The Storm


You lay me on my back on the bed and hook your fingers into the elastic waistband of my thong and quickly remove it. My knees are bent with my feet resting on the edge of the bed, leaving my shaved pussy exposed and waiting. You order me not to move and quickly strip off the rest of your wet clothes. You are standing over me, looking at my naked body like you are trying to decide where to begin. I close my eyes and wait to feel your touch on any part of me. I feel your weight come down on the bed next to me and you reach out and turn my face towards you and kiss me again. Your hand travels down my neck to my breast, which you give a firm squeeze with a quick nipple pinch, inducing a moan from me. Your hand moves down my body, over my stomach and between my legs as your mouth devours first one nipple and then the other. Your fingers play lightly with my clit and tease me. I start squirming, trying to get you to put your fingers in me but you won't even get close. My moans of pleasure turn to pleading. "Be still. " It's not angry, but it is a definite order. Lightening flashes, followed by a crack of thunder. In the momentary light I see your face, hardened with lust, looking like you are ready to devour me entirely. Your fingers continue to play at me, deliberately not allowing any relief.

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   You trace the entrance of my pussy lightly with the tip of your middle finger and tap quickly and lightly against it several times, but you won't enter. My body is screaming for you to penetrate me, even for just a moment. "Please," I whisper. "Not yet. You will have to wait for it. " I reach up to try to kiss you, to coax you closer to me, but you aren't having it. "Wait, for it baby. " you say again. My groans are turning into barely contained cries for relief and my body is writhing whether I mean for it to or not. I can tell you are enjoying making me wait but I am about to lose my mind. Then i realize that this is to be not only an act of love, but punishment as well. And I want you to take your anger out on me, but it is scary for me at the same time. . . but i trust you.

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   Just when I can't stand it anymore you quickly push your finger into me and then take it back out. I yelp with surprise and then moan in frustration. You raise up and move down between my legs and start licking and nibbling at the inside of my thighs, working your way up and down and deliberately not touching my pussy. I am trying to catch my breath and regain control of myself, but you are making it impossible. "God! Please baby!" "Please what?" "I need it. I want you in me," I beg wantonly. "You'll get whatever i give you when i am ready to give it," you hiss cruelly. I can't stand it anymore and you know it. Just as the thunder crashes outside and the lightening strikes you plunge your tongue straight into my hot wet snatch. I arch my back, my hands grip your head and I grind my pussy against your face, savoring the feeling of your tongue traveling over my sensitive flesh. It is only a few moments before the first wave of ecstasy washes over me and my legs start trembling violently. You lift your face and look up at me and you slowly slide your fingers inside of my tight, wet hole and wiggle them around. My pussy is so wet and so ready. You slide your fingers out of me and slowly, deliberately start running one over my asshole, applying just enough pressure to let me know your intentions and watching my face for some sign of objection. That sign never comes.

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   We have never done anal before but I am willing to do anything. . . and to my suprise, i not only want it, but i want it to hurt. I want you to punish me. I know you will, but I also know that you want me to enjoy my punishment. You ease your finger into my ass slowly and lower your face again and start running your tongue up and down my slit. Your finger starts working in and out of my ass while your velvet tongue works its magic on my clit. there is no such thing as silence from me now. My orgasm is building fast and I don't want you to stop. I draw my legs up further, opening myself to you more and you hungrily take full advantage of that. You keep one finger in my ass and push your thumb into my pussy and work my clit with your tongue. My moaning is now yelling as I call down heaven and its creator. As my orgasm ebbs, you slide your fingers free and slowly work your tongue down to my asshole. "Oh God!" I wail You raise up looking very pleased with yourself.

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   I grab hold of you and pull you up to me for a long deep kiss. You roll over and pull me on top of you. "Suck my cock," you order, and I immediately start making my way down your body, leaving a wet trail with my tongue, until I get to your dick. I run my tongue down the shaft and up again and hungrily suck on the head. I stroke your cock with my hand as I begin licking and sucking on your balls. You bend your knees and raise your hips and push my head down further. "Do it, baby. Lick my asshole. " I pause a moment and you grip my hair and insistantly push my mouth towards your asshole. I've never done this to anyone before. Then I move further down, licking under your balls and firmly run my tongue over your asshole. I hear low soft groans and whispers of encouragement and demand from you which increases my need to taste all of you, so i remain, and work my tongue in every way i can think of to please you, eventually driving it into your hole. You are usually quiet in bed, but this time you let me know what you like, and I love having you order me and control me this way. I eventually work my way back up to your balls and then to your dick and suck it deep into my mouth getting it wet all over. I press my tongue firmly against it and suck long and deep drawing it into my throat.

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   I feel your hand on the back of my head, encouraging me not to stop. You taste so good to me. I keep sucking and licking at you in a state of pure greed. I am determined to make you cum in my mouth, but you have other ideas. You sit up part way and remove my mouth from your dick. You pull me up onto the bed and position me on all fours at the edge of the bed. You stand behind me and slowly ease your cockhead into my pussy, giving me only short, torturous strokes. I try to push back against you to get all of your sweet thick cock inside of me, but your hands on my hips prevent me from taking any more than you want me to have. How you have this much self-control, I have no idea. You ignore my pleading and continue short stroking as you take one of your fingers and start play with my asshole again. The pleading is now outright begging. "Please baby," i whisper between gasps, "please. Do it. I want it. All of it.

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  " "All of what?" you ask in a cruel teasing tone. "All of your cock. " You pull your cock out of my pussy and stroke my opening with you thumb. "Here?" you ask roughly driving your thumb into my pussy and yanking it out, "or here?" you demand as your ram it in my ass. I cry out in frustation but i don't answer. You reach up and grab me by my hair and lean down and whisper in my ear, "which one? If you don't tell me then you will get nothing. " "Both," I answer horsely. You run your tongue over my ear. . . "Good girl. " At that, your raise up and drive your cock all the way into my pussy and shove your finger up my ass. I cry out and immediately start bucking back hard against you, meeting every hard, deep thrust you give me. It hurts like hell but it is heaven. "Oh, God, yes! don't stop!" I howl.

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   "Cum for me, baby. Come on. Cum for me. " You hiss. You pound your long thick prick in and out me trying to hurt me and pleasure me at the same time. You have always loved that your order for me to cum sends me over the edge. You pull your finger out of my ass and a moment later I am crying out as i feel a sharp sting as your hand comes crashing down on my ass cheek, causing my pussy to tighten around your cock. I am going to cum and you know that if you keep spanking me i will cum even harder. Your hand continues to crash across my ass, first one cheek then the other. A violent orgasm wracks my body causing me to pitch forward and collapse in a trembling heap on the bed, and your dick pops out of me. "We aren't done, get back here," you say. You quicly and roughly reach around my waist and pull me back up on my knees. All of me is slick and wet and I feel you press your cock against my asshole. I've been waiting for this. You push slowly into me, just your head, allowing me to adjust to the sensation.

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   It hurts, but i love it. "Relax your ass, baby, " you say, "Relax so i can get it all the way in. " You start massaging my ass cheeks and I begin to untense my muscles. "Come on baby, if you want it to hurt less, then relax. either way I am going to cum in your ass tonight. " I consciously try to relax(at this point I lack the ability to be anything else) and I start to press back against you slowly, savoring the feeling of your dick slowly, almost cruelly, sinking deep into my ass. The pain is just enough to be pleasurable, and the pleasure is more than enough to give me a new burst of energy. Lust doesn't even begin to describe the hunger. . . . or the need. You have a firm hold on my hips and when you are all the way in, you pause a moment before sliding back and then repeat the motion, a little faster. I start pressing back against you to let you know that I want more. Soon your pace quickens and the rocking motion speeds up.

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   I want it harder and start slamming back against you. You take the hint and start driving hard into me. There is no force on earth that can silence me now. It feels and hurts so good. I am so full and I just want to make you cum. I can tell you are close because you have abandoned your stoic silence, your breathing is faster and deeper. "Hurt me," I beg, ""fuck my ass hard baby. Do it!" I dig my fingers into the pillows and bury my face to muffle the cries of my orgasm as you ram deep into me and hold it there. I feel your dick begin to throb and swell, bringing exquisite pain followed by the gloriously hot spurts of your cum filling my ass. You acidic cun stings the tiny rips in my rectum, but it's a deliscious pain. I stay still until the throbbing stops and you slowly ease your dick out of me. I fall forward on the bed, completely spent. Our breathing is deep and labored and we are both soaked with sweat. I feel you lie next to me, you pull me into your arms, our sticky bodies intertwine. "I love you ," you whisper softly.

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   "always?" I ask softly"Forever," you reply and kiss my forehead. Our breathing begins to slow. We slip into perfect rest and all is quiet now. . . . . even the storm outside. This is the first erotic story i have ever submitted for others to read. As an aspiring writer (I write poems, screenplays and i am working on my first novel) I would like feedback. Hope you enjoy it!.

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