WHile the cats away


I had been dating Kelly for about 3 months and had met her pearents on a couple of occasions and got along well with both. Her mum Sandra was a real knock out and it was obvious where Kelly got all her looks from. Both where very tanned, toned and had long brown hair. Kelly had c cup breasts while her mother's were slightly bigger and there butts were ettched from stone. They were perfect.
It was easter and Kelly had invited me to go away with her family. They had a beach house up the coast that could sleep ten and we would have our own room so as not to be bothered at night, kelly sold it to me well. We left in seperate cars me and Kelly in mine and her pearents in the other and by the time we got there it was night time and everyone was buggered. We all helped empty the cars and headed off to bed. Our room was down stairs and Kelly's pearents would be sleeping upstairs. Once in our room kelly and i jumped in bed and both tierd we fell asleep snuggling together.
In the morning I woke with that familure feeling of being as horny as hell. I rolled over to find that kelly had already got up and had left a note to say that she had gone with her dad to pick up supplies and for me to relax and get up when Im ready. I was dissapointed that I couldnt have some moring sex but got out of bed anyway to go find some coffee.  Thinking I was alone i walked through the house in just my boxers my morning boner clearly visible but with not a care in the world! I walked upstairs and into the kitchen and turned on the kettle and sat myself up on the bench. Suddenly I heard a "Good Morning" from across the living room and there in one of the couches was Sandra in a serong and a bikini top.

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I couldnt beleive I hadnt seen her and I jumped off the bench trying to hide my boner. Sandra was on her way over and had already noticed my hard on and was grinning mischieviously. "I think you may wanna wear something more supportive in future Seb, your nearly popping out of those". She said with a husky sexy voice I hadn't heard before. "I. . . errrrr didnt know you were here . . . . . thought you'd gone with the others. . .

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  . . . so sorry Mrs Kemp". I babbled "Call me sandra and you dont have to apologies" she replied as she walked over and turned the kettle off. "You gonna make me a coffe?" she questioned. "Sure, how do you have it I answered. She told me then went and sat back down on the couch.
I made the coffees then realised that to give her the coffee I was going to have to walk over in full veiw of her. I placed the coffee and said "Coffees UP" Bring it over would you she said huskily. Dam i thought this is going to be real embarrassing. I pulled my boxers up to try and keep my cock against my lower stomach and not pertrude so much and took her cup over to her. Before I had even taken 3 steps I could feel my cock bouncing up and down with every step. I was watching the cups closley, carful not to spill it but as I glanced up at Sandra I noticed her eyes were locked on my bouncing man hood and it was about to get worse. As I side stepped a bean bag i felt the head of my cock push through one of the gaps between the buttons.

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   Snadras jaw dopped, before she composed herself and said told you, you needed more support!"
I froze not knowing at first what to do. "would you like me to give you hand there Seb" Sandra stood walking towards me. I was blushing and couldnt make eye contact but just nodded my head. Sandr came over to me and with out any hesitation she grabed my cock and pushed it back through the gap. I let out a little moan through clenched teeth as she just smiled holding her hand against my swollen cock. "Was that a moan of pleasure Seb?" she whispered. I couldnt reply I was frozen solid. She gripped my cock again this time through the boxers and pushed her hand down its length and again I moaned. "MMmm . . . I believe it was" she whispered this time leaning right into my ear.
Still holding the coffees out to my sides Sandra continued teasing me by whispering "I wondered what will spill first the coffee or somthing else?" She was standing close to me her bikinied breasts against my chest and her hand had started stroking up and down my cock to my mumbled moans. "I think I can make you spill somthing" she continued. SHe then reached inside my shorts and got her hand around my cock and started pumping.

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   Her other hand was carressing my ass and I was so close to popping it wasnt funny. I had my mouth open and was gasping for air as i could feel it getting closer. she kept stroking me while her other hand untied her surong and let it fall to the floor. I looked down to see her naked pussy and with out stopping her stroking she turned around and then inserted my cock into her. I dropped the cups grabbed her hips and drove her as hard as I could. She screamed out and I came in one hell of a hurry. I bucked and twitched as her pussy filled with every last drop.
I let go of her hips and steped back looking around the room as if in a state of shock. I ran my fingers through my hair and staired up at the ceiling I had just unloaded in my Girlfriends mum and my mind was going crazy. Sandra casually picked up the broken cups and her serong and tied it back around her waist. I was pushing my cock back inside my shorts and was still in a state of "WHAT THE FUCK?" We cleaned up the spilt coffee and I threw out the broken mugs never saying a word. The house was totally silent as we moved about until suddenly I heard a car pull up in the drive. . . .

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