While You Were Sleeping: My Roomate's Girlfriend


I had a couple of girl friends while I lived in Norman, but it never was more than just the same old few week fling with some girl that I wasn’t all that interested in. Steve on the other hand was still dating his high school sweet heart, Rachel. We both worked during the day, but unlike me he would go strait from work to school, as where I would just come home and have a peaceful evening to myself. I would see him at night when he came home, totally exhausted from his long day of work and studies. It was always inevitable that Rachel would call him just as he pulled his boots off and got comfortable on the couch. Rachel was a knock out, but her and I didn’t get along. She had long strait dark hair, pouty lips, beautiful eyes, about a 32 C chest, and a thin waste that curved out into the most amazing set of hips and nicest ass you could lay your eyes on. She was also a spoiled rotten brat who had always gotten her way and had everything done for her. She had never grown up from being daddy’s little girl. She would call Steve and it was always the same old thing. She’d talk about what she was doing in her sorority, and tell him he had to come to some dance or other social function that he dreaded, with her and her other friends who were just as bratty as she was. She lived and went to school an hour away from us, but some nights she would even want him to drive all the way up to see her because she was lonely. No matter how tired he was, or how much he had to do, she would never be understanding and just throw big fits when he would say no. After months and months of this, Steve was getting really sick of it. We would talk about it and I’d just flat out tell him to dump her. He already had enough stress in his life with work and school; she was just extremely annoying and wasn’t doing him any good.

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   One Friday night me and my friend Rob from work went out bar hopping. I hadn’t had sex in a couple months, and figured I might go try my luck at picking up a bar slut. The place we went was your typical dance club/bar. Lots of girls there dancing around, but they all seemed to either be with a guy, or just weren’t interested in any of the advancements I was making. After setting a while and enjoying my drink, I noticed my friend Rob slip a couple pills into the drink of this girl he had been talking to. I looked at him with a puzzled look on my face. He realized that I had seen what he had done and just looked back at me with this look on his face telling me not to say anything. After about 30 min he was asking me if I was ready to leave, and since I wasn’t making much headway with any girls I figured what the hell, and told him yeah. I went to the bathroom and when I came back out I noticed that he was helping the girl he slipped the pills to walk out the door with him. We got out to my car and she climbed into the back seat. We both got in and I started to drive away. I asked the girl in the back seat what her name was. . . .

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   After a moment of silence Rob started to laugh saying “works every time” while producing a pill bottle from his pocket. “Are you crazy?” I said, “Don’t you think she’s gonna realize what you’ve done when she wakes up in the morning?”“Don’t worry about it. ” He said laughingly, “I do this all the time, and I haven’t been caught yet. She’s had so much to drink tonight that she’ll believe what ever I tell her in the morning” I just shook my head in disbelief at what I was hearing. I had known Rob for a while and we had become pretty good friends in a short time. I never would have thought he was the kind of guy to use a date rape drug on a girl though. I pulled into his driveway and shut off the motor. I was kind of nervous thinking that she might remember the last thing she saw before she blacked out was MY car. My mind raced about all the consequences of what I was helping Rob do, but I decided my best bet would be to just help him get her out of my car so I could flee the scene. “Grab her legs” he said as he pulled her out of my back seat by her shoulders. I just did as he asked and picked her up by her knees. I looked around the dark neighborhood as we carried her into his house, just praying that no one was watching. We laid her on the couch and he walked out of the room. I looked down at her with my mind racing. She was extremely attractive, with her short blonde hair and skimpy cloths on.

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   I could see her nipples straining against the fabric of her shirt. I was starting to get turned on as I thought of the possibilities. “You want a beer?” Rob said, handing me a beer, as he came back into the room. “Yeah, thanks” I said. “So what are you gonna do with her now?”“Well what do you think?” He said grinning back at me. “She’ll be out for hours, so we have all the time in the world to do what ever we want to do. ”“We? I don’t want any part of this!” “Well, suit yourself, I just thought you might want to have some fun before you go. It’s perfectly safe, she won’t wake up I promise you. In the morning she’ll never know you were here. . . she’ll believe what ever I tell her. ”“Nah, that’s ok, I think I’ll just leave you two alone now and head back home. ” As I walked out the door he was moving over to the couch beside her. While I was driving home my mind was going a million miles an hour, thinking about what he was doing to her.

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   I was getting really turned on thinking about what could have been if I’d have stayed. As much as I wanted to deny it, the thought of drugging a girl and having total control to do what ever I wanted to her really appealed to me. It was then that I noticed that he left his bottle of pills on the console of my car. I figured I’d just take them back over to him the next day and he could fill me in on all the juicy details of what happened when I left. My cock was still pretty hard imagining having my way with the young blond girl there on the couch. Steve usually went and spent the weekends with Rachel, so I was looking forward to popping in a porno and relieving some of the strain I was having. As I pulled into my driveway though, I noticed Steve’s truck was in the drive way still. I went on in and discovered that he wasn’t home, just his truck was. My mind was still pretty much preoccupied with thoughts of the blonde on the couch, so I didn’t give it much thought as I hit play on the VCR and started to go to work on my hard cock. About 5 minutes into watching the porno, I heard a car pull up. I quickly jumped up and seen that is was Steve and Rachel in her car. I ran over and removed the tape and got descent again before they made their way in the door. “Where have you two been?” I said, trying to act is if I’d been home a while. “We went to the mall and out to eat. ” “We were going to the movies, but Steve can’t agree on seeing the same movie as me” Rachel butted in.

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  “Yeah, so we just went to Blockbuster and rented a couple, and deiced to come back here and watch them and have a drink” They put in some movie; something I wasn’t really all that interested in since I still had thoughts of the blonde from earlier running threw my head. Not to mention the fact that they cut a much needed release short by coming home. I just sat back in my chair, not really paying attention to what was on the screen. I did take notice though of what Rachel was wearing. She was all made up with dark eye liner on, and a powdery looking lipstick that just made her lips look so soft and inviting. She had on a tight brown leather skirt that was above her knees, a pair of black boots with a tall heel that came to just under her knees, an off white long sleeve shirt that was really good at showing off her perky breasts. As I looked at her I could see that her skirt was riding up, every now and then flashing me a view of some lacey blue panties. I was getting a good eye full of her thighs and a nice view of her silk covered pussy lips when all the sudden her legs snapped closed and I looked up to notice she had caught me staring. Her face was red as she started to blush, and I know mine was as I quickly looked back to the TV screen. After what could have only been seconds but seemed like an eternity I looked back and noticed I could see her nipples hardened threw her shirt. It was then that the thought popped into my head. Images flashed threw my head of the blonde from earlier. “Do you two want another drink?” I said as I was getting up walking out of the room. “Yeah, I’ll take one. ” “Sure, thanks.

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  ” They both replied. I walked into the kitchen and on out the door to my car, grabbing the bottle of pills that I knew were there waiting on me. As I walked back in the door I announced, “I left my keys in my car. . . ” I decided to fix us all a Crown and Coke. I looked in at them in the living room, fully engrossed in the movie, and I dropped a couple of pills into their drinks and watched as they dissolved. I stirred them until I couldn’t see any trace and took them into the living room. I sat back down and watched as over the next half-hour, both of them sucked down their drinks. I on the other hand chugged mine. The buzz from the alcohol, my heart pounding with the thoughts of what I was doing, and the feeling of my cock growing rock hard again was starting to drive me crazy. After about 45 min they were both asleep on the couch, and I was going nuts inside. I couldn’t believe I was actually going threw with it. “That movie sucked!” I said really loudly as the credits started to roll. I hadn’t even paid attention to it; it was more of a test to get a reaction.

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   “Do you two want another drink?” I said, half yelling. Still no movement or response from them. I got up and walked over to the couch. Shaking Steve by the shoulders I told him he should go get in bed. Still, I got no response from him. I then shook Rachel hard, telling her the same. Still nothing. . . I decided then to see if I could move Steve. I grabbed him under the shoulders and pulled him up in like a bear hug, shaking him for good measure as I told him to wake up in a loud voice. I was quite pleased as he just lay limp in my arms and let me carry him to his bed. I came back for Rachel, and there she was. . .

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  laid back on the couch with her hair washing down over her perky breasts. I then picked her up, shaking her harshly yelling for her to wake up, not that I wanted her to. I was delighted when I got no response from her either. I carried her to my bedroom and laid her on the bed. I could feel my heart pounding in my throat. It felt like the temperature in the room had risen 20 degrees. The thought that I was about to fuck my best friends bitch of a girlfriend had my cock ready to explode. I couldn’t make up my mind what I wanted to do first. I decided I would start by undressing her though. I pulled her shirt off, watching the tight material slide over her breasts. Her nipples were starting to harden again from the friction of the material sliding over them. She lay there in her boots, skirt and bra, her perky breasts begging to be released from their lacey restraint. I reached under her unclasping the bra and sliding it off her. Feeling the cool air rush around her now naked breast made her nipples get that much harder, and I couldn’t help but to lean in and get a taste. I sucked her nipple into my mouth, pulling on it with my lips as I ran my hand over her flat belly.

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   Her skin was so soft to the touch. I moved from one nipple to the other, back and forth for a while. The smell of her perfume and the feel of her hot, soft skin was driving me nuts. It was then that I decided I wanted more. I unzipped her skirt sliding it off her, looking at the silky blue panties that were covered the mound of her pussy. I looped my fingers under the waste band and slid them down and off of her in a smooth quick motion. She was shaved completely bald. He pussy lips were as full and pouty as the ones on her face, and I just had to kiss them. I stood there, just admiring how damn sexy she looked lying on my bed, completely naked except for her black knee high boots. I quickly stripped my cloths off letting my cock spring free from the confinements of my boxers. Grabbing her feet by the soles of her boots, I pushed her legs up, causing her knees to bend up to her breasts. I walked up the bed on my knees, just looking at her sexy cunt, the lips spreading slightly just inviting me in. I licking down the back of her thighs in a long deliberate motion. Licking around her outer lips as I breathed in her scent. It was amazing; I opened my mouth wide and covered her entire pussy.

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   I sucked her lips into my mouth as I ran my tongue inside her, tasting how wonderful her tight pussy was. She was getting so wet with my saliva and her own juices started flowing making her even slicker. I licked as deep inside her as I could, sucking and pulling her plump lips with my own. I licked up to her clit, sucking it extremely hard. I had made up my mind that she is definably going to know she had been fucked hard this night. Weather she knew it was me or not, I wanted her to feel it in the morning. I pulled on her clit with my lips while licking it wildly, roughly fingering her cunt quickly in and out. I was simply trying to make her as soar as I could, but to my surprise she locked her legs around my head and started cuming as I sucked on her pussy! She was having an orgasm, and from what I could tell and extremely violent one. For a moment I was petrified with fear. I thought she had woken up when I felt her thighs squeezing around my head. After I licked up her juices I looked up at her. I could see her chest heaving at her hard breathing, and see her breast shaking from the pounding of her heart. I simply slid up her, stopping to bite her nipples and pull on them with my teeth. I squeezed her breasts with my hands hard, totally determined to make her soar the next day. It was then I decided I wanted some physical proof of what I was doing to her, so I and everyone else could see.


   I kissed her fully on the lips, sliding my tongue into her mouth. I was so surprised when she started kissing back! Again, it scared me that she had woken up, but I guess it was just a reflex. I then kissed down to her neck and started to bite and lick. I sucked on her neck so hard, trying my best to give her a huge hickey. As I lay on top of her, kissing her neck and making a hickey, I could feel the heat from her pussy inches away from my hard cock. I was just mad with lust and had to be inside her. I raised back up on my knees there between her legs. My knees were at her ass, and I held her legs up in the air, her boots resting on my shoulders. The pre-cum was just dripping off the head of my cock; it felt like I was about to cum just looking at her. I reached down and took hold of my dick. I have never felt it as hard as it was that night. I’m not a porn star or anything, my dick is only about 6. 5 inches long, but it is pretty thick. I started rubbing the head up and down the slit of her pussy. It felt amazing! I just watched the head of my rock hard cock parting her lips as it slid up and down between them.

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   She was so hot and slick from the mix of my pre-cum and her own juices. I knew I wouldn’t last long doing this, and I wanted to be inside her, so I just pushed the head of my cock into her hole. It was so tight I couldn’t believe it. I pushed in harder and slid some more in. I moaned loudly watching her lips as they gripped my cock as it was sliding in. With a quick thrust I just buried my whole length inside her. I had to set really still so that I didn’t cum right then and there. Slowly I pulled out where just the head was inside, and started a rhythm of going in and out of her tight sucking cunt. It felt like there was a fire in her belly, and I could feel the muscles of her cunt milking me as I slid in and out of her. I quickened the pace, pushing in quickly all the way to the hilt, feeling her pussy lips mash around the base of my cock. I began fucking her in and out faster and faster. I noticed her hips were rolling around in circles as I pumped my cock in and out harder, just slamming into her. The sound of my balls slapping against her was getting louder and louder. All of the sudden I felt her pussy squeezing me tight, over and over it squeezed pushing me over the edge as I shot load after load of cum as deep as I could inside her waiting cunt. I slipped down lying on top of her again, just leaving my cock inside her to go limp.

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   The next thing I realized, I thought I was going to have a heart attack as I woke up! I had dozed off after fucking her. She was still under me, and more importantly still asleep. My dick was still inside her and was starting to stir again at me waking up. I was scared to do anything more though, as I didn’t know exactly how long I’d been asleep and she could be waking up any second. I climbed off of her, hearing my dick make a slurping sound as it slid out of her thoroughly soaked cunt. I picked her up and carried her to Steve’s room, laying her on the bed beside him. He hadn’t even moved since I placed him there. I ran back to my room to get Rachel’s cloths, making sure I didn’t leave a trace of her behind. I just scattered them beside the bed, and then quickly undressed Steve as well. Some of my cum was running out of her pussy, so I scooped up some with my fingers letting it drip down on Steve’s pubic hair, getting it all matted. I was pleased when I noticed that there was a big hickey forming on her neck. My dick was already hard by then anyway, and that was just making it twitch, so again, with a quick motion I slid my cock inside her still very wet pussy. I fucked her, in and out, really fast for a few min, then slid my cock out and moved up to her face. I started stroking my cock faster and faster until I was cumming. The first shot splashed across her eyes, the seconds across her lips, but since I had cum so hard inside her already I didn’t have much left.

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   I just watched as the cum ran down her face, pooling in her hair. I went back to my room and easily went back to sleep. The next morning I woke up and went to the kitchen for some breakfast. I heard Steve and Rachel moving around in his room, so I knew they were both awake. After about 45 min or so, Steve came out of his room. “Man, do you two think you could be any louder?” I smirked at him. “What do you mean?”“Last night! I didn’t think I was ever gonna get to sleep listing to you two go at it. ”“Really? I was fucking wasted last night, I can’t even remember. ” About that time Rachel walked out. I was kind of let down to see that she had taken a shower already and washed away the evidence of my cum on her face, but there on her neck was one of the biggest hickeys ever! “I’m never drinking that shit again. ” She said, “I woke up with the worst headache this morning. ”“From the sound of you two last night, and the look of your neck, that’s not all that aches!” I was really pleased with myself as she didn’t answer and just blushed. All day long I teased the two of them. I was on cloud 9 from my night with her, and the best part is they were none the wiser. About a month and a half later I found out that she was pregnant.

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   Steve married her and dropped out of school to work full time and moved back home. I see them every now and then, and I can tell that I’m their kid’s father. Luckily they never noticed how much the kid looks like me. They both think Steve got her pregnant that night, and have never thought any different. .

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