Water under the bridge: Buffalo Pt.2


<!--[if Let me get you a drink, and I’ll find out what the guys are doing. ” We headed to the bar, the usual suspects were not finished packing, they barely got started. Most were still at the bar. Danielle and I chatted it up, making eyes at each other and rubbing up on each other until the others were ready. My patience would normally be at a blowing point but I knew that I would need a little more time to give Danielle what she wanted; A good long, hard fucking. I just didn’t know where it would be. I could tell that she wanted to get it started, she grabbed at my cock and whispered to me how marvelously Angie handled my monster but it wasn’t fair how she didn’t get to feel it inside her.
<!--[if could go to your place…” my voice trailed off as if she had forgotten that option. I grabbed at her supple ass, tracing the lines in her stockings.
<!--[if don’t live here anymore. I moved the last of my things from my mom’s house last night bringing you there is not an option. Fucking strange Black men in her house was never her favorite. ” I left it at that. Hiding in the closet from moms was not the way I wanted to spend the night.
<!--[if plan was soon established, and none to soon, Danielle had pulled out my cock and was stroking it at the bar when the rest of the band had gotten their shit together. Danielle was the best at discreet, she didn’t jump when they came close, she deftly handled my piece when they came near and didn’t stop stroking it while she gave directions to the trumpet player as how to get where we were going; Marty’s house.

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   It seemed everyone knew him, he own a music store in town and often had bands stay with him. I didn’t worry about how many times Danielle had stayed there with other drummers, I protected my Johnson.
<!--[if the van was packed up, we piled in, Danielle next to me in the way back and everybody else in front of us. Once we got moving, she pulled out my soldier and started huffing away at him, the reggae music was loud enough to drown out her slurping noises, not that I cared at this point. She lay across the back seat, face in my lap, and ass in the air. I pulled up her skirt again and rubbed at her asshole, making little circles, dipping in a finger periodically in her pussy and ass. She rose up her rear end trying to get me in deeper, I obliged. It started again, more fingers deeply probing her flesh from the inside, reaching in and finding the spots that made her quiver as she slowly showed tongue-love to my balls and shaft. She nibbled and bit her way up and down my shaft and to my balls many times on our ride. She sucked me slow enough to keep me hard without bringing me near the edge. But I made her cum many time during our 30-minute ride. Her pussy was making thick fluid that made sliding into her ass much easier than the spit I had provided. I added an extra finger to her backdoor every time she came, and I was about to add my pinky by the time we pulled into Marty’s driveway.
<!--[if all got out, Danielle had enough time to straighten herself before the lights came on. Marty greeted us at the door and showed us in.

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   Immediately the band rushed in to claim beds and nooks around the house to sleep in; Danielle and I were left with the pull-out in the living room; no privacy.
<!--[if party ensued. Beers were pulled out, joints were rolled, the music was thumping and we were having a good time. We wanted to fuck each other’s brains out, but we had to wait until everybody went to sleep. It was worth the wait. When everyone passed out, they did it all around the room. Danielle and I pulled out the bed and she got into it with her clothes on. I changed into my shorts in the living room, cock bouncing around with anticipation. I turned off the lights and climbed in with her. A dim light came in through the window, illuminating the room softly.
<!--[if making it to his spot on the other couch, the bass player ended up in a chair facing the bed. It was almost like he was in the bed with us. His head rolled back, mouth gaping open, he was our audience. He had a joint in-between his fingers that was about to fall to the floor. Danielle slipped it from his hand and lit it.

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   She took slow pulls as she cuddled up to my chest. She threw her leg over my waist, bumping into my growing member along the way. She put the joint to my lips. Her hand had the sweet-sour smell of asscheeks. As I smoked freely, she straddled me, pulling another condom from god-knows-where. She slid back to my knees and revealed my stiffness, pulling it from my shorts. Quickly she covered it with latex and slid back into place, carefully impaling herself. Her pussy was heavenly. She churned away slowly, but surely, hitting all her spots that she knew she could reach while she was in control; I wanted her to fuck me, I had no intention of changing position. I held onto her ass as she came and went, without cease, without a break, she moved up and down, sliding back and forth. Gyrating in circles and bouncing hard, she fucked me with all her styles.
<!--[if would lean forward and suck on my neck, giving me a chance to hold onto her shoulders and ram deep inside her making her cum again. I never knew someone could be so multi-orgasmic, some of it had to be fake; I didn’t care. Her face was in constant screw, she bit her lip the whole time as if there was a scream waiting to jump from her throat, and with each orgasm she shuddered like an earthquake, it was very hard to keep from cumming. I managed to open her blouse and expose her very small tits.

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   I grabbed at her nipples and pulled her in to me; she shuddered down to my chest. I truly molested her nubile less-than-A-cups, grabbing hold and roughing them up. Each time I did it, she came.
<!--[if can’t hold it anymore” she whispered through her bitten lips. I had no idea what she meant,” I have to stop. ” Her pussy was grabbing at my cock like a back massage. I wouldn’t let her off.
<!--[if wrong?” I kept fucking her.
<!--[if gonna… wet the bed…” I had forgotten she was a gusher. For one whole second I didn’t care about Marty’s couch, but I remembered how much pussy juice could stink.
<!--[if do you want to do?” I kept fucking her.
<!--[if all over you…”
<!--[if go outside…” She jumped up and held her hand under her skirt. With cock flapping in the breeze, I pulled up my shorts from the end of the bed and then led her to the back door which was left open. I opened the screen door as quietly as I could and led her to the back porch. She hurriedly sat me on the concrete step and pulled off the condom.

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   She worked her magic some more, trying to bring me closer to my end, it worked. I then pulled out a condom from my pocket and pulled my shorts off. She backed her way down onto my cock reverse-cowgirl, showing me her ass cheeks, bouncing and smacking together. She worked me hard, trying to pull the come for my balls. I sat up, pulling on her tits and strumming her clit trying to return the favor. That just made her work harder, and harder she fucked. She sat up stiff again, as if she was nearing another climax. She reached behind her and cupped her ass. She smacked it a few times, and then pulled her cheeks apart, exposing her bunghole. She ducked a finger in. I could feel her wiggling it around. She pushed in two more of her short fingers, they created extra pressure in her pussy that was hard to ignore. Feeling her those fingers being stuffed so hard in her ass and against my cock was taking me to a place I could not return from. I grunted like an elephant, trying to keep my composure until she was ready. She started to slow…
<!--[if reached her hands behind my head and threw her head to my shoulder.

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   She squeezed me tight and held it. I could feel her asscheeks tense up and squeeze at my groin. I was all the way inside her with little cock to spare, I held her tits in my fists still trying to find a space to fill when she let it out. A stream burst from her pussy out passed the last stairs as she moaned; she was crying with elation. With disbelief, I stopped for a while to watch it rescind back to a dribble and I felt the warmth it brought to my balls. That sent me over.
<!--[if cumming!” I yelped softly. She rolled off me and pulled of the condom. She took the head of my cock in her mouth and sucked her hardest, It felt like she was giving my a hickey. When she stopped, she opened her mouth, leaving my knob on her tongue, just in time to watch the load discharge in her mouth. The staccato spurts played beautiful contrast on her tongue, coating it and her teeth with two or three layers. Danielle waited for the explosions to stop, before she kept sucking on me. Cum fell from her mouth as her head slid slowly on my shaft. Again, she tortured me with her insatiable sucking. She swallowed and sucked without end, making bubbles and bringing me to insanity, the sensation was nearly unbearable.

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    Cars started to drive around the neighborhood, morning commuters were awake and going to work. That reminded Danielle to get moving as she noticed, too. As she stood up, she handed my shorts that managed to find their way under her knees. I slid them on, they were a little wet. She laughed and then went inside to the bathroom. It was a battle trying to get my slowly fading erection to cooperate. She laughed at that too. The rest of the band was starting to wake up. Marty walked into the kitchen as I was straighten ing our side of the bed.     "Morning. . " He passed by me as if nothing happened.     "Coffee?" He asked while clanging pots together accidentally.     "No thanks," I replied, shifting things around the Bass players snoring body. He had finally taken over the bed and was sprawled out spread eagle.

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      "I gotta run!", Danielle came from the bathroom refreshed and ready for her day, looking hotter than the night before.     "Lemme get you r number for if ever you wanna COME and see me in the City. " Holding her in an embrace from behind, rocking my cock inbetween her ass cheeks, I dictated as she dialed it into her cell phone.     "I'll call you soon. . . " As I led her to the front door. I was kind of afraid she was gonna kiss my lips. Instead she went for my neck and felt for my cock at the same time. She walked of out Marty's front door, her skirt jerking like two cats were fighting under it.     She did call me. . . I did go to N. Y.

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  . . . . .