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My cock froze when i saw her. She was gorgeous. blonde, tall, huge tits, all my 14 year old mind could wish for in a woman. I could almost taste her pussy in my mouth, even though I never tasted any pussy. My ice cream dropped on the sidewalk as i saw her coming out of the supermarket and i just couldn't take my eyes off of her cleavage. needless to say, i felt my dick bursting out of my boxers, and i couldn't help myself anymore. my eyes roiled over and i came right there, right then, in my pants. It was the first time I had ever experienced a thing like this.

I forgot all about my schoolwork, my chores, and i followed her on my bike. she was walking, holding her groceries bags, and her ass was getting even more amazing with every step she took. Suddenly, she stopped. a white picket fenced house, with a well taken care of lawn, everything stating she was a nice serious woman, except her ass chicks which were moving in a too indecent way. she walked into the house, as i remained outside, keep starring at the window. she was very delicate even though her outfit and her body kept moving like she was a porn star. i could help it, and i was getting hard again. she put her bags on the kitchen table, then she removed her shoes, and she yawned stretching her whole body.

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   then she removed a bottle from her bag, and she took a zip out of what seemed to be a vodka bottle. i thought i was getting crazy, she was that sexy.

I started touching myself in front of her window. My shorts were becoming too small, and i thought i was going nuts with pleasure. i touched my cock, up and down, and up and down again, 'til it became painfully hard. i took my tongue out, moving it as though i was licking her breast. by that time, she had moved to a chair, her legs widely spread drinking from her bottle. My mind blew up, as I saw her moving her hand down from the bottle to her left breast. She touched it, then started to rub it harder, pinching herself til her nipples were ready to come out. she moved her hand, insanely slow, until it stopped on her skirt, right where her pussy was. carefully, her hand made its way under the skirt, touching and petting what it looked to be a black lace thong. i was getting crazy. I thoroughly started to please myself, my cock was moist with precum as I was rubbing it up and down, and up and down, and my balls where swollen ant starting to hurt. my back curved from the motion, and I couldn't keep my legs straight, I just couldn't stand up anymore. She inserted one finger in her pussy, all the way up, then took it out and rub it against the bottle's neck.

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   she then took a dip zip, giving the bottle a blow job. her tongue was moving slowly, in circles, then in and out of the bottle. then she moved her hand back to her pussy, and started to
feel her clit. At first slowly, then harder and harder, 'til her whole body started to clench and shiver with unknowing pleasure. she put two fingers inside her vagina, taking them in and out over and over again, and i couldn't believe my luck.

I was holding one hand on the wall, to keep my balance, and with the other one I was masturbating like crazy, and I didn't care if anyone was watching me from the street. she then started to moan, I could hear her even from the outside. She was really pleasing herself on the inside, as I was doing the same on the outside. She took the bottle, and put its mouth at the entrance of the vagina. Slowly, but expertly, she slipped it inside, until it satisfied her, moving her right leg from the floor on the table. I couldn't believe my eyes. I took a look at my cock and it was all swollen, and hard, as it had never been. She was moving the bottle inside her body, and I saw her body tightening, as she was reaching the climax. She started to scream. from the erotic moans i could barely hear, she was screaming now.

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   "Uuuuh, aaaahhh, mmm, my pussy is longing for your cock", i could clearly hear her now.

I was rubbing my dick like there was no tomorrow, whispering dirty things to her, from outside her window. "Cum, you dirty slut. cum right there. cum and let me spread my juices all over your face. you wanna suck my young cock, you know you want it, uhhh, just let me fuck your juicy cunt, your hot pussy needs my young cock, i want your pussy wrapped around my shaft!" She was getting even louder, she was really screaming, which brought me tot the point I couldn't hold it in anymore and I released all my love potion on her house wall. i shook everything I had inside me on her house, starring at her pleasuring herself in her kitchen, without knowing
a teenager was doing the same right in front of her house, looking at her masturbating. she stretched her legs right up in the air, and she let her head down as she came, and i could see every muscle on her body was in Ecstasy. she took the bottle out, she took a final zip, then she touched her pussy with a few more gentle strokes, just to let it know that it was going to be taken care of again, soon.

she stood up, and looked outside her window, right into my eyes. I thought i died, but when she gave me a perverse smile, i thought that was luckiest day of my life. i got on my bike again and left. I never saw her again, but from time to time, in my lonely nights, i still rub my cock under the sheets thinking of her, cumming
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