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First it was Marc, who shook our hands and eye balled me. He was about 6. 0, dark skin and large build. Next was Larry, who was light with a goat-t and average build. Next to a young brotha that was bound to get on someone nerves that night. The girls and a few guys danced in the living room had begun to give us dirty looks. I smelt jealousy. Carolina looked and shrugged her shoulders, laughing at them. Mel had gotten us drinks and the party was under way. An hour after flirting, laughing, drinking and getting to know who’s house we were at we decided to look around. Upstairs there was a main bedroom, a child’s room, computer room and one with a tanning bed. A tanning bed? Ok, it’s not my house now. I was waking through the main bedroom followed Dave, Marc, Jimmy, Larry, Mel and Carolina. Inside the bathroom was the Jacuzzi bathtub. I asked if it was time to break it in now. Dave nodded and began to fill it up with hot water, as that happens he leaves and comes back in with candles that he sat around the tub.

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   Stripping off my clothes I wore a stripped camisole and matching boy shorts underneath. I asked if anyone was ready to jump in with me. Not waiting to be asked twice Larry stripped down to his boxers. Slipping into the water we laid back and enjoyed the bubble bath that was beginning to form in the tub. Carolina laughed while Dave leaned in close and tried to talk to her. The audience remained as we got our Jacuzzi on. It even grew as a few party-goers strayed in being nosey. I was intertwined with Larry as he began to finger my pussy under the water. I rose up, putting my body over his I slipped on him from the water. I began to kiss his neck, then moving back up and kissing him on the mouth. I parted his lips with my tongue and kissed him harder. I then stood up over him, and looked back at my audience. I bent over and touched the rim so my ass was in the air for anyone to touch. I felt a few smacks and someone stick there finger inside of me for a quick second. I raised Larry up from the water and sat him on the rim of the Jacuzzi.

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   I then took his dick out of his boxers and put my mouth on it. , while kneeling into the water I licked the soap off and swirled my tongue over the tip. He moaned as I took him into my mouth, using my hands to brace myself on the sides. I then bobbed my head up and down; repeatedly letting his dick hit the back of my throat. I felt someone behind me and stopped to see who it was. Marc was raising my bottom half out of the water, clad in his underwear, and began to smack my butt. I heard a few this is so cool and damns from my audience. Mel smiled as he knew he knew this show would get better. Carolina wasn’t saying anything because she was used to watching. Marc had pulled my bottoms off and had put his two fingers inside of me. I grinded against his fingers as I bent back to sucking on Larry’s dick. I was contracting my cheeks and sucking him with such force his head was back against the tile of the wall. Marc had stopped fingering me and put a condom on that Mel had given him. He slipped it on and put himself inside of me. He grabbed my hips gently.

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   He then put his dick in and out of me, moving slowly so he would’nt slips. I loved that feeling of the water and sex mixing. Larry was holding onto my head as he forced himself inside of my mouth. Switching me around, I began to suck on Marc as Larry grabbed for a condom and put one on. I sucked on Marc as Larry put dick inside of me. Larry fucked me from the back as I stood in the tub and sucked on Marc. Larry moved in and out of me, smacking my ass hard as he came. Marc came a moment later into my mouth. I was on a roll and ready for more. I hopped out of the Jacuzzi minus my bottoms and got the thumbs up from my audience. I laughed as my girl told me good show as usual. I went into the main bedroom, drink in hand, and began to venture into the rooms after drying off. The young boy was standing in the background staring at me move around. I walked into the tanning room and immediately tried to turn it on. Marc had come from behind me and flipped it on for me.

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   It cast an eerie light blue light over the dark room. A small radio was playing in the background as he moved closer. Marc then pulled me to him and kissed me on the back of my neck again. I turned around; putting my arms around his neck he lowered me onto the carpet. Closing the door he gave me a towel to put under me as he kneeled between my legs. The young boy popped his head in and asked if he could watch. I said yeah as did Marc. He came in and sat down at the far end of the room. Marc went back between my legs and parted my pussy lips. He put his mouth on my clit and sucked on it. I parted my legs further as he buried his head into my pussy, licking my clit like a cherry. He then put his mouth in down further and put his tongue into my pussy. I moaned as he slipped his tongue in and out of me. He then raised his mouth back up and licked my clit again. Downtown by SWV played in the background as he moved his head faster from side to side.

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   I then came moment later, trying to run away he held on tight as my whole upper body rose up and I screamed. The light was casting a strange color over our bodies and that made it even more exciting. I was so turned on I was ready to fuck the shit out of him. I switched places with him and pulled his underwear down. I then took his dick into my mouth and sucked on the head. I then licked the tip and down to the base, like I was eating a corn cob. I got my mouth nice and wet and put it over his dick. I contracted my cheeks and sucked the life out of him. He moved inside of my mouth easily from the wetness inside. I then rose up and found a condom on the floor by the tanning bed. The young boy and someone else were watching us do our thing. Not caring who was watching I straddled Marc and put him inside of me. I pushed down as far as it could go and then raised my hips back up. Putting my hands on the floor around his head I rode him, moving my hips and nothing else on my body. He gripped my hips and told me to ride that dick.

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   I rode him hard and fast for thirty minutes, feeling him grow larger as he was ready to come. He told me to get onto my back so he could come that way. He then inserted himself back in and fucked me harder and faster, opening up my legs as far as they would go. He then came a moment later, crying out in pleasure. The young boy was so amped he was ready to get some. I flat out told him no, he was to young. He was upset, walking out of the room cursing under his breath. I had no idea who the other guy was. He smiled and walked out of the room. Marc looked at me and at his dick incredulously. He asked where I came from. I told him his wettest dreams had just come true. . has the endless list of girls and escort agencies in Brussels!

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