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"Hello Malia, you're looking particularly fine today! You;re tits have to be the nicest thing I've seen all day. ""Drop dead Hugh. ""Now now Malia, you know that's no way to speak to a vice-president. "He was right and he knew it, no noe could complain about his wandering hands because the presidents all loved him too much. When Malia walked into her office, she was surprised to find an incredibly sexy man standing at her desk, leafing through her files. "Can I help you?""Oh hello, Miss. Hargreaves?""Yes?""My name is Josh Wilks, I'm from the Inland Revenue, I have been asked to enquire about the £50 000 that you owe us. ""W-what? I don't understand, I didn't think that I had any debts. ""Well you do Malia, we will be forced to seize your house and car unless you pay us. ""No! Isn't there anything I can do to change your mind?"Josh looked at her body, his mouth watered at the thought of her tits, beneath that teasing low-cut shirt. Then his eyes traveled down to her pussy, where he noticed a growing wet patch, he licked his lips. "Well Malia, you do have a very nice body, would you be willing to perform sexual favours. If you agreed, we could just forget this whole debacle. "Mslia was taken a back his forward proposal, but then again, she was still very wet and in need of release. "Very well, but this is humiliating enough so I want to be in control. ""That is not possible, you must be in complete submission to me or the deal is off.

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   Now take off your panties and pantyhose. "Reluctantly, Malia realized that she had no choice. She removed her drenched panties and pantyhose. "Now, walk out of your office and toward the lift. "Malia hesitated, her skirt was rather short and she knew that Hugh would be out there. "Hurry up!"Malia quickly walked out into the open hurrying towards the lift. It was quite obvious that she had nothing on under her skirt, which rode up to expose the underside of her buttocks. Eventually she reached the car park, Josh led her towards a black van and instructed her to get in. Upon her entry, Malia saw Hugh grinning at her wickedly. Horrified she asked, "W-what are you doing here?""I see you have met my friend Harry Cobbs. He is a very good actor isn't he?"With that Hugh reached under her skirt and began rubbing her clit. "My my, you are very turned on aren't you!"Malia breathed heavily, she was so close to an orgasm, hating herself for giving in to Hugh's invasion. "OH MY GOD!!!!!" Malia screamed as she had an intense orgasm, her pussy squeezing on Hughs fingers. Before she knew what was happening, Hugh had rpped off her skirt and the van had jerked as it began to move, pushing Malia against Hugh. She put out a hand to steady herself, but instead placed her hand on Hughs raging hardon.

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   It had to be at least 11 inches, the largest she'd ever fucked had been 7 inches. "Mmmm, you like what you feel? Let me help you. " Hugh said as he pulled out his monster cock. Only then did Malia realize that there were two other men in the van, both had their 12 inch black cocks out on show. "Shit" was all she could think. Suddenly the van stopped and she was 'helped' out. The men grabbed at her shirt, ripping it from her heaving body. They threw her down on the ground in the forest where they had arrived. Malia, completely naked, was tied to a tree stump on her front, her ass pointing into the air. Hugh stood behind this gorgeous beauty, looking at her creamy flesh, he rubbed her clit while he poked a finger into her asshole.
    "Please not there, I've never had anal before. " Malia pleaded. "Too late slut, you will be fucked in every hole, and you will like it. ""No I won't you sick fucker, let me go!"Malia screamed as Hugh slapped her buttocks. "Don't fuck with me bitch.

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       Now we can make this experience painful or enjoyable, which would you prefer. ""E-enjoyable. " Malia said in a quiet voice. "Good, now i want you to get your pussy nice and wet for my cock. "Hugh rubbed Malia's clit, inserting three fingers into her tight hole. Her pussy stretched painfully but Mslia found herself getting wetter and wetter, until she was nearly at an orgasm. Hugh had now inserted a fourth finger into her. Just as Malia was about to come, Hugh removed his fingers and stopped rubbing her clit. Malia groaned, not wanting it to stop. "Please don't stop, I need you in me. ""Shall I fuck you bitch?""Yes! Fuck me! Fuck me hard! I need your cock inside me, fill me up! C'mon fuck me!"Hugh grinned, it hadn't taken long he thought to himself. He guided his cock towards her entrance, and pushed in slowly, teasing her to distraction. Malia groaned with anticipation, pushing back against his cock. Grinning, Hugh pushed into Malia, impaling her on his cock, going in and out, stuffing his meat into her. Soon they were in a fast fuck rhythm, Malia was pushing back against his cock, grunting like a pig.

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      Hugh was close to cumming, Malia could feel the veins throbbing in her pussy. Finally, Hugh unleashed his load into her pussy, filling her with his seed. Malia looked wantonly at the other three men,"Now, who's next, this time I want you in my ass, I'm hungry and I need filling in all my holes. "More installments coming. . . . has the huge list of hotties and escort agencies in Brussels!

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