a gymnasts first time (part 5)


Jess licked the dildo all over to lube it up.   I could see in her eyes that she was getting ideas of what she could do to me.
“Ready?” she asked me.
“Go for it. ” I replied slightly nervously.
She gently rubbed the head of the dildo along my slit. I moaned softly in pleasure. I could feel how big the dildo was. She pressed the head of it into the opening of my pussy.
“Don’t be gentle. ” I said to her.
“Are you sure?”
“Positive”. I gave her a wink
“Okay then. This could hurt a little. 1…. .

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  2…. . 3!”
She plunged the long dildo deep into my pussy. I screamed out loud, partly in pain, partly in pleasure. It’s hard to describe the feeling when a ten inch long and two inch thick dildo is plunged into a tight pussy that only a week ago had never had anything in there. It was only about half way in when Jess bent forwards and sucked on my clit to relax me a little. As I lay there moaning in pleasure, jess took the dildo and began to slowly move it in and out of my pussy. Each time she pushed it she pushed it just a little deeper, while I let out small gasps of pain, until it was completely in. Then jess began to twist it around in circles and pull it in and out of my pussy at the same time. I never knew that my best friend knew how to do all these things to someone. If I had known I would have let her do them to me a lot sooner. I bucked my pelvis into her face and the dildo as she hit my g-spot with the dildo. I could tell I was going to cum. But this time it was different. It felt way more intense.

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   Something was stronger. Before I could even worry about this I squirted all over jess’ face.
“oh my god. I’m so sorry!” I said to jess.
“what about. You just squirted! That’s amazing!” she began licking my cum off my legs and pussy causing my body to shake with another orgasm.   I lay there on the bed, with a huge dildo stuck in my pussy and my best friend licking cum off me in a total daze. Jess crawled back on top of me and kissed me passionately. Our tongues massaged each others while jess grinded her pelvis into mine. i reached my hand down and slipped it between jess’ legs. My fingers played with her clit as she moaned into my mouth. She rolled me over on top of her.
“fuck me with that dildo”
I reached down to my pussy and pulled put my dildo. I slipped it straight into jess’ pussy while it was still dripping with my cum. I moved down her body slightly and sucked on her tits as I moved the dildo in and out of her pussy.

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“fuck Han. Make me cum, now!”
I thrust the dildo in and out of her pussy faster and faster. Jess moaned louder and louder until she was screaming with pleasure.
“HOLY FUCK!!!!!”
Her legs closed and her thighs help my hand and the dildo tight in her pussy. Her body shook as cum flooded out onto my hand. her thighs relaxed and I took my hand away. I slid my cum covered hand to my pussy and mixed Jess’ cum with my own. I crawled back on top of jess and kissed her neck. Then we both fell asleep exactly like that. Jess with a dildo in her pussy and me on top of her with my hand on her tit.

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