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I took a few bites to make my plate look at least halfway finished. Natalie soon returned to retrieve my plate. Being a good waitress she asked “Would you like to try one of our desserts?” Although I wasn’t hungry, I wanted to be polite, “Well what do you have?” Natalie seemed to think for a bit. “Well, we have a lot to choose from at the back. ” Natalie gave me that dirty look we use to give each other a long time ago when we were dating. “Sure, I’ll check it out” I confirmed. “Great, right this way” Natalie directed. Natalie seemed real suspicious of anyone finding us at the back. “Are you sure I’m suppose to be in here?” I finally asked. “Absolutely, this is were we keep our good stuff. ” “Besides, I have time, I’m on my coffee break. ” We finally arrived in a white room with deserts everywhere to be seen. “Wow, this is a lot” I mentioned being amazed. I heard the door lock behind me. I knew I was going to be banned from this restaurant if I was caught. Natalie came up from behind me and hugged me around the waist.


   “So which do you want?” she asked in such a cute dirty voice. “Well, the cheesecake looks real good” I tried to stay on the subject. Natalie walked over and grabbed a slice of the cheesecake. I watched her slowly take it in her mouth, swallowing every piece of it slowly. She licked her fingers clean and sucked on it deep. Oh no, I knew she was seducing me, and I seemed to enjoy it. She began to unbutton the top of her blouse. She walked over to me and placed her lips on mine. I closed my eyes and pretended to care, I could taste the sweet cheesecake all over her tongue. We started making out which seem to last forever. As we did so, she continued to unbutton her tight blouse, revealing even more. I took quick glances. She took me by my hands and placed them on her firm breast. She whispered to my ear “Let’s fuck. ” She got on her knees and began to work on my pants.


   She pulled out my already hard cock, and placed her hand on it with a firm grip. She began to stroke slowly with her eyes locked on my eyes. It felt more like “making love” rather than just having “sex“. It soon got to the “sex” as she now focused on my cock, and began stroking faster. In seconds, my cock had already entered her warm mouth. She made sure my cock got all wet. She got up and walked up to a freezer or fridge at the corner. As she came back to work on my cock, I noticed she had gotten the whip cream out. She grabbed my cock in her hand and sprayed whip cream on every inch of my cock. That felt nice, her warm mouth warmed my cock from the cold whip cream. She took my cock in deep, licking up the remaining whip cream. She got up and demanded me to fuck her. She got into a doggy style position on top of the table, she didn’t care that she was on top of the best looking desserts in the room. One of her knee was placed on a plate with a piece of lime pie and her hand were all randomly on top of everything. This was going to get messy.

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   She pulled her skirt up right below her breast, but still revealing her cute tummy. I undid her bra, as it fell down right below her getting stained with a strawberry cheesecake. I placed my cock on the tip of her ass, she looked really tight and ready to fuck. She pushed back quickly, not wanting to wait any longer. She began to fuck at her own paste. She was fucking so rough, plates were falling down on the floor, but she didn’t care. “Fuck me hard” “I want every inch of that cock right in my ass” she screamed. I pulled my cock all the way out and stuck it in slowly. She knew how to work it. She rubbed her clit as I fucked her ass. She soon grabbed my cock and placed it inside her pussy. “Make me cum” “Fuck me” she demanded. Things only got even messier. She had all sorts of cream on her knees and arms. She soon got up and nailed my back to the table.

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   Natalie straddled me, facing me. She looked me in the eyes the whole time, while she grabbed my cock right below her and began to sit down slowly. My cock slowly inserted into her tight ass, while she continued to look me in the eye. We were connecting really well, once again “making love” rather than “sex”. It soon got to the “sex” again, as she got rough. She bounced of me faster and faster. Her ass was tightening as she rubbed her clit. She cummed all over, but that didn’t stop her from fucking harder. I lifted Natalie up and she placed her arms around my neck. We began to fuck just like that. She swung in order to be fucked. Our eyes once again locked to each other. I placed her on top of the table for a missionary position. The deserts were being smashed on Natalie’s back as I placed her on top of them. She wanted herself messy, and I seemed to like it.

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   Natalie spread her legs open perfectly, just how I liked it. She soon welcomed my cock into her tight cunt, as she fondled her firm breast. “Fuck that cunt” she screamed. Her body looked so tight, I was going to cum any minute now. “I’m gonna cum” I told her. She slipped out from the table, and grab the whipped cream once again. She sprayed it all over my cock and began to stroke. This made excellent lubrication. Every stroke made me want to cum soon. She stroked with a firm tight grip, which slid easily. “I’m cumming” I moaned. She stoked harder and faster. As she continued to stroke, she opened her mouth and stuck out her tongue. Her eyes were once again locked onto mine. Cum flew everywhere, cum filled the tip of her tongue and hit a few times all over her face.

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   Natalie continued to stroke as she got my cum dripping all over her messy body. Natalie slowed down as she took my cock back in her mouth and licked every inch of whip cream, sucking my cock dry of cum. She looked so adorable, cum all over her perky face and breast. She began to clean herself up in order to go back to work. It was a good thing no one heard us through the thick doors. I felt so content, this was the best. Natalie got back in her work uniform. She gave me a kiss before she got back to work, I could still taste the cheesecake on her tongue….

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