The Studio Chaper 4


Topic: More on SusieChapter 4. . . when Jo woke me up saying "Suck my tits Jamie - they're so full its almost painful. " Needing no second telling I started massaging her chest soon drawing some milk which I eagerly lapped up settling to suckle her one side at a time until she was dry playing with her pussy all the time until her came. She rolled over onto her side saying "Take me! Let me feel that lovely cock in my pussy - I'm so randy, I've been dreaming of both you fucking Susie and me making love with her all night!" So I did just that, taking her from behind and sliding my massive cock into her tight, tight pussy. She was simply the best lay I had ever had even in her current condition where the position options were a bit limited but I had to admit that I too was looking forward to young Susie. So I fucked my gorgeous young wife to one orgasm after another before I had to give in and spurt an enormous amount of cum into her before we rolled apart. Easily the best pussy I'd ever been in!We showered together then dressed before going though into the office where I checked the servers. Wow! There had been an enormous number of viewings (this is a pay-per-view service - no sneaky downloads for later use - or so my tech guys assure me!) of Susie - most people taking in all three versions - and tremendous interest in today's web-cast. The general level of other viewings was also well up on average. The day unfortunately was mostly taken up with every-day admin stuff but I did manage a quicky with Megan around lunchtime - she being only too willing to lay back over her desk for me as I eased my cock into her and fucked her to an almighty climax before spunking off in her. She was about seventeen now so we'd been having sex together for a good number of years. She, like many of the other girls in the office, kept herself shaven and never wore any knickers!So four o'clock came and Susie presented herself at the office. I showed her in and sat her down on the sofa saying we had to talk. She seemed a bit surprised - I think she had simply expected me to strip her naked and fuck her.

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   But no - I sat down beside her and kissed her lightly. "That was some performance yesterday. Was that really the first time you fucked?""Yes but it was brilliant!""Is John really your Dad?""Yes - why are you asking?""Just checking - what did you like best?""Don't know I loved it all - I loved sucking his cock, him sucking me out, fucking well. . . and then when he reamed me I was gone. We did it all again when we got home watching the shots you sent us. " Susie confessed. "Yes I noticed you were pretty quick to use the passwords I sent you. Jo and I had a good time while we watched you too!""Where is Jo by the way? I want to taste her pussy and suck on her tits - I've never been with a girl before!""I'm right here Susie. " Jo voice cut in as she came through the communicating door from her office - she'd have been watching what was going on on her monitor. Now was the time to get serious. "But your not going to be able to touch me until I've seen my husband bury his dick up your cunt and maybe your arse - if you think your Daddy had a big dick think again!""Yeah I got a glimpse yesterday while the pair of you were fucking as you watched me and Dad! But I'm game!" She stood up whipped off her school polo shirt and slid down her skirt leaving her standing in just bra and panties. "Who wants to take my bra off?"I nodded to Jo who dove in and expertly undid the catch before running her hands over the young girl's tit flesh and settling to suck on her left nipple. Not waiting for an invitation I slid her panties down her legs revealing her little pussy which we'd come to know so well on film.

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   I traced my hand up her thigh and along her slit she moaned loudly as I did so "Touch my clit - finger me!" she demanded. I delayed for a bit spinning out her passion but as soon as I did start to massage her erect and quite prominent clit she came. Pleased with this reaction I knelt down (still fully clad as was Jo) in front of the naked youngster and began to tongue her pussy driving her wild especially when I rolled my tongue and began thrusting it in and out of her love hole. As she switched sides on Susie's chest Jo asked "How does she taste? Her tits are great!""You can have a go soon yourself" I said as I paused my tongue work to reply. Resuming my actions which included rimming her arse and probing into it with my tongue Susie came for a second time after which Jo pushed me away saying "My turn - you strip Jamie. I want to see that monster up her hole before too long!" So I stripped and then returned to Susie sampling her succulent little tits as Jo ate her pussy. Susie grabbed my cock and began to massage my balls with her other hand as she wanked me muttering about him begin so big and hard. As she came yet again I eased her down onto the sofa and told her it was time for us to fuck. She just nodded so I spread her legs wide hooking one of them over the back of the chair and sank my meat into her. Her previously shut eyes shot wide open as she felt my tool pushing her canal wider open than it had ever been before. Put simply, Jo wasn't kidding about the size of my dick! "Oh fuck! That feels so good! Come on do me!"So going at a rapid rate as she seemed to want I fucked the life out of this little teenager bringing her to an orgasmic plateau and keeping her there for an age before the now naked Jo indicated that I should ream her. "Please her bum!" I think she said. I was more than willing and withdrew my cock to hitch her butt higher and with Jo holding her buns apart pressed forward going slowly into her rear. "Yes!" both Susie and Jo exclaimed together as I sank into her smooth and deliciously tight rear. "Oh God - that feels so good.

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   You're really stretching me Jamie. Get him as deep as you can! Please!!" She didn't have to plead and soon my heavy balls were lapping of her butt cheeks as I really commenced my reaming of this treasure savouring every thrust I made into her darkest passage. She soon started orgasming again and there was no way I could hold on any longer and I came to climax in her sweet rear taking fully a dozen or more strokes to serve up all I had for the girl. So, so sweet. Once more Jo pushed me out of the way and was soon licking and fingering Susie's puss and arse pushing her to yet another orgasm. After watching for a little I was in need of more and so pulled Jo's bum up and sank into the welcome tightness of her pussy. Susie had been good but Jo was still the best. This time all three of us got off in the same instant which was kinda special and we rolled apart. "My turn to taste you!" Susie declared looking at Jo. "Let me suck your tits!"Obligingly, Jo lay down obviously willing for Susie to do just that. "Gosh I've never done this before!" Susie breathed as she tentatively caressed my wife's chest only to have her hand clamped down firmly by Jo. "Do it harder and then suck me - you'll love the taste of my milk! I do anyway and as for Jamie well. . . " I could only smile knowing that if I had my way I'd keep Jo in milk for as long as possible after our baby had been weaned.

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   I sat back content to watch as Susie began her first exploration of another girl. After a while of enjoying her tits being suckled Jo said "Touch my pussy - use your hands and then when you're ready use your mouth and suck Jamie's load from my pussy. " Susie continued to feast on Jo's milk for at least another five minutes all the while probing deeper and deeper into the tightness of her pussy with her fingers. Both girls were quite obviously getting a lot of pleasure from each other but when Susie went down on Jo I decided it was time to get back in on the action so just as I had when the pairing had been reversed I pulled Susie up and sank my cock into her once more doing her doggy style. Jo had a mighty climax under Susie's tongue and rolled away to watch me fuck Susie back to orgasm. "Don't cum in her - cum on her chest for me!" Jo pleaded. So I withdrew just before I would otherwise have cum and Jo wanked me off all over the girl before settling down to clean her up with her tongue. Good place to stop the web-cast - it had already been pretty long. "Well girls - the pair of you have just made a fortune, even before we sell any viewings!""I don't care!" said Susie. "I'd have done it just for the experience!""And you know I don't care about money! It was very sweet though!"I laughed and ushered them through to the shower to clean up. What an afternoon it had been. In the shower Susie ran her hand over Jo's tummy. "Gosh I can feel the baby kick! I'd like to be like you!" she declared. "You're a bit young to be preggy but neither your Dad nor I can oblige anyway. " I replied.

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   Actually the idea of Susie in child appealed to me greatly, pervert that I am so I ventured "Got a boyfriend you could make happy?""Not a boyfriend exactly but there is a hunk in the upper school year I've dated a few times. We've never done anything more than kiss but he develops quite a bulge in his trousers during our snogs - reckon he has quite a large cock, maybe not up to your standard" she said as she fondled my now limp dick "but I'd quite like to fuck him! Four o'clock tomorrow?""What you want to do it on camera with him?" I blurted out quite astonished. "Yeah why not - think I get a kick from doing it in front of an audience and I certainly get a kick from watching me afterwards. I was so hot watching Daddy take me for the first time at the same time as he was pounding his cock into me again last night. Make sure you send me a password for today's stuff once its ready. Dad is going to get a surprise but I'm sure watching me having my first lessy sex and everything else will really get him hot to fuck me all night! He has a passion for watching girls together and watching pregnant girls getting fucked and reamed so today gives him the _best_ of both! I want to get pregnant so he can enjoy fucking me in that condition. " she declared. I could only manage "Won't the boy object to the audience?""Nah - Dave'll be just too desperate to actually go all the way with me! He's almost certainly a virgin. "I laughed as I stepped out of the shower telling Jo she had better finish off too - she had another invite to get out! Once Susie had left with the comment "I might like to try double penetration with you and Dave tomorrow!" we went still naked to the editing suit to collate the footage from all the hidden cameras. This was hot stuff but it was fairly easy to compile the first take and I had uploaded it to the servers and sent Susie a password by the time Jo joined me equally naked. Again her shear beauty and natural elegance took my breath away. "How's it going?" she asked. "I've done one take - look Susie's just accessed it. " I indicated the password activation on the server log, "That was quick - she must be desperate to show her father. ""Bet she's already fucking him!" Jo declared.

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   "Leave the second cut just now. Put the first one on then fuck me!"I didn't comply instantly preferring instead to have a long and very passionate kiss with my wife as my hands gently danced over her chest never lingering long in one place building her lust. "Oh Jamie I'm so hot!" Still I didn't comply but dipped my head to her breast guzzling away for all I worth really making her moan and beg for my cock. Only then as I got her up on all fours so we both could see the screen did I cue this afternoon's action with Susie and slid into Jo's blissfully tight cunny. I'd be willing to bet she is the best lay in the world! I'd bet the studio that no guy has _ever_ had as good sex as I have with Jo - don't know how you'd prove it though but I have had many, many partners and not one, not even Susie tight as she was, could match Jo! I don't really know how to explain it, it was just some sort of raw chemistry between us!Jo broke me out of my revelry by asking "Why did you sit her down and ask all those questions first?""Well - I was sort of putting a kind of 'providence' on the stuff with her Dad the day before. " I admitted. "Seems to have worked - sales of those three scenes, strong as they were, have almost doubled since the sequel went out. And I see my first cut of today's stuff is going about as fast as the servers can dish it up! Might need to get more capacity on-line for tomorrow!" I said thinking of her taking her boyfriend's (or whatever's) virginity. "How can you think of that sort of stuff right now! Fuck me! Didn't Susie taste great?"We'd got to the point in the film where I was probing my tongue into Susie's succulent pussy. "Yeah she did but not as good as you. Nor was she such a good lay. ""Oh Jamie - you say the most romantic of things!" Jo thrust herself back on me getting herself off quite explosively but continuing to ride me as the movie played on getting off multiple times before I jetted my fluid into her just as she moved in to clean up Susie on film. "That was sweet - sucking your stuff from her tits!""Think she quite liked your tits too!"Well I loved her sucking them and my pussy! She was fun!""Maybe you could have more fun with her tomorrow. You heard what she said about DP so I don't see why the pair of us can't be in the movie too! You've never tried DP. " I remarked.

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  "I've never tried any cock but yours and its kinda hard to have one cock in two places at the same time! Don't know, we'll see but yeah, I'll do the movie with you if only to get another piece of action with Susie. The guy can take his chances. " Not that Jo was short of girly fun - there wasn't a girl in the company who wouldn't happily adjourn to one of the breakout rooms with her! Apart from keeping me satisfied Jo bedded two or three girls a day - she had some appetite. So of course had I - despite having sex with Jo several times a day, she was more than happy for me (and to see me) fuck other girls so sometimes I turned her lessy antics into threesomes always getting both girls (or sometimes more) off on my cock to her delight. So seeing she was bushed I sent Jo off to bed while I did the second cut of today's goings on. Just before I was finished I got a text from Susie asking if there was going to be anymore! She had just had a brilliant fuck with her Dad watching the first cut. I finished off and put the outcome onto the servers before replying giving Susie the password, telling her she was insatiable!The password was activated instantly and her reply read something like "You bet I'm! Hope Dave's cock is as big as I think! Dad's got his in me right now, We're doing Doggie so we can both see me screw with you! Dad really got his rocks off seeing me and Jo together!" It was only then I remembered I hadn't paid the girl. Oh well, she'd be due plenty more for tomorrow and all the viewings I thought as I crawled of to bed to snuggle up beside Jo. To be continued. . . ---------------Feedback welcome. theblackdouglas@ymail. com.

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