A night in Japan i will always remember.


A Night In Japan I Will Always Remember. . .
I have just recently returned from Japan and I would like to share with you an event that happened while I was there. You see in Japan community bathing is not all that uncommon, so needless to say I was in baths many times with the opposite sex. Which for me was not a problem. I do admire the female body and I love the Asian look especially an Asian female. I don’t know why but I love the dark eyes and dark hair against the creamy smooth skin. For the most part I witnessed in Japan 95% of the females are very small which makes things easier in the act of sex. Which brings me to my point.
Like I mentioned Japan is popular for natural hot springs. Most of the time there is a hot spring inside and occasionally they are outside. In this particular case it was outside underneath the stars. I remember looking up and seeing the beautiful night skies through the steam rising off our bodies and the hot natural waters form deep within the earth. This particular night was going to be one I will remember for the rest of my life. I arrived to the springs in the evening just before it got dark.

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   I took my time in the locker room taking off my clothes not having any idea what is in store for me. The locker rooms were not coed but this hot spring was which I did not mind at all, I was looking forward to being able to gaze upon many nude Asian women all at one time and was getting kind of excited know that I will probably be the only American boy in the water so will be getting plenty looks as well, for not many Asian girls have seen a nude American boy. I noticed that the locker rooms were not crowded at all. However, I did hear an older gentleman speaking to another that the girls were great tonight that is why he brought them to the springs, they were speaking Japanese so I only understood a little bit. As they walked off to the massage rooms I gathered that there was about 6 young teenage Japanese girls from a tournament volleyball team out in the hot water relaxing.
Now hearing this bit of wonderful information I hurried  getting ready so I was not to miss any beautiful Asian nakedness in the hot steamy outdoors. as I walked through the doors I was excepting to hear girlish giggles but to my surprise I heard very orgasmic moans coming from many of the girls. I stopped right before I got around the corner. I peaked around the corner and could not believe my eyes. There were 6 nude beautiful Asian teenage girls in the hot spring licking and sucking each other to orgasm after orgasm. I thought about leaving for a minute but then my curiosity got the best of me and decided to sneak in and quietly slide into the water. I was uneducated, as they were so much involved in each other to notice me, but if they did I don’t think they would care.
My penis was hard long ago but I decided to stroke myself now. I began to rub up and down on my erect penis and closed my eyes imagining that I was in the middle of the pile of sexy Asian flesh not but 15 feet in front off me. I opened my eyes not wanting to take my eyes off these beautiful women when I noticed one of the girls had leaned back against the rocks exhausted from all the orgasmic bliss she had participated in.

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   We made I contact and at first she seems a little be surprised and scarred but that expression was quickly replaced by an expression of curiosity and she stealthy swam over to me and asked my name and I told her it was Michael, she told me her name was Mai and that it meant Dance in Japanese also that she liked my name. Mai was extremely beautiful she had a body I would love to lick all over. I noticed that her pussy was shaved almost bare. She left just a little dark line of hair trimmed nicely so it would lie down against her satin skin. Her breasts were small as most Asians are, But that is fine with me for I do not like big breasts. Mais’ body was what I would call a perfect body the right curves in the right places and her nipples were just a bit darker than her skin and by now they were hard like my penis. Her eyes were beautiful as she looked at me with a very mischievous look, that look turned me on even more. I asked her how old she was and she told me she was 19 also she said that she had never seen an American boys penis before but that she liked it a lot. She asked me if she could touch it. I thought about it and thought why not. I told her sure, if I can touch you as well, and she quickly agreed and grabbed my penis with her hand and began to slid her hand up and down my hard shaft. I was surprised with her eagerness of wanting to touch me and I reached down under the water and slid my hand between her legs and found her swollen clit which I rub in a small circle and felt her hips start to move towards me. I had no clue where this evening would end up but I thought that I would just enjoy it.
She seemed to enjoy my hand between her legs and wanted more I could see that in her eyes. I slowly pushed apart her tight pussy lips and slid in two of my fingers which was a tight fit and I thought she would scream but she contained herself I think because if she had it would have ruined her sole pleasure with me.

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   I closed my eyes for just a moment and was shocked when I felt Mais’ lips on the head of my penis then taking the my penis in her mouth submerging her head under the water. I made it easier for her by sliding up onto the rock exposing my hips to the cool night breeze I leaned my head back and just enjoyed the Asian girls mouth sucking on my hard penis. I could no longer reach her wanting pussy so I was only able to enjoy this blow job from Mai. I thought to myself that I was in heaven I was receiving a blow job from the most beautiful Japanese girl I have seen, while watching 5 other sexy Asian babes get each other off, what more could I ask for. Well I was about to find out. Mai was very good at giving head. She knew how to tighten her mouth up at the right point to make the sensation perfect and knew exactly when to slow down to not put me over the edge to soon, she would speed up almost to the point of no return the back off a bit. I knew that she knew what she was doing. She got on her knees in form of me and began rubbing her pussy on my leg. She slid one of her hands down between her legs and her finger disappeared in that beautiful little hole. I felt myself getting real close and did not know if she wanted me to cum in her mouth so I stared to pull away, she made a disapproving groan and reached around with her other hand and pulled my hips towards her not wanting me to remove my dick from her mouth. I was not going to argue, so I let her continue she grab my balls and gently squeezed them to halt the orgasm I was about ready to have. I put my hands on her head and guided her to my orgasm. The last final sucks made me crazy and I was unable to hold back any longer she sensed this and let go of my balls and I exploded into her mouth. I could not help myself but when I came I made a pretty loud moan.

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   I did not know if she would swallow or would it be in the water but I never saw any of my semen anywhere. When I moaned I gave up our secret and all 5 of the girls looked over at us and seemed to be extremely jealous at Mai having not invited the visitor but only decided to keep me for herself. Mai having just sat back enjoying the satisfaction of getting me off.
The other 5 beautiful girls began to swim over to us and my penis got hard as a rock again, now I was being surrounded by 6 naked Japanese girls. They all asked me where I was from and what my name was I told them it was Michael, they also introduced themselves. I don’t remember all of their names, I think it was because none of them had as much of an impact on me that night like Mai did. However I did enjoy all of them equally. But, even if I did remember their names I don’t think I could pronounce them anyway. They surrounded me in the water and I felt the aura of sexual energy from them and knew what they wanted. So once again I let it happen and really enjoyed every moment of it. I felt one of the girls hands on my thigh and slide up toward my penis she wrapped her hand around it and began to stroke it, finding my hand she made me put three of my fingers in her horny pussy. Then another beauty leaned up and kissed me on my lips I kissed her back and we started to taste each other tongues her lips were so soft and tongue was so small but I loved the taste of her young Asian mouth. Another stared rubbing my chest. I knew there were 6 of them but only 3 were touching me and Mai was still relaxing next to me with her head on my shoulder. I looked to my right and there they were in a wonderful 69 position pleasuring each other orally.

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   They were close enough that I reached out and rubbed the sweet asshole of the one top and I think it was a bit to much for her because she started bucking and came all over the other ones face which she immediately licked up.
I felt left out I wanted to taste one of these sweet Asian pussies so I repositioned myself so I could get on my knees and reached down and help mai slide up on the rock where I was just sitting. I told her just to enjoy it but she did not listen she immediately grabbed her closet friend and began to eat her pussy like and expert. I was excited that I was about to taste my first Asian pussy. So I was lightly flicking my tongue over her little pink clit and licked her wet pussy, also I rubbed two fingers over her sweet slit and then slid them into her wanting hole as I licked her to yet another orgasm. While I was orally satisfying Mai to both hers and my delight I was again being given and expert blow job by one of Mais’ sexy teammates. She was in return being eaten out by another of her friends. Mai liked to be eaten out and when she came on my face she pushed my head in to her hole and she rubbed her juices all over my face then she wanted me to lick her clean which I did with no problem. Almost without any break to breath another sweet babe grabbed my head and licked Mais’ juices off my face and kissed me hungrily and I matched her pace and we made out for a short bit but it was interrupted by me exploding again into one of the girls mouths. She was not as good at swallowing all of it but most of it went down except for a little bit that came out the sides of her mouth which disappeared when she kissed Mai on her small delicious  breasts. I felt some tension mounting so I wondered what was about to happen but I didn’t worry to much. As I tried to turn around to find another pussy to eat I was grabbed by the arms and was asked by Mai and two of the girls to come with them to the sauna and I did not object. the four of us got up and walked to the sauna. I looked back and saw that the other three were in involved in a intense threesome eating each other out with pleasure, I thought about telling them but realized that I had three women with me and that would probably be enough. so we disappeared into the sauna.

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When we got in there Mai grabbed me and playfully threw me down on the cedar bench and again wrapped her lips around my penis, but did not intend to get me of but only to get my hard again which took a bit longer this time having cum twice already but without fail I was up and ready. She stop sucking and mounted my face  and made me lick her just long enough to make her juices start to coat he lips and then she slid down my body so by penis was next to her tight vagina. She rose up a little bit so she could guide my dick into her pussy. I was excited that her pussy sucked my penis in and it was  pleasantly tight. I went  to rub her breasts but was stopped when one of the other girls noticed from the other bench, where she was in a blissful 69, that we were now having sex, she came over and began to kiss me and I liked kissing her so we kissed for some time as I was meeting Mais’ thrusts and I heard the sound of our sweaty skin slap together as we both came closer towards orgasm. Mais’ other friend was not far behind she came over from the other bench and stood above us and shoved her pussy into Mais’ face and made my sex partner eat her. By this time I am ready to blow my load into Mais’ sexy hole. But I wanted to do it while I was eating someone. So I asked the girl I was kissing to straddle my face, she did so with out a second thought. She found that she was close enough to lean forward and lick  the tight ass of the woman Mai was eating. It was only about 1 or 2 minutes in this position that any of us could take before we would have our final and best orgasms. But, because all of our mouths were full there was no moans of pleasure. Almost in succession we came. I came deep inside Mai for the third time this night, then Mai matched me and came again all over my penis. After her mouth was filled with sweet Asian cum from the girl she was eating and at the moment I was gifted with a mouthful of sweet Asian cream as well.

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   We stayed in this position for about 30 seconds then collapsed to the bench in complete ecstasy. About five minutes later I wondered what time it was and what ever became of the other three girls that I had eaten and kissed earlier. Almost by reading my mind Mai said we that they should probably get washed up and ready to find their friends so they could go home. I said that I should probably go. Before I could say anything else she kissed me again this time for a long time, so long that when we parted the other two girls were gone and I have never heard from them again. However, I have had many random phone calls from Mai and she hopes to come to America to see me but I do not know if she ever will. But if she does I will be happy to spread her legs to taste the sweet Asian pussy I ate so many times that night and take her to an American hot spring.