Enema Supprise - Part 2


By now I was about to shoot my load, my granddaughter was full to the brim with a 2 quart enema and her tummy was extended, and my grandson had ahold of his long slinder dick pumping for all his worth while my granddaughter was teasing my dick with her mouth, licking up and down each side of it to make it jump around and so close to cumn that I could feel the warm juice in the head of my dick, by now I had got my finger in her tight little pussy and was keeping her close to cumn, all of a sudden she run her hand up and down my dick twice and I shot my load straight up in the air, I looked at her brother and she had a hold of him and was proceeding to suck him off, as I felt her pussy tighten against my finger she let go with a screem. I helped her to the toilet to let the enema out. After we had all cleaned up and were resting I told them that I had always wanted to give there mother a enema and do whatever else came along, I had had some real fantisies about my daughter-in-law in the past. I suggested to the kids the next time they saw her doing the enema thing let her know you know what she is doing and offer to enjoy enemas with her, if she is sneeking to watch grandson jackoff offer to let her help, I will bet you two know more about enemas, oral sex, etc. than she does, maybe we can get her over here and we can have some fun with her, it would be great to have her in my bed with you two grand kids. A couple of days later the phone range and it was my daughter-in-law, she ask if she could come over and see me. I told her to come on I would be waiting for her, I didn't know what to expect, but I was prepared for the worse. She walked in the door with a paper sack in her hand, walked up to me gave me a big hug and kiss, unzipped my pants and started to massage my dick, and hadn't said a word. As my dick got harder and I could feel the cumn rising up the back of it I ask her to stop so I could get my clothes off and enjoy myself, she took me back to my bedroom, as I undresses she stripped, she was in her middle 30s had a nice figure, nice medium size breasts her hipps were just perfect size her legs long and slim, she was cute in the face with brunette hair, her slim little nipples were errect. She took her paper sack in the bathroom with her and I could hear water running, she came out with her enema bag full and had found mine and filled it, she hung both of them from my home made stand, spread my legs, inserted one of the tips up my rear and released the clamp, as the warm water run in and I started to fill she kept her hand on my belly so she could feel what was going on, she would gently massage my dick with her other hand and keep it within a few strokes of cumning. I was able to get one of my fingers in her pussy, it felt almost as tight as her daughters, she leaned over me so I could suck one of her breasts, it was everybit as firm as her daughters, this woman was in excellent shape all over, as I began to have a few mild cramps from the enema I was taking I told her shut it off for a few minutes and let it settle down. While I lay there she quietly talked to me, telling me how hot she had gotten watching her son being jacked off and sucked off by her daughter, and she had just had to get into the middle of it and found out it was real fun, and then came the enema that she had not counted on, them said that they did just like you had taught them, so I am here to say thank you. With that she released the enema clamp and started the water again, at the same time she started to gently suck my dick, it didn't take long for the cumn to rise again, and she kept sucking, I couldn't lay still I started moving around all over the bed, the warm enema running in me and she sucking my dick, I looked at the enema bag and saw it was empty, but I am here to tell you my dick wasn't empty she had it so hard it hurt, then she quit when her mouth was about mid shaft, stood back rubbed my stomach with her hand, ask me to turn over on my side and draw up my knee, I felt sure she was going to take the enema nozzle out, but instead she inserted a suppository, and the nozzle from the second enema bag, and rolled me back over on my back. She let me say there for a time, and partially released the clamp on the second bag, so it would run slowly, as I begain to feel real full she would rub my stomach, by now my dick had settled down and had become almost limp, and she took her long slinder fingers and started to work it again, everytime I would feel uncomfortable with the enema, she would massage my dick after a while I was beginning to feel like I had taken all I could hold, and she started her sucking again, when I got really worked up and started to hump she released the clamp on the enema so it would be wide open, I did hold both enema bags and just as the second bag emptied I unloaded my load it shot straight up in the air and landed on my chest with her pumping it with her hand. I got on the toilet just in time and boy did I had a big load to get rid of, after I got rid of the enema I figured it was her turn, I filled both enema bags with warm water, she was already laying on my bed playing with herself, I spread her legs and inserted the enema tube, but instead of opening the clamp wide open I started out opening hers part of the way so it would run slow, I wanted and the playtime with her I could get, she could be brought close to cumn just about as quick as her son I knew where he got his lack of control, with her laying on her back her nice breasts were more than I could resist, I sucked and rubbed as I felt her stomach react to the slow enema I was giving her I begain to massage her pussy very slowly, being careful not to stick my finger in her, she bagain to move around on the bed and moan as the enema and my massaging her pussy begain to react on her at the same time, she was feeling full of enema and about to cumn at the same time, like she did me I quit massaging and opened the clamp wide open, by now I was sure she was not going to be able to hold both enemas this time around, she was to hot to keep from cumning, she was to the point that all I had to do was touch her beasts or her pussy and she was a goner, I have been around alot of women but this little number is about the hottest I have ever tried to handle. I managed to get the rest of the enema in her, but didn't try the second bottle, she settled down enough that I told her to lay still for a few minutes and let the enema work and clean her out real good and she could hold two bottles the next time around.

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  As she sat up and swung her legs off the bed I decided that she need more stimulation and with her legs hanging of the bed begain to massage her pussy again, she instantly got red hot again, lay back on the bed with her legs handing off the bed and her stomach begain to move up and down, this was more than I could stand my dick was hard in a instant, I spread her legs and slipped it in her hot pussy, and boy was it ever hot, with the warm enema and her juices I shot my load in about 6 strokes, with that she jumped up and went to the toilet. After she had done her thing in the toilet she lay back down and said she wanted to take two bottles this time, I found the bottle of suppositories that she had used on me, and inserted one up her butt, and insterted the enema tube from the second bag behind it, and released he clamp, while it was running I went in the bathroom and filled the empty bag with warm water and hung it ready to go when the first one emptied, she took the first one just fine, and I inserted the second one and started it, by this time she had started to squirm around some so I started to play with her breasts and rub her pussy like I had done before, we were both getting warmed up again, I could feel my dick getting real hard quick and her nipples were errect wanting to be sucked, as I reached to suck her nipples, I felt some soft fingers wrap around my hard dick, I could feel my balls start churning instantly, I knew it was not my daughter-in-law, she was rubbing her belly with both hands to help hold her big enema, I looked over my shoulder and it was my granddaughter she had come over to watch her mother and couldn't stand not to get some of the action, I looked over by the door and there stood my grandson with a hardon not knowing where to go or what to do, I told him get on his knees next to his mother on the bed, he did as I told him she reached up and stroked his long slinder dick with her hand and then gently sucked the head of it, he instantly begain to tense up and she stopped, I knew she knew how to read someone about to cumn. My granddaughter was relentless with my dick, her fingers were definitely doing the walking and it was on my dick, I was beginning to get real close to loosing my load, my daughter-in-law was getting very full of enema and had a little bit to go before she had taken both bags, besides that she was so how she was moving all over the bed, I was trying to keep my hand on her pussy and massage her breasts and keep from cumning myself while she sucked on my grandsons dick, he was humping and moving all over the place, but still on his knees where she could get to him. The enema bag was empty at last, took the tube from her ass and helped her to the edge of the bed, again I started fingering her when she sat up on the edge of the bed, she instantly got so hot she sucked off my grandson he shot his load everywhere, my granddaughter told me to sit down on the bed, when I did she started to suck my dick very softly and gently, I could instantly feel the juice rising in my dick almost coming out the tip, and she quit for a few seconds and let it settle down, while I was relaxing a little she reached over and fingered her mother and brought her to a near climax again, but by now she was really ready to go to the toilet, and grandson went with her, he kept his finger in her and wouldn't let her cumn or expell her enema until she did both at the same time. Mean while I was setting on the edge of the bed getting my dick sucked by my granddaughter, natural instincts are when you are getting close to cumn you will automatically lay down on your back if there is nothing to stop you, everytime I started to lay back, she would quit, and boy was I getting a load built up, after a few time at this she let me lay back, she picked my legs up and swung them back on the bed, and she climed up and sat down across my legs so I couldn't move and preceeded to jack me off. After my daughter-in-law got done in the toilet, she and I decided that the two kids need a enema, we had two bags, the second bathroom was in the hall was just a short distance, so no problem there. We decided I would do granddaughter and she would do grandson, we would start at the same time, and see which could hold the full enema without stopping. We gave each of them a suppository and insterted the enema tubes and opened the clamps, they lay there side by side, after a little bit his dick started getting hard and laying against his belly, this made my daughter-in-law as well as my granddaughter horney, my daughter-in-law decided we would lay the two on their sides and let them play with one another while they took their enemas, this worked very well, she slid down where she could suck his dick and he shot a massave load, he then begain to finger her to a climax, this kept on until they had taken there enemas, finished about the same time. While they were in their respective toilets my daughter-in-law lay me down on the bed and started giving me a blow job, when I got good and hard she got on top of me and gave me a fucking like I had never had before, this girl was good, and she knew it. When she was finished she said thanks for the fun, and she would be back for more that she had some tricks that I hadn't seen before. She does come back, but that is another story for later. .
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