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I had made her sleep with me that night. When I woke up I fucked her ruthlessly in her cunt. She now knew that this was no dream, but her destiny. I tried to be very rough by pulling her tits and hair. Her ass was beet red from my hand slapping her ass. I woke her up by shoving half my cock up her pussy. Then I just started pounding her cunt and manhandling her nipples. Her cunt was so sore that she could hardly walk when I was done. When I had Donna lick her cunt cleaned, Paige screamed out she was so tender. At breakfast I started to give Paige the drug I first gave Donna. I started with triple the dosage. I wanted Paige to suddenly get horny to the point that she need a cock in her cunt all day long. When she first sat down she was very gentle as her cunt was still burning with abuse. Little did she know that in a half an hour she would be screaming for cock, in pain when she got it, and have orgasm after orgasm. I just had to be careful she didn’t get fucked to death. Just as breakfast was finishing I told Paige to get under the table and suck my cock.

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   “You god damn mother fucker” she screamed at me. “You will regret you said that. Now get on you fucking knees and suck my cock!” I demanded. Paige slowly slid off her chair and under the table. I felt her tongue on my cock just before she swallowed the head. I felt myself growing as she sucked. By now the drug should just about be working. I pulled myself away form the table and pulled my cock out of her mouth. I made it point straight up. “Sit on it and fuck my cock with your cunt’ bitch!” I ordered. She crawled out from under the table and climbed on my cock facing me. She slowly let herself down wincing as she went. After last nights fuckings she got her cunt could now fit my whole length. Once my cock was completely in she stopped and just sat on my cock. Looking at me face to face I reached up and pinched her nipples and she screamed out cussing at me.

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   “I’m sorry” I said with a smirk. “I didn’t mean to squeeze so hard. Tell you what, since your pussy is so sore you can just sit on my cock. You do not have to make me cum and move up and down and wiggle your sweet ass for me. Just sit there. If you want you can kiss me. ”“I would never kiss you voluntarily. You’re a god damn rapist bastard. I hate you and what you did to my family!” she said in a determined voice. “We’ll see” I said lightly. I went back to my breakfast and talked to my gang. After about ten minutes I felt a very small movement in her cunt and I new she was feeling the effects of the drug. Another five minutes and she was defiantly moving her ass massaging my cock. Her forehead skin was tightening as I new she was trying to fight the itch between her legs and in her stomach. She was fighting trying not to get horny.

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   I knew she was trying to resist the growing heat of my cock that was deeply embedded in her body. At first her movements were very small but now everyone at the table could she that she was wiggling her ass, pushing down on my cock. I started to massage her breasts and she let out a very slight moan. When I started to gently suck on her tit she moaned again louder and started to increase the speed of her ass wiggling. I kept on sucking her nipples going from one to the other. Her movements started to change now. I felt her leg muscles tighten a bit and she started an up and down motion on my cock. “Do you like my rapist cock filling your pure white cunt?” I asked smiling at her. “ummhh” is all she could muster except she started to move up and down much more deliberately and with much more force. “uuummhmhhhh, Damn it NO, No I can’t like your fucking me. No, I can’t. ” She says quietly. “ Oh it does feel good though. You fill up my whole body with that thing and it just does crazy things to me. OHH God IT feels soo good.

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   Oh, shit, I can’t like it though. Your raped me and hurt me…. Ohhhh it’s feeling soo good. Push your cock into me. Don’t just sit there…. Damn It is sooo good. “I will not help fuck you until you start kissing me like we are lovers of long past. ” I quietly state. She opens her eyes and stares at me. I knew I had her now. She then opens her mouth and covers mine stuffing her tongue into me as far as she could sucking on my tongue, drinking my saliva. I then start pumping her slowly. I stand up and she wraps her legs around me and I start lifting her up and down on my dick. “OHH GODDD, I LOVE SEX, I LOVE TO BE FUCKED AND RAPED! DOO MEEE!!! She yells as she orgasms hard. I feel her fingernails digging into my back.

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   Her cunt muscles are moving like crazy and she screams again “ OHHH ANOTHER ONE… YES YES FUCK ME HARD!!!I look at her face and she has lost control She is drooling, eyes shut tight and her face muscles are tight. Paige is on one huge orgasm. I walk over to the couch, still fucking her and lay her down so I can do some real fucking. Now I really start pounding her cunt and just extend her orgasm on and on. I knew she drew blood from my back she was grabbing so hard. After 20 minutes of hard pounding I let loose my cum and fill her cunt. Five minutes later she starts to loosen her grip on me and her arms fall to her side. I stand up and Mary starts licking my cock clean and Donna cleans Paiges cunt. Paige is exhausted. She cannot move a muscle and she closes her eyes and falls asleep. Watching the performance had gotten my guy horny. The all have stiff one and start working on Donna and Mary. Forcing them to take two and three cocks at once. I guess not forcing them as they are horny too and need to get fucked. At about four in the afternoon Paige finally wakes up.

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   I was in the back yard relaxing in the sun on a lounge chair. She just walks out the back door comes straight up to me grabs my flaccid cock and starts sucking. She looks up at me as smiles. “I have never felt such joy and good feeling in my body as this morning!” she whispers. She then crawls up my body and plants a big wet kiss on my lips again damn near sticking her tongue down my throat. “Damn girl. ” Was all I could say. She had really caught me off guard. I knew I had made great progress in her training this morning, but I didn’t expect this much success. She wiggles down and starts sucking on my cock again letting it grow in her mouth. When it got semi hard she sat up and shoved it into her cunt. “I’ll let it grow the rest of the way in the oven. ” She states and starts fucking on my cock. It didn’t take her long to start cumming again. I could tell she did not have the stamina as this morning though.

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   I let her finish and I told her to suck my cock and make me come. She goes immediately to work. I got Jason’s attention and motioned him to come over and stick his dick up her cunt as she was sucking me. Suddenly she felt his cock pushing it way into her pussy. She looks at me as smiles but doesn’t even look back to see who it is. After I cum in her mouth I let the twins have their way with her and she gladly joins in for multiple fuckings. They worked her over for hours. Paige was not a confirmed cock lover, a confirmed black cock lover. I took my gang, Donna and her mom out to dinner with the money that Donna’s father had “provided” for us. I let everyone know that we were enjoying dinner thanks to Donna’s family. I had told Mary, Donna’s mother, to wear this slinky black dress that was see through. She was to wear no panties and no bra so her nipples clearly showed. As we walked into the restaurant her got looks from everyone we passed. She was uncomfortable and embarrassed, but I wanted to break her will to be completely mine. She got a lot of attention from the waiters during dinner and we had excellent service.

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   After I emptied my plate I announced that I had to go to go take a piss and that I wanted Mary to accompany me. She followed me into the men’s room and I told her to get into a stall. After I peed, I told Mary to suck my cock. I wanted to cum in this elegant restaurant. She took my cock in her mouth and started to massage my cock. “Oh, I still need to pee a bit. You will just have to swallow the rest of my piss cause I don’t want you to stop sucking. ” I then finished my pee and she new she had no choice but to swallow it. She was a good cock sucker. One of the best I’ve had. I pulled out of her mouth and made her climb onto my cock. She was horny. It did not take her long to cum. I think she was turned on about the idea of fucking in a public place. Just as I was going to cum I pulled my cock out and squirted sperm on her face and hair.

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   I them pointed my cock back to her mouth and she helped me finish. “Don’t wipe that of your face, I want it to dry there. ” As we walked back to the table a couple of people noticed she had something hanging from her hair and face. By the time we sat down she was beet red with embarrassment. The guys saw her and understood what had just happened and just busted out laughing. Donna took a napkin and wiped my sperm off her moms face and hair. “Donna, you will pay for that. I wanted that shit to dry on Mary’s face. ” Donna shivered with the acknowledgement that she did something very wrong to me. “I’m sorry” she stammered. “Yes, you will be” I replied. A tear formed in her eye, knowing that she would pay dearly but would also voluntarily take the punishment. After dinner we were walking down the street when we passed a couple of bums that were probably about 40 years old but looked 60 in an alley. They was filthy dirty and stunk. It looked and smelled like he hadn’t taken a bath in months.

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   Their clothes were all ripped, stained and crusty. One had vomit and pee stains all over his pants. We made comment on how awful they stunk. We could smell the stink and they were a good 15 yards away from us. Then I new what Donna’s punishment was going to be and the punishment would verify my complete domination of her and her mom’s mind and body. “Donna, you know I’m pissed at you right?” I said looking down at her. “I’m sorry. I was bad and deserved to be punished. My punishment can be anything you want, anything. I deserve it. ” She admitted. “Mary, do you know why I wanted you to walk through the restaurant with my cum hanging from your face and hair?” I asked. “Yes” she said. “It was to embarrass me and show me my place in your life and I agree with it all. I am yours.


  ”“That is not all, bitch. You were saying to the world that I dominated you and can fuck you where ever I want. It showed all those white people that my black dick just fucked you and you wanted to let all of them know, you are mine. ” “Follow me” I commanded. And my entourage followed. I walked up the alley to the bums. “Donna, suck his cock” I demanded pointing to the dirtiest bum. The bum looked up at me and smiled. “Yeah bitch, suck my cock. I ain’t had a bath in months and my cock needs to be cleaned. ”“Ugg!” Donna’s throat sounded as she took in a large gasp of air. She looked at me and understood. She walked over to him got down on her knees and slowly unzipped his pants. The bum quickly pulled his pants down and a stench beyond belief was released. His underwear was brown stained and stuck to his skin.

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   He pulled his underwear down and revealed his dirty, red, groin area that had some grossly huge juicy pimples. His dick was trying to get hard but it was sticking to his balls. His hairs was matted down flat to his skin. She bent over and pulled his cock away from his balls. There was crusty shit hanging off his cock and balls. Give Donna credit. She quickly put his whole cock in her mouth for about a second and quickly sat up gagging and choking with disgust. Not looking back at us she again bent back down and swallowed his cock. She knew what taste and smells to expect now so she did not gag as much, but you could see she was trying not to puke. The bum, taking full advantage reached down into Donna’s low cut dress and grabbed her breasts and was roughly massaging them with his dry crusty hands. Donna came back up for air gasping and gagging. She was making some progress thought. The bum’s cock was hard and looked a lot cleaner. “Is that enough?” She asked pleadingly. “Donna, you don’t know how pissed I was in the restaurant.

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   I want you to eat his cum, then clean his balls and ass with your tongue!” I demanded. She quickly bent down to do the task. “Oh, Donna. ” Her mother said. “You must really love Mike and love to be dominated by him. ”“Yes, mom. I do on both counts. Don’t you?” Donna asks. She goes back down and sucks the bums cum. He sure didn’t last long but he was sure enjoying the free blow job. After he finished cumming Donna went straight to cleaning his balls and ass hole with her tongue. She was constantly gagging and choking over the stuff between the man’s legs. “Shit man. ” I said “Don’t you know how to use toilet paper? Ugh!”“No sir, Out here there ain’t none ta use. ” He replies.

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  “Yeah mom” I said. “don’t you love me, love me to fuck you and be dominated by me? In fact, here is your chance to prove your loyalty to me in a bit. ” She shivered. “Mom, your turn, suck his friend off” I ordered staring straight into her eyes. “Strip naked first though. ”She new this was coming and she new she wanted to do it for me and wanted it for her to be dominated. She walked over to the second bum and released the two ties that held her see through dress up. The two bums dropped their jaws and stared and this beautiful woman that was going to suck one of their cocks. ‘Hey!” some female yells, “What’s going on back there? “You niggers leave those women alone” she demanded. I turn and see this gorgeous blond in a very expensive evening dress raising her hand in protest. I look at the twins and they quickly run and grab her and her date and brought them to me. “God damn it, you bastards let me go! I’ll scream and get the cops” she demands. I moved very quickly and slapped her hard across the face making her nose and lip bleed. “What the fuck did I just hear you call me, you slut?” “You god damn know what I said!” I slapped her again and ripped the front of her dress open. “I am going to teach you a lesson that you are not going to forget.

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  ” I state to her in a very firm voice. “You have nice tits” I said and reached up and pinched a nipple very hard. She tried to scream but Jason covered her mouth. “Donna, get that first bums shit filled underwear and stuff it in the bitched mouth to shut her up” Suddenly, a frightened look comes over her face and she realizes that she should not have interrupted me. She should have just walked on. I reached under her skirt and her panty covered cunt. “Shit” I said. Then I grabbed her panties and ripped them off her body. I quickly put my hand under her dress and shoved my finger up her cunt. “Hey. ” I said. ‘Your cunt is kinda tight. Are you going to be able to take my cock up there?”She tried to fight but could only wiggle a bit as Jason had a tight hold of her. I motioned to Donna to not put the dirty underwear in her mouth yet. I brought out my cock and she stared at it with fear.

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   Jason lifted her off her feet and I spread her legs and shoved my cock half way into her. “uuhhhgggg…NOOoooo” she moaned through the hand covering her mouth. “OH Yesss” I said back to her as I shoved in most of my cock. I started pounding her cunt as she let out these grunts and groans. I pulled out of her and grabbed her hair. I yanked her down to my cock and shoved it inot her mouth. She could only take about 7 inches of my cock. I grabbed her hair and lifted her head up to my face. “Bitch, you had better get learn to take my whole 12 inches down your throat soon!” She went back down to my cock and I shoved in 9 inches. Damn, her throat was tight. She was trying to swallow and it was massaging my cock. I then threw her head back making her fall on her back on the floor. Jumping on her I jammed my cock back into her cunt. “AAAAHHHHGGGGHH” she screamed. I pounded her for 15 minutes as fast as I could and she just has one hard continuous orgasm.

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   When I was ready to cum I pulled out and grabbed her hair, and pulled her head to my cock. I aimed my pee hole straight into her nose and came. Shooting so much sperm it was pouring out the other nostril and she was chocking. This was so funny. I told her to suck in the crap and swallow it, which she did. “OK guys, your turn fuck the shit out of her. ” They crowed around her and started to fuck every hole with their black cocks. Her body was taking a beating. Mary had just swallowed the second bums cum and went down to his balls to clean them off. I did not have to say anything, she just wend down and licked his balls and ass clean like I told her to do earlier. I walked over to Donna. “Did you make him come and did you swallow it? I asked? “Yes Mike, I did. I made him cum and I cleaned his balls. ” “Good , your done. You did a good job.

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  ” She smiled and stood up. I looked at Donna “ Pay the bums $10 for your pleasure then. ” She opened her purse and paid him. I had complete control of her now. The guys were in full swing with Wendy and Josh now. Fucking Wendy and making Josh drink all the cum. Wendy was cumming and cumming. Then she would ask for more cock! I smiled, another white whore for me I thought. They stood up as I walked over to them. “You too will not tell anyone about this” I ordered. He just stared at me and I new what he was thinking. “Fred work him over a bit to help convince him. They walked over and started to use Josh as a punching bag. “I have your drivers licenses and so I know where you live, Get the idea?!” “Yes”, Wendy said, ” We won’t tell. ” As insurance I waved to the camera that filmed Wendy getting fucked and cumming over and over, they understood.

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   There group of bums forming and I didn’t them to say anything either so I called them over and told them that they can now have these two to fuck and do what they wanted, but do not kill them. They quickly grabbed both and dragged then deep into the alley. “Pete”, I yelled “ Get your video going and tape the bums fucking them When their done bring both of them to my place blindfolded. ” “OK’ he said and off he went. I was tired now so I just wanted to get home and rest. Part 5 coming soonsend comments to try_anything2003@yahoo. com.
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