A gymnasts first time (part 2)


heres part 2. email me and let me know what you think. sexyhornyhannah@hotmail. com

I had Jess pinned to the bed. I was kissing her deeply and passionately.
"wow Jason really taught you a lot in one night, didn't he?" she laughed letting out a small moan as I kissed her neck. I slid back off the bed and removed my hoodie and pj pants revealing the present she gave me earlier. She must have gotten the idea that I wanted to do a lot more then make out. She quickly stripped off all her clothes leaving me staring at her gourgeous body. Chesnut brown shoulder length hair, big brown eyes, perfect b cups, toned stomach, hairless pussy, long tanned legs. Perfection.
I crawled back on top of her and began to suck on her hard erect nipples, switching from one to the other. I saw Jess move her hand down to that perfect pussy of hers.
"Let me do that. " I said as i slid my hand slowly towards her pussy. I put one finger inside of her.

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   I could tell she was loving every minute of this. She was so wet and was already rocking her hips into my hand. "More. Put more fingers in me"
I started to put each finger in one by one. I knew she wasn't a virgin and didn't expect her to be as tight as me, but i never thought i would be able to get 4 fingers into her. . i started to pump them in and out as fast as i could. Jess was moaning loudly by now and was rocking her hips so hard that my hand began to hurt. I could tell she was almost ready to cum. That's when I stopped.
"No. Please don't stop Han. "
"I have to. We don't want you cumming before I've had any fun. " I said with an evil grin.

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   "Now it's your turn to make me happy. " I stood up on the bed and removed the black lace g-string.
I crawled on top of Jess again and postitioned my pussy over her face. She spread my pussy open with ehr fingers then I felt her tounge lightly touch my clit and begin to tease it very softly. I let out a soft moan as she licked all the way up my warm wet slit. She pushed her tounge inside my pussy licking out the mix of my cum and Jasons left over cum. Then she did something amazing. She darted her tounge in and out of my pussyso fast and pulled me by my hips closer to her face. I felt the sensation of wanting to pee coming on again but then I remembered that Jason said thats when I was going to cum. I quickly pulled myself away from that magic tounge of hers not wanting to cum just yet.
I grabbed the viabrator she had given me and switched it on. I licked the top of it just lick I had licked Jasons cock. I ran my tounge all over it making it nice and wet. I ran it down my body between my boobs and iton my bra. I ran in all the way down my stomach and let it linger just above my pussy.

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   I walked over to Jess who was now on the end of the bed with her legs spread wide. "Do you want some?" I asked her. She nodded and bit her lip. I walked closer to her and knelt down on the ground in front of her pussy. I rubbed the viabrator in small circles on her clit jsut like Jason did to me. I heard her let out a loud moan and decided to ditch the viabrator.
"what are you doing?" she asked worried that i was going to stop for the night.
"Don't worry I'm not going to stop. "
she let out a sigh of relief and then i moved my mouth to her clit. I sucked her clit. . . HARD. I wasn't going to be nice anymore. I violently fingered her and sucked Her clit so hard I thought i would rip it off.

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   Jess was moaning loudly.
"oh fuck! please dont stop!!!"
she rocked her hips ahrder into me and I could feel her pussy tighten up around my hand.
She let out a huge scream as cum came gushing out all over my hand and mouth.
    But that didn't stop me. I pulled my hand away and licked her clean.
    Jess lied back on the bed panting heavily.
    "Holy shit! How can i repay you?"
    "Make me cum like you just did. " I said with a wink.
    "sure thing. "
    Jess stood up and pulled me to my feet. She kissed me deeply and unhooked my bra and threw it to the side.
    "Lie down. "
    I got on the bed as she bent over to pick up the viabrator. I was like it happened in slow motion. She started to bend down at the hips showing me her ass more and more.

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       it was right there. I could see between her legs were cum had dripped down. she stood back up and turned around to face me.
    "put your knees up. "
    I put my knees up in the air. Jess came over to me and placed the viabrator next to me on the bed. she put her hands on my knees and spred my legs open wide revealing my wet pussy aching to be abused by my friend.
    Jess picked the viabrator back up and teased the outside of my pussy with it. it was covered in her cum and all I could think about was how warm it was. She slowly started to push it inside my pussy which was by now just begging to be fucked.
    She pucheed it deep inside of me and then pulled it back out slowly. She did this a few times as I let out soft moans.
    "ready to feel amazing?" Jess asked me.
    I nodded and smiled knowing that i was about to cum.
    Jess started to move the viabrator in and out of me faster and faster.

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       I rocked my hips in time with her movements. I moaned louder and louder begging Jess for more.
    Just then i could feel that sensation coming on again. My pussy muscles tensed up and I screamed as i cummed incredibly hard.
    "holy shit Jess. thank you so much. I loved every minute of it. " I panted.
    Jess pulled the soaking wet viabrator out of my sore pussy.
    She climbed into bed next to me and softly kissed me. We both fell asleep dreaming of the night we had. I couldn't wait for the next morning when I got to be with Jason again.

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