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I have a way of running into trouble it seems especially during the Summer months. I needed cash one summer and so signed up for a survey that involved sexuality and that led to an actual in depth character study, filming me and everything since they were interested in my survey.
I had become very liberated and was doing anything sexually that I felt that I wanted to do. I do mean anything as some of my other posts have indicated. Well, the survey came at the time that I was seeing a counselor for some problems. I have a very high and veried sex drive, in short, any sex is good sex and if it lasts a long time it is better sex. The survey said that I was (and still am) a nymphomaniac. I could have told them that without the survey but they did not ask.
The survey led to my counselor, Ms. Jenkins, who asked to explore my sexuality. I had felt very guily about my desires and she, after several sessions, made me feel good that whatever I felt good doing was fine and natural. She told me she wanted to film me and it was for her Ph. D. in Pschy. so I said yes, especially after the offer of $1000 came up for each month of interviews I did. She told me to dress casually and be comfortable and to arrive at the studio at 10AM which I did.


   I wore a button up blouse and casual pants and my best bra, that held me up the best. I wore a thong under and was feeling good as I arrived but nervous.
As I came in Ms. Jenkins gave me a drink and we sat and talked both of us sipping our dirnks. "What I need to do Teresa is to film you indulging yur passions. I see that you enjoy oral sex and that it makes you cum and that you squirt, we would like to film this al in the first session, then in other sessions film other likes you have, bondage, spanking, women, group sex and the like. Anytime yuo want to stop just say so. " I was nervouse but said I was ready and needed the money. Well, that Summer I earned $4,ooo and went on not thinking of the experience which was great. Sex and paid and loving it all.
A couple years later I saw a class I wanted to sign up for and it was in the Human Behavior department. It was "Sexuality" and I thought, what the hell, sounds good. I was shaken to see that Ms. Jenkins was the professor as I entered and she greeted me warmly. "Good to have you in the class, I am sure you will enjoy it.

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  " she said and I sat near the back of the room. For the first 3 sessions there was lecture that covered the different kinds of sexual practices and why they were thought to be natural or not and why she thought that they were all fine as long as the people involved liked it.
THe fourth session we arrived and there was a video projector set up and the room was set up for viewing films. Ms. Jenkins smiled at me as she introduced the session which was a 3 hour session. "We will see the first of several live exhibts of what we have lecutred about. The first is nymphomania. I must ask that if you are ofended by total sexual expression by adults that you can leave anytime. No one wants to go? Good, lets begin. "
The screen came on and I was sitting on the edge of a bed, siping wine. Ms. Jenkins was off camera asking questions. "So, Teresa, you love to perform oral pleasure?" "Yes, I do. " "On men? Or women too. " "Both, men are best though.

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  " "Why is that?" "Because I like to feel a man in my mouth and down my throat. " "Is that all?" "No, I like to have a man cum in my mouth and I like the taste and I swallow. " "You swallow his cum?" "Yes. " "What else do yu like about it?" "It makes me cum" "really? Just sucking a man and having him cum in your mouth makes you cum?" "Yes" I said on the screen, people now looking at me and smiling. "I squirt when I have an orgasm and it is almost like I am peeing. " "Really? Would you mind us having a demonstration?" "No not at all, shall I undress?" "Well, just the pants and undies so we can see you squirt and film it happening. "
Several moans came from the men in the class hoping that my 44EEE tits would be exposed I guess. I pulled off my pants and thong and sat on the edge of the bed my legs apart so that someone could stand in front of me. "Brad is yur subject to suck Teresa, show us the best you can please. " "Can I do it till I get it right?" I asked and the 5 people in the room on the screen laughed. "Ms. Jenkins said, "Of course. " Brad stepped forward and I leaned forward taking his pants and removing them and massaging his cock to hard and them carressing it lovlingly. Pre cum leaking out and I lickd it off his cock and took it into my mouth and began slowly sucking him down. He was about 8 or so inches and tasted great.

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      I began geting hot while watching and was wet in my seat. It was obvious that everyone was watching me and the screen. I was now going crazy on the screen and the camera focused on my pussy and soon I had an orgasm and soaked the camera lens. A little cum dripped out of my mouth and I licked my lips.
    Brad felt great he said and I asked, "Do you want me to do it again?" "Do you want to?" asked Ms. Jenkins. "Yes. " I said without hesitating. Another man stepped up and I took him into my throat and again soaked the camera after a while and again he had filled me. "Okay Teresa, that is good for now. " Ms. Jenkins said again off camera. I was flushed on the screen and in my seat and soaking wet. "What next?" I said into the camera. "You are bi-sexual?" she asked.

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       "Oh yes, very. " "Pam, step to the bed please and undress. " A slim woman stepped to the side of the bed and I got up and helped her undress. She reached out and took off my blouse and bra and my tits fell out and the nipples were hard, huge and dark. "Oh my god" Pam said as she took them and massaged them. "Okay Teresa, enjoy. " I pushed her to the bed and dove next to her kissing her passionately and we began devouring each other. Soon we were doing a wet 69 and soaking each others faces with orgasms.
    Pa, got on top of me and began pulling my tits out hard, using my nipples to cause me to moan and cry out as they hurt some. She twisted them first one way then the other and sucked them hard biting them some and licking them. I was reaching up doing her 34C tits the same way and we both rubbed pussies together as orgasm soaked the sheets. Finally Ms. Jenkins turned off the film and the lights were on. "Okay class, next time more of Teresa's nymphomania behavior. Meanwhile, A three page essay of what you think of the films.

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    Ms. Jenkins waited until everyone left and came over and kissed me. "YOu need not do the essay if you will stay now for extra credit. " MY clothes fell to the floor and she went down to my tits on her knees. "Oh yes, yes" we were moaning and two hours later we left.
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