Taking care of the boarders 4/6


These stories are written from my heart and are what I enjoy.   These are all my fantasies.   They are written for my enjoyment.   If you like them let me know, I always enjoy hearing from like minded individuals but obviously prefer to hear from women who allow themselves to become drawn into my stories. Storyman000@yahoo. com
Taking care of the boarders
Part 4   12/7/04 
 Rhonda sits in the tub wondering what Ivan’s next move will be, completely excited at the prospect of being seduced by this man.   Deciding to act normal, Rhonda shaves herself and dresses in a mini skirt and blouse.   With her heels on, Rhonda feels that she won't be quite as intimidated by Ivan as she examines herself in the mirror.   As she passes Ivan's room the door is closed and she does not hear him and wonders if maybe he has already left.   Looking out the picture window she sees his truck and the anticipation builds knowing she must face him while he holds all of the cards.
 The tension builds as Ivan’s door opens and hurries down the stairs towards Rhonda.   "Aren't you going to be late?" Rhonda asks smiling.   "Class actually starts at 1:45 so I'm OK.   I left something for you on my computer so when you get a chance, have a look and by the way, you look great. " He replied as he walked towards the door.   Ivan looks to her and says, "Can I get a hug?"  She walks to him and is swallowed in his arms as he hugs her.

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    Out the door she watches him get into his truck and leave before her heart starts to slow.  
 Cautiously Rhonda climbs the steps towards his room as though a monster loomed inside.   Opening his door, the room looks normal and she sees his computer monitor still on.   When she gets closer she sees a picture of her masturbating on his bed with his underwear in her mouth.   She is stunned for a moment and looks around for a camera.   Not finding one she looks at the monitor closer to see that the picture was actually in windows player and she moves the icon to hit play.   The whole escapade was caught on his computer including sound.   While watching it the 4th time the phone rings and it is Ivan.   "Go to www. darkcavern. com and type in the user name and password in front of the computer. "  He tells her exactly where to go on the website and then hangs up.   She goes to where he has said and sees her pictures and movie out for the entire world to see.   The caption includes her e-mail address for any replies.  
 Rhonda sits down in the chair and thinks about all of this and decides it’s not that bad.

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    She only checks her mail once a week or so and the odds of anyone she knows seeing her pictures was slim.   Out of curiosity she checks her e-mail and sees 2 new messages from the last 30 minutes from people who want to ravage her body.   One even sent a picture of his dick.   Rhonda deletes all of her mail and leaves Ivan’s room.
 Cleaning the house takes up the rest of Rhonda's afternoon and she decides to go for a walk when she is done.   Stepping outside she knows that she wants to be seen so she gets her keys and a good book.   When she arrives at the campus it seems as though everyone stops to stare.   In her outfit she knows that she looks hot and walks with confidence turning any mans head.   Tired from walking she sits down on a bench and begins to read her book.   She can hear the people talking and watches the men trying get in position to look up her skirt.
 In the distance she can hear a whistle and walks towards the sounds of football.   As she arrives the team sees her and suddenly can't think or play.   Bobby and Ivan walk to the fence and the guys all whistle and make crude gestures.   Rhonda smiles to them and says, "I just happened to be walking on campus and thought I would see how good you boys can play. "  The boys laugh and joke about how good they are and she turns to leave saying, "I will see you after while.

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  "  Walking away the whole team stands and stares.   She looks back over her shoulder and smiles seeing all eyes on her.
 At home she readies dinner and resist the urge to watch her movie again while waiting for her men to come home.   She straightens herself up in the bathroom and thinks about what the evening may bring.
 The guys arrive at the same time and are stinky sweaty as they walk in the door.   They are directed to the showers and Rhonda follows them upstairs to get their dirty clothes.   Bobby is in the shower first and Rhonda picks his dirty clothes up off of the floor basking in his sweaty scent.   Ivan opens his door and hands her his clothes as he walks into the other bathroom.   Nude this man seems to look even bigger and Rhonda does not break eye contact with him to look at his manhood, but looks at his ass after he walks by.  
 Rhonda takes their clothes to her bedroom and waits.   "Rhonda!" Its Bobby's voice.   She enters the bathroom and sees him in the shower.   He looks to her and says, "The soap is missing. "  Rhonda smiles and hands him the soap opening the door to the shower all of the way.   Walking to the other bathroom she hears, "Rhonda, I need some soap.

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  "  Rhonda opens the bathroom door and pulls the shower curtain back to hand the soap to Ivan.   Ivan is caught off guard but gladly takes the soap, letting her check his out his body.   This backfires on Rhonda because she locked her eyes on his dick.   Somewhat stunned now, Rhonda stares at the biggest dick she has ever seen.   Ivan shuts the curtain and breaks the spell sending Rhonda into the hall.
 Once clean, dinner was served and the men sit down to eat.   Rhonda serves them graciously and cleans up after dinner while they work on their homework.  
 Rhonda sits on the couch reading as the boys need to keep their studies first.   The boys need to be to asleep early and Rhonda does not want push them into staying up all night so she heads for bed frustrated and in need of her new black dildo.
 Feeling strongly alone Rhonda takes her new plastic lover to her bedroom window and puts one foot up on the window sill, opening herself up for the world to see.   Standing there in a sheer night shirt, her new lover finds her opening and starts to stroke her slowly.   Wobbly from lust she turns to find a camera sitting on a tripod with no wires visible.   Her need now is too great and she performs for the camera, while sitting in a chair.   Her orgasms have been too numerous to count and it has gotten late, so she climbs into bed, thinking about why she seems addicted to these men.  
 Morning comes too soon and it all starts over again.

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    She wakes Bobby first and gets him up and moving getting himself ready for school.   When she opens Ivan’s door she can see him sleeping on his back with his dick hard and in his hand.   She touches his chest and shakes him gently.   He slowly opens his eyes and says, "Damn!  I was just thinking about you. "  Rhonda looks to his hard dick and says, "Yea, I can tell. " 
 She finds Bobby in his room digging for clothes and walks up behind him touching his bare back.   He turns and takes in her beauty through her sheer nighty and his dick starts to harden.   Smiling at Bobby she ask, "Would you like me to service that nice big dick mister?"  Bobby smiles as Rhonda drops to her knees and looks up at his hardening dick reaching up with her face to lick it.   She works greedily on his dick and within minutes he is cumming in her mouth.  
 Wearing only her sheer nighty she goes to the kitchen and fixes breakfast.   Bobby is first down and whistles at her as she stands by the bar.   Ivan comes down next and asks for his hug early grabbing her ass.   She embraces him and accepts his hands on her bottom.   Bobby takes his hug and kiss then heads for the door early leaving her almost naked with Ivan.   Ivan checks her out as she watches him eat more food than she thought possible.

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    He slows as he is almost finished and stands looking at Rhonda.   Rhonda waits as he walks up to her hugging her again and saying, "I left you another present in my room.   I hope you enjoy it. "  Rhonda feels completely lost in the hug of this huge man and lets his hands roam freely over her backside.   He lifts her up and sits her on the counter in one swift motion surprising her.   Her hands rest on his chest as his hands now roam across her chest then he roughly lifts both tits by pulling her nipples.   This act alone makes her eyes close in pleasure.   He releases the grip on her nipples and she looks up to his see the look of satisfaction on his face knowing that he can do anything that pleases him.  
 He tells her that he must go but that she should go open the gift he has left for her.   Rhonda follows him to the door like a puppy dog and walks out onto the porch to watch him leave.   Back inside she goes to his room and steps inside.   The lights are already on and she sees 2 cameras on tripods aimed at the bed.   On the bed a letter instructs her to lay on her back with her head hanging off the bed towards the cameras and to drink his cum from the condoms on his nightstand.   She looks to the nightstand and sees the condoms, taking 1 in each hand.   She sits on the bed and plays with the fluids in the condoms smelling it several times.

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    Doing as instructed Rhonda lets the fluids from each condom drip into her mouth.   Her tongue stuck in the condom licks at the remaining juice while she fingers herself to several orgasms.  
 She catches her breath and turns the condoms inside out to suck out the remaining cum.   The monitor is on and the website is up and logged in.   She knows right where to go and sees last nights movies and pictures posted.   They are posted and she watches them several times while checking her mail.   Several hundred e-mails have arrived since yesterday and she opens each of them marveling at how many men and women have seen her photos and want to show themselves to her.
 Staggering towards the door Rhonda is on fire as she cleans up to go to the Gym.   Horney, Rhonda picks her Gym clothes choosing short baggy shorts and a tank-top.   Reaching between her legs she can easily touch her pussy by sliding her fingers up her leg.   "Today somebody at the Gym may get lucky. " she says aloud while checking herself in the mirror.   Today she decides to walk to the Gym and takes off down the street for the 3-mile walk.   Several cars honked at her on the way and 2-different guys talked to her in their driveways.
 At the Gym, the guys all expect her and almost just wait for her to arrive before starting their workout.

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    By the time she was done she was sure that everyone had seen her pussy at least once.   Traffic almost stops as she walks home and her neighbor next door walks out to say, "Hi. "  She is thinking as they talk that he must be about 70 years old but he still seems pretty spry for his age.   They engage in polite conversation for several minutes before she realizes that he might be coming on to her.  
 Rhonda thinks about the old man next door and looks out her side bedroom window to see that he has a view from his deck on the back of his house.   She had not even considered the old man watching her.   The bath water now running, she glances out the window to see the old man with a pair of binoculars staring at her window.   Slowly she removes her clothes for this old mans pleasure and then squeezes her breast firmly.  
 She bathes and readies herself for this new day as always but decides to stay naked except for her red high heels.   Her pussy burns with desire as she checks herself in the mirror and then lets the old man next door check her as well.
 Rhonda handles the house work expertly and cleans everything in sight while waiting for Ivan to come home for lunch.   The front door closes hard and Rhonda knows that it must be Ivan as she enters the living room.   Walking right up to Ivan she looks up to him and says, "I have your lunch ready in the kitchen. "  Reaching around her he scoops her up with his right arm lifting her completely and making her sit on his arm.   Her legs instinctively straddle this huge black man and he kisses her hard on the lips while his tongue fills her mouth. shemale germany rendez vous escort sweetest pussies escots ascort dubai shemale escorts 

    His free hand grabs her breast as he carries her to the kitchen.   He sits her on the bar next to his food and begins eating.   Rhonda watches him as he eats and jumps down to get him a glass of milk.   Ivan’s eyes stay on her as she bends for his viewing pleasure getting the milk from the refrigerator.  
 With lunch finished she takes his dishes and begins cleaning them in the sink.   She suddenly feels his hands touching her from the rear and freezes at his touch.   One hand slides down over her ass and works up between her legs roughly finding her wetness.   She leans forward arching her butt up for his easy access and his fingers enter her suddenly.   Her eyes closed and her head down she hears him whisper, "I like that smooth cunt of yours.   You are my slut now and will do anything I tell you. "  She only grunts her approval.   He tells her to go to the living room and lean over the arm of the couch where he is going to fuck her hard.
 She leans over the arm of the couch completely lost in the throws of passion waiting for her man to use her pussy for his pleasure.   A few seconds pass before she feels those huge fingers entering her again making her think of the fact that his fingers are as big as some dicks.   "You sure are one hot slut.

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    If you are going to service me, you need to have these holes ready at all times. "  With that he pushed one of his wet fingers partly into her ass causing her to scream.   She did not move her ass but raised her head up while screaming.   Ivan smiles as he removes his finger from her ass and brings his now hard dick up to the lips of her pussy.   Her legs spread wide, Rhonda feels the head of his dick and tries to open herself up for him.   Rhonda pictures his dick and how it is going to feel inside her.   It starts sliding in slowly and he growls, "Your cunt is tight now but I'm going to loosen it up a little bit for you. "  Rhonda cries out as he stretches her open so he pulls out and pushes it back in again.   He keeps this up going deeper each time until she cries out.   Ivan pulls his dick from this extremely tight white pussy and pulls her up by her hair hugging her from the back.   Rhonda, still lost in her own lust can feel his cock pressing against her back while he squeezes her boobs roughly.   Ivan tightens the grip on her hair and whispers in her ear, "To be my whore and my slut you will learn to take all of my cock.   Now get down here and suck my cock.   Hurry up slut.   I am almost out of time.


 Rhonda sits on the coffee table and sees this big black dick pointing at her face.   Ivan watches as she licks the head and sides and begins trying to work her month over the head saying sternly, “Remember how big it is bitch.   I'll expect you to be ready next time. "  With that he pulls it from her mouth and lays it against her face and says, "It is as long as from your chin to the top of your head and is as big around as your mouth will open. "  Now he grabs hold of his own dick and begins stroking it at her face.   The large purple head moves just inches from her face as he slows telling her, "Get that pretty little white face ready.   I don't want you waste any of my cum. "  Her tongue licks at his head while she kisses the end of his dick.   She feels his balls with both hands and finds them to be also huge and gently caresses them with her hands.   Ivan groans loudly and yells, "Eat my cum, slut.   Uh, Uh, swallow my load bitch. "  A thick white stream shoots upwards across her right eye and into her hair trailing to her mouth.   Another shoots to the same place and a third lands squarely in her mouth as she gets her open mouth directly on his dick.   Ivan continues to stroke himself squirting more into her mouth and onto her face.   Thinking he is about done Rhonda pulls her mouth back to swallow and he continues to squirt onto her face.

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    Rhonda brings her hands to her face and catches the cum beginning to drip.   Her tongue now under the head of his dick catches the remaining cum as it continues to ooze from the tip.  
 "I have to go.   You sure have got a lot work ahead of you if you want to be my slut. "  Ivan tells her as he wipes the cum from his dick with a handful of her long brown hair.   Sitting there covered in his cum he tells her that she had better have some practice toys by the time he gets home today.   Ivan pulls up his pants admiring his handy work and leaves for school.  
 Rhonda stumbles up the stairs and into her room, sitting down in front of the camera she tells the camera what has just happened, letting it record the results.   Looking into the mirror she can see that her face is covered and she wipes the larger gobs from her face with her fingers and eats them watching herself all the while.
 After a long shower she dresses in a stripper type stretch mini skirt that doesn't quite cover her ass and a semi shear blouse making sure to stand by the window for the old mans inspection.   He is standing out front as she drives away and they wave at each other.   On this strange quest Rhonda selects a real dive of a dirty book store in the bad part of town.
 Business seemed slow as only about 5 dirty looking older men watched her closely as she looked at the toys.   The owner seeing her looking came out from his cage to ask her if she needed help.   "To be truthful my boyfriend sent me to buy some training aids to help loosen me up for him.

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    He has a really large dick and I want to be able to take him in all the way. "  Rhonda says bluntly while staring in to his eyes.   The man was an older black man 60 or so that was fatand could really use a bath.   He was nice and polite to Rhonda and that made her a little more comfortable.   He asks her, "How long is it?"  She relies, "From my chin to the top of my head. ” Then he asks her, "How big around is it?"  She looks flustered and says, "As large as my mouth can possibly open. "  "Wow!  I would bet that you suck a pretty good size cock. " He says giggling.   They both laugh and he asks, "What color?"  And she replies not thinking, "Oh, he's a big black man. "  Realizing what she has done she blushes.   "Don't be embarrassed I'm a black man and I want to fuck you too. " Him saying this causes her to blush harder and then he ask, "Will he be fucking you in the ass and pussy?"  This causes her to become quiet and she answers softly, "Yes, he will. "  He becomes bolder and asks, "He will what?"  "He will be fucking me in the ass and pussy. " Was her reply.   The other old men in the place are drawn to her and they all watch as she shops with this old man.

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 "Spread your legs apart. "  Without thinking of why, she moves her legs a few feet apart.   Then he says, "Lean forward bending at the waist. "  She does so without hesitation.   "OK, you can stand up now. "  He orders.   She knows that she has just shown all of the dirty old men her private parts but doesn't mind.   The old man retrieves an anal training kit and several dildos and carries them to the counter for her, picking out several lubricants on the way.   "Will you be sucking on this large black cock also?" She answers him with a shake of her head and he asks again, "Tell me what you will be doing” Rhonda looks down and says, "I will be sucking his big black cock also. "  "Good. Good.   That’s what I like to see in a good white slut. "  He says chuckling.   She pays for her toys and races for home anticipating countless orgasms while in training.   
 At home she is greeted in her driveway by the old man next door and he seems to be just lonely.

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    She talks with him while trying to carry 2-bags of toys into the house.   Stopping to be nice she can see him trying to see her ass and she pauses flirting with the old man.   Her bag falls open on the ground as the contents shift and a black cock becomes visible.   The old man spots it and becomes flustered forgetting what he was saying.   Rhonda feels sorry for him and squats down letting her skirt ride up with her legs apart directly at him revealing her pussy to him.   The old man goes quiet as Rhonda picks up her sacks and smiles at him walking to her front door.   Her skirt has ridden up and displays her whole ass for this old mans pleasure and she does not pull it down.
 Rhonda leaves the front door open as she heads directly to her room and begins opening and washing her new toys.   She has 4-diferent size black dildos and a whole set of butt plugs and toys.   Standing in front of the mirror she puts one foot on a chair.   Opening a tube of super lube she inserts a small butt plug easily so she tries the next larger one finding it a much tighter fit.   The smallest dildo is about the size of the one she already owns and she runs it across her pussy lips and inserts it until she feels it push against her deeply.   With her fingers she marks the dildo at its deepest and pulls it from herself slowly keeping her depth mark.   Somewhat stunned by her own depth, she can see that she is mostly able to take his full length.
 The next size dildo finds the mark and pushes slowly into her with a slow stroking motion.

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    Shaky from this activity, Rhonda takes her lovers to her bed and tries the next size dildo.   This one is too large to force into herself and she can only insert it a few inches.   The plug in her ass presses against this new dildo and she feels completely full.   Deciding on how to fuck this dildo she rises up and sits down on it slowly pushing it farther and farther into her waiting pussy.   Carefully an orgasm rocks her body and she begins to slowly fuck this large member into herself.   An hour or more goes by and she still rocks on this large member, able now to comfortably take about 75% of its length.   She is to a point now where her orgasms are just about continuous as she holds the large dildo between her ankles, riding the lover from its tip down till she feels it press hard against her insides.
 Leaning forward till her head rest on the bed, Rhonda is exhausted and falls fast asleep.   She awakens to the sounds of the boys from downstairs and slowly sits up and rises off the dildo she is still impaled on.   The butt plug still in, she walks nude to the top of the stairs to see Bobby and several friends looking up at her.   She knows what she has done and smiles and says, “Excuse me. ”  Walking back down the hall she removes the plug and changes into shorts and a tight top, fixing her makeup before heading back downstairs.   The guys are all from the team and check her body out thoroughly.   Bobby hugs her in front of the guys and then introduces them one at a time.   Each man wants to shake her hand and she allows them to, politely.

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 Rhonda fixes the boys a snack while they talk in the living room.   She then brings the snacks in and serves the boys as they continue talking about the big game.   They appear to be planning a party after the game and Rhonda, not wanting to bother them, turns to leave.   “Wait, don’t go yet. ”  She hears from one of the boys. With that, she turns and walks back slowly, listening to the boys.   Bobby looks to her and says, “Would you like to come to our Victory party after the game?”  “Well you know I wouldn’t miss it. ”  She said flirtingly while taking Bobby’s arm.   One of the boys then spoke up saying, “Will you wear that little skirt again.   You were smoking hot in that. ”  The other boys all howled their approval as Rhonda replied, “Consider it a date boys. There is just one catch though. I will dress extra sexy if you win and just wear jeans if you don’t. ”
 The boys all agree and start to treat her as someone they have known for a long time.   At one point while the boys were talking strategy for the game she was sitting on different men’s laps.

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    Rhonda heads to the kitchen for more snacks and is surprised by Bobby who puts his arms around her from the rear.   She accepts his touch and turns for him.   Excited, he runs his hands up under her top and squeezes her breast and then begins pinching her nipples.   Her head falls back and she lustfully accepts his touch.   Several minutes go by when she opens her eyes to see all of the boys now in the kitchen watching.   Bobby slowly lifts her top revealing her nice large breast and sucks one into his mouth while squeezing the other.   Rhonda leans into the counter hard not wanting to fall and Bobby brings his lips to hers kissing her hard.
 The audience hoots and hollers at this point and Bobby backs away leaving her top up for all to see.   Rhonda makes no effort to cover herself and Bobby pushes his friends back towards the living room.   Bobby moves in kissing her and says, “Bring the snacks in for us. ”  She collects her self enough to carry the tray and walks into the living room with her top still up.   Serving the snacks the boys all make gestures and comments, with someone saying, “Damn, that bitch is hot!”  Rhonda is soaking up all of their compliments when suddenly somebody says, “Its time to go. ” 
 The boys all leave while Rhonda holds onto Bobby’s arm and nicely says, “Good-bye. ”  Alone with Bobby now, she kisses him passionately and asks, “Did your friends like me?”  Bobby laughs and says, “They fuckin love you!”  Rhonda is now burning with desire and leads Bobby to the couch, removing her shorts.   Juices run down her leg, she is so hot, as she opens Bobby’s pants.

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    Bobby stares at this beautiful woman preparing him for sex.   “Please fuck me Bobby. ” Rhonda says as she lies back onto the couch, pulling both knees back, exposing her pussy to him.   He finishes undressing and lowers himself into her in one swift motion.   Her mind drifts off and she is now in heaven.   Lightly babbling Rhonda asks, “Have you been telling your friends about me?”  “Hell yes.   I have even shown them your pictures. ”  Bobby says while still pounding her harder and harder.   Rhonda is now completely unaware of anything at this point and Bobby can do anything he wants as long as he gives her that nice black dick.
         The Story man
This story was inspired by a very special slut whom would do anything when excited.

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There's no denying Escort females in Batumi have stunning appearances. They are the very picture of feminine beauty with their flawless complexions, captivating eyes, and thick, shiny locks. Both their taste in clothing and the way they hold themselves are works of art that only serve to highlight their natural attractiveness. They're the very definition of class and refinement, not simply a pretty face.
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A night of sensual sex with a beautiful Batumi girl is more than just a physical encounter. It's a personal experience that stimulates more than just the intellect, but also the feelings. These young women are masters of seduction, guaranteeing that your time with them will be one you'll never forget. They care deeply for one another and show a lot of sensuality and interest in what their spouse wants. Aside from the obvious gratification of the body, they also bring about feelings of closeness and shared enjoyment in the act of being together.

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Like its escort females, Batumi's nightlife is colourful and varied. The city has a wide variety of restaurants and pubs to suit a wide range of palates. Batumi has something to offer everyone, from the pulsing sounds of a nightclub to the soothing atmosphere of a wine bar. Nightlife in the city is about more than simply getting drunk; it's also about learning about the area's history and culture, making new friends, and making experiences that will last a lifetime.

Batumi welcomes a large number of tourists every year, making the industry a major economic driver. Everything from beautiful beaches to significant historical sites may be found in this city. A trip to Batumi, Georgia, would not be complete without checking out the city's Botanical Garden, strolling down Batumi Boulevard, or perusing the exhibits at the Batumi Archaeological Museum. Escort girls Batumi and the city's exciting nightlife are major draws for visitors.
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