The Traveling Gentleman Ch.3


Traveling Gentleman
Chapter 3
As Beth dropped off to sleep I got up and used the bathroom to clean up, as I dressed Tiffany came in and said that I really wore her mom out and smiled at me. I swatted her butt and walked past her asking where the keys to the jeep were. She went over to the wall behind the counter and took them down and threw them at me. Catching them I smiled and said I’d see her later.
I got the jeep and drove back to the RV. Claire and Tammy were both there waiting on me. I told them I worked it out so we could use the jeep to go into town; I also informed them that their car was already at the garage in town. I asked them if they were ready to go, that we could have lunch in town and do some shopping for groceries. We climbed into the jeep and left the campground.
We drove up to Kidman’s Garage first to see the damages to the car. Jo the mechanic said that it wasn’t all that bad, that the alternator had gone bad and then killed the battery. She explained the battery was no problem but that she would have to order the alternator from Hicksville, and seeing that it was noon already they might or might not deliver it today and chances are they would not have it here until Monday. She smiled and said I’m sorry; she went on to say if they do deliver it today I could have you on your way tomorrow. I told her not to worry that we could spend the weekend here no problem, and that if she needed to contact us to call the campground and leave a message.
We got back in the jeep and drove into town to Fran’s Diner. The place looked nice and we went in to have lunch.

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   We seated our selves at a booth by the windows so I could people watch a favorite past time of mine. In a few minutes a young girl came over to take our order. She said her name was Millie and would we like today’s special, meatloaf, mashed potatoes, and our choice of green beans or corn for only $4. 99. I laughed and told her that’s to healthy for me, and that I’d have a burger, fries, and a glass of ice tea. The girls ordered the same as me, and Millie left to get our drinks and place the order with the cook. I looked around and saw that Beth had not been exaggerating the lack of men in town; all I saw was women everywhere. Millie brought us our tea; I suggested she sit down seeing as we were the only ones there. She smiled and took a seat next to me, saying only for a minute.
As we sat there talking I asked if it was true that all the men of fighting age were in Iraq. She replied yes, that the military base in Jasper was the only steady employment around here so all the men enlisted as soon as they were old enough. I asked if her husband was overseas now, she blushed and said I’m not married. I smiled and moved my hand onto her thigh under the table. She looked at me mad smiled, but didn’t remove it. I moved my hand farther up on her leg until I was touching her panties under her skirt.

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   She let me do it all the time talking to Claire and Tammy about girl things, I gazed out the window gently rubbing her pussy though her panties all this time.
A bell rang somewhere and she excused herself to go get our food. We ate our food, Millie waited on several tables and since we were in no hurry they finished first. Millie came back and asked if we would like desert, I said maybe later and winked at her, I asked her to sit down again, she looked around and saw no customers so sat down next to me again. I immediately slid my hand under her skirt to find she had removed her panties. I looked at her she smiled and asked if everything was OK. I smiled back and worked a couple of fingers into her sopping cunt. Millie covered a moan with a cough and said she had to get back to work. I asked the girls if they were ready and they nodded yes. I told Millie that I would see her later for her special desert; she smiled and said OK, come back any time.
I sent the girls to the grocery store with one of my credit cards and told them to buy enough food for the weekend for breakfasts, and lunches. I told them we would eat dinner out. I then set out on an errand of my own. I located the drug store lucky for me it was Wal-greens, and went in to ask if they could fill a prescription from another state. The pharmacist said sure as long as it was in her system.

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   I gave her the prescription number and she pulled it up. She smiled and said that it would only take her a few minutes to fill it. When I went to pay for it I also had a pack of condoms and a tube of k-y jelly. She asked if I planned a party and passed me the bottle of Viagra. As she rung up my stuff I asked if she free sometime next week as I was planning to stay in town for a while, she glanced up and said sure and gave me her phone number. As she handed me the bag she said have fun, then opened her blouse to show me her lace-covered tittes, but save some for me.
I walked back to the jeep and drove to the grocery store to pick up the girls and the food. I just pulled up as they walked out with 3 bags of food. Whew did you buy the place out I joked. They said just wait and see what we got you’ll like it Tammy said. Claire found my bag from Wal-greens and looked inside, saying she liked what I bought reading the label on the prescription bottle aloud. I laughed and replied that with them around a man needs all the help he can get. Claire asked me if I had fucked Tiffany that morning, I turned my head and looked at her because I knew she had not talked to Tiffany. I asked why does it matter? She said no but she had heard the cashiers talking and one said something about some older guy staying at the campgrounds and that Tiffany had called her this morning to tell her that this guy had fucked her like an animal and that she had loved it. I shrugged my shoulders and said yeah.

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   I fucked her in the showers this morning, she walked in on me and seemed to want it so why not. I looked at both of them and then added I also fucked her mother just before we left for town.
Tammy looked at me and said I see now why you got the Viagra. Tiffany, Me, and her mother all before lunch, she laughed. David you are one hell of a guy.
We stopped off at the office and the girls met Beth. I looked over at Tiffany and commented that her scouting report was spreading all over town. She looked surprised when I told her what the girls had over heard while shopping. She stammered she was sorry; it’s just that I had to tell someone, but Jan should never have spread it around. I smiled and said it was all right no real harm done. The phone rang just then, Beth picked it up and looked at me saying it was Jo from the garage. I looked at her as I took the receiver and said HI.
Mr. Smith this Jo Kidman from Kidman’s Garage I was wondering if you could come back down here, I’d like to show you a few things if you don’t mind. I looked at my watch and said sure I guess so give me 30 minutes OK.

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   I asked Beth if it was OK for me to use the jeep again, and she said to consider it mine while I was here. I told the girls I’d be back soon and went to drop off the food at the RV. As I drove past the office the women were having a gossip session and I guessed I was the #1 topic.
I pulled up to Kidman’s and saw only the office area lit up and walked up to the door. I found it locked and knocked, in a second Jo opened it dressed in a jump suit that left little to the imagination. She grabbed my hand and pulled me inside, closing and locking the door behind me. I looked at her knowing full well what she wanted asked what was it she needed to show me. She smiled and pulled on the zipper holding the jumpsuit closed. As the zipper parted revealing more of her body she explained that after hearing about Tiffany and me she got horny as hell and just had to have some of my cock for herself. As she said the last words she shrugged her shoulders ands the jumpsuit fell to the floor leaving her naked in front of me.
I stepped up to her put my lips to hers and kissed her at the same time caressing her lovely ass. Jo moaned as I continued to move my hands over her body touching her in all the right places. I reached up and cupped her firm breast, massaging it lightly. I then began to kiss my way down along Jo's neck and collarbone, running my tongue in the valley between her breasts. My hands were busy stroking Jo's breasts as I moved my lips down over the slopes of her breasts.

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   Swirling my tongue around her nipple, I gently scraped my teeth along the sensitive bud. Jo gasped as I repeated the process again and again. I switched to the other nipple and started over again.
Jo’s slim, athletic body was toned and taut, I knelt between her knees as my tongue slowly passed along Jo's stomach and abdomen exploring every nook and cranny along the way. Then, slowly, moved upwards along inner thighs and then lightly brushing over the lips of her pussy I leaned forward and slowly ran my tongue along the cleft dividing them. Jo screamed Oh my God, oh my God, oh my God, oh my God! At the precise moment my tongue touched her clit, her insides convulsed in a shattering orgasm.
Standing, I undid my belt and dropped my trousers. Jo looked me straight in the eye and said "Now". I did as I was told, and reached forward with the head of my cock: I wanted to fuck, and so did she. I jammed my cock in, her moist cunt engulfing almost half my length on the first erotic thrust. With drawing till just the head of my cock was left inside her I jammed it back in, this time to the hilt of her very wet cunt. We fucked like animals
Jo was now gripping my neck as I fucked her hard with long fast strokes. I held her by the hips, in an attempt to get more of my cock further inside her with each thrust. I began grunting as I fucked this fantastic woman, and she responded with those delightful whimpering sounds a woman makes when you know she has surrendered her body to the invasion of her cunt. I pumped and pumped my cock into her, not wanting to stop.

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   I then felt that familiar tingling in my balls and knew I was about to cum. I thrust in with three last pumps before the explosion hit Jo like a volcanic eruption deep inside her pussy. I came, and came, and came, until the huge load of cum started to seep from her pussy, and coat my cock shaft. Breathing hard I collapsed on top of Jo, kissing her hard on her lips and shoving my tongue in her willing mouth. She responded back entangling her tongue with mine in a deep passionate kiss. I rolled off of her running my hand over her naked body cupping her tits and starring in her eyes. We lay in each other’s arms for a while waiting for our senses to return to us.
After a few minutes of lying there I proceeded to get up and find my clothes. Jo lay there watching me; running her hands over her naked skin and said that Tiffany was right I was one hell of a great fuck, asking if there was any chance that we can go again before you leave town? I down looked at her smiling saying that I was planning to stay in town for a while; She smiled said she was glad, pulled a blanket over and asked me to lock the door as I left. I bent over her kissing her again and told her I would. Before I left and called Beth to see if they needed anything from town before I came back. She said no we are eating dinner do you want us to save you some? I thought back to Millie at the diner and told her that I would get something in town and would not be back for a few more hours then.
I walked out got in the jeep and drove to the diner. Going in I found it crowded and took a seat in the back corner booth. I looked at the crowd and realized that it was entirely made up of women except for a few kids.

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   I caught Millie’s eye and she came over bringing me a cup of coffee. I asked how long the crowd would last and told me not long now, there had been a school play and everyone comes in after one of those just to brag on their kids. I asked her if she still had that special desert for me. She glanced around and said that they closed in about an hour; if I could wait she was sure she could find some for me. I smiled at her and asked if she still had any of that meatloaf left. She smiled and was gone in a flash to return with a plate piled high. She bent over as she set it down so I could see down her blouse at her lace-covered tits smiling and whispered that men fucked better when well fed.
The diner closes on time and we head over to her house. She says her mom won’t be home for another hour, and not to worry she told her about this morning earlier. I look at her and she explained that when strange men came to town they usually fucked as much as they could. She smiled asking if that bothered me and I said no, what do your men folk have to say about it. We don’t tell them, she responded; tell me they aren’t fucking some young whore over there.
She gestured to the couch. Millie asked if wine was ok. She pours two glasses and sits down handing me one.

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   She takes a few sips of hers and chitchats about life and the like since the men left for Iraq, as she finishes her wine she gets up and walks over to me, sitting down on my lap. I wonder if she notices the erection I have growing in my pants. She leans in and kisses me deeply, she pulls back looks at me smiles and kisses me again and holds it this time, wiggling her ass on my hardening cock. I slip my hand up one thigh and towards her chest. The other helps it take off her shirt I kiss down her neck and reach her lace-covered breasts, gently suckling each one though the lace of her bra and savoring smell of her perfume on her soft skin. Millie reaches behind her and unhooks the sexy piece of underclothing sliding it off her shoulders slowly exposing her succulent mounds of flesh. I wrap my lips around her nipple enjoying the sound they make as they pop free
She puts a finger on my lips she slithers to the floor, taking my pants and boxers with her. She smiles up at me from behind my stiff dick and licks her lips I close my eyes and feel the warmth of her mouth surrounding my erection and I moan as her tongue flits across the head and her lips massage the shaft. Millie pulls me up and then pushes me onto the sofa, my erection sitting tall on my lap. She swings her leg over mine, guiding my stiff cock into her pussy clenching around it, her tits pressing into my chest as she begins to ride my dick. I hold her warm body tight against mine loving the feel of her nipples as they rub against my chest as she’s working her cunt up and down my cocksfoot and tight at the same time, hot and wet, wrapping around me like a second skin. Millie began rocking gently back and forth, as slow as ocean waves, and then gradually grew faster and faster, bearing down hard I reached up and played her breasts, but her eyes were closed and it was like I wasn't there at all. Miliie fucked me, harder and harder as she grew more excited. I felt myself reach the boiling point. Spurt after spurt erupted from deep in my body and her cunt drank it all up eagerly.

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   At the same time, I felt a second orgasm wrack her body.
I catch my breathe the tell her I really hate to leave but I told Beth I’d have the jeep back shortly. That was 3 hours ago; I’m in town for a while; can we get together another time. She smiled and said she was looking forward to it. As I neared the door it opened and I looked into the eyes of the pharmacist from the drug store. She smiled and asked if her baby took good care of me. I smiled said she sure did and I reached up a squeezed her tits as I walked out the door.