The Garbage Man


"Come on in," she said, while holding open the door for him, "have a seat at the kitchen table and I'll get the tea out of the fridge!!!" "Sugar and lemon," she asked? "Just lemon," he replied while flashing his million dollar smile!!! After handing him his glass, she settled down in the chair next to his and began, "I'm really sorry, but after all these months I don't even know your name!!!" He took a long swallow of tea and replied, "It's Henry, Bobby Henry!" Nice to meet you Bobby," she said while extending her hand, "I'm Nancy Evans!" Both of them sipped on their tea for a few moments before Nancy offered while taking his glass, "Let me get a little more ice for you!" As she stood up, she purposely let her robe fall open giving him a generous peek at her naked body! She dropped a few cubes into his glass and returned to her chair, only this time, leaving the top of her robe open far enough so that her breasts were clearly visible!!! Bobby tried to keep from staring, but when a young woman practically begs you to look at he boobs, well, in that case you take advantage of the situation!!! In a very calm quiet voice Nancy asked, "Do you like the way my breasts look, Bobby?!?"If wasn't for his being black, you could have seen the red rising in his cheeks from embarrassment as he stammered, "Uh, no, I mean yes, I've really got to go, I have a schedule to meet!!!" Being slightly bemused at his discomfort, she asked sweetly, "Why, Bobby, I do believe that you're shy, haven't you ever seen a white woman's breasts before!?!" After making an audible gulping sound, he replied, "Uh, sure I have, lots of times, it's just that, well, I know you're married and all, and besides, you're a customer of mine!!!" "That's right," she said with a smile, "and you know what they say about customers don't you!?!" "W-what," he stumbled?!?" "They say that the customer's always right," she replied while dropping her robe!!!
The look of consternation that up until that time had been etched on his dark face, was quickly replaced with one of lust!!! "Have you ever fucked a white woman," she asked softly while cupping her 34b breasts and pinching her nipples?!? Now growing more emboldened he replied, "I've fucked a lot of white girls, and they love getting it from a brother!!!" And why would that be," she asked while putting on her little show!?! "Do you really want to know," he replied with just a touch of insolence in his voice!?! "Why," she asked, "is it some big secret!?!" He laughed a hearty laugh and shot back, "It's big all right, big enough to make your white little ass shake!!!" "Oh, my," she replied in mock fear, "do you think I should run and hide, I'm so scared!?!" It was then that he started unbuckling his gray work pants and said evenly, "You're gonna get it just like every other white bitch, and you're gonna love it!!!
Now leaning back against the kitchen counter, Nancy thrust her pussy forward in an open invitation to the young black stud!!! All ready bare above the waste, he kicked off his boots and stepped out of his trousers, leaving as his only clothing his white sweat socks and bright red bikini underwear!!! The outline of a very large erection could easily be seen through the thin nylon material, causing Nancy to moan as she imagined it in her hot little pussy!!! He gave a short cackling laugh and opined, "Just as I thought, you want it just like every other slut I've fucked, white, black, or purple, it don't make no difference, all you bitches want Bobby's big cock!!!
Now moving up right in front of her, he pushed his own crotch forward until his sheathed pecker was pressing against Nancy's flat belly!!! "Feel that pecker," he whispered, "I'll bet that little white pussy's already dripping like a faucet!!!" It was too, but dripping wasn't the right word, it was flooding, and to prove it, all you had to do was look and see the little river of pussy juice running down the inside of Nancy's right thigh!!! As her breathing was becoming more labored, Bobby took her hands and placed them on his shorts and ordered, "Okay, baby, it's time to open your present, and I'll guarantee you won't want to return it!!!" No matter how Bobby tried to put down white women, there was one salient fact that he couldn't deny, that being a cute little twenty five year old white woman had given him a huge hardon!!! "Oh, dear," she breathed when it popped out of his shorts, "i-it's beautiful!!!" "Well, bitch," he said with a smirk, "you ain't the first one to tell me that, now suck it for me!!!"
This was a moment she had been dreaming about for months, for just the opportunity to put this big black pecker into her mouth and suck it until it filled her mouth with cum!!! It was so smooth, the head that is, because the shaft was just the opposite, all bumpy with veins and dark skin!!! In her mind it was the perfect sex toy, the head was ideal for sucking, with it's velvety glans shining with her saliva, while on the other hand the thick rough shaft would be perfect for fucking, with all of its irregularities that would arouse the inside walls of her vagina!!! She really wanted him to cum in her mouth, but since time was a factor, she let it slip from her mouth and begged, "Take me and fuck me, I want to feel you inside of me!!!" He stood at least six feet tall, while she was just a shade over five two and petite!!! After picking her up under her arms, he lifted her until her pussy was positioned directly over his hard pecker where he slowly let her descend on to its smooth head!!! "Oh, my gosh," she moaned as the first few inches of meat slid inside of her, "y-you're fucking huge!!!" He let her get her legs wrapped around his waist, asked her if she was ready, and then with one hard shove, pressed down on her hips, driving his long thickness deep into her tight little white pussy!!! Her first orgasm tore through her even before his cock bottomed out!!!
For the next five minutes she hung on for dear life as he bounced her up and down on his brutal shaft, and cumming over and over again, while being caught on his pecker like a coat on a hook, and even if she wanted to get off, she was stuck there until he wanted to let her go!!! Each of her orgasms seemed to be more intense than the one before it, and after her sixth one, by his count, he lifted her off his dick, put her on her knees in front of him, and ejaculated a huge spurting load of cum into her open mouth and all over her face!!! There was just something about shooting on to a white cunt's face that always made his day!!!
As he was turning to leave he gave her one last glance, and laughed out loud as he looked at the disheveled mess that he had left sitting on the kitchen floor!!! "Hey, baby," he remarked, "I hear it's suppose to be hot next week again, why don't ya have some tea ready for me, okay!?!" With a weak smile, she nodded her head and mouthed the word, okay!!!

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