This is what I would like to do to you...


I thought that you would like me to tell you what I want to do to you if ever we meet. Lets assume that I am going around to your house. We have never met. We decided to go out but you aren't ready when I call for you. You apologise. You ask me to come in and tell me that you will be about 20 minutes because you just got out of the shower. You have on a dressing gown. I don’t know what you have on underneath, but I twitch at the thought. I sit down and watch TV. You tell me to help myself to a drink or whatever I want. You go upstairs. I idly flick through TV channels. There is nothing to watch. The minutes tick by. You call down to ask if I am OK. I say I am fine, and that I have been channel hopping but there is nothing on.

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   You say that I can come upstairs and talk while you get ready. I walk slowly upstairs and into the bedroom with the light on. You are sitting on the edge of a large bed, looking into a mirror and putting your make up on. Your dressing gown has fallen open and I see your slinky bra. I comment how nice you look. You reveal some more. You stand up and the gown falls wide open. You have on slinky black briefs and stocking. I love sexy, classy underwear. I tell you just that. You smile. I move closer. I can smell your fresh skin and your perfume. I am hard. I can see your nipples and the shape of your sex mound.

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   I reach out a finger and brush your neck, so very, very, lightly. You shudder. I ask if you are cold. You reply "Not at all". My finger traces down your front and down the side of your pants. It doesn’t linger. I crouch down. My finger traces down your leg. You move your legs apart slightly. I touch your skin so slightly. I run my finger back up your leg. I stop jus short of your sex. It is level with my mouth. You push out towards me. I stand and my finger continues on its journey.

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   I move it in circles around each breast. You close your eyes. I see your nipples are hard. I am so hard my self. I can feel wetness in my pants. Your mouth is slightly open. I face you so close. I can feel your breath on my face. I part your lips with my tongue. We kiss so lightly. We don’t touch anywhere but our mouths. You moan quietly. We gyrate our mouths. You taste so sweet. .

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The gown falls from your shoulders. Your arms hang limply by your side. Your eyes are closed. We break our kiss and my tongue follows the route taken by my fingers. Down your chin, it touches so lightly. It follows the contour of your neck and when it reaches your breast it circles each one slowly in tighter and tighter circles until it is touching your now erect nipples through your bra. I run you round. You respond without question. I gently rub your back while my tongue follows the path of your spine. I see the back of your panties are thong style. When I reach it you involuntarily spread your legs a little anticipating what I am going to do I move them a little wider and bend you over. The cotton strip doesn’t cover your sex. I tell you to spread your legs more and bend right over. You obey without question.

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   The lips of your sex are spread. They glisten with wetness. My tongue travels between the cheeks of your bum and circles your sex lips. I don’t touch your pleasure bud, but just circle it, around and around. Sometimes I push my tongue right inside your tight vagina and let the juices flow onto it. Then, when I am wet I continue to tease your pussy. You are bent double and your legs can go no wider apart. I tell you to stay in that position. I quietly remove my shirt and the rest of my clothes drop to the floor. I am naked behind you. My erection  is like steel and the end of my hard cock glistens and runs with my love juices. I unhook your bra and it slides off your arms and falls to  floor. Your breasts are naked. I stand close behind you. My  hard cock is between your legs.

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   It brushes your nether lips. I move closer behind you and pull you close to me. We are like spoons in the draw. I put my arms around you and cup your breast. I gently massage your erect nipples. I cup your breasts in my hands. I push my hips towards you. The head of my cock slides along the lips of your sex. You are aching to take me inside you. To feel me stretch the sides of your cunt so very, very wide. To feel me pound myself mercilessly inside you, but no, that will have to wait. I cannot empty my cum inside you until you are completely satisfied, but before that we had forgotten that we had arranged to go out. I pull away from you and tell you that we will finish it later. I tell you to get dressed but wear no thong and wear hold up stockings. You protest slightly but know that it is no good.

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   You know that I am going to tease you when we are out, when we are in the car, when we are in a restaurant. You will be continually wet thinking of what is to come. We walk out to the car. It is a dark night but clear and bright. There are stars in the sky. I open the car door for you. You drop down onto the car seat. I close the door quietly. The seat is leather and you slide about on it. I walk around the car and get in. You look at me but I don’t look back. I tell you to move your dress from underneath you so that your bare ass is on the leather. You do as you are bidden. Your bottom sticks to the leather. I tell you to undo the buttons right down the front of your dress.

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   I tell you to keep your bra on but to pull your breasts out so that they are hanging out, erect, over the top of the cups. I tell you to sit with your bottom well forward on the seat and your legs as far apart as they will go. This is how you will be when we are driving. I Lean over and kiss first one nipple, and then the other and then I kiss you full on the mouth. My finger finds your sex lips and slips just slightly inside your wetness. You try to move your legs wider but the car isn’t wide enough. Gently stroke your clitoris while I kiss you then suddenly break away completely, put on my seatbelt and tell you to do the same. I start the car and drive away. You are totally exposed but it is dark so no-one can see you. We drive a short way out onto open roads. The car, now warm glides effortlessly along. It is automatic so I drive with one hand. I put my free hand onto your leg. I gently stroke it  from your knee to your thighs. When I reach the top of your thighs.


   I graze your sex slightly and move back down again. I do this many times. When my hand reaches your sex, you groan and I retreat. You say that you cannot stand this much longer. But you must. I stop the car in a quiet spot. I tell you to lean over and release me from my pants. You eagerly take my massive erection from its bounds and without being asked just take it right into your mouth. You rub it up and down all the time sucking it. I tell you to play with yourself while you suck me but to keep spread so that I can see what you do. I notice your smooth pussy. Freshly waxed. I am approving thus far. Your hand moves between your legs and you search for your own pleasure spot. You try to spread your legs as wide as they will go, doing just as you are told.

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   It allows easier access to your stroking fingers. You circle your clitoris slowly with your finger tips and thrust your smooth mound towards me so that I can better see what you are doing. You spread your cunt lips and pull the hood back from your bud to reveal it in its swollen glory. You are dripping wet. You start to rub faster. You wank my massive erection at the same speed as you finger your clit. Your mouth is just over the end of my rock hard cock, ready to catch my juice when it spurts out. You are wanking us both off at the same speed. You fuck your mouth with my cock. Your hips buck in time with your motions. Your body arches in spasm, again and again. Your mouth gapes wide but is filled with the end of my erection. My cock is dripping with precum. I am ready to explode but I hold back intentionally. You fall back in the seat and instinctively move your legs back together.


   You still hold my cock. Your mouth has abandoned me. I tell you to fasten your clothes but still sit with your legs apart. I haven’t finished with you yet. You slowly dress your self and adjust your position on the car seat with your legs as wide as they will go. I am ready to burst but know that in a few minutes my lust will subside.   I will generate more spunk so that when I finally fill you there will be massive amounts squirting inside your cunt (or your mouth or your arse or just all over your face and tits). I have all evening to decide how I will use you. I am about to put myself back into my pants. It isn’t easy as I am still massively hard. The end of my cock glistens. I tell you to suck me clean so that I can dress. You take the end of my cock in your hot wide mouth and suck all the juice from me. I tell you that it is now clean enough. You sit up and I dress.

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I start the car and we drive slowly off from our parking spot and onto the road. Soon we are in town. We decide to have a quick drink and then eat. We pull up outside a smart wine bar. The lights are low, but it looks warm and full of atmosphere. I park the car. You ask if I think you look OK. I reply that you look fine. You put some more lipstick on, holding your mouth invitingly wide as you do so. I think of filling it with my cock. Later I will fuck your mouth. It can wait.
We get out of the car and go into the wine bar.
Well? Do you want more?