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The limo eased it's way through the traffic, keeping its three passengers oblivious to the outside world. Sitting between Steffi and Edward Colter, Dani made whimpering sounds and mumbling pleas not to make her go. A sharp reprimand by Edward only made Dani quiet down for a few minutes, and soon she was again begging the Colters not to take her to the hotel. Exasperated, Edward admonished his wife, "Christ, Steffi, make her shut up will you, feed her if you have to, but make her quiet down, she's driving me nuts!" Steffi ignored her husband's sarcasm, opened up her blouse, unhooked her bra, and gently had Dani suckle on her full breast. She comforted Dani and brushed her face, knowing that breast feeding the young woman was the best way to calm her down as she was very oral, whether it be sucking on a nipple, or sucking the cum out of a large penis. Dani had been living with the Colters for almost six months being their sexual plaything and as she was a total submissive, and the Colters being dominants, it satisfied her natural urge to be told what to do and when to do it. Most evenings were spent playing all sorts of sex games, with Dani doing the bidding of her two masters. Each night when the games were over, Dani would share their king size bed, usually going to sleep with Steffi Colter's nipple in her mouth. That was the one thing that would instantly calm her down, having Steffi's large full nipple to suck on. Today, Dani was particularly upset, because her masters were taking her to a down town hotel to have a session with another dominant. Ordinarily this would have excited Dani, but this was different, the man they were going to meet was named Sir Midian, a well known dominate throughout the s&m scene. He was a huge black man, known for his unquenchable sexual appetite for young white girls. Dani was terrified at the thought of being taken and used by the black giant as she had heard stories of how his huge organ had ripped more than one helpless girl to shreds. She couldn't believe that her own masters were going to allow her to be abused and possibly injured in such way, and while she had always obeyed them without question, this might be too much even for an obedient submissive like Dani!The trip up the elevator to the thirtieth floor was made with little or no conversation, but when they were finally in front of room 3033, Edward looked at Dani and said, "Don't embarrass us today, do as you are told or you will be severely punished, do you understand me!?!" Dani lowered her eyes and replied softly, "Yes sir, I will obey my master at all times. " A hard rap on the door, anda few seconds later they were being ushered into the room by a kimono clad Japanese girl. Sitting over in a stuffed easy chair was a powerful looking black man dressed in a pure white silk suit and a mauve colored shirt.

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   His head was shaved smooth, and when rose to meet his guests he towered over them, being at least six inches taller than Edward. The two men shook hands and the black man offered, "This must be Dani, she is even better than you described her to me, Sir Edward!!!" "Thank you, Sir Midian," Edward replied, "she is a well trained little bitch, I think you will find her perfectly acceptable for you needs!" Sir Midian walked around Dani, checking her out from every angle, until he stopped and ordered, "Off with your clothes girl, and be sharp about it!!!" While not showing it outwardly, Dani nervously removed her clothing until she was standing nude in the middle of the hotel suite. Although she was eighteen, being only 95 pounds and five feet tall she could have passed for a fourteen year old, and in keeping with her young appearance, the Colters kept he pubic area shaved smooth so her vaginal lips had the look of someone much younger. The only give away was that they were much fuller and puffier than a younger girl, and while her breasts were small, only an A-cup, she had no reason to wear a bra. This coupled with her small stature and the little girl clothes she was made to wear, made Dani look the part of a young teenage girl. The Japanese girl showed Edward and Steffi to their seats and offered them drinks, and after they were comfortable, she came over and began assisting Sir Midian remove his clothing. When he removed his underwear, even Steffi made an audible gasp! Sir Midian had the largest penis she had ever seen in her life! Hanging down between his well muscled legs, it had the head the size of a tennis ball, and a huge nut sack to match! "Come here girl," he ordered Dani, while standing with his hands on his hips. Dani quickly knelt in front of him, still not lifting her eyes from the floor. Reaching down, he lifted her chin until she was face to face with his cock, and even though she wasterrified, the mere sight of his genitals made Dani's pussy flood with juice. "Do me child", was all he said, and Dani took the velvety head into her mouth. She could feel the power that coursed through him, and now understood why Sir Midian was such a legend. She knew that if he ordered her to, that she would leave her own masters just for the hope of having this penis in her mouth. As it grew in her mouth, she began to feel more and more dependent on it for sustenance. She held his balls in one hand and the long thick shaft in her other, and while it was only a passing thought, she wondered how she would ever fit it into her tiny vagina!!! She knew it was going to happen, that he would soon be fucking her, but now an inner peace had overtaken her, knowing that this huge penis would protect her, and never hurt her!Both Edward and Steffi sat transfixed at the sight before them, with their "baby", kneeling on the floor with this giant erection in her mouth! Edward's own cock was hard as a rock, and Steffi had stuck her hand inside her panties and was rubbing up and down her buttery slit. The Japanese girl came over and offered to suck Edward's cock, which he gratefully pulled it out and stuck it into her delicate mouth.

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   Steffi couldn't stand it anymore, so she stood up and removed all of her own clothing, and knelt down to help the Asian suckmaster do her husband. Sir Midian looked over at Edward and gave him a nod of his head, as both men were in a hotel room having their penis's sucked by very attractive women! He looked down at Dani and told her to stop and then to stand up. His cock was now totally erect, and looked to be at least ten inches long and as thick as a woman's wrist! Sir Midian picked up Dani as if she weighed no more than a bag of sugar, and settled her vagina over his cock while she wrapped her legs around his waist as the big head probed at her opening. She wriggled her ass, trying to make it easier for him to penetrate her until finally his glans finally popped inside of her, inducing the first of manycrushing orgasms. She had never been stretched like this before, and so far only about two inches of meat was in her pussy, and as he started a rhythmic rocking motion that slowly slid her vagina farther down his shaft, it seemed that with every inch, her cunt exploded in another cum! Dani had her arms around Sir Midian's neck, and she could feel the massive power that he held over her. When all ten inches were inside of her, and she was riding his massive spike, he asked her, "What do I make you feel like, little girl!?!" In her best little girl voice she replied, "Like a little pussy, sir, you make me feel like a little vagina. " "And what do you need more than anything else in the world," he continued? "Your penis, Sir Midian, I need your penis in my mouth or vagina," she replied back to him. "Is it now the most important thing in your life," he pressed on? "Oh yes, the most important thing in my life," she answered! Dani held on and rode giant cock for all she was worth, until finally her orgasms had wrenched all of the strength from her body. Sir Midian lifted her off his stump and held her high in the air, her vagina now only inches from his mouth, and hungrily his tongue snaked out and licked the juices from her now gaping slit. She hadn't thought it possible, but in seconds she was cumming in his mouth, the result of his insistent clit sucking. He gently laid her down on the bed and turned his attention to Steffi, and even though she was a natural dom, she was no match for the charismatic black man, so just a flick of his finger, and she was on the floor in front of him worshipping at his magnificent organ. Steffi's pussy lurched when she felt the purple knob pushing against the back of her throat,while Edward watched the action through half closed eyes, thoroughly enjoying the cocksucking the little Japanese girl was giving him, and only when Sir Midian mounted his wife did he seem to pay more attention. Steffi tried to relax her vaginal muscles to accommodate the huge black cock pushing into her, but it was so large, that she knew she was about to be stretched beyond anything she had ever felt. Just like Dani, when the head finally slipped inside she had a thundering orgasm, the mixture of pain and pleasure being blurred together. Moaning and panting, she begged him to fuck her, and he was only too happy to oblige her, with hard pounding strokes that tore at her insides, raising her pleasure-pain threshold to new heights.

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   She looked down between her legs and saw the massive erection sliding smoothly in and out of her gaping slit and just the mere sight of it made her orgasm again, in what seemed like a string of cunt churning climaxes. In a true show of utter dominance, Sir Midian ordered Edward to come over to the bed and get down on his knees. When he was in position, Sir Midian pulled his cock out of Steffi's cunt and jammed it into Edward's open mouth. In seconds his mouth was full of torrents of spurting cum, so much so, that it dribbled out the sides and ran down his chin onto his chest. Steffi quickly leaned over and licked up the spilled sperm, and hungrily sucked it down. Sir Midian stood up and looked down at the sexual carnage he had rendered and finally spoke, "I'm taking Dani with me, I might give her back, but I might not, do you understand me, Edward!?!" With glazed over eyes, Edward answered in a weak voice, "Yes, Sir Midian, I understand. " A few moments later Edward and Steffi were alone in the hotel suite, trying to ponder all that had just occurred. Steffimindlessly fingered her pussy, remembering the feeling that the huge pecker had given her, while Edward, always a hard dominant, was still reeling over the fact that he had sucked off the black giant, and was not only repulsed by it, but invigorated! Right then and there they both knew that they would be back for another session, only this time as complete submissives!THE END.

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