The repayment


This story has a little of it all in it. from Bdsm to animal sex.

I went to work for a women to house sit. She was sort of a friend to the family. She was a very well to do women. I thought she got all her money from a devorce or even she might have been a widow. She had a grate house. She was about 45 but she was hot the perfect couger. She stood about five five with a slim fit tight body. A type that a pretty shy easy going guy would be afried to go for. I was in pretty good shape I stood five seaven. But I hade a 9 inch cock.

I wont bore you with the details. I just get to the point. She went away for two weeks and I was going to stay there. She said if I had friends over forthe pool and get drunk.

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   was fine but if any thing gets messed up You will pay for it in some way or anouther. I told her I would pay her back any way I could. I did not know were that would lead me.

Well I had a few freinds over. we stayed in the back yard and around the pool. I did not have a girl friend at the time so my friends girlfriend brought he friend. she was hot. And she new how hot she was. She new she could get a guy like me to do any thing. We drank and I finlly got her alone in the kichen. She was wearing a little g-string. I kissed her and She kissed back. Then did somthing I did not exspect. She hoped on the counter. And pulled her string to the side and said eat.

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   I more then was happy to do so. I baried my face in to it. At first all i could tast was pool water. It did not take long to tast the sweet necture. I had short hair but she grabed my ears and use them to guide me up and down her tight shave slit. I could feel her getting wetter She was mouning and fucking my face. Then she climaxed. ans shot gush after gush down my throght. Keep going she said. Lick it clean. So I did. then she pushed me back. to re cover her self. She cought a glimps of well my trunks did not hide any thing. She said she was just going to leave it at that but Im bigger then she thought.

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   She droped to her kness and ripped my shorts off. and went after it harder then a hover. It did not take long till I was on the verge of evsploding. So she lowed then sucked my balls then went right back to the shaft. Just as I shoot she pulls away and shoots my load across the room. it hits the frig. then she walks out. Call me if you have a big party. Or your not getting any more of that. she grabed her friend and left. My friend styed and he said we should have a party. So we started calling. That friday. I told them no more then twenty people. and they stay out side.

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Come friday My friend brought his girlfriend and the hottie. It started off slow. I did not really care. I was doing every thing I could to get her alone again. Finnaly she said Im bord lets fuck. Most of the people there were already drunk. but I did not care. I get up there and she did the same thing we did before. I ate her out then she said I could fuck the shit out of her. the secounent I lick the last drop from her. and was readdy to go after it. I heard a huge crash. down stairs.

I ran down stairs and some fucking drunk drove his car right throw the living room. and took off before I could get down staires.

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   Then it was havic. Everyone fleed. even the hottie and my best friend. I cleand up the trash before I called the cops. And before I could think Of what to tell the couger she pulls in. She was out raged. I tryed to exsplean but she was not hearing it. I tryed to say it was some randum drunk that I did not know. She told me to leave and she call me when she figured this out. I got back to my house and did not sleep for two days then I got a call. She told me to be there a 6 that night to give my report to the cops. then she would deal with the rest.

My hart was raceing when I got there. a cop car was in the drive way. I told them what I told her.

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   I did not see the car because I was up stairs takeing a shower.
    I kept it short. The cop aske alot of qustions then left. I thought I was off the hook. The couger said I looked like I need a drink. She pored a large glass of berbon. She started talking about every thing she lost. A 10000 dollor antic desk and anuther six to eight thousand in vusases. All together about therty thousand in stuff the ensuance compeny will not pay for. Good thing You did not have any thing to do with it. beacuse you said that you would pay for it. She said. Then sort of laghed it off. I did not know what to say or do. Then went back to small talk.

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       after a few more glass we she complaind about how her trip was all screwed up. thats why she was back. Im about slushed at this point. I was staring at her asum body not thinking of what happend. She turned the Tv on and went to get more booze. As she was gone I looked at the Tv. It was black and white moive I thought. It looked really fermillur. I was drunk but I could see me walking around the house. Just before the first time I had my freinds over. Then the camras folowed me thew the house. I was about readdy to run out the door. then She came back in.

    Looks like Your friends arnt very good friends are they. Ohh ohh whach this here is my faverate part.

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       She fast foward to the kichen. And went fram bay fram threw it. telling me what she was thinking. After really screwing with me she fast foward to the party. and with full comintary leading me threw How I was trying so hard to fuck her. Well your fucked. trying to get fucked.

    It wont let me writ more so I have to go to anouther page so go to the payment 2

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