Taking Care of the boarders 1/6


These stories are written from my heart and are what I enjoy.   These are all my fantasies.   They are written for my enjoyment. If you like them let me know and if you don't, I always enjoy hearing from like minded individuals but obviously prefer to hear from women who allow themselves to become drawn into my stories.   Storyman000@yahoo. com
Taking care of the boarders
Part 1
        It had been almost 3-years since the untimely death of her husband.   Rhonda was well taken care of financially and starting to get a little bored with her life at 47 years of age.   Her kids had long since grown and left on their own, she started toying with the idea of taking in a boarder or two.   Since her town was considered a college town Rhonda thought that by taking in college kids that she would have someone to take care of and also to keep her company.   Ads for "Rooms for rent" were posted at the local college and she printed off hers saying that all meals, furnishings and laundry were provided.   When Rhonda arrived at the school she was posting the notice when a student looking at the board asked for information about her services.   Bobby introduced himself.   He seemed to her to be a polite young black man at about 19-years of age and athletically built.   Rhonda, impressed by his manners, asks him to come and see her house.   Bobby did not have another class for about 4-hours and agreed.   On the ride to her house he tells her that he is on the football team and is aspiring to be an engineer.

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    Rhonda is polite and almost excited by the fact that someone is considering moving in already.   After seeing her home they strike a deal for $150. 00 per week as she drives him back to school.                   Bobby does not own much in the way of property and will be moving in this evening.   Rhonda works all day to prepare the bedroom across the hall from hers for her new guest.   The bedrooms have connecting doors that share a common full size bathroom.    The bedrooms are on the second floor at the end of the hallway.   The house is fairly large with a large open great room exposed to the stairs and hall.                 That evening Bobby moves his things in and eats a hearty meal for dinner.   Bobby moves to his room to do homework as Rhonda cleans up from dinner.   When she is finished she fixes herself a drink and moves to her room to change into her night clothes.   Rhonda can hear Bobby on his cell phone and listens intently when she hers her name.   "She's really nice and could be a knock out if she wanted" Bobby was telling the other person.   Rhonda was instantly excited by this exchange and listened on but was disappointed that the conversation ended fairly quickly.   After changing clothes she went back downstairs and sat on the sofa to think about what was just said.

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                  Sitting on the couch in her pajamas and full length robe, is not very sexy she thought to herself.   Thinking back to her husband she remembered those old feelings that used to drive her so wild and crazy in the bedroom.   It had been so long since she had even thought of sex.   Tomorrow, she decides is the day to figure out just what young men consider sexy.   If she goes up to the campus and watches the kids walk past in the courtyard she should get a pretty good idea.   This is her plan and she heads off to bed.                 The next morning Rhonda is awoken to the sound of Bobbies alarm and promptly gets up, puts her robe on and heads to the kitchen to make his breakfast.   Bobby enters the kitchen and acts shocked to actually see breakfast.   He sits and eats as Rhonda watches him and brings him whatever else he needs.   "Did you sleep well?  If there is anything else that you need just ask. " Rhonda says, almost in a flirting tone.   Bobby just smiles, finishes his breakfast and heads off to school thanking Rhonda for the great meal.   With Bobby gone she cleans up the mess and heads off to the campus to watch people for a while.   She notices that the girls are showing more skin and are quite attractive.   The skirts are short, the heels high and bare mid rifts seem to be popular.

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                  This scene plays out each day of the week until Friday when Bobby heads off to school.   Rhonda on Friday cleans his room and is changing the sheets on his bed when she finds a magazine under the covers in his bed.   It is a dirty magazine and Rhonda freezes with it in her hand.   Opening it she sees naked women on almost every page but just continues to look.   Apparently she had not even considered that he is a virile young man and has those carnal needs.   Closing the magazine she sets it aside and continues removing the sheets.   There are more magazines under the bed and when she pulls them out she sees that these appear to be more hardcore then the other.   Sitting on the bed looking through these books she is mesmerized by pictures of various sex acts.   Wetness builds between Rhonda's legs as she scans page after page of this debauchery.   Rhonda wonders what, if not all, of this excites Bobby.   Then she sees pictures of interracial sex acts and notices that some of the pages are stuck together.   "I think I've found what he likes. " She says aloud giggling.                   Rhonda puts the magazines down and finishes removing his sheets and replacing them.   Looking around the room she gathers his dirty laundry and takes it all to the laundry room.

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    While sorting the laundry she notices t-shirts that are stuck to themselves and one that is still wet.   She raises the wet spot to her face and can smell the distinct smell of sex and realizes that he must be using his t-shirts to wipe up his mess.   Scanning the shirt she notices that the wet spot is of fairly large size and still sticky.   Looking around as if someone may be watching Rhonda raises the shirt to her face again and inhales deeply.   The smell almost makes her collapse with lust and she catches herself.   Now on a mission Rhonda heads directly to her bedroom, shuts the door and removes her pajamas.   Naked, she sits back on the bed and lifts the shirt to her face again breathing in the scent that so excites her.                   Rhonda lies back onto the bed and touches her wetness, the sperm soaked shirt still on her face.   The orgasm builds and last for what seems like forever as she daydreams about sex, sex and more sex.   She drifts back to memories of what used to be her favorite past time.   When this string of intense orgasms subsides she remembers the stash of magazines in Bobbie's room and goes to retrieve one.   She selects the interracial magazine, quickly heads back to her room and gets comfortable on the bed.   Scanning the pages she sees a picture of a large black man standing with his dick in a white woman's mouth.   This dick is enormous and she studies each page closely.   Turning the page she finds the man cumming onto the woman's face and into her mouth.

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    Looking on, the woman licks up any and all of the sticky mess while the man stands over her dominantly.                   With both hands on her pussy Rhonda drifts into ecstasy with thoughts of being that woman.   Excited beyond control the t-shirt is brought to her face again where she breathes deeply into it and then puts the wet spot into her mouth.   She hungrily sucks the flavor from the shirt while many orgasms rack her body wildly.                 Hours have now passed and she comes to her senses and takes a nice long bath.    While shaving her legs she decides to shave her pussy as well because of the woman in that magazine had hers shaved smooth.   Naked, Rhonda finishes cleaning Bobbie's room and puts his books away.   Rhonda can still feel the excitement knowing that she is cleaning Bobbie's room naked.   Her clean smooth pussy just throbs from these thoughts.                   She needs to find something to wear but her clothing just does not reflect her mood.   After seeing the girls on campus all week she cannot wait until she can go shopping to change her wardrobe.   Deciding on jeans and a pink blouse she puts on high heels just to feel sexy.   Looking into the mirror Rhonda likes what she sees.   Her body is toned with a nice c-cup bust line.   The long brown hair barely touches her shoulders and sets off her brown eyes.

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    Standing 4' 5" her boobs look a little too large for her frame at 100 lbs.   The flame was beginning to grow as she stared at herself.   Unbuttoning her blouse one button at a time she looks for that certain look.   Stopping between her breasts she decides to let him see a little bit of her bra.   Then she decides that her bra is very plain just removes it completely.                   This excites her immensely knowing that her nipples are slightly visible and that if she moves just right that he may see a lot of her boobs.   Rhonda tries to calm down by heading to the kitchen to make Bobby a snack for when he gets home.                   Bobby comes in starts up the stairs but Rhonda stops yelling "Bobby I have a snack for you in the kitchen. "  Rhonda meets him as he heads for the kitchen and he is somewhat stunned at what he sees.   He stammers for words saying, "Hi you look great. "  Rhonda smiles and heads to the wash room to finish the laundry.   Thoughts of the look on his face fill her head as she folds the clothing.                   She carries the clothes upstairs and sits them on her bed and begins sorting them.   As she puts the towels away in the bathroom she is shocked to hear his voice on the phone.   "Damn she looked fine today.

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    I almost died when I saw her boobs" He said into the phone.   This makes her smile and she looks towards his bathroom door to see it slightly open.   Looking through the door she sees him sitting on the bed with his back to her.   Waiting for him to finish on the phone she brings his clothes to his door and knocks lightly.   It takes several seconds before he responds saying that he is changing clothes.   He opens his door for her and she brings his clothes right in laying them on the bed.   Seeing his dirty clothes on the floor she picks them up even though he tries to stop her.   Then it hits her that the t-shirt is wet with his sperm again.   She does not embarrass him but just carries his shirt in the other hand separate from the other clothes.   Bobby can see his cum on her hand as she walks to the door just smiling at him as she passes by.                 Once in the basement she opened the shirt to see large gobs of sperm that had not soaked into the shirt yet and using her finger scooped some up to bring to her lips.   The taste was what she wanted and it was still just slightly warm.   The shirt comes to her face and she licks and sucks the sperm directly from the shirt.   Now with her face a sticky mess Rhonda heads to her room to wash her face.   This is exciting knowing that she may be caught at any time.

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                  Rhonda tells Bobby that she is going shopping and heads for the mall.   Determined to find at least something sexier to sleep in she hits the local lingerie store and buys several shear pieces, nightshirts and a short silk robe.   At another store she sees a short sundress that shows a lot of cleavage and buys it in white.   Bobby uses this time alone to find a pair of Rhonda's underwear and takes it to his room.                 Once home Rhonda finds Bobby on the couch watching TV and tells him that she will fix dinner shortly.   Bobby stands to greet her and gazes at her pink blouse.   "I went clothes shopping this evening and had a real hard time finding anything that I liked.   I guess that I just don't know what is in right now. " Rhonda said plainly.    "I did get a new outfit but this will definitely be more work then just one trip to the mall. "                  With her packages carried upstairs Rhonda heads to the kitchen to fix dinner.   Bobby moves into the kitchen to watch and talk as she prepares dinner.   She can feel his eyes peering through her clothes as she works and it excites her greatly.   After dinner he goes to his room to do homework and she cleans the mess from dinner.   In an act of boldness Rhonda goes to her room and changes into a short nightshirt with the doors open (bathroom and hallway).

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    The robe does not seem to look right as it is shorter then the nightshirt so she just leaves the robe off.                   She looks to the doors and nobody is watching so she enters the bathroom and does not turn the light on.   It is obvious that the door is open by the fact that light is coming from his room.   Slowly peeking around the corner she sees him lying on his back slowly stroking a very nice erection.   His eyes are closed and he is deep in thought but she still backs away slowly and heads downstairs.   Once in the kitchen she pours herself a drink and thinks about what she has just seen.   Then she realizes that she is wearing nothing but a short nightshirt.   A cool breeze blows across her now bare pussy and she knows that she is taking a big chance.                   Bobby does not come back downstairs that night as he must have fallen asleep and Rhonda finishes a second drink then takes a third drink to bed with her.   With all of the chances she is taking she is somewhat put off by the fact that she is not being caught and she decides that she will not shut her doors to her bedroom anymore.   This has become her quest and he will see her pussy.   She moves the light from the nightstand to the dresser so that it is between the bed and the bathroom and turns it on.   With the bathroom door open and her sleeping on top of the covers with her nightshirt pulled up to her waist she knows that he will need to use the bathroom sometime.                         The Story man
This story was inspired by a very special slut whom would do anything when excited.

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