Theory into Practice


Topic: Theory into PracticeTheory into Practice
This is the story of one crazy month back in 2000 when I was introduced to the joy of sex.
I'm Ric and I live two houses down the street from Eileen Taylor. She lived there with her daughter Aimy. I'm not sure what Mr Taylor did for a living but he was away almost all the time I can remember. Aimy and I are both 16 and grew up together in this neighbourhood and had been good friends for many years.
Do girls just seem to develope faster than boys?. Once Aimy had that growth spurt at 13 and grew up and filled out she just moved on from me and found other boys to befriend. I eventually grew taller and bulked up muscle wise but by then I had drifted far from Aimy's orbit of friends and there where times when she barely acknowledged my presence with a hello as we passed in the street.
My Dad is a para-medic and lately he has been working long or double shifts so my mother asked me to take an hour each afternoon following school to sort through the storage shed and the garage and repack and stack various boxes to make some extra room and to generally clean the place up. It was about the third afternoon of doing this when I grabbed another box off the shelf and opened it up to see if there was anything useful inside.
There were medical journals and emergency service manuals inside and I remembered partially filling another box of similar stuff yesterday so I started to take the books out of this box to pack with the others so I could get rid of this carton. I was surprised  when underneath I found some girly, nudie magazines then some more hardcore porn books and at the bottom maybe a dozen porno video's.
On most days I was at home alone for at least an hour in the morning once Mom had left for work and I had to leave for school. Then maybe one or two hours in the afternoon after I got home until one or both parents got there. I used this time to work my way through the books and tapes all the while absorbing the different aspects of the sex on display. Of course I jerked and jerked and jerked my penis till I was sure it was longer than ever.

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The next week it rained everyday. Hard, cold driving rain. Rain that was too heavy to walk through so Mom organised with Eileen to drive me to and from school. I took the opportunity to talk to Aimy but her one word answers and portable disc player blocked me out so I talked to Eileen instead. She at least was polite and our conversations got to the point that Aimy took the back seat and let me sit up front with her mother.
Although she played at being aloof Aimy was never rude and I really appreciated this close up view of her. She had certainly blossomed in her mid teens with long firm legs, trim athletic body and nicely rounded breasts always stretching her t-shirts. It was this fantasy image I had in my head as I jerked off after reading a book or watching a movie.
To me Mrs Taylor remained just that, Mrs Taylor. I had not even noticed the looks she gave me each moring and afternoon as I hopped in the front seat for the ride to and from school. Come Friday it was just the two of us as Aimy's class had a field trip. We made small talk for a while and then she came straight out and told me that I was never going to get anywhere near Aimy as her daughter was too much of a snob to hang out with me. My feelings were crushed but Mrs Taylor told me that with some confidence and experience she was sure girls would be all over me.
School was a dull blur for the rest of the day so much so that I was even happy when my Mom collected me at the end of the day. This was a surprise but Mom explained that she and Dad had to go away this weekend so she had left work early to get me home and then the real shock was that I would be staying with the Taylor's for the next two days. 

At 6:00 PM precisely I presented myself at the door of the Taylor house. Mrs Taylor made a fuss about showing me around the house and showing me to my room. Aimy just sat on the sofa talking on her phone. The room had a TV, video and Playstation and I asked if I could go back home and get some of my games to play later. A half hour and I was back and I also had one of my favourite porno vids as well as a selection of games.
Aimy had changed and was heading out the door as I arrived back, again she just strolled by as if I was the doorman. Eileen Taylor had prepared some light snacks and drinks for our evening meal. We watched a little TV but when she started watching the news I excused myself saying I was going to my room to play some games.
Shortly after I started playing a game I heard a phone ring and then Eileen came in to say she was going out for a while and would I be OK alone for maybe an hour or an hour and a half. I assured her I would be fine as I had my games. She did a quick change of clothes and headed out. I walked her to the door and locked it as she went out. I then watched through the curtains until she had left.
Back into the room I flicked off the game and popped my video on. Earlier when I had come upstairs I had gone to the bathroom and found a pair of Aimy's panties in the clothes hamper so now I stripped off and was ready to dump my load of cum into then as I watched the tape.

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Normally I took care so I didn't get caught unexpectedly by my parents when I was jerking off but being in a different house and the excitement of having my hands on Aimy's panties make me careless. I was propped up on a few pillows and I kept my hands away from my cock that was as stiff as steel and pointed at the ceiling. One hand held the remote and the other held Aimy's cute little pink panties. I sniffed them regularly inhaling her aroma.
I liked this tape because it featured an older guy with a big cock giving a youngish girl a real pussy stretch. Being young and naive I actually believed she was acting as if it hurt as he pounded his cock into her and her gasps to stop and cries if pain were just dialogue from a script.
Totally absorbed in the film I did not hear Eileen come back in. She had forgotten something and coming back in she decided to check if I was OK. Being careless I hadn't locked the door and Eileen just walked in and she froze in mid sentence as she took in the image of a naked teen boy, with a steel hard erection watching a porn movie. Luckily for me (!!!!!) the hand with the panties was on the opposite side of the bed out of sight.
Eileen just made some gasping strangled noises and retreated from the room. I heard the front door slam and a car screech out of the drive. Realising I was probably going to be grounded for life I packed everything back into my bag. I even took Aimy's panties because if I was going to Hell at least I would have a reminder. I got dressed and went to the TV room and was sitting there when Eileen came back a few hours later.

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I tried to apologise but Eileen just said boys will be boys and told me to go upstairs and get ready for bed. I did that but still felt a little awkward being in the house with her. I tossed (no pun intended) and turned for an hour and Eileen had still not come upstairs. Just as I was about to get up and go and talk about what she had seen I heard her turning off the lights as she came up the stairs. OK I thought I'll leave it till tomorrow to talk.
I rolled over again trying to get comfortable on the bed and the controller for the Playstation fell off the bed, missing the rug and hitting on the wooden floor where it seemed to make a huge noise in the dark. I lay still, holding my breath in case Eileen came in thinking I was doing something else. I had discovered that the door did not close properly and left a gap for light to come in. This room was opposite Eileen's room and Aimy's was further down the hall. As I lay in silence I heard Eileen call out asking if I was still awake and if I could come and give her a hand for a moment.
Dressed in boxer shorts and a school t-shirt I walked into Eileen's room. She was sitting in a low chair in front of her dressing table. I could see she had taken off her blouse and was struggling to undo her bra clasp behind her back. Please note at this point the expression "young, dumb and full of cum" applied to me as someone with more experience with women would know that this was not how most women take off their bras.
This was the moment of change in my life.

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   I could have mumbled my apologies and backed out of the room and stayed a boy for a few more years but I stepped up to the plate and undid the troublesome bra clip. Eileen immediately slipped off the bra and stood up in front of me. Her breasts were impressive to my eye. Large, round and firm. Nipples of a darker pink spread across each boob. I tried looking away and at first looked down but all I saw was a red garter belt attached to white stockings. Nestled in between her legs was a pair if sheer reddish panties that revealed a hint of darker hair.  
I tried looking over her shoulder but all I got was the mirror reflection of a red strip of material vanishing between the globes of her arse. Eileen stepped to me and took my head in her hands and kissed me firmly on the lips. My brain was still suffering some lag but my body reacted as if I was watching a movie. My arms wrapped around her and my tongue pushed through her lips. I met no resistance so I continued the kiss swirling my tongue around her mouth. My hands roamed across her back holding her tightly to my body no wanting to break this moment.
Eileen broke the kiss, repositioned her head, and came right back in. My hands had found the curve of her arse and cupped each cheek in my hands pulling her pubis close to mine as I ground my enlarging cock into the V of her legs.

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   Lips mashed, tongues entwined, breathing ragged we stood frozen as one an erotic sculpture in living flesh.
Eileen stepped forward, which pushed me back against the bed. My legs buckled and I sat with a thump on the mattress. Our lips parted but my head was now level with her breasts and I needed no second invitation to suckle like a baby on these teats. This was the moment to put into practice all the theory I had absorbed from my books and tape. I slobbered like a dog over her boobs my tongue flicking each nipple and leaving slimy trails all over these mounds. I squeezed the boobs together so I could get both nipples in my mouth at once, smothering my face till I nearly cut off any chance of a breath, my nose and mouth filled with the presence of these globes of delight. If I died now I would be a happy boy. Eileen had my head in her hands moving it about like some crazed power tool. Guiding it left, then right, now holding steady then randomly about her chest.
Now she placed her hand on top of my head and forced me down to my knees. She propped one leg on the mattress and in front of me was the "Holy Grail" of all teenage boys. She took hold of the material of her panties and pulled then aside giving me a clear view of her pussy. Neatly trimmed pubic hair leading me down to that womanly garden of delights. How I avoided shooting off my load at that moment is a mystery.

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   Now she spoke for the first time in what seemed like ages telling me to do what I had seen done in the video's.
I placed a slightly quivering finger in the folds of her womanhood and began to slide it about, it quickly became coated with her sex juices and then I found the entry to manhood. One finger in her vagina up to the knuckle, Eileen did a small squat to force it in to its extreme. I withdrew it, added a second and pushed in again. Again Eileen met my probing thrust as I worked my fingers in and around. Now the aroma of her sex entered my nostrils and I knew what was coming. With her hand still on my head I edged forward until my tongue replaced my fingers. The taste was exquisite, like no flavour I could compare it too, but still as sweet as wine.  
My tongue attacked her pussy like a hungry dog searching out every fold and crevice. I licked, I lapped, I bit and I sucked and finally I hit "the spot". Eileen nearly collapsed as I worked my tongue over and over the same place. Her entire body was quivering I could feel the muscles in her leg spasm as she fought to retain her balance. When you are enjoying the nectar of the gods time looses all meaning and this was no exception. I have no idea how long I was held captive in that prison between her legs but finally Eileen pushed me away.
On unsteady legs she managed to pull off her panties before falling on her back in the middle of the bed.

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   Again no instructions were necessary as I knelt between her legs slowly nudging them wider. Eileen understood and gripping behind her knees pulled her legs high to give me the view of the home run shot. After what seemed an eternity someone touched my cock. To me it felt larger and firmer than I could ever remember it being.
I rubbed the head against her glistening pussy lips, coating it in her juice, getting it ready to slide for home. I felt the point of least resistance and pushed forward until I felt the warmth of her vagina. This was it I thought as I slid inch after inch of my cock into my first woman. Then like being trapped in a whirlpool my cock was sucked in to its limit. I lay with my weight on Eileen and her face was scrunched up in ecstasy, eyes closed, upper lip peeled back revealing a line of white teeth.
I pulled back, and in my mind I pictured all the fuck scenes from my porno movies, then it was on as I slammed back in forcing Eileen into the bed as my weight hit her. Again and again, over and over I pistoned my cock into, her all the time feeling the pressure rise in my balls as I prepared to hit my first homer. Eileen had wrapped her legs around me holding me firmly to her as I continued my hard and fast assault on her pussy.
I was concentrating intensely on not shooting but with Eileen yelling for me to fuck her it was hard not to be distracted. Then she was begging for me to fuck her and to fill her till it ran down her butt. That was it I pushed as hard and as deep as possible and I held Eileen as tightly as I could forcing all the air from our lungs as I felt my seed eject from my cock in a shuddering release of tension.

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   I pulled out a little and moved back in as explosion number two wracked my cock.
Feeling the lessening of pressure in my balls I again started my steady pistoning motion as I continued to fuck Eileen. My cock seemed to get some type of second wind as I expected it to go limp almost straight away. Eileen gripped either side of my face and smothered me with kisses and I saw little tracks of tears running across her cheeks.  
With the enthusiasm and stamina of youth my cock continued to perform on its maiden voyage. Eileen rolled us onto my back and she got on her knees, I could now watch my cock as it penetrated Eileen. She placed her hands on my chest to steady herself and she then began to grind her hips and ass against my cock. I stifled a moan, never feeling anything so intense before. I reached up and got a firm hold of her swaying titties. Eileen was fucking me to another orgasm, I couldn't believe how good it was. Her pussy completely swallowed my cock and she just kept grinding her pussy back and forth with each stroke. Her head was tossed back and she kept licking the sweat off her lips.
After a couple of minutes, neither Eileen or myself could take anymore. I pumped out load, after load, after load into her pussy. She collapsed onto my body, her tits crushed against me.


   Our bodies were covered with sweat and our juices. I was done, I had fucked my first woman. She looked at me, smiled, and started to kiss me passionately.
We were just getting comfortable on the bed when a car pulled into the drive. It was Aimy home from her date. Eileen didn't panic she just told me to stay low so I didn't cast a shadow on the curtains and to scoot back to my own bed. I did that and was pretending to be asleep when Aimy walked past. She stopped to talk to her mother for a moment then she went into the shower before going to bed. Me, I couldn't sleep, I replayed the events over and over in my mind but I still was stunned by what had happened but eventually fatigue caught up and I went into a deep sleep.
While my brain was still foggy from last nights exploits other parts of my body were working because the first thing I registered when I opened an eye was the bed side clock showing the time as a few minutes before 7:00 AM and then I became aware of the velvety warmth of something around my cock. Now with both eyes open I could see Eileen on the edge of the bed and her head buried in my crotch. Her mouth was wrapped around my cock which seems to have woken up still ready for action.
Her hand worked the shaft while her tongue swirled the head. She made good work of this wake up call because in moments I spurted several pulses of cum into her mouth. Eileen swallowed the lot then moved to kiss me on the forehead.


       She thanked me for last night and told me she was now going to prepare breakfast. I watched her arse leave the room, her hips swaying under her nightie.
    Aimy spent most of Saturday at home so Eileen and I had little chance of a repeat performance just an occasional grab and grope whenever we were out of Aimy's sight. Late in the day Eileen was in the kitchen preparing dinner I came in from behind her and she was completely unawares. Aimy was on the sofa with her phone glued to her ears. Both women could see most of each other as the serving counter blocked Aimy's view of Eileen's lower half.
    Feeling extremely horny after our all day session of kiss and run I dropped to my knees behind Eileen and lifted her skirt enough to get my head under it and start kissing her arse. Eileen nearly lost it but recovered without a word. She did not have any panties on so I slid a couple of fingers into her wet slit. Her only movement was to widen her stance to give me better access. I kissed the fleshy globes of her arse while pumping her pussy with my fingers. Not a sound escaped her lips as I continued to finger fuck her. She did the leg flex squat again to meet my finger thrust.
    Just when I thought she might give it away she asked Aimy, in a strained voice, if she could go to the store as she was out of milk for her recipe. I kept up my arse kissing and with my free hand undid my jeans.

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       As soon as I heard the front door slam I stood up, cock in hand, and slipped it to Eileen from behind. Her pussy was soaked and I nailed her in one punch.
    She was face down across the table as I held her hips and gave it everything I had. The table bounced across the kitchen several inches as my lower body hit her arse with a meaty slap. Eileen was slapping the table with her hand begging to be fucked. My cock felt bigger than ever before as I serviced this amazing woman again in less than 24 hours. A dozen more hard bangs and I was gone, shooting into orbit on a wave of bliss as I shot another ball sack of cum into her pussy.
    By the time Aimy returned I was comfy on the sofa watching TV and Eileen had sacrificed half a bottle of milk to maintain the illusion and was waiting patiently for the new bottle to finish dinner. We were all smiles of innocence as Aimy walked in, still talking on her phone, deposited the milk and then nearly slipped on something white on the kitchen floor before disappearing to her room. We laughed.
    At last Aimy went out for the evening and Eileen and I were alone to indulge in the pleasures of the flesh. Eileen had given me few glasses of wine with dinner and I now had a nice little buzz on as she dimmed the lights and put on some slow music. We danced for a while kissing and feeling each other. Eileen then sat me on the sofa and did a striptease for me. My cock was as solid as a rock by the time she finished she then helped me undress and we danced naked in her living room. 

       Bodies held tight and lips locked in a passionate embrace.
    Eileen put one foot on the arm of the sofa opening up her legs and my cock found its mark straight away. Without any words spoken we held this stance for several minutes, the only movements were the gentle hip thrusts as I pumped my cock into her. This time my release crept up slowly and I barely noticed as my seed came forth to fill her vaginal passage. We eventually parted and Eileen took me by the hand and led me to the bathroom where she and I enjoyed a most sensual shower cleaning every inch of each others bodies.
    After the shower we lay naked on her bed and just cuddled. Soon though Eileen got up and put on a black satin robe, she then asked me to get the video I had been watching last night and bring it to the living room. I moved like the Flash to fulfill her desires even forgetting to put something on myself. So, naked,  I put the video on and sat next to Eileen to enjoy what was to come.
    Eileen admitted she had not seen a porn movie for many years and even in the dim light of the TV I could see her nipples harden underneath the wrap as her anticipation level grew. The first story had a woman dressed as a school girl getting boned by a teacher. The next was my favourited with the older guy banging a younger girl from behind. Eileens hand had strayed to my cock, which was rampant in its glory, and caressed it gently while not taking her eyes off the screen. Then two girls took on one guy, so Eileen got a look at some girl on girl action. The last scene was two young studs doing an older woman and Eileen was glued to the action as this woman took two cocks from every but not until a cock slipped into her arse did Eileen utter as gasp.

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       Then when the guys climbed on board for some DP action did Eileen go into overdrive and I thought she was going to rip my cock off.
    As soon as the movie finished Eileen was all over me kissing and rubbing me, whispering in my ear to fuck her and do it now. She then got on all fours on the floor and I got in behind her. She was wetter than ever and I had no trouble getting it all in. I felt her hand giving herself a high speed fingering as I pumped her from behind. Her arse was two globes of quivering flesh and I could see each thump ripple across her butt. Eileen was vocalising her passions and her body was bucking beneath me as I held her hips and enjoyed the ride.
    Then the stunner Eileen turned her head to me and asked me to do her butt like in the movie. Always ready to comply I took my greased pole in hand and positioning the bulbous head at her puckered butt hole I applied enough pressure to break through. Eileen let out a long low ooowwwhh so I stopped but I could feel her pushing back so between the two of us pushing gently my cock was finally in all the way.
    The next few seconds were tense as I pulled back till just my cockhead was in and then slid forward again. Eileen became accustomed to my cock in her butt and I was soon fulfilling her desire. Even with all the sex I had had my penis performed like a seasoned pro and soon deposited more cum into my first lover. I extracted my cock with an audible plop as my cum drained out of Eileen and ran down her thigh. When we recovered our strength we enjoyed another shower and were both asleep before Aimy came home.

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    That was it for the rest of the weekend. Eileen gave Aimy and I some cash and told us to go out for a few hours as she was expecting some friends over. By the time I came back my parents had arrived so I collected my things and trooped off home thanking Mrs Taylor for looking after me. If only my parents knew.
    All through the next week I prayed for rain so as I could get another "ride" with Eileen but it was a frustrating week of fine warm weather as the temps headed up into summer. Saturday morning I was still in bed when I heard the phone ring and then my mother came in and told me she had volunteered me to help Mrs Taylor pack some clothes into boxes. I acted the part of a disinteresed teen and walked the three houses to the Taylors when I wanted to sprint the distance.
    I was no sooner in the door and we were at it, making up for lost time. Eileen was already naked and I had no underwear on under my shorts. A fast and frantic fuck on the floor behind the front door was what Eileen wanted and I was lucky to hold on as she bucked her way to a wild orgasm. I pulled my cock out and painted her with a weeks worth of cum.
    This became the pattern for the next few weeks as Eileen made any excuse to be alone with me for sex. We did as many different positions as we could think of. We had sex in every room of her house including Aimys bedroom when Eileen dressed in Aimys school uniform as well as a pair of her panties. Once when Aimy decided not to go out Eileen and I went for a drive to a popular teenage make out spot and did it in the car.

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       We were nearly busted when the police did a drive by and put the spotlight on our car. On another occasion when Aimy had friends over using the pool we did it in the house without her knowing we were there spying on them as they lounged around the pool in their little bikini's.
    I could not wait for the holidays to start because with my parents at work Eileen would be free to come to my house for sex. As so often happens the best laid plans came undone when my parents surprised me by announcing a family trip for the next four weeks. I had trouble getting any excitement in my wave as we drove past Eileens house. The holiday was nice and I did get some sex with a girl my age but I could not wait to get back to my mature age lover.
    One last surprise awaited me when we got home, the Taylors had moved. It had been all done quickly and very hush hush. No one knew exactly why they had gone or where they had moved too but Eileen had left a small package with another neighbour and I walked like a dead man to my room to open it. It was a letter from Eileen saying how sorry she was that this was how it was to end. She had wanted it to go on forever but events overtook her and she had to go. The package also contained the red panties she had worn that first night. I still have them, and those amazing memories.

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