to let my cock spring out. "Oh, my God," said Dani softly.   "How big is it?""A little more than eight inches," I replied, then pulled my boxers back up and sat down.   "Amy, truth or dare?""Dare. ""Take off your top. "Without hesitation, Stood up, and her blanket fell aside.

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        She was wearing a short t-shirt and a pair of tiny cotton panties.   She pulled the shirt up over her head, stripping it off and tossing it aside.   Her breasts were fuller than Dani's, at least a large C cup, and firm.   I felt my cock twitch as I looked at my niece, and suppressed a surge of guilt. "Truth or dare, Dani?" she said, sitting down, her breasts slightly thrust out as if in triumph. "Dare," said Dani. "Take off your panties. "Dani smiled and threw the blanket aside.   "Too late, don't have any on," she said.   I looked down to see a perfectly bare pussy, the lips tight and slightly puffy.   "Dare something else. "Amy thought a moment, but I couldn't take my eyes off this beautiful, lithe young naked girl. "OK, then, go kiss Charlie.   A real good one. "Dani got up and walked toward me, her slender body swaying.


      "Dani, you don't have to. . . " I began, but she silenced me with her mouth, slipping her tongue between my lips.   As she kissed me, her hand slid up my thigh and gently stroked across my crotch.   The kiss was over far too soon, and I was watching her beautiful ass as she walked back to the couch.   She sat down and pulled one knee up to her chest, baring that shaved pussy for the world to see. "Truth or dare, Charlie," she said. "What?  Oh, dare," I replied, my mind whirling.   Between the alcohol and these girls, I couldn't keep my thoughts straight. "Kiss Amy the way I just kissed you. "I didn't even think about what I was doing.   I got up, stepped over to where Amy sat on the couch, and leaned down to kiss her.   She stiffened in surprise, especially when I slid my hand up her thigh and brushed her pussy through the cotton of her panties, but then she put her hand behind my neck and began kissing me back.   After a short time, I pulled away and sat down, this time between the girls.

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      "Truth or dare," I asked Amy. "Dare," she replied, breathless. "Take off your panties," I said.   I glanced to my left to see that Dani was gently rubbing her pussy, and turned back just in time to have a pair of white cotton panties tossed in my face. "Truth or dare, Charlie," Amy said. "Dare," I replied quickly. "Kiss Dani really hard, and finger her pussy for her. "I leaned over to Dani, who threw her arms around my neck as I slid my tongue between her lips.   My hand quickly stroked up her thigh, and I thrust two fingers into her, hard.   She gasped, and I fucked them in and out of her a few times before pulling away. "Truth or dare, Dani," I said. "Fuck that," she said, and suddenly she had her hand in my boxers, pulling out my throbbing cock, her lips moving to engulf the head. . . TO BE CONTINUED.



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