my very special first time, true story PART 1


He and I were both virgins and 16 years old when we first met on a summer study-abroad trip to France. It was a small group of ten students and one leader, and none of us had ever met before. The sexual tension between he and I was enormous. Romance (let alone sex) was against the rules on our trip, so in the first week we knew each other the most we did was flirt. . . and a lot of it. He'd give me piggy back rides around our house, let me sit on his lap on the couch and sleep on his shoulder on the train, jump on me to wake me up in the morning, and even more provocatively - inform me when he got boners. I pretended to find this really strange, but secretly it turned me on very much.
Our first week consisted of only flirting, although fairly physical flirting. We talked about past relationships at home, sharing that we'd both made out with the opposite sex before but nothing further. Every day I thought more and more about how I wanted to be with him, in any way I could. My other friends on the trip kept telling me that I should go for it - try and hook up with him. Yes, romance was forbidden, but when else would I get this chance? I was far away from home, in FRANCE of all countries, with a guy who was as incredibly attracted to me as I was to him. But sadly, I figured, we would never find a time or a place alone to actually get serious. .

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  . and who was saying he actually wanted to get serious with me? 
I was proven wrong that weekend, only six days after I met him. Our group was taking a weekend trip to Paris, and was staying in a old, run-down hotel. Without air conditioning or an abundance of space, the place was very cramped and stuffy. To worsen matters, the hotel booked our rooms incorrectly. Instead of having four rooms for us at the hotel, they booked only three rooms. Our leader made new room assignments, placing five of the girls in a room and the four guys and a girl in another room. I, to my happiness, was assigned to room with the guys. Immediately I thought of the possibilities the night could bring. After we got all of our room assignments sorted out, we were told to go to our rooms for the night. My friends gave me winks as I entered my third floor room with the guys, as everyone else including our leader kept climbing the stairs to their fifth floor rooms. The first thing we realized was that the room had only four teeny tiny beds - not more than a couple feet wide. One bed would have to be shared among two of us. The guys all scrambled to claim a bed for themselves, telling me that I had to share because I was the smallest, and, "After all," they said - "It's weird for two guys to share a bed. " My "special guy" felt some pity (or that's what he played it up as) for me, and offered to share his bed.

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   Our small bed was a little secluded from the others, in the corner of the room against the wall.
Tired out from the day's travels, the five of us started preparing for bed. . . although joking around the whole time. Looking through the bag I had packed for the weekend, I realized I had forgotten any clothes or even a tank top to sleep in. One of the guys offered me a tee shirt, which I gladly accepted as sleepwear - my only other option was underwear, and although I was definitely dreaming about having sex sometime soon, I was NOT a slut in any way. Our hotel was so cheap it didn't even have a bathroom in each room (there was one communal bathroom on each floor) so all I could do was just turn away from the guys when I slipped off my cotton summer dress and threw on one of their random tee shirts to sleep in. They all claimed that they wouldn't look, but in the reflection of the mirror I could see them all sneaking glances at me unhooking my bra, and staring at my lacy pink thong. I pretended not to notice. . . I liked the attention I was getting and didn't want it to stop. I decided to be a little more flirty before we all went to bed, flopping down on top of the other guys sitting in their beds, letting the tee shirt ride up a bit. I let my hair out of its clip and let it fall sexily over my shoulders.

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   Upon climbing into bed, I could see (or should I say FEEL) that *he* was digging it. When wearing only boxers and laying down in a tiny and cramped bed, it was difficult for him to hide his hard dick from rubbing on my bare thigh. With the lights off and the noise of Paris drifting through the open window, we could both sense that now would be our time to hook up, or go even farther.  
After barely a minute of lying in bed together, he rolled on top of me and bent down and kissed me. I kissed him back passionately, thrilled to finally have his tongue intertwined with mine. These were kisses like I'd never felt before. He opened his eyes and looked at me, and when our eyes met I gave him a nod, allowing him to go farther. The oversized tee shirt came off quickly when he slid it over my head and off my arms, dropping it onto the floor. I was sure the other guys could hear us, but it only made me hornier to know that they were listening to our every move, their dicks no doubt becoming hard and erect. But he and I were still curtained by darkness and the noise of late-night Parisian streets.  
He took a break from kissing my mouth, lips, and neck and moved down to my breasts. They weren't too big, only a B cup, but I was reassured when he whispered in my ear, "I'm liking these. . . " He moved his mouth back to my chest and kissed my hard nipples, his right hand stroking my boobs.

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   It felt positively erotic, even though we both still had underwear on. He sucked on my nipples once more, and then we flipped so that I was on top of him, taking my turn in control. I bent down and kissed him, sucking on his lip, running my hands down his toned and tan chest. I could feel his long, hard, penis on my thigh again. I could only contain myself for another minute of kissing him and his chest before I asked him with my eyes if I could go lower.
I slowly pulled down his boxers all the way, dropping them on the floor next to my discarded tee shirt. It was my first time seeing a real dick in person, and I was as fucking horny as hell at the sight. I could feel myself getting wet in my thong as I surveyed his penis with one hand and propped myself up on top of him with the other. I felt the entire shaft, probably about 6 inches long, with a throbbing vein on one side. I ran my fingers, slick with his pre-cum, over the dick head, as hard as a rock and begging to be sucked. I fingered his balls, getting hornier by the second, until I couldn't hold back any longer and put my mouth over the thick and pulsating head of his penis, sucking at it hard and running my tongue all around. I took it back deeper into my throat, encouraged by his satisfied groans. I sucked at it more, stroking my pussy still in my thong with the hand not keeping myself propped up, as we were laying down in bed. When I went silent for a moment, catching my breath after deep-throating his cock, I could hear the noise of one of the other guys silently jacking off, undoubtedly horny after hearing this blow job. I stroked his penis some more with my hand, lubed up from feeling my wet pussy, and sucked his balls.

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   It was hard to be gentle when I wanted him in me so fucking bad. I could barely believe that I'd never done this before. It all felt so right and so natural that I almost believed that I had been doing this my whole life. He suddenly sat up a little bit, and told me, "I'm about. . . to cum. . . " - almost strangled by the pleasure he was feeling. I wanted to take it straight into my mouth, so I could feel his hot cum on my tongue and on my lips. All of a sudden a white liquid shot out of the head of his penis and into my mouth. The salty flavor of his cum was the best I had ever tasted, and I swallowed it all to his delight.  
Soon we were both tired, and although still horny, we knew we couldn't go on. We didn't have a condom with us, and the next day was going to be extremely tiresome, and we needed our sleep.

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   We fell asleep in our little bed together, naked and in plain view of the other guys. I didn't care at all, I just had the best night of my life - so far. We both knew that soon, even more could be in store for us. . . we still had two more weeks together in France and one more night in the hotel. When we woke up, we woke up knowing that the night we had was incredibly pleasurable. . . and that even more was to come.  

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