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They where fuckin huge. I’m normally polite but I couldn’t help but stair. But the worst part was I didn’t realize it until she cupped my chin with her palm and lifted my head so our eyes could meet. Then she said “I get that a lot. Follow me and ill show you what I need. After about 20 min. or so of her showing me the dry wall she needed up, I went straight to work. She watched me for about 10 min and began to left, as she did, she spoke “o, by the way, there 100 % real” I then froze for a few seconds as I watched her round plump ass tease me as she walked away. It was about an hour later, I was still working at a fast pace, when she brought me lunch. It was just a sandwich and chips, but what caught my attention was that she changed into a black mini skirt and a white shirt. The fact that she wasn’t wearing a bra boggled my mind. We where sitting around a small round table chatting away and eating when she went to pour me a glass of wine, and spilled it. Although it looked like it was not an accident I couldn’t prove it. It went all over the table and down my jeans. She quickly grabbed a rag and instead of cleaning the table she went straight for my crotch. Instantly I grabbed the rag from her hands and excused my self so I could finish the job.

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  About an hour had passed and she offered to help. At that moment my hands where tied so I asked her to reach down and get me a razor blade. She then agreed and reached down with her back to me and with out bending her knees she took her time picking up the razor while rubbing her exposed ass against my crotch. I couldn’t believe it. This bitch was really desperate. I was starting to think I was just hired for the sex. Kinda made me proud to think of myself as a juggilo. I then reposioned my self to remove her ass from me and to hide my buldging erection. She then asked if there was anything else she could do, as if she was asking if she could give me a good time. I then told her to get on the floor and hold the board to keep it from falling. Once again she agreed. When the board was fully screwed in she raised up and her head landed on my inner right thigh. Then I said “excuse me mamm for saying so, but IM starting to think you want in my pants. She then looked at me with a obvious look and said “ I guess your right, I guess I cant be suddle” she then fell to her knees, un buttoned my pants and exposed me throbbing cock. She looked at it and said “my o my, looks like you want in my pants too.


  ” When I was about to respond she had surrounded my cock with her moist mouth. My only reaction was a loud moan as it surprised me” She continued to lick, suck and bob on my cock. With out thinking I grabbed her hair and forced her to put more of my cock in her mouth. Now my full 8 ½ inches where fully engulfed as her tongue and my cock played ring around the rosy. I was never really much in taking control but my orgasm was a long ways away. I pulled her to her feet as I then beggan to nibble on her neck. I could see her juices dripping down her legs. I pulled her legs apart with my feet and slowly began to rub her moist clit. Then with out warning used three fingers to put her in an instant climax. I then began to pull them in and out with thunderous thrust. Then sounds of her juices splashing together and her moans where bringing me towards an orgasm. I couldn’t take any more teasing. I picked her up, tossed her over my shoulder and carried her to the bedroom. I dropped her on the bed and we began to finish undressing each other. I never was really much of a tidy guy but these breasts needed attention.

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   But first I lowered my cock in between her legs and thrusted in side of her. Her moans where extremely loud and sexual. The neighbors a mile away where getting horny off her screams. While bobbing my large erection in and out of her begging moist pink pussy lips I gave those perky nipples of hers a nibble. She then screamed she was cumming and wants me to spray my load all in her. I couldn’t help myself. Between her cries of passion, the wetness surrounding my cock and the reality of my fantasy my load came rather quickly. Right then and there I collapsed with a wonderful sensation. We laid in her bed for 10 min when the first words where spoken and she said “That’s enough work for today, come back tomorrow and be ready to go right to work. O, By the way. If you’re as good as your where today, ill introduce you to my single daughter. ” With that I excused my self, gathered my clothes, gave her a kiss good bye. Now IM here in my trunk, wondering if tomorrow’s gonna be just as remarkable. I guess we will just have to wait and see. This is my first storie.

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