'Lil Natty at the Lake


I loved to hang out at the lake!  Since I'm part fish and all, it's just the best location for me.   I also enjoyed watching the ladies strut there sexy frames before me as they sunbathed and swam!  It was heavenly as far as I was concerned.   I even occasionly had the good fortune of sampling the finer fruits of these beautiful bodies, but none better than the day I harvested the innocent cherry from one 13 yearolds blonde-haired pussy!!
The day was perfect!  The sun was warming the water so that swimming wasn't such a chilling experience, since it was late September.   There were barely any clouds in the sky at the time, and it was the perfect shade of light baby blue you could imagine.   And not to mention the abundance of young eye candy was frolicking about all over the lakefront!
    I had a nice place off the shore that I visited frequently when I was in the area, and not on business.   Being and independent advisor for growing entrepuneur's had it's advatage's of being both profitable and non-time consuming.   Which I thouroughly enjoyed!  I was sitting on the front deck admiring the women about, but also some of the teen girls.   It truly amazed me how well some of them developed so young making them appear older than their true age.   Absolutely breathtaking they were!
    After about an hour or so the cloud cover increased so I decided to turn on the local weather report to see if this would cut the days sight seeing short. "Thunderstorm warning for all couties in the Lakeland region, possible tornadoes and lightning strikes to be accounted for.   Residents are advised to take precautions. " the broadcaster spoke in a firm serious voice.   The area was known for this kind of weather on a regular basis, but it really bummed me out, due to the show that was going to be canceled out on the lake.   As I went outside I could clearly see that many had already figured out how alarming the weather was going to get due to the fact many were starting to round up their families and gear, and prepare to leave for the day at least.   "Damn!" I thought to myself!  Just when everything was going so well.   It took little more than an hour for just about all the visitors to clear out.

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    Just a few straglers here and there calling out for friends and family members, as the weather worsened.   Bad weather, for the most part didn't bother me so I remained on the deck watching these last remaining ones depart.
    It was then I noticed a group of teens acting oddly to me.   There were four girls and two boys getting their things stowed away in their truck quite rapidly.   Almost too rapidly I thought to myself.   As I watched the teens, I overheard them from time to time.   "Hey guys put it in the back and make sure only her stuff is left!".   This remark struck me odd.   "Hell, she'll be so scared I bet she pisses her pants as soon as she realizes were gone!", one of the boys barked out proudly.   I was starting to get concerned.   Then finally I heard a girl say, "It'll serve her right for not listening to me when I say stay home!"  I then realized this was some sad plot of revenge these teens had planned for an unsuspecting member of their group who, of course, wasn't present!  They quickly finished gathering their stuff and packing it away, they all jumped in the truck fast as they could and sped off.   I was left dumbfounded.   It amazes me sometimes the cruelty of some people.   I decided right then and there, that when this girl they abandoned returned to the shorefront I'd offer to help her and ruin the punks little scheme!
    I didn't have to wait long about fifteen minutes later, a young blonde haired girl appeared.   Her hair was wet and matted, and she had a look of confusion and rising fear on her pretty face.

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    I knew this was the object of their cruel prank.   The wind velocity was rising and it started to sprinkle rain so I went down to the shore to help the girl.   As I got closer to her I couldn't help but notice how lovely she looked!  She had delicious curves from her neck to her calves, and the best curves of all were protruding through her wet bathing suit which was hugging tightly to her young firm breasts.   I was certain they were an ample B cup!  Perfect for her age!  Her suit was also hugging firmly to her crotch.   I could see easily the shape of her sweet mound, and it made my crotch spring to life on the spot!  As I approached her she looked at me with a somewhat bewildered look.   "Hi I'm Evan", I said, "are you alright?" I asked her.   "No I can't find my sister and her friends!!" she replied near frantically.   " Hey there don't worry about them, do they drive a big red truck?" I asked her.   "Yes, yes they do!" she said back.   I told her, "Well dear I'm afraid they are pulling a very mean prank on you. " "It would appear they left you behind. " I said.   "But worry not I'll be happy to get you home safe and then you can have the last laugh, huh! I told her.   Her face went through a rapid series of expressions, and then she timidly replied," Thanks I'd appreciate that.   As we walked towards my house I asked her what her name was, "Natalie" was all she said.


   Natalie was quiet all the way to the house and even as we entered.   "You must be pretty cold. " I said to her, but she just nodded yes, not that I needed her to either way, I could see her nipples through her bathing suit had firmed up, and were protruding in a pronounced fashion, even though Natalie seemed oblivious to this fact.   I asked her if she'd like something warm to drink.   She said,"Sure why not if it's O. K. "  "Of course it is", I said, "Can't have you freezing to death before I get you home. " I continued trying to be humerous.   She smiled and I went into the kitchen to make her some hot cocao.   I handed her a mug and she drank it down with a slight moan of appreciation.   But that moan made my cock stir and my mind race once more!  "So why do you think they wanted to leave you behind anyway?" I asked her.   "Well my sister can't stand me. " she replied.   "She always says I'm an utter annoyance to her and her friends, and that I'm a total baby who is so not cool, and stuff like that. " she said to me with sad eyes.

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    "She said if it wasn't for my uncle convincing my mom to let me go places with her, she'd be free to have some real fun with her friends instead of having me around holding them back. ", Natalie spoke still such a sad ora about her.   Natalie was finished with the cocoa, but she was shivering still.   I said, "Why would you want to go places with a sister that treated you so badly?"  "Well she goes to the mall and stuff, and I like to look around too, plus I love to swim and since she was coming here I really wanted to as well!" she exclaimed to me in a somewhat preturbed voice.   It was obvious she was upset by the fact her sister got to do so many things she didn't.   "Well I'm an avid swimmer myself, so I know what you mean there. " I told her.   "It's also obvious to me that my cocoa didn't do what I was hoping it would. " I said jokingly.   "Tell you what, I have a jacussi here in the house we could go warm up in it real fast and then I'll jet you on home!" at which she replied, "Cool, I've never been in a hottub before, and I've always wanted to.   So with that said I got up as did she, and I led her to jacussi.  
    I had it situated in an outcoving just behind the main livingroom, with an observation deck to see lake and surrounding scenery.   Since the weather had turned so gloomy and chased everyone off, I knew no one would look in us.   I was already in my trunks and she as well her swim suit, so we sttled in to the hot, inviting water.   "Ohhh ahhh" she cooed.

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    Natalie was in heaven it appeared.   "Thank you Evan, I really was quite cold. " she said.   "No problem, glad I can be of assisstance to such a pretty young lady. " I said.   My mind was still entertaining fantasies about taking pleasure in her sex, but I figured she would never go for it.   Natalie just sat there smiling with her eyes closed, looking too beautiful!
    And then I did it, my lips were on hers, and my tongue teased at her mouths opening.   "What, I mean hey, why did you do that?" Natalie shouted as she opened her eyes and pushed me back.   I was stunned and didn't know what to say, so I blurted out, "I was taken by how beautiful you are and just couldn't help myself, but I'm sorry if it bothered you honey.   She relaxed some and said, "No, just surprised me, Ive never been kissed before. "  "Really!" I said, "That's too bad, since it's so much fun!"  I was starting to get lost in this moment!  I wanted her so bad!  Natalie looked confused and then she just said, "Well I guess it would be alright. "  I leaned in again and put a hand behind her neck and pulled her into me.   My lips pressed into hers softly at first then with more pressure I pressed my tongue to crese in her lips.   To my surprise she parted them slightly, just enough for me to insert my tongue but as I did I was stopped by teeth and her pushing me back again.   "I didn't know you would stick your tongue in there.

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  " she said obviously concerned by my tongue's intrusion.   I said, "Look your a big girl I'm sure. ", she interuppted and said, "I'm thirtenn so I guess so. "  "Well this is just normal, trust me Natalie, I've done this many times before. "  "And if you let me teach you these things, then your sister will never be able to call you a baby again, that's for sure!"  I felt if anything would convince her that would.   Natalie seemed to run what I said through her mind somewhat, then she turned and looked up at me and said, "Well I suppose if your sure this is normal and O. K. I can try then. "  "Look baby, just trust me and you'll not regret it I promise. "  The look in her eyes reflected the warm reassurance I was telling to her, and she relaxed.   I took her into me again and pressed lips again.   This time she didn't resist my tongue's entrance and I let my tongue dance in her warm mouth.   I could just faintly taste the sweetness of the cocoa I had given her to drink.   Natalie closed her eyes and I knew I had her, but needed to move fast enough to not miss the chance to deflower this sweet thing in my arms.   I kissed her deeply and soon she was kissing back and letting her tongue tango with mine.

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    It was wonderful!
   I then let my other hand rest on her thigh beneath the water.   She didn't make a move still lost in the feeling of being kissed so passionately, so I started to rub my fingers over the material just covering her mound.   To my suprise she still didn't respond, until my fingers slipped under her suit and felt the soft pubic hair and flesh beneath it!  She pushed on me slightly, at which point I said, "Honey this is just part of growing up and it'll be alright just like I promised. " to which she just stared bewildered almost ready to protest but I went to kissing her again, hard and passionately, then I found her slit and pushed a finger in finding her little clit with ease!  I teased it by drawing small circles around it, and Natalie gave out a small moan.   Her muscles started to relax, and soon I had two fingers in her slit rubbing her love button frantically.   Her moans grew stronger and her breathing quite shallow.   Her kissing was getting a littl wild too.   Natalie's little tongue was dancing all over mine, occasionally slipping out and touching my bottom lip, then back again.   It was clear I had her in the grasp of ectsacy!  At this point I pulled my fingers from her crotch and lifted Natalie up to where she was straddling me.   Her suit was a one piece so I knew I'd have to strip it down fast.   I grabbed ahold of her shoulder straps and yanked as hard as I could.   Natalie was brought back to reality abruptly but before she could say a word, I took one hand cupped it behind her head and returned her lovely lips to mine, kissing her deeply.   Then with my free hand I yanked down on her suit till I could feel her firm breasts against my chest.   They felt so good and my mind raced while my fully engorged cock throbbed.   I kept pulling her suit down till it was past her tiny waist, then I lifted her some and pulled her legs together in between mine, and with my feet and toes got hold of her suit and yanked it to her ankles with one firm stroke.

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    I stepped down on the suit, and pulled Natalie up till her feet were free of it.   Then as I kept our lips locked, I let her get a foot hold on the jacussi floor, and started pulling my trunks down to my knees.   My throbbing cock was free.   I pulled Natalie back to her straddling position with no trouble at all.   It seemed she was back in her erotic euphoric state again, especially since I had gone back to fingering her again.   Natalie kissed passionately, and moaned wildly!  Her pussy was all juicy and hot, the hot water added to this effect, and I couldn't wait any longer!  I positioned Natalie right above my awaiting 7 incher.   Then I started lowering her till I could feel her puffy virgin lips neslted on the head of my cock.   With my free hand I took my cock and traced her slit with it lowering her more, till I could feel the tight opening of her sex!  Natalie tried to push me some but she had been weakened by the kissing and petting.   So I pushed my cockhead firmly into place at the mouth of her virgin pussy, and took my hand up to her shoulder, and with a iron grip on her, I pulled Natalie down onto my cock!  She winced in pain and pulled from our kissing begging me to stop.   I told her I couldn't, and that it won't hurt for very long, which I knew might be a lie since she was so young and tight.   She wouldn't quit begging but I resumed my intent on her virginity by pulling down just a bit harder till I felt the resistance of her hymen.   Her sweet little cherry was mine.   Natalie panicked, and pleded with me to stop, but I gave one hard tug and felt her flimsy virgin shield give way to my invading member!  Aieyyyyyeeeee   Owwwww  God noooooooo!!!, she screamed out.   I started to pull her down even more as the tears flooded from her eyes.   When I filled her to her hilt, I took one hand and placed it firmly on her sweet ass, and then my arm around her torso, and started lifting her up and down with an erotic fury!  She cried and moaned at the same time as my assult on her virgin pussy went on.

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    Her inner walls were so tight and felt so good, I whispered this in her ear.   Faster ans faster I forced her up and down on my love pole, till I could feel that familar signal from down below my cock, my balls wanting to release the immense cargo they carried.   I thought to pull out of her for her own good, but lust had me under its spell and common sense had flown the coop.   My load started to rise ever so rapidly, and then it shot forth like a geyser.   Load after load coated the walls of Natalie's virgin pussy.   More than her young tight twat could hold as it oozed out as I kept pumping her full of semen and ramming her up and down on my cock!  Natalie wasn't crying as much as she did at first, and her moans seemed to shift between pain and pleasure, though I knew she hadn't truly enjoyed the event.   I felt eventually that task would befall some other guy down the road.   My erection didn't subside quickly so I just kept on fucking her till it finally fell limp and exhausted.  
    When my cock slipped out of her pussy, I let eased her down so she could sit there and recover.   She had left her things in my living room so went and retrieved then along with a towel.   I put her clothes out for her and told her I would be in the living room waiting for her.   I went to my room and got dressed, I thought to myself that natalie had just given me the king fuck of my life though it had not truly been surrendered by her will.   Also I thought this might be the beginning to a lenghthy stay in prison, but put it out of my mind and returned to the living room.   Eventually Natalie came into the living room fully clothed and even holding on to her aching pussy through her jean shorts she was wearing.   No more tears were streaming down, but the fact of her crying before was clearly evident.

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    Natalie didn't say anything to me as I suggested I take her home at last.   She just followed me to the garage and climed into my Blazer.   Finally she spoke to give me directions to her home, which was some ways away.   As we drove I went over the afternoons event in my mind over and over.   It truly was one of the best lays in my life.   I truly wished I could convey that to Natalie, but it was clear it would flatter her in the least.   Finally I got her to her neighborhood and asked her if I could just drop her off a few houses away from hers.   Natalie agreed, to my pleassure since I didn't want anyone to see me dropping her off after I had ravished her and robbed her of her innocence.   After she got out I turned around and headed back to the lake.   I know I'll probably never get another shot at that little, blonde, teen pussy, but hey you never know.   Depends on wehter she tells or not and if I left any decent impression on her or not. . . . .


  . . . . . . but that'll be another story maybe!


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