Vanessa and Ryan


Vanessa lay there on the queen bed, staring into Ryan, her college boyfriend, eyes.
Ryan unzipped his pants and revealed a huge, 10 inch cock throbbing under green boxers.
"Ryan, take them off and fuck me. "
Ryan obeyed and got on top of Vanessa. He slowly slid in his cock and Vanessa moaned. Her pussy was so wet, and tight.
"This your first time, try not to hurt you. "
He started off so slow, but was quickening his pace.
"Vanessa I can't stand it. "
Vanessa moaned in reply.
"Ryan just fuck me, fuck me harder!"
Ryan fucked hard. Vanessa began fingering herself and immediately climaxed and cummed over Ryan's balls. Ryan was deep inside Vanessa and was going so fast. Vanessa was screaming, with every push. The pleasure filling within her was so overwhelming, she couldn't take it. Her pelvis was moving up so fast that the two pairs of hips were slapping 2 times a second.

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Ryan was cumming, deep inside Vanessa.
"Give it to me!" Vanessa shouted.
Ryan slid out and started mouting Vanessa's cunt. He switched between tonguing her clit and drinking her vaginal fluids.
Vanessa's body shook in a huge orgasm.
Ryan was moving to her ass, still working his tongue. He was slowly adding fingers deep in her ass and she couldn't take it.
"Ryan, get your cock in my ass. "
Ryan gladly obeyed. It hurt at first for vaness, but the pleasure was taking care of that. He squelched in and out of her tight ass. She pushed him out, onto the floor, and started sucking his huge cock like he had never seen. She cleaned out and in that cock like you never seen.
Vanessa looked at the clock.
"Oh shit" she muttered.


"What is it hun?"
"I'm late for my ob-gyn app. "
"You knew we would. . ?"
"This aint my first time. I lied. " She winked at Ryan and dressed.

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