Toys in the Attic


ic    Toys in the Atticã Carmenica Diaz
 Part 1 of 10 Parts.  
The rambling two-story house was on Elm Street and had many childhood memories for Diana. Her grandmother had always lived in it even after Diana’s grandfather had died and Diana had spent many happy afternoons and days playing in the house or in the yard.
When the house was left to Diana in her grandmother’s will, she had no hesitation in persuading, Tim, her new husband that they should move in.
‘This is a great house,’ Tim said as he brought the last of the boxes in. Diana had cleaned the house and waited for the removal truck while Tim cleaned up the last things in their old house. Finally, they were both there and surrounded by all their own belongings.
Married for just one month, Tim and Diana were still coming to terms with their new lives and everything that entailed living with another person. Unlike most couples, they hadn’t had the opportunity to live together before marriage as Tim lived in another city. Just prior to the marriage, he obtained a job in a local firm and transferred down to Diana’s home town.
They worked frantically, although, Diana did most of it as Tim always got sidetracked and they collapsed exhausted that night and by the next day, the house was beginning to take on a semblance of order.
‘Hey, what’s up there?’ Tim asked has he brought a box up to the second floor, pointing at the small door in the wall at the top of the stairs.
‘There? Oh yes, that’s right,’ Diana said, putting clothes away into the closet. ‘That’s the attic. I used to play in there when I was a little girl. ’
‘It’s locked,’ Tim said, trying to open the door.

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‘Is it? The key might be on the key ring with the house keys. ’
‘Where are the keys?’
‘Downstairs, in the kitchen. ’
Diana was still folding when Tim called up the stairs. ‘I can’t find them, where are they?’
Diana rolled her eyes and sighed. ‘On the bench, next to the toaster,’ she called patiently.
‘Next to the toaster!’
Silence and then Tim called, ‘got them. ’
‘Thank god,’ Diana murmured, closing the closet door.
She heard Tim rush up the stairs and begin trying keys in the attic door. ‘It’s open,’ he called and Diana walked out in time to see Tim stooping and walking through the door. ‘Wow,’ he called and Diana followed him.
The attic was a long narrow room with a dormer window at one end, an old sofa under the window and boxes stacked against the other wall. ‘This used to be my playroom on rainy days,’ Diana said softly, walking around. ‘It used to be whatever I wanted it to be, a castle, a fairy forest, anything. ’
‘I wonder what’s in the boxes,’ Tim said. After a moment, looking through them, he announced, ‘Looks like books and photographs, other stuff like that.

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‘I’ll look through them later,’ Diana said, walking back to the bedroom. She had just finished making the bed when Tim called, ‘look at this! I don’t believe it!’
I don’t believe I’m doing all the work! Diana thought sighing, as she dropped the pillows onto the bed and walked out into the hall.
Diana found Tim hunched over a box which, when she got closer, was crammed with leather straps and buckles. ‘What is it?’ she asked, squatting down with him.
‘It looks like bondage gear,’ he said and Diana noticed excitement in his voice. ‘Your grandmother was some kinky chick. ’
‘How do you know it’s hers?’
‘Has to be, doesn’t it?’ Tim pulled out four small straps with buckles and metal rings. ‘These look like wrist and ankle cuffs. ’
‘You seem to know a lot about this stuff,’ Diana said and Tim shrugged guiltily.
‘I’ve seen it on the Internet. Grandma must have liked being tied up!’ he leered.
Diana picked one of the cuffs up and studied it carefully. ‘Grandma was smaller than me,’ she said at last, ‘look. ’ Diana slipped her hand in the cuff, buckled it and demonstrated how easily her hand slipped out. ‘Not very effective for someone of my size.

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Tim nodded. ‘What about your grandfather?’
‘He’s been dead for thirty years. Give me your hand. ’
Tim held his left hand up and Diana buckled the cuff around it his wrist. ‘See, fits your perfectly. This stuff is for a guy. ’
‘Or a big woman. ’
‘Possibly. Give me your other hand. ’
‘What for?’
‘I want to see how it works. Why, are you frightened?’
‘Frightened?’ Tim grinned. ‘Frightened of you, baby?’ He gave her his right hand and Diana led him to the sofa as she buckled the cuff around his wrist.
‘I think these rings click together. Put your hands behind your back. ’ Tim did so and Diana joined the metal rings, imprisoning Tim’s hands behind his back.

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   ‘Zere, you are my prisoner, dumkopf!’ she said in an exaggerated German accent.
‘Very funny, now undo them. ’
‘Wait, I want to see how the ankle thingy’s work. ’ Moments later, Tim’s ankles were cuffed together and she pushed him down on the sofa. He stared up at his petite wife as she smiled down at him.
‘Ok, a jokes a joke,’ he said.
‘I thought you had a sense of humour,’ Diana teased, perching on the edge of the sofa and casually undoing the buttons of Tim’s blue shirt.
‘What are you doing?’
‘Undoing your shirt,’ she said with a smile. ‘I might tickle you. ’
‘You wouldn’t dare!’
‘I seem to remember you thought it was hilarious to tickle me on our honeymoon when we were in the swimming pool at Florida?’
‘That was different…’
‘How so?’
‘You weren’t tied up…’
‘…but you’re much bigger and stronger and I couldn’t get away. My wrists were bruised but you still thought it was funny. ’
‘Diana!’ Tim snapped, ‘get me out of these now!’
Diana smiled and walked back to the box, rummaged around in it and then produced another strap. ‘I wonder what this is,’ she said almost to herself and dangled it in front of Tim. ‘Do you have any idea what it is, from your extensive Internet research?’
‘It looks like a gag,’ Tim said sullenly.
‘It does too and I want to see how it works.

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   Open wide. ’
‘I will not!’
‘I’ll tickle you until you do,’ Diana said mildly, her fingers stroking Tim’s bare chest.
‘Diana…’ he whined but she just shook her head.
‘Open up,’ she said firmly. Tim stared into her dark eyes and sulkily opened his mouth. The ball slid it and Diana buckled it firmly behind his head. ‘Now say something. ’ Tim gurgled and spluttered in the gag and Diana smiled.
    ‘Perfect. Peace and quiet at last,’ she said, grinning and stretching both arms high above her head in exaggerated triumph. Tim’s eyes bulged and he gurgled some more in the gag.
    Diana looked down at his jeans and smiled. ‘Well, well, what do we have here?’ she said softly, perching on the sofa, running her fingers over the hard shape in his jeans. ‘I think someone’s enjoying this,’ she sang, ‘I think so,’ and Tim blushed, gurgling again.
    Diana unzipped his jeans, stood up and pulled Tim’s jeans and boxers down to his knees, his hard cock bobbing in the air.

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       Siting on the sofa again, Diana slipped her hand around his hard cock and slowly stroked it. ‘Baby likes this, don’t you?’ He reluctantly nodded, gurgling in his gag and Diana smiled and suddenly released his cock.
    Standing up, she laughed at the sight of her almost naked husband, gagged with his hands bound behind his back and his rigid cock waving in the air. ‘Don’t go way,’ she said teasingly, ‘I have some washing to do. ’
    Tim gurgled at her departing back but Diana ignored him and left him alone in the attic. Ten minutes passed and Tim strained to identify the noises that came from below. The old plumbing shuddered as the washing machine began its cycle and Tim heard Diana’s footsteps on the stairs.
    Standing in the door, she grinned at him. ‘Still hard, you really do like this, don’t you?’ Diana sat next to him and gently stroked and teased his cock again, all the while smirking at him as he tried to talk to her through the gag.
    She left him alone again and it was twenty minutes this time before Tim heard Diana coming up the stairs and talking to someone! He was devastated! She wouldn’t let someone see him like this, would she?
    Diana was talking to Tim’s mother on the cordless telephone and she sat on the edge of the sofa, stroking his cock slowly, teasing him while chatting. ‘Yes, Mom, the house is wonderful. We’re discovering lots. ’
    Tim groaned as her fingers brought him close and his body tensed but, maddeningly she stopped, waggling her finger at him while she spoke to his mother. ‘Tim is very focussed right now, he’s working very hard,’ Diana said with a wink and put her hand around his cock as she spoke.
    This time, Diana’s hand did not move, just held his cock in a loose grip.

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       She finished the conversation, put the telephone on the floor next to the sofa and looked seriously at Tim, her hand around his cock. ‘Nod if you want to come. ’ Tim nodded furiously and Diana smiled. ‘I’m just going to hold it, you have to do the work and pretend my hand is my pussy. ’
    Tim’s eyes widened and then started thrusting into her hand while Diana grinned at him. ‘I love how your stomach muscles tense when you do that. ’ Suddenly she pulled her hand away and giggled when he kept thrusting in mid air. His face was red, he knew how ridiculous he looked but he had to come.
    Diana vanished into the bedroom and returned rubbing her hands together. ‘My hand is all creamy now for you, lover,’ she smirked and gripped his cock again. Tim didn’t have to be told twice and began thrusting again while Diana grinned. ‘Go baby,’ she urged and he came with a shudder, his cum spurting onto his stomach until he collapsed back on the sofa with a sigh.
    Diana removed the gag and Tim flexed his mouth while she undid his ankles and then his wrists. ‘What got into you?’ he demanded. ‘That was…’
    ‘Enjoyable?’ Diana said with a raised eyebrow.

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       ‘You seem to enjoy it a lot,’ she giggled pointing at the puddles on his stomach and Tim’s face burned.
    She handed him a paper towel. ‘Better clean up and then you can get the dryer working. In case you can’t find it, it’s that big white square thing on the laundry floor. ’
    Tim mopped himself up and wondered what had just happened in Grandma’s attic.
    End Part 1of 10 ©Carmenica Diaz
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