Boy Friend and Girlfriend


We went in to the house and sat with our friends. We were all watching tv in the lounge, and we were lying together on the couch, she was lying behind me, and she placed her hand right on my cock. She could feel it through my pants already starting to become erect! She breated deeply in to my ear, and asked me if i wanted to go upstairs. Of course i acepted. We were only 16 at the time, and we went in to my friends bedroom. She lay down on the bed, and i went to the bathroom to sort myself out. When i returned she was there on the bed naked as anything fingering herself. She was running circles around her clit, and then going deep inside moaning with pleasure. She asked me to come closer, when i got closer she pulled my pants down revealing my 7 1/2" dick. She instantly locked her lips on it, it was the best blowjob i had ever had. Her tongue massaged my shaft and cam up and played with the head! Her siliva was running down my dick, and it was turning me on. I could see her pussy dripping wet. When i was close to cuming i asked her to stop. I went down on to the bed and put her legs over my shoulders, putting my tongue inside her virgin pussy. It was tight as hell. We were both virgins and this was going to be one hell of an experiance.

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   She started to orgasm and she grabbed my head pulling it in to her pussy as she squirted her juices all over my face. I brought my head up and she smiled at me. She told me she wanted to fuck soo much. I told her we didn't have any condoms. She said she was on the pill and since we are both virgins we wont get an STI. I said ok and my hard dick got even harder. I wanked it a little to eaze some pre-cum out to help with her tight virign pussy entrance.   She moaned at me to hurry up! I placed my dick at the entrance to her cock, rubbing her clit covering it with my cum she moaned with the feeling. I placed my dick at her pussy lips, and started pushing it in. I pushed it in a little deeper and then brought it out and kept doing this until i was all the way in. She moaned with pleasure and her juices were leaking all over the bed, it wasn't even mine! She grabbed my bum pulling me closer to her, as i went deeper yet again with my dick, and fucked her hard. She was now screaming with pleasure, luckily they had the tv on loud downstairs. we were in the missionary position and the feeling of our bodies together was soo good i could not believe it. And her tits were rubbing against my chest everytime i went in and out this added to her pleasure. She orgasmed several times nearly sending me over the edge but i managed to hold in.

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  I pulled out of her pussy, and she said she wanted my cum all over me. I placed my dick inbetween her two tits, and my pre-cum soaked them making them very well lubed up! I fucked her tits and then, a sudden rush of cum, i was having my best orgasm ever! I came all over her with at least 7 squirts of high powered come. Of course now i was spent. But she pulled me down making my lay on top of her, the feeling of her cum soaked tits on my body and the feeling of my stomach on hers made her orgasm yet again! I stood up my stomach and chest was drenched in cum!I told her i was going for a quick shower.
    Oh my god i have always wnated to do it in the shower. Half an hour later i was ready yet again. i was drying myself off from the shower when she walked in (the door didn't have a lock). She stripped off again bringing my dick to a hard state! She told me to get back in to the shower, and with that i dropped my towels revealing my dick, and got back in to the shower. She massaged body gell all over us both. I was nearly coming with her hands simply roaming around my body. I told her that i loved her and that i wanted to fuck her right now. She said i am feeling the same. With that i lifted he up in my arms, and placed my dick inline with her pussy, i lowered her down and she screamed with pleasure, i told her to keep the noise down because the music from the tele was quieter now!She grabbed my neck and pulled herself up fucking me hard. I went so deep inside her i thought i was going to come straight away. She gripped tight with her pussy, making me shout with pleasure, oh fuck me oh fuck me now hard faster oh my god yes i shouted.


       Then i shouted oh my god i am going to cum. She kept going, she said i am on the pill remember dont worry. I came so hard inside of her and our juices dripped down on to my feet but soon got washed away from the shower water. We got out and cleaned up and went back downstairs and watched tv with the biggest smiles on our faces!.