I was lonely...


I walked into my apartment late after a hard day of work. I looked into the mirror as I removed my clothes. I was a beautiful 18 year old black teen. I was 5’5”, 36C-26-39, with black hair to my shoulders and looked pretty damn sexxxy. I laid down on my bed and tried to fall asleep but I felt lonely without you and also i was kinda horny. I was wearing my red lacy bra with my matching red thong so I just put on a robe and headed to your apartment. I used the key you gave me to open your door. I saw you sleeping and didnt want to wake you so i just got onto the bed quietly and snuggled up close to you. “Good night daddy” I whispered. I always called you daddy since you were 10 years older than me. I got closer to you and fell asleep.
I woke up and it is 8:00 AM and you’re still asleep. I’m already awake and I wonder what you want for breakfast. I decide that when you wake up you might be in the mood for my pussy. You start to wake up and I quickly put my pussy above your face. "I thought you might like some breakfast" I say to you as you quickly start to lick up my cunt juice.

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   I start to get hungry to and I am in the mood for your cock. I tell you to stop and then I remove your boxers and get into a 69 position. U began to lick my pussy again as I suck your dick. I start at the top then I slowly slide it all the way into my hot little mouth and I start to bob my head up and down. You flick your tongue across my clit, which makes me cum all over your face. You lick it all up and then you erupt into my mouth. I swallow it all and then I kiss you tonguing your mouth passionately. "I need your cock in my pussy now" I say to you with my eyes full of lust.
You bend me over and slam your dick into my pussy. You love to see your huge white dick pound into my little black pussy. I moan loudly as you fuck my pussy. "Oh god daddy fuck your little slut. Fuck me harder daddy harder. " I scream out as you fuck my pussy brutally. I shudder as I cum all over your cock coating it with my juices. 

   I tighten my pussy around your dick wanting you to fill me with your cum. "Cum in me daddy, fill me with your seed, cum in your little sluts pussy" You cum hard into my pussy making me cum also. I get off your cock my pussy dripping with our juices.
You sit down and i rush over and impale myself onto your huge dick moaning as i slide my way down. You grab my hips and pull me down onto your rod. I start to bounce faster and harder wanting to cum on your rod. You love to watch my black booty bounce up and down as I ride you.
    You feel my pussy muscles tighten around your cock as I coat your dick with my cum. You want to cum in pussy so badly but want to see my face as i ride you. You tell me to get off and turn around and get back on I quickly obey you and slide your dick back into my pussy. I mash my chest against yours and put my arms around you as I bounce. My nails dig into your back as my pussy muscles tighten again as I cum on you. You love watching me as I pleasure myself on your dick how the expression on my face changes. I bounce faster and harder on your cock needing you to fill me with your seed. You erupt into me filling me with your cum.

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       You cum so much it leaks out of my pussy. You continue to cum in me as i moan. "Oh god daddy your like a fuckin fountain. Oh daddy fill your little sluts pussy with your creamy hot cum. Oh god I’m cumming with u daddy god it feels so gooood i don’t ever want to stop daddy. " I moan loudly and continue to bounce truly never wanting to stop riding u. My legs get tired and i slow down and eventually stop. "Oh daddy don’t take your dick out of me leave it in me" I fall asleep with your dick in me as i lay on your chest. U stroke my hair and fall asleep in the chair with me on your dick knowing we'll fuck again when we wake up.