The Gettoghether


The get-together was going well.   I always loved hanging out at my brother’s house because he is four years my junior and his wife, Trish, is a babe and a half.   Plus, Trish always had friends over for these parties, and her friends were always knockouts as well.   This was indeed the case for Cathy.   She was tall, probably 5’10” or so and slender.   She had smallish breasts but a killer ass and her legs were smooth and muscular.   She had long, streaked blonde hair and full, pouting lips.   As soon as I met her I wondered what those lips would feel like encircling my cock.   Cathy was friendly but shy, demure almost.   The entire weekend I think I heard her say three words.   In any event, she was recently divorced and seemed like she was open to my subtle advances.   On Sunday night, as everyone was preparing to leave, I leaned close to Cathy and asked if she would like to meet me for a cup of coffee.   She said “sure!”   Feeling pretty good about myself, we made plans to meet at a Starbucks not far from her apartment.   She said that she wasn’t dressed to go out and that I should meet her there in two hours.
Two hours had passed and I was sitting comfortably in a corner booth watching the front door.   When Cathy walked in all eyes in the place were on her.


     I literally had to shut my mouth that had fallen open.   Cathy was dressed to the nines in a short, black leather skirt, four-inch ankle strap heels, stockings and a red stretchy top that perfectly accented her figure even giving her a hint of cleavage.   She had on blood red lipstick and her eyes were an amazing green.   “Don’t remember those eyes. ” I thought to myself as she came over to my booth, heels clicking softly on the tile floor.   Cathy sat down, my eyes drawn to her crossing legs.   “Hi!” she said brightly.   “Been waiting for me long?”   “You look AMAZING!” I replied.   “Thanks, I try. ” “So what would you like to drink?” I queried.   “Oh, whatever you’re having I guess.   I am not much of a coffee drinker. ”   I ordered two French roast grandes and turned my attention back to my date.   “Prospects are looking up for tonight. ” I thought.

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     We chatted for a while and got to know one another.   I was enjoying myself immensely when Cathy looked at her watch. “I should be getting home.   It is getting late. ”   “Let me walk you home. ”   I offered.   “Oh no, I will be fine.   My apartment is just a couple of blocks away. ”   “I insist.   You look way to good to be alone on the street at this time of night. ” I grinned.   “Well, if you insist. ” Cathy smiled.   “Lets go. ”   Getting up, I opened the door for Cathy and we stepped out into the night.

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     “Pretty slick there ace. ”   I thought to myself.  
We walked the two blocks quickly laughing and talking the whole way.   I took Cathy’s hand about half way there and she didn’t protest.   Arriving at her door, I turned Cathy around and leaned in close.   “Can I see you again?”   I asked.   Of course I was hoping she was going to invite me in, but I thought I should play it cool for now.   “Yes, in fact, why not right now?”   With that, Cathy gave me a subtle lick on my lips and turned her attention to the key.   Opening the door she stepped inside quickly motioning me to follow her.   I stepped into the darkness unable to make out many features.   Taking my hand, Cathy led me down a hallway and into a large room.   “Kind of big for a bedroom. ” I thought.   But those thoughts were quickly gone as I felt Cathy’s warm soft lips pressing against mine.   Backing me toward the bed, she started tugging at my shirt and pulling on my belt buckle.

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     I fell backward on the bed with Cathy on top of me, her tongue darting back and forth in my mouth.   Soon I was naked, my cock standing at attention.   “Here, take this. ”   Cathy had a small blue pill in her hand.   “I don’t need that. ” I replied.   “Oh, you will” she said.   “For what I have planned for us you will need it!”   Shrugging, I swallowed the pill and accepted the drink she handed me.   We lay back down on the bed and went back to making out.   That is the last thing I remember before falling asleep.   I suddenly couldn’t keep my eyes open.   When I awoke the room was brightly lit.   I tried to get up but found that my hands were tied behind my back.   I was laying, chest down, on a type of padded bench with my legs splayed apart and my knees on a padded platform below the bench.   I surveyed my surroundings and noted several different types of paddles, whips, straps, chains, etc.

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   lining the walls.   I was in, I guessed, her dungeon.   About this time I heard the click clack of Cathy’s heels on the tile floor approaching.   She walked in and smiled mischievously.   “Ah, awake are we?   I am getting quite good at mixing that drink if I do say so myself. ”   “What the hell is going on here Cathy!”   I demanded.   “You, my dear, are in my dungeon.   And you are going to be used for my pleasure.   You can either go along and enjoy it or you can fight me and probably not enjoy it at all. ”   “First, I am not into your little game. ” I said, “and furthermore, I will not be tied and kept like a dog.   Release me at once. ”   I demanded.   “Oh, a feisty one!” Cathy feigned surprise.   “I like the feisty ones very much.

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     You are going to be fun!”   With that she strode around the room musing over which crop she was going to select.   Cathy settled on a long slender one with a wide patch of well-worn leather on the end.   Bringing it over in front of me she asked, “Do you know what this is?”   “NO, and I don’t want to!” I replied nervously.   I knew full well what she intended to do with that crop, and I didn’t want any part of it, or did I?   As Cathy walked around behind me I struggled to see what she was doing.   I didn’t have to wait long to find out.   Suddenly, WHACK!   “DAMNIT BITCH!” I screamed.   WHACK! WHACK! WHACK!   My ass was on fire.   There were tears in my eyes as I tried in vain to avoid the crop.   “Now, the first lesson you need to learn is how to respond to me when I discipline you.   The correct response is ‘Oh yes mistress. ’   Do you think you can handle that?”   “Fuck off bitch!”   With that Cathy proceeded to turn my ass a crimson red.   I was in agony but at the same time I felt myself getting hard!   Finally I couldn’t stand it anymore.   “Oh yes Mistress!” I gasped.   With that, Cathy stopped swatting me.   “Very good slave, you held out longer than most.

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     I am impressed. ”   With that she walked over to a cabinet and returned with something in her hand.   “Now that I have you talking I am going to shut you up. ”   Cathy was holding a three-inch long penis gag.   “Open wide big boy and I will soothe that burning ass of yours. ”   When I didn’t respond she simply pinched my nose shut.
      Soon I couldn’t stand it and opened my mouth to breath.   Cathy quickly slipped the head of the gag past my teeth and shoved it in all the way.   I gagged and choked but I heard Cathy telling me to just relax my mouth and it would go away.   I tried and sure enough, the gagging stopped.   “Very good slave.   You are just more and more impressive all the time.   And from the state of your dick I would say you are enjoying this a little more than you would like to admit. ”   She was right.   My cock was as hard as iron.

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         Cathy reached down and wrapped her fingers around my boner one finger at a time.   Her gloved hand felt cool on my red-hot cock.   She slowly pumped me up and down a few times until I was very nearly ready to cum.   I was moaning around the gag and begging her to finish me off but she abruptly stopped.   My dick was so hard now it ached.   I was desperate for her to make me cum.   But Cathy was walking over to the cabinet again.   She took something out of the cabinet and then picked up a harness.   She stepped into the harness and cinched it tight.   Next she adjusted a couple of straps and adjusted something in front.   Cathy was standing with her back to me and I couldn’t see what she was doing.   When she turned around it was only too obvious.   Walking toward me, Cathy was rubbing lube on her enormous black cock!   “Do you know what I am going to do with this slave?   Huh?   Can you guess?” Cathy asked mischievously.     Walking around behind me, Cathy took my cock in her hand and attached a leather harness around my balls that had a chain hooked to one end.   The other end Cathy held in her hand.

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         Tossing her blonde hair she stepped between my legs.   “Now, relax and you will enjoy this I promise.   Fight it and you won’t, I promise. ”   With that, Cathy placed the head of the cock against my asshole.   I tried to relax as much as possible and then Cathy pushed the head of the cock into me.   It felt cool and firm in my ass.   Cathy took my hips in her hands and slowly slid the rest of the cock into me.   I gasped as I felt it filling me up.   It was so smooth and cool and firm as I felt it go deeper and deeper into me.   I moaned around the gag as I savored the feeling.   “Ah, very good slave.   I suspected you would like this very much. ” Cathy grinned.   “Now for some real pleasure. ”   Cathy began sliding the dildo into me and slowly pulling it out nearly all the way before sliding it back in.

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         Each time she got in all the way she gave a little tug on the chain attached to my balls and my sack would touch her clit.   Soon Cathy was moaning and gasping as she fucked me.   With each thrust my cock felt like it was getting harder and harder.   Finally, I felt Cathy start to shudder.   She cried out “OH FUCK!   OH YES!   OH GOD YES!” and with that I came.   I shot spurt after spurt of my hot come all over the floor.   Cathy collapsed on top of me and tried to regain her composure.   I felt her breathing slowing back to normal as she stood up and slowly withdrew the dildo from deep in my ass.   I had never felt so satisfied.   “Well slave, I think that is enough for one session. ”   Glancing at her watch, she said “I think I like you so much I am going to keep you for a while. ”   Seeing the look in my eyes, Cathy grinned, “Just kidding!”