Tiffany's Findings


Tiffany’s future was not as simple as it appeared. She was an honor student with little effort. School came simple to her, but it was her darker side that didn’t. She had all the proper beginnings. Education, manners, it was so perfectly ingrained. Her inner most thoughts were not so simple. She thought obsessively about the other side. How those lived that were so different from her upbringing. Especially those who were "free spirits" in her opinion. And especially those who were free in sex. She was constantly thinking of ways to have it. Ways to do it. Ways to explore it that were not of anything that she had heard, read, or otherwise learned. It interested her more than anything else. She often thought of it in it’s most primitive and forbidden ways. It would finally consume her, though it was a long hard road that led her to her final destination.

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She was overtaken by the limited side of love. In it’s earliest stage, she finally determined, it was lust. That was the starting point to it all. The feelings one has towards another, or a thought, or a feeling, that a person somehow obtains in the beginning. Where it leads is up to the actions and meanings of that person. It can lead to something wonderful, she thought, or to something destructive. But to whatever end, she became devoured by its draw.
And so young, that was the real travesty. She was only thirteen when she began her journey. It was only thoughts and feelings at first. Ideas that were theory and only theory. Ideas that would last many months before acted upon. She was young and naive. Stupid at least in the matter. But it was her.

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   She began innocently enough at first. Simple clitoris masturbation that led to little more than sensation and mild amusement. Then to penetration, self-induced of course, first with the fingers and then with larger and more stimulating objects. A carrot from the cupboard, then a banana from the counter top, then to larger items like lamp posts and eggplants. Perverse and right for her plight. It couldn’t be ignored. The stretching sensation, the pain, was all part of the process. Even her own fist eventually probed her vagina and her study. All continued until she felt she could learn no more from herself. The next logical step in her determined and obscene obsession was a man. Only then could she go deeper that she has already. Her virginity was really only a word by then. Her pussy had been stretched and probed more than many women twice her age. Her hymen long since gone. And by sixteen, she was only starting her walk toward sexual womanhood.

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She began in the barrooms of the big city. Her home town and a focal point of horniness to be found in the country. Any man in any pub in the city would love nothing more in their drunken state, no matter how severe, than to "fuck" a young sixteen year old girl. An attractive girl to boot. She was well figured in appearance and cute as a button. Her stature was only a few inches over five foot but her proportions were nothing short of perfect. She had flowing brown hair and the votes of her peers as the most beautiful in her prep school. But she valued none of the praise or passes. The boys and girls of her classes could teach her nothing of her real pursuits. She was on a different sort of mission. She knew the task would be easy, even though her first attempt was filled with nervousness nonetheless. She was still a perfect little lady in appearance. No one knew of her innermost desires but her, and she was now about to throw that away, even though most who cared wouldn’t know.
She entered the bar to little affair, though a few patrons stole a glance. She knew her message would be short and sweet to whomever she decided.

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   It was simple. Nothing more than study. This first time would be with a man of at least some attraction. Someone with something to offer her own amusements. She spotted the man perfect for the part only minutes after arriving and parking by the bar. He was young and unassuming. Seemingly as naive as she. He barely looked about as he seemed new at even ordering a beer. He couldn’t have been more than twenty-two, and handsome. A good build and a wonderful demeanor. Even at first glance, Tiffany knew she had found her man. She walked right up and began her new chapter in her quest.
"Excuse me sir. " She said.
"Yes ma’am.

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  " The boy replied.
"This will seem forward, but I was wondering if you might like to fuck me?" She said matter-of-fact, never taking her eyes off him.
"Ma’am?" He nervously replied.
She could tell he was thrown by the question and she was a little taken herself. She had gone over it many times in her head how it would all play out, but it now seemed very different as she said it. Very whorish.
"I mean to say if you are horny and you like me, I would like to spend the evening with you in some nearby boarding room. I have a few things I need to discover. " She said, as if it would make it more comfortable.
The boy excused himself after a few seconds and left. Tiffany was awed. She hadn’t expected a turn away from her proposal. But it seemed that was the case. She waited a few more minutes and was about to leave, being overcome with sudden embarrassment. Then as she was turning to walk to the door, she saw the boy approaching.

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"Sorry about that. I had to use the facilities, and I admit I was overwhelmed with your offer initially. I didn’t know what to say. I have thought about your proposal and would like to take you up on it if you still would offer. " The boy said.
Tiffany smiled and grabbed the boy by the hand. She had pre-arranged a room only a block from the pub and led the boy there without a word. After arriving, she told the boy to make himself comfortable on the bed as she would be right back. She stepped into the bathroom and stripped away all of her clothing to the floor. She looked at herself a long time in the mirror and reassured herself that this was the right thing. She pushed her middle finger into her pussy and gave a few rough thrusts as if the reassure herself of her purpose and then walked naked back into the room. The boy had done as much in at least undressing and was sitting on the bed with only a smile.
Time was a factor to Tiffany. She was not there for fun necessarily. She was not there for him.


   She was there for herself and her study. He was only a new devise. A means to knowledge. She didn’t say a word as she walked up to the boy and to her knees. His hard cock was in her mouth before words could be spoken. It was enough to make the boy tense and raise off the bed with lust, though she kept his cock secure in her mouth. She began to suck as hard as she could, wanting his first orgasm in her mouth soon. It was one of the lessons she needed. To know what the male ejaculate tasted like. She hoped it would be as sweet as she had imagined. Moments later she knew. He began to moan louder, telling her he was about to come as if she needed the warning. She became only more eager as she quickened the pace. She tasted his first blast barely, feeling it hit roughly at the base of her throat gagging her ever so slightly. She would not relent however, and slowed only after the last spurt had long since left.

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   She held him in her mouth sucking all she could before removing his penis and savoring the seed. She rolled his load around her tongue to get full flavor before swallowing his load. Though the taste was not what she expected, she did love it. More than she had thought and smile up at him, opening her mouth to show him she was satisfied.
The boy was in a lustful fit as he needed to cum again. His demeanor was changing. To Tiffany’s surprise, he roughly pulled her up to her feet and threw her onto the bed. She was taken by his aggression, but offered no resistence. If she was to learn she figure she must learn it all, even the more vigorous and possibly undesired ends of sex. She felt him jam his fingers hard into her pussy. It was painful at first but she still made no resistence. He then positioned himself on top of her with his free hand on her throat, his other still pushing into her pussy.
"I’m going to fuck you hard now you little slut. No one has fucked you before. Not like this anyway.

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  " the boy yelled, gritting his teeth.
Tiffany only turned her head in distaste of his statements, showing no emotion but a squint of pain from the first thrust of his large cock into her pussy. He never slowed down as he thrusted harder and faster into her pussy. She gripped hard at the sheets and bit her lip not to scream. She secretly was beginning to love the feel and this new object was the best she had received into her snatch. He then began to suck and bite at her nipples roughly as she began to lose control. She finally screamed out and dug her nails into his back as she begged him to fuck her harder. The boy was now taken by the situation, realizing she like what he was doing despite his misunderstanding of it. He then decided it was time for the next step in his plan. He rose and harshly flipped Tiffany over onto her stomach. Before she knew his intent, his cock was digging into her asshole. She had though it would be unpleasant at first, as she had never had anything in her ass in all her self-studies, but soon began to relax and allow his cock entrance. He pushed even harder then, and did not stop until his cock was fully inside her ass. She had screamed out many times during the act but never to stop, only to go faster and harder. She wondered then why she had resisted this pleasure before.

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   He pumped vigorously at her anus, raising himself up to allow for harder thrusts. He then pulled out, straddled the backside of her head and wiped his cock off in her long hair as he masturbated. His cum filled her hair as he matted it in with his hand after he was through. Tiffany lay motionless as he got dressed and left, saying only "Thank you slut" as he shut the door behind him. Tiffany lay motionless, breathing hard for several minutes. A smile of satisfaction was on her face. She knew her next move now and she though on it as she showered in the motel and got dressed to leave. The boy had taken her a few steps farther than she had planned and she was pleased by it all. Her next step was a big one, but one she knew she was ready to try.
The biker bar had a nasty reputation. It was filled with undesirables and known by woman to be a place to avoid. A rough establishment to say the least. She knew she was going to get fucked hard by many men and might not even have to say a word. Her dress and demeanor would say it all. She also knew that if things became to unpleasant she probably would be unable to stop it.


   It was a risk she was willing to take. She had worn a trench coat for the drive to hide her attire. She stepped out of the car as she parked right next to the front door. She then took the coat off revealing only a garter belt with a leather thong, a leather bra, and fishnet stockings running from mid-thigh down to her spike-heeled pumps. She was in all black, almost naked and wore thick makeup to complete the disguise. She was ravishingly beautiful and with her appearance, could have convinced even a devout priest to fuck her in the ass.
She could hear the noises of drunken men and loud music even before she opened the door. As she entered, the bar almost came to a stop as everyone looked her way. She did a turn as the door closed behind her to give everyone a look. She raised her arms above her head with a smile and showed off her body to the crowd. There was no turning back now. Her bare ass attracted a few whistles as she finished her turn and put her hands on her hips with an attitude and a smirk. The games would now begin. A fat man with a long beard was the first to approach. He must have been in his 50s as his beard was mostly gray and his face was weathered.

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   He had on faded and dirty blue jeans and a button up shirt with a black leather vest and a black leather hat. He definitely looked the part of your classic biker as his steel pointed boots clanked on the floor as he approached.
"Little girl, have you lost your mind?" he asked.
She only looked at him with a smile and then crouched in the floor in front of him. He looked down at her as she placed her hand on his crotch, feeling his cock grow in her palm. She then unzipped his jeans and reached in, pulling his semi-hard cock free. He never said a word as she opened her mouth and took his cock in. He moaned a little as she began to suck. He tasted like stale piss and smelled like he hadn’t bathed in a week as she continued her business. It was not unpleasant for her however, she loved having cock in her mouth and found the whole thing overly erotic. She hadn’t noticed the other man come up behind her until she felt his hand on her ass, squeezing and rubbing roughly. She then rose up again, sticking her ass out to the man while never taking her mouth off the cock she was pleasuring. She heard the zipper and felt its steel as the second man pushed her thong to one side and slid his cock completely into her soaking wet pussy. Both men had only medium sized dicks, but were amusing nonetheless. She began to moan as the second man’s thrusts increased, causing her to take the first’s cock farther and deeper into her mouth as she sucked.

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   The second man was removing her bra and fondling her budding breasts as the first man moaned and came into her mouth. It was as sweet as the last seed she had swallowed in the motel and she never relented until her pulled away. A little of his cum spilled from her mouth onto the floor, but she swallowed most of it before standing up. The man fucking her was thrusting hard where they stood and kissing her neck as he rubbed aggressively at her now bare tits. He came in her pussy and then pulled away as she felt it running down her thigh. She stopped it with her hand and brought it up to her mouth as her eyes scanned the room for her next subjects.
She noticed that many in the room had taken their cocks out and were rubbing them as they had watched her. She asked "Who’s next?" as she licked the last of the cum from her fingers. Everyone stood motionless as she finally found what she wanted. Standing next to each other were two well-hung men fondling their man hoods. They were younger than the first two she had already drained and looked to be perfect for her needs. At least her most immediate needs. Their cocks were thick and must have been ten inches long as she pointed in their direction and began to walk their way. She had only taken a few steps before she felt a hand grab her left tit and stop her. She never took her eyes off the two men she had started for, as this unexpected mystery man stopped her and pushed her head down toward his crotch.

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   She was pleased to find a slightly larger cock than the first two pointing in her face as she took it into her mouth. She sucked hard and fast, keeping her eyes off the two men she had started for. She had never even looked up to the owner of the cock that was in her mouth to see what he looked like. She was after the first two and needed only to satisfy this one so she could continue her journey. The man came quickly and she swallowed and rose back up, walking again to the large cocks she desired.
As she reached them, she grabbed their cocks one in each hand and led them to a nearby pool table. She then released and had one of the men lay on the table with his cock high in the air.
"I want your cock in my pussy," she said pointing at the man on the pool table, "and I want your cock in my ass," pointing to the other who was standing next to her, "and I want them both right now. " She then got up on the table and straddled the man, lowering her pussy down onto his cock. It was huge and fit snugly as she moaned with pleasure. She then looked back and pointed at her ass, letting the second man know it was time. She lay still as she felt a spit of saliva hit her asshole just before he pushed his cock fully inside her anus. Then the fucking began as they got into a rhythm. She was moaning uncontrollably now as the man under her sucked at her tits. She was being doubly penetrated by the two biggest cock she had yet seen and she was loving it.

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   Inevitably it would end though as they both needed to come. She quickly rolled onto her back and hung her head over the side of the table as the two men positioned themselves on either side of her head. They were still jerking off when she felt another cock entering her pussy and beginning to fuck her hard. She was moaning again when the cum began to splash all over her gaping mouth, her lips, and her face. She was still swallowing and wiping cum to her mouth when she felt the man who had been fucking her cum all over her stomach. She then looked up to see a handsome, but dirty man jerking his cock and wiping it and his cum all over her stomach.
What happened next would be the finale of her study. She was still recovering when she heard a deep voice from toward the back of the room telling everyone to make way. The crowd quickly began to part as Tiffany got off the table to see who it was. She was in awe to see a huge black man walking her way. The people began to almost cheer his name as he came forward. "Johnny, Johnny!" the crowd yelled as he came closer. For the first time, Tiffany felt some concern as Johnny finally was before her. He was massive. He must have been close to seven feet tall and weighed at least three hundred pounds.

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   He was an angry looking man with a powerful look. He had on jeans and boots with no shirt. Only a vest and a hat on his upper torso. He was very muscular and intimidating. Tiffany shuttered a little thinking what must be coming, but was excited at the same time. Tiffany was like a dwarf in comparison. And then Johnny unzipped his pants and pulled out his cock.
    A shiver came over Tiffany as she felt a little light-headed just by first sight. His cock seemed unnatural. It was still flaccid, but even then must have been fifteen inches long and three inches wide! She though of running out of there and trying to get away, but she figured she would never make it. And even then, she was curious. What if she were to fuck this massive cock? She figured it would complete her findings on sex. She decided to stay as she became more and more excited.
    "Suck on that you bitch!" Johnny said deeply. His voice scared her as much as the words.

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    "You must bes the dumbest bitch in the world to comes in here like that. You wants to get fucked huh? Well yous abouts to gets whats yous wants. " he said.
    He then grabbed his cock and pulled it up toward her face. She didn’t have to crouch very low to get into position. She slowly moved her mouth to his cock and took it’s head into her mouth. Just the head of his cock was enough to fill her mouth as she began to try and suck it. Her mouth was as wide as she could get it, and she gagged and drooled as he tried to stuff it in as far as he could. Her saliva was running from her mouth and slimily falling to the floor as Johnny’s cock grew. She could feel it growing and feared it would soon be too big to get out of her mouth. She pulled away with a pop and gasped for air as Johnny laughed.
    "You ain’ts woman enuff yet for Johnny. But you wills be before you leaves here. " He said.
    "You can’t sucks it then you cans stroke it.


      " He said looking down at her.
    She looked up with tears in her eyes and began to stroke his massive cock. She was not sad or scared really, though concerns were there. She was crying because the cock had gagged her so much that her eyes were watering. Her thick mascara was smearing down her cheeks as the patrons of the bar laughed. Johnny wasn’t laughing though and his cock was getting ever bigger in her hand. When he was finally fully erect, he must have been eighteen or twenty inches long and four inches thick. And it got even thicker closer to the base. She could not nearly get her hand around it, and was stroking it with two hands, one on the end half and one on the base half.
    "That’s good bitch, you best be ready now for the fuck of your life. " Johnny said.
    He then grabbed her with one giant hand and raised her to her feet. She was nervous with excitement as he turned her around and bent her over the pool table. She looked around best she could to see him lifting his massive cock up towards her cunt. She was amazed to see how far away he was from her still as she felt his cock press against her slit.

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       It took up her entire entrance as he pushed it part way in. She gasped at the size of just his head in her pussy as she screamed. The crowd gave out a laugh as they knew there was much more to come. Johnny then gave a great thrust that pushed his cock about a quarter of the way in and forced Tiffany to slide across the table in pain. She screamed even louder but made no effort to escape as the crowd cheered. Her pussy felt completely stuffed and yet she knew there was much more cock to come. With a second, and more forceful thrust, Johnny was three-quarters in and had hit bottom. Tiffany’s pussy was completely full and could take no more. Johnny was inside full capacity and knew it was as far as he could get from past experience. Tiffany passed out from the pain and regained consciousness to find Johnny pumping his cock in and out of her. She could feel the fullness and the emptiness with each thrust and knew her pussy was as wide as it could ever go. She began to enjoy it after a while and then to love it. She was an animal and after a few minutes was begging Johnny to fuck her hard, to his and everyone else’s surprise. The men in the bar then took turns as Tiffany sucked each dick that presented itself. Much later, she must have sucked fifty cocks and Johnny was still fucking her hole.

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       She had came at least twenty times and felt her pussy releasing squirts of cum with each wave. It was the best she could have imagined. The men began to jerk off all over her back until she was practically in a bath of cum. She was drenched from waist to head in cum and was begging for more as others came in her mouth. Every man in the bar had gotten off at least once if not more. Her stomach was full of jizz and she begged them to come back for more. Then she felt a wetness at her ass and looked back to see Johnny pull his cock out of her pussy and roughly jam it into her ass. She again screamed and the pain was tremendous, but the pleasure and lust had taken over and she only wanted more. She grabbed the nearest cock and stuffed it into her mouth to muffle her screams. To Johnny’s surprise, she was taking more of his cock into her ass than he though possible and it was quickly turning into the best fuck Johnny had ever had too.
    After a few more minutes Johnny yelled out that he was going to cum and everyone moved away. Tiffany was sore, but got up off the table and positioned herself on the floor in front of Johnny as he jerked his cock. It was so big he had to hold it up with one hand and jerk it with the other so he could aim it at Tiffany’s face. She sat open-mouthed as Johnny began to cum. It was like a fire hose as Johnny let loose a never-ending stream of gooey white cum directly into her mouth.

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       The load completely filled her mouth and she closed to swallow as a second load hit roughly on her cheek and in her eye. She jerked away as the force and the volume of his jizz amazed her. He wasn’t done yet as at least twelve more ropes of cum forced out of his huge cock and into her mouth and all over her face and tits. Even as he was finishing, cum continued to flow like a river from his cock and onto the floor. She took his cock and drank all of it she could before releasing it and letting it thud loudly against his leg as she fell back to the floor in exhaustion, gasping for air. To her surprise, everyone gave her a rousing ovation as if she had just won an award or something. In a way, she felt like she had. She smile and asked where the ladies room was and went to wash up.
    Over the next few hours, she sat and drank with the boys and became friends with them all. She would suck off one of them every now and then if they asked, but she let her pussy and ass have the rest of the night off, at least while she was there. She had fulfilled her objective now she thought, and was ready to lead a more normal life again. Her curiosities were met with satisfaction. She just wandered if she could go back to a normal life now. Or at least how normal that life could be. What was normal anyway? Well, she was definitely coming back to this bar next weekend anyway.


       And she was going home with Johnny tonight. That now seemed very normal to her.
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