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Abby and Jessa were very different looking. Abby had long blonde hair, was 6 feet tall and had a tight and small butt. Jessa had dark almost black shoulder length hair, was 5 foot 6 and had a big, nice, bouncy butt. Some things that had in common were they were best friends, went to the same school, both played volleyball, their parents were all rich, and they both had 36c cup sizes.
Although Jessa and Abby were 18 neither of them had a job, ever, they got everything they wanted.
 Jessa invited Abby over for the night, Abby of course said yes and said she would be over in about 2 hours.
About an hour later Jessa's dad walked into Jessa's room and lay on the bed. Jessa was in her large walk-in closet getting her volleyball clothes. Jessa noticed her dad, "long day" she asked. “As always" he answered. Jessa walked out of the closet, she had on a bright green camisole, white bra, a tight pair of jeans, and a hot bright green thong. She casually walked over to tired dad. "Abby's staying over tonight" as opened her dad's pants. "Ok" her dad said as if nothing was happening. Jessa pulled down her father's pants and boxers showing his semi-hard cock. Jessa lay down next to him and began to jerk his cock.

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   His 7 inch cock was erect as Jessa picked up the pace. Jessa knew it wouldn't be long. Jessa sat up and jerked faster she played with his balls with her other hand. "Oh yeah Jessie honey" as he started to squirm. Jessa was stroking as fast as she could. “Holy shiiiiiiiittttttttttttt" her dad almost yelled as he squirted his load onto Jessa's arm, and his own pants. Her dad sat up and gave Jessa a long wet kiss with tongue. They broke the kiss "that was great Jessie" her dad said. "Thanks daddy" Jessa smiled as she licked the cum off her hand. Jessa's dad zipped up his pants and walked out of her room and closed the door.
Jessa had been giving her dad hand jobs and blowjobs for 2 months now. Her dad often came in 10 minutes or less. She knew her dad loved the way she looked and moved her hands. It all started when Jessa got home from Abby's house 2 hours early. She had found her dad in her closet jerking off to one of her thongs.

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   For some reason Jessa got extremely horny and walked in and finished the job for him. It's not like Jessa's mom, Vikki wasn't hot, she looked almost like Jessa but older. Jim, Jessa's dad had a thing for teenage girls. Jessa's mom did not know about this and Jessa wasn't planning on telling her anytime soon. So Jessa was almost guaranteed to get any she wanted after a blowjob session and took advantage constantly.   
Another hour later Abby showed up. Abby had on a tight white t-shirt and a tight pair of blue jeans. Jessa invited her in and went up to Jessa's room. They spent the next 3 hours talking to boys on the phone and talking with each other. They realized that it was almost midnight. They decided to go to bed since they had to leave for a volleyball tournament at 8 am. They both got into Jessa's king sized bed. Jessa was in her white bra and bright green thong, were Abby had on a black bra and black thong. This was the girls typical nightwear and were used to seeing each other in just thongs and bras.
Jessa locked the door and turned on the big screen TV.

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   Jessa found a porno and left it on. “That’s what I'm talking about" Abby said. Both the girls secretly fingered themselves as a man fucked a busty blonde.   They both had orgasms in the next 15 minutes and Jessa went to sleep, but Abby wanted more. Abby had heard rumors about Jessa sticking dildos in her pussy before fucking a high school basketball star at their school. Abby went into the large closet. She closed the door behind her and turned on the light. Abby searched her way to the back of the closet and opened an old shoe box at the top of the pile. She pulled out a 9 inch black vibrator. Abby never used a dildo let alone a vibrator. Abby decided to go for it. Abby took the head of the vibrator and pushed it in half way in. Abby was plenty loose since she had sex on a weekly basis. Abby turned on the vibrator on low. Abby almost screamed, she fucked her pussy in and out.

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   Abby bucked against the dildo and started to cum. She moaned slightly as she came all over the floor. She licked her juices off the vibrator and put it back in the box. Abby went back to the bed and lay next to Jessa with her thong soaking wet.
The next morning Jessa’s dad woke Abby and Jessa up ‘Good morning girls’ he said cheerfully. ‘What time is it’ Jessa asked. ‘6, c’mon we have to leave in 15 minutes or your going to be late’ Tim said. Tim got a hard on as he watched the 2 girls walk into the bathroom with just their bras and thongs on.
Abby and Jessa’s volleyball team easily made it to the finals killing all of the small schools like bugs. 30 minutes before the game their coach said ‘Alright Abby, you know the routine’. Abby went into the bathroom to get changed and put on make up. One of the reasons why Abby and Jessa’s team won every game was because for the last 5 years the team would vote the hottest girl to fuck the official of the state tournament games or challenging matches. This year the team voted Abby.
Abby walked out in a tiny denim skirt, a super tiny pink top, and high heels. ‘Looking good’ the team complemented Abby.

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   ‘There’s the official, Go get him Abby’ her coach told her. Abby remembered the man from past games that year. Hi, remember me, Abby said and spun around. ‘Of course, what can I do for you’ he asked. ‘Let my team win and I’ll fuck you’ Abby said slyly. ‘Fuck first and you will win’ the 50 year old man said. Abby looked down to see the man’s average sized cock poking at his pants. ‘Deal’ Abby said and she led the man to an empty classroom that the team had found open. Abby locked the door and pulled the man’s pants off. ‘We have to make this quick we only have 25 minutes till the game’ the old man said. Abby smiled and took the whole cock in her mouth and began to suck. The man moaned in pleasure. After a couple of minutes Abby threw off her shirt. Abby stuck the cock between her tits and rubbed her tits back and forth the length of the old man’s dick. Abby smiled as the old man moaned even louder.

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   Abby slipped off her skirt and got on the man’s cock. ‘ Oh yeah, I want you to come in my pussy’ she said as she stuck her tits in the officials face. He licked her tits for about a minute before he came in Abby’s pussy. The man slipped out from underneath Abby, got on his clothes and left the room. Jessa walked in a minute later with Abby’s volleyball clothes. ‘How did it go’ Jessa asked. ‘Alright’ Abby said calmly, and they both walked out the door. Later they won the final match. .

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