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I grab another coffee on my way into work.   Come upstairs and open my lap top.   You come in a few minutes later.   We exhange a few IM's and get on with the days work.  3pm arrives and we pack up.   There are a few limos taking the employees to the retreat.   We pile in and open the beer they have chilling.   We are in a limo with 2 other people.   Its not a long drive out of the city.   We turn on the music and settle in for the drive.    We arrive at the retreat and check in with everyone else.   They have put us up in a fairly fancy resort so we are doubling up.   I am in a room with Claire.   She works out of the San Francisco office.   We have talked on the phone and email but never met in person.   She is already in the room.

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    Nice looking girl, about 5' 8", tall with shoulder length blonde hair.   We unpack our things, freshen up and head down to the hotel bar.  Tonight is a low key night, everyone is doing drinks in the hotel bar and then I think a few will be going out.   Claire has had a long day with her flight and heads back up to our room at around 11pm.   A few people start to make noise about going out, I go put my purse in the room, just packing my ID and a few credit cards.    I pass you in the lobby, you say that you are bagged and are heading up to bed.    I head off to the club to dance the night away.    Saturday we have meetings.   Same thing every year. . . how we did the past year, what we are going to focus on the next year.    If you look across the room you can see everyone has their blackberrys in hand sending text messages back and forth.   We break for lunch.  I decide to skip the rest of the afternoon meetings and head out the pool.

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    I order up a drink and lay down on the lawn chair.   I grabbed a few celebrity rags in the store on the way out.   Perfect way to spend the afternoon.   I close my eyes and light a cigarette, lay back and enjoy the sun.   All of a sudden cold water is splashed all over me. I look up and you are in the pool infront of me laughing.     I put down my drink, butt out the cigarette and come join you on the edge of the pool.   I sit on the edge of the pool with my drink and let my feet dangle in the water.   You stand at the edge of the pool, chest deep in the water.   You grab my left foot and massage it under the water.   Rubbing my foot, running your fingers thru my toes.   Rubbing the ball of my foot, massaging your whole hand up to my toes.   Taking each toes between your fingers and massaging it.   I open my legs just a little bit so you can see the wet spot that has formed on my bikini bottoms.    More people from the office start to trickle out of the meetings.

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    I am back in the deck chair tanning.   Claire comes down and sits next to me.   Orders us another round and with it come a few shots.   We look over at the pool and you boys all smile.    Looks like its going to be a long night.    There are a few trouble makers in our office.  We head back to our rooms at around 5 to get ready for dinner.   Claire and I are buzzed, we had a few too many drinks in the sun.   She asks if I want to hop in the shower first or second.   I pick first as it takes a while to do my hair after.   I strip down, throw a towel around myself and get in the shower.   When I get out there is music on, Claire is naked in the room pouring herself another drink.   She spins around and says 'oh sorry I didn't think you were out yet'.   I tell her that its no problem, I saved some hot water for her.   She brushes past me and goes into the washroom.

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    I sit down and have to rethink that one. . . where did that come from?  Oh well, I'm not going to complain.  We get ready for dinner and head out.   There is assigned seating at the dinner, you are not placed with people in your office.    Fancy that. . . . . . . guess who is at my table!  I wonder if you somehow had a hand in the seating.   I sit down and take off my jacket.

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    I am wearing a very low cut black top and black slacks.   You pour me a glass of red wine.   After dinner everyone heads to the casino.   I head straight for the three card poker.   I love gambling.    2am and we head back to the resort.   Few people had back to the hotel bar, few head up to their rooms.   I grab a drink and sit down next to you.   You are hunched over in your chair, you tell me that you think you pulled your back in the pool earlier today.   I get up and stand behind you.   Like last night I start to unbutton your shirt.   Only the first two buttons this time, as there are plenty of coworkers watching.   Its not a sensual massage like last night, more of a deep tissue.   I just want my hands on your skin.   I reach down into your shirt, just a little bit and run my hands over your chest.

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    Back up and down your back.   I massage all the way up to your neck.   I can feel you have goose bumps.   I only hope that your cock is getting just a little bit hard in your shorts.  More people trickle out and its down to the last 3 or 4. I need a cigarette so make a move to go outside.   Everyone thinks thats a good idea and we head out.   Its a warm night, I'm feeling a bit frisky.   I take off my shirt and walk over towards the hot tub.   I look behind me and see everyone is following my lead.   Claire, yourself and Rob are all coming down to the pool desk.   I slide off my pants and jump into the pool.   I swim underwater across the pool.   When I come up for air I turn around and see you are all in the hot tub.   I swim a few lengths and get out of the pool, walk over to the hot tub.

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    I slide in between you and Claire.    Claire has had too much to drink and heads up to our room.   We sit for a bit longer and go to get out.   As we are toweling off you whisper to me "221".   I look at you and wink.   I'm not sure who you are sharing a room with.   Why did you tell me your room number?  We all head up in the elevator.   You get out first on the 2nd floor.   Rob gets out next.   I head up to my room.   Oh what the heck, I go back to the elevator and hit the 2nd floor.   I am scared of bumping into someone.   I knock on your door.    You open the door, wrapped in just a towel around your waist. I walk in.

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    I see only 1 bed.   I ask how you got so lucky not to have to share.   You tell me that you just didn't want to share with anyone so you are paying for your own room.   'Now stop asking questions and go lay on the bed'  oohhh assertive.   I like that.   I go sit at the end of the bed.   You walk over to me and let your towel drop to the floor.    I grab your cock in my right hand.   Slowly working my way from the base to the head.   Twisting my hand around you, feeling it harden.   It needs to be wetter, I move my head down and lick just once up the side.   Leaving a long wet trail of saliva.   I put my hand back and move it up and down, feeling every vein pulse.   I reach the end of your cock and run my fingers over the head.   I take my index finger and put it in my mouth, run it over the head around the rim.

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  . . I put my finger back in my mouth.   mmmm tastes good.   I look up at you, I like the eye contact.   I want you to watch me.   I move my head down and open my mouth.   When I get close I let out a breath of air. . . slow cool breathe.   I want to tease you just a little.   I look back up at you, playful smile.   Then I open my mouth and take every inch of you inside of me.   The warm wet feeling of my mouth, wrapped around your cock gives you the goose bumps.

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    I reach my hands around behind you and grab your ass, squeeze your cheeks as I open my mouth a little wider and push you in a little deeper.   The head of your cock reaches the back of my throat.   I gag just a little.   mmmm that feels good. I pull back and hold onto your hips as a move my head back and forth.   Back and forth, each time turning my head just a little, sucking as a I pull back, wrapping my tongue around it as I push it back in.   I take my right hand and grab the base, twisting my hand up as I pull back, pushing it back down as I put it back in my mouth.   Sometimes reaching down to grab your balls for just a second.   You take your hands and hold onto my head, running your fingers thru my hair.   You hold on and pull my head back.   You go down onto your knees infront of me, kiss me.    You lean me back on the bed, slowly taking off my clothes.   You get down to my underwear and move down between my legs.   You kiss from my knees up to my inner thighs.   Run your nose over my pussy, breathing in my scent.


    Your tongue slides along the right side of my panties, trying to push under them.   You lick on top of my underwear, pushing your tongue over my clit. ooohh god that feels good.   You lick back down the left side of my underwear.   Your tongue is hard, pushing under the elastic.   Oh god please don't tease me like this.   I want to feel you on me.   I want to feel your tongue licking me.    You reach down under me and grab my underwear, slowly pulling it down to my knees.   My legs are straight up in the air.   You hold them there as you pull my underwear off.   My legs stay straight up in the air ass you move back down.   Lapping at my pussy.   You let all the saliva from your mouth move to your tongue and onto me.   I put my legs down, spreading them on each side of your face.

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    I like to watch you, I like to watch your tongue move over my body, pressing it on my clit. . . watching me move beneath you.   I want you to suck on my clit,  I want to you to take it all in your mouth, gently. . . slowly sucking on it.   I need more, I want to feel you inside of me.   Your take your hand and move it down between my legs, two fingers glide inside of me. I am so wet right now.   Oh my god that feels so good.  You push your fingers deeper inside of me.   Reaching them back against the back wall of my pussy.   Reaching for the magical spot.

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    I had told you a while back that I was a squirter.   Lots of oral, lots of fingering and gently pushing on that one spot and I will come so hard my body will shake and the bed will be soaked.   You are a man on a mission.   Your fingers glide in and out of me, your tongue moves across my pussy.   Oh my god that feels so good.   Oh good it feels so good.   I want more.   I want you inside of me.   I'm so close to cumming.   So close.   Oh god I want you inside of me.    I reach down and pull you up to me.   I want to kiss you, I want to taste my pussy all over your face.   You slide up on to of me.   Kissing me, letting me lick the taste of myself off of your face.

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    mmmmm so good.   You kneel between my legs.   Grab my hips and lift me onto you.   Ohhhhhh yes,  Slowly. Slowly your cock slides inside of me.   Ohhh god yes, oh my god that feels so good.   Wait.   Wait just a second.   I want to feel every inch of you.   I stop and just let the feeling run thru me.   I reach down and put two fingers on my clit, slowing rubbing it.   You hold onto my hips and slide your cock in and out of me.   In and out, in and out.   I rub harder.   You reach forward with your hands and grab my tits.

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    Pinching my nipples, taking my whole breast in your hand and grab it.   Massage them in your hands, back up to my nipples.   Yes. . . oh god yes this feels so good.   Don't stop.   Pinch my nipples. . . harder. . . . harder.

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    Please.   Oh god yes, my fingers move faster, rubbing my clit harder.   Your cock pushes into me deeper, you pull it out and push it back in. . . . deeper. . . deeper. . . . . all the way inside of me.

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   Yes. . . yes now. . . now.   Oh my god yes I am going to cum.   I can feel the rush running thru me.   I can feel myself about to cum.   I stop playing with myself.   I reach behind me and grab the headboard of the bed.   I push my hips up as you sit up on your knees.   My back is completley arched.   You are right up on your knees.

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    Push inside of me again.   Hold it right there.   Oh god yes I am cumming.   Don't stop, don't stop.  All of a sudden you feel a warm rush of liquid.   It runs down my legs, down your legs.   The sheets are wet.   And by wet I mean soaking wet.    As soon as you feel it you start to pump a little faster.   Oh my god that is sexy, you say.   I am going to cum. Both of us a pushing into each other, both of us cumming at once.   Warm wet liquid pours out of both of us.   I lay back down on the bed. .

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  . you sit back down on your knees.    I can't move.   I can't move my body.   My body is shaking.   That ws the most intense orgasm I have ever had.   You roll over next to me, laying beside me enjoying the sensation.   Soooo good. So fucking good. .
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