My Slave, My Lover


He walked to the bed and sat down next to her. He leaned towards her and kissed her softly at first but she wanted aggressiveness toingiht. She forced her tongue into his mouth and rolled him onto his back straddling him, she began to ride him just to tease him. She leaned down to kiss him and reached under the pillow and grabbed out two pairs of handcuffs. “Stand up Slave. ” She ordered“Yes Mistress”He stood on command, as he normally did when she commanded him he knew that if he were to disobey her then she would torture him to the point of cumming and not let him, this was a risk he didn’t want to take today. She sat up on the bed and grabbed his shirt and ripped it open, the buttons flying all over the room. She stood up and grabbed his nipples and dug her thumbnail into them and pinched and twisted them, watching him cringe in pain. She dropped to her knees and untied his shoes and took them off along with his socks. She reached up and unbuttoned his pants letting them fall to the floor, he hadn’t worn boxers that day, so his cock was in her face. She looked up at him and then at his 8-inch cock that was about an inch and a half thick. “Not now Slave,” She said, making him shutter as she smacked his cock with her hand. She moved her hands down to his ankles, she dug her nails into his skin and clawed up his legs and up further to his chest. His head flung back not from pain but from pleasure, this kind of thing from her was not only amazing but also rare, so he had learned to enjoy it. She laid him down on his stomach on the bed. She went to her walk in closet and came out with a big black drawer.

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   She opened the door and grabbed two more pairs of handcuffs; she sat them down next to the other pairs. She grabbed her riding crop along with her paddle and 6ft whip, she had taken a class to learn how to whip people so she wouldn’t hurt him, which made them both more comfortable. “Don’t move Slave,” She demanded. She picked up the paddle and walked over to him. He knew what she had, and he knew the rules that she had enforced over the years since they had married. She drew the paddle back and smacks it hard across his ass. “Again Mistress”Smack she hit him again. “Again Mistress” Smack she hit him again. “Again Mistress”Smack she hit him again. “Again Mistress” He pleaded. “No Slave, turn over NOW!” She ordered. He did as commanded as she pick up her whip and back away from the bed. She let the whip fall to the ground. She arched her arm back and cracked the whip across his legs; she reached back again and hit him on his legs again moving further up his body. She reached back again and hit him across his stomach, followed by his chest.

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   She started to drop the whip but looked at him and grinned seductively. She reached back and cracked the whip as hard as she could, landing it just inches above his erect member. She looked at him as he writhed in pain; he knew not to scream because if he did she wouldn’t have missed his cock. “Thank you Mistress” He said in a whimpering voice. “Your welcome Slave” She said with a low evil laugh.
    She walked over to the bed and grabbed the handcuffs, she picked them up and grabbed his left arm and knelled over the bed and handcuffed his arm to the bed, making sure that her tits ran across his face. She grabbed his right arm and attached it to the bed. She grabbed the last two pairs of handcuffs and attached his legs to the bed. She reached behind her and unhooked her bra, reviling her breasts to her slave. She reached the inside of her boy cuts and turned around, taking them off and showing off her ass to him, she knew that he loved her ass as much if not more that her breasts, and that not being able to grab it in this situation was torture in itself for him. “Slave, would you like to make love to your Mistress?” She asked seductively. “Yes mistress. ” He answered; pleading could be heard in his voice. “Beg me Slave,” She said as she picked up her riding crop. “Please, let me stick my big hard dick into your tight wet pussy Mistress.

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      ” He begged“Again and better Slave” She said as she smacked him with the riding crop across the chest. “Please, Mistress let me fuck you how you want with my big hard cock sliding in and out of your tight wet pussy. ” He begged“ On a few conditions Slave, you spank me while I fuck you, and tell me what a naughty girl your Mistress is. And when and IF I let you cum, you say, “ I love my naught Mistress,” She ordered as she smacked his dick with the riding crop. “Agreed Mistress” She could still hear the begging in his voice as he answered. She got on the bed and positioned herself just inches above his cock…………TO BE CONTINUEDFirst, this is my first story and I welcome all comments (Even you anal people who will tell me something about grammer :P ) Secondly if you are upset about the ending, I thought that it would be an exelent way to end PT. 1 so if that is what you are complaing about tough luck. :P.

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