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   Now this day she didn't know what was going to happen. All she knew was that whenever she talked to him, she would get horny because he would always talk about sex with her. She didn't mind. Now on this late evening date. They drove up to a sight scen and just started kissing and talking. Until his hand went down her pants. She didn't stop him. She was enjoying it. She came 3 times and then they rented a room. They got up to the room and she just laid on the bed tired from earlyer that night. She stripped down to her panties and laid on the bed. He (Chris) crawled on top of her and started kissing her and sucking on her 36 D boobs. She was enjoying it and wanted more. Chris asked her if she wanted to 69 and she agreed. He wasn't that big, but he was damn sure thick.

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   She fit his whole dick in her mouth and was just enjoying him eating her out. She stopped and got on top of him. She started riding him and was just amazed on how deep he went in. It was like she didn't want to stop. But had to because she was in an uncomfortable postion. So she got up and put him on top. That's when everything just slowed down. He was going so hard and deep in her that she came alot like in the double digits. One postion that she loved the most was when her legs was up on his shoulders and he was ramming in her. She came alot in that postion and then slowed down because her thigh was hurting. He fucked her missionary style until he came on her. They huffed and puffed and just relaxed on the bed.

Then they both got in the shower and just kissed and played with each other. Chris was playing with her clit while she was soaping her hair and then he ate her out in the shower. Then they switched and she was giving him a blow job.

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   They soaped each other down and wiped each other down. They got out and just relaxed on the bed watching MTV and just cuddling. Until. . . they went another round. This one was shorter but it was awesome. She was riding him like there was no tomorrow. Up and down. Fast and deep. She was moaning. She loved it. Until they switched and she was loving it more. Fast deep and hard. They both came and just relaxed again.

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