Sheila's toilet fart domination


Sheila's toilet fart dominationIt had been about a month when Sheila farted all over me at thedetention. Back then she said something like: "Let's do this againsometime. When I've loaded lots of gas to my stomach". But Sheilahasn't talked to me after that day, and I'm thinking, has she forgottenher promise. I would love to smell her farts again, but on the otherhand, I am a bit terrified if I'm getting under her ass again. Somedays I have noticed, when I'm sitting near her in classroom, that herstomach is grumbling a lot. And sometimes, by looking her facialemotions, it looks like she is about to fart, but she is forcing itback in. Well now it's Friday and the last lesson was about to end. Just before the teacher gave permission to go home, my pencil case fellto the floor and the things inside it, spreaded all over the floor. Istarted picking them up, while everyone else was going home. "Lock thedoor when you leave, please". I heard teacher saying somewhere aboveme. I mumbeled something like: "No problem". I heard teacher leavingand I got myself up from the floor and packed rest of my stuff in mybag. I was leaving, but then Sheila walked in and smiled. "Oh, hiSheila!" I said to her.

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   "Hello to yourself. " Sheila answered. "Youknow, I haven't farted a single time after the detention. So I'veholded up farts and eating all gassy stuff for and entire month!"Sheila said and started walking closer to me. I was silent and watchedSheila. She was right in front of me and then she lifted her butt a bitand: "BRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRPPPPPPP!" Oh god, how worse her fartssmelled now. They were at least twice more terrible then a month ago. She laughed, turned around and moved her ass really close to my face. "PROOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOFFFF!" I started coughing and holding up my nose. Then Sheila turned back on me and said: "C'mon. Let's go somewheremore. . . private". We lefted from the classroom and locked the doorbehind.

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   She led me to the lady's room. She locked the door thightly andpushed me sitting on the toilet. Sheila crouched and pushed her buttall over my face. She pushed my head all the way to the back wall. There was no escape behind her ass. "BROOOOOOOOOOOOOFFFFFFFFFFF! Smellymy gassy pleasure!" I heard Sheila yelling to me. The fart smelled sobad that my head started spinning immediately. "Get ready for thisone!" Sheila said after the first fart. "BRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAFFFFFFFFFFFF!" I tried to hold my breath, butSheila's farts were too powerful. I was feeling now very dizzy. Sheilatook her ass away from my face. I was still feeling dizzy so I couldn'tsee very well. But I could see that Sheila opened her jeans and tookthem off. She was wearing sexy Tiger-pattern panties. She opened herjacket and took it off too.

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   She was wearing bras that had the samepattern like in the panties. She walked over me and grabbed me from myhair, lifted the toilet ring, placed my head underneath it and droppedthe ring down. She sat on the ring, her ass was right over my face. Icouldn't move and after about two seconds:"PRRRRRRROOOOOOOOOOOOOFFFFFFF!" A smelly ripper released from her assright on my nose. "Suck these slave!" Sheila yelled and releasedseveral smelly farts. "PROOOOF! BRAAAAF! PROOOOOT!. . . " I smelled themall and then I couldn't see or feel anything. Sheila finally got up andI started breathing the air. I still couldn't see properly, but myvision got better after taking several long breaths. Sheila wasmodelling herself through the mirror. "Ooohh! I'm so plump!" She said,but she looked pretty happy saying that. "Do you find my plump bodysexy?" Sheila asked me. I was feeling so dizzy that I wouldn't carewhat would happen, so I nodded.

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   "Can you find my gassy ass hot?" Sheasked. I nodded again. All I wanted is to get out. Sheila put her handto her panties and started rubbing. "Do you get wet dreams thinking ofme?" Sheila said, sounding pretty aroused. I remembered the wet dreamwhat I saw last month from her. I nodded again. "Oh. . . god!" She said,rubbing even harded. "Come here!" She said. I went. My legs wereshacking when I walked next to her. She grabbed my head and pushed itagainst her ass.

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   For few seconds I only could see the Tiger-patterns onher panties and then: "PRRRRRROOOOOFFF!" She farted again. I was nowvery close to collapse. "You get me very aroused!" She said and fartedagain. "Nobody finds me hot, or loves my farts, but you!" She continuedwhile farting small, but stinky farts. She rubbed my head against herpanties. "BRRRRRRPPPPPP!" She farted once more. I couldn't take itanymore. I passed out. I felt something wet was dripping on my face. First I thought it iswater, that someone "good guy" is dripping it on me so that I wake up. But then I opened my eyes a bit and I got pretty shocked; I was lyingon the floor and Sheila was standing on top of me and pissing all overmy face. I opened my mouth to say something, but that was a bigmistake. Really fast movements, Sheila put a small stick vertically tomy mouth, so I couldn't close my mouth. Sheila pissed in my mouth andforced me to drink it all. After she ran out of piss, she took thestick out of my mouth and trashed it.

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   "I hope you don't mind the brutalmeanings I needed to do to get you awaken again". Sheila said andsmiled. I was again wordless. "Shall we continue?" She asked. I justlaid on the floor, saying nothing. I saw that Sheila was all naked. Shespreaded her buttcheeks and sitted on my face again. "Now you'll feelmy toughest farts straight to your nose, slave!" She yelled and took asmothering position. "BROOOOOOOFF!" Sheila released very wet fart,which smelled so much that I tought I would pass out again. "Yeah! Havesome more! PRRRROOOOOOOOOOOOOOOFFFFFFFF!" Sheila yelled and farted. Myeyes got wet and my head was spinning so much that I couldn't feel anyof my limbs anymore. I heard, that her stomach was grumbling again. "Ohdamn! Oh my god! Now comes the big one!" Sheila said and took a goodposition and released a long, smelly and wet fart. I tried to escapeunder her ass and get some fresh air, but I found it useless. For myluck Sheila finally got up.

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   I took long breaths of fresh air. I sawSheila rubbing her pussy again and looking at me. After few minutes, Icould smell the aromas, rising up from her pussy. Suddenly she came infront of me. She grabbed my head and pushed it between her hairy pussylips and sat on my face again. She squeesed her lips shut so I couldn'tget my nose of there. The aromas were stunning and my vision becameblurr. Sheila started rubbing my nose inside her pussy and I couldheard that made her very aroused. Suddenly she released my nose. Sheilagot up and kept rubbing her pussy. Until she fired her juices all overmy face, just like last time. Sheila bend down and started licking myface and finally kissed me. She just smiled and got up. I was justabout to pass out again, because of her aromatic juices. Then shereleased few more farts on the air.

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   Those farts made me to pass outI started waking up. I could see only a little, but I noticed thatI wasn't at the toilet anymore. Then I spotted Sheila standing next tome, naked again and smiling. "You passed out again". She said. "I'vegot still few more farts left". She laughed and again, spreaded herbuttcheeks and sat on my face. "PRRRRRRROOOOOOOOOOOOOFFFF!BROOOOOOOOOOT! BRAAAAAAAAAF! PRRRRRRRRRRRRAAAAATTT!. . . " Sheila fartedaway rest of her farts and I was again nearby to faint, but I managedto stay awake. Sheila got up and said: "Mmmmh! Not bad. You survivedfrom my smelly torture. " She smiled. "By the way, you nodded when Iasked you, 'do you find my plump body hot', right?" I nodded again andshe then she said: "Good.

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   I'll remember that nod". She smiled again,dressed up and left and I also got up. I noticed that I was on one ofthe corridors of the school. I went home and shower. I found Sheilapretty hot, when I thought her naked body and ass later in thatevening. I started jacking off and I shot the load in few minutes. Iwent to bed still thinking about Sheila. The EndBe sure to check out the forums for more great stories http://www. sexstoriespost. com/forums/index. phpor our new story site http://www. bluestories. com/forums/index. php.
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