The Hitch Hiker


Slowing down carefully, Dan eased the car onto the shoulder, then backed up even more carefully. When the figure was about fifteen feet behind his car, he stopped and beeped the horn. To his surprise a rain-sodden woman opened the door, slid, dripping, into the passenger seat, and pushed a small backpack down between her feet. She looked like a drowned rat. Her clothes were thoroughly drenched, her hair was plastered to her face, and her shoes were an absolute wreck. When Danny reached over to pull the door shut, he noticed that she had a bulging stomach; she appeared to be somewhat pregnant. The girl partly turned her young, pretty face to him and said, "Thanks, mister; thanks for stopping. " Daniel was fascinated by pregnant women; possibly it had something to do with his own marital failure. He had looked forward to fucking Sally when she was with child. He had anticipated placing his hands on her swollen belly as his slid his cock deep into her cunt. However, that never happened. Now such a women with her fetus developing within her, growing and pushing her tummy out, was seated next to him, exciting him. Maybe, he thought, he could ingratiate himself with her and see what developed. When he arrived at his motel, it would be easy to invite her to his room. "Where are you headed?" he asked as he turned up the heater. "I don't know," she mumbled, hanging her head down.

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   "I'm going to Erie; I'll take you there if you want. " "Great. " "Are you feeling the heat now?" he asked, still adjusting the control of the ventilation system. "Yes, thanks. " Daniel continued to ask her a new question every few minutes, and eventually, in spite of her laconic answers, he obtained a small list of facts about the girl. Her name was Vera and her parents, self righteous christian fundamentalists, had kicked her out of the house when her condition became an embarrassment to them. She looked young, but claimed to be seventeen and had just graduated from high school the previous June. When Daniel suggested a hot meal, Vera turned her head toward him for the first time and smiled at him. "Thanks," she said. "That would be very nice. I do feel hungry. " Looking ahead, he saw a small mall and pulled into it. He saw what he was looking for, "Country Jim's General Store. " He pulled up near the entrance and parked the car. "We have to get you into some dry clothes.

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  " "I only have about ten dollars," Vera admitted. "No," Danny said. "We have to get you dry clothes. You select an outfit, and I pay for it, ok?" Reluctantly agreeing, she got out of the car with him and followed him into the store. Inside they went immediately to the pregnant ladies' department. The sales lady became a little upset because Vera donned her clothes right away and did not carry them out of the store, but Danny explained, "She had an accident; she fell into a big puddle. " Near the highway was a fast food outlet, "Burger Queen. " Dan reparked the car there, and they went inside. He only had a big cup of tea, but Vera had a double burger, fries, and a large coffee. The way she wolfed her food down indicated that she was more than a little hungry. She offered to pay, but Danny refused and told her to save her money for a rainy day. She smiled at his joke, but refused his offer for seconds. An hour later, they arrived at his motel on the edge of Erie. "I can offer you a hot shower and a warm bed for the night, Vera, if you don't mind staying in my room with me," he said. She agreed after considering his offer for a minute, but added, "I'm not really a slut, you know.

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  " "I understand," he answered. "Tomorrow morning you can decide what to do and where to go, but tonight you can rest and think about things. " After he changed his reservation from single to double occupancy, he moved the car, and they went to his room. He unlocked the door and invited her to go in ahead of him. She seemed impressed by the furnishings and decor, although he did not see them as being special. He wondered about her background after seeing her react to an ordinary motel room as if it were a palace chamber. Danny convinced Vera to warm up with a hot shower, and, while she was showering, he carried her soaked clothing to a dryer at the end of the hall and dropped a couple of quarters in. That should be enough to bake most of the water out, he thought. When he got back to his room, Vera was sitting on the bed with towels wrapped about her. She was really beautiful, with long, auburn hair and dark brown eyes. She told him that she was just over three months pregnant. She claimed that a former boyfriend was the father, but he ran off as soon as she told him that she was pregnant. She had no idea where he was. "Could I see you?" Daniel asked, pointing at her swollen stomach. "I've always wanted to see what that looked like.

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  " Vera looked into his eyes and then slowly permited her towels to drop away, revealing her naked body. Dan stared, not only at her big belly, but also at her engorged breasts, exposed now for his inspection. "Could I touch your tummy?" he asked. Her exposed damp, naked body and her distended belly excited Danny's lustful mind. His eyes ran over her firm, flaring hips; her swollen breasts were already showing signs of her pregnancy. He could feel his cock begin to rise within his briefs. It had been such a long time since he had been with so young a woman, and one so beautiful. Vera saw him staring at her breasts, swelling out with nutrients for the baby growing within her, and saw his eyes stare at her large nipples. She reached up and expressed some milk from one boob. Dan was amazed that, at this early stage, her breasts could lactate, watching as a little fluid oozed out. He was so aroused that he ran his fingers across her stomach, feeling how tight it was. He looked down at the thick bush of pubic hair and then up at her face. She had a little smile on her lips, showing that she comprehended his need to use her body, to fuck her pussy. She moved up on the bed, away from him, allowing him to see clearly the waiting red slash of her cunt. Danny pulled off his clothes and lay down between her outstretched legs.

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   Crawling closer, he positioned his head between her firm thighs and began to kiss his way toward her swollen pussy. As he placed his lips on her labia and tentatively licked her clit, Vera moved her hands to Dan's head and ran her fingers through his thick dark hair. Dan cupped her ass cheeks and pulled her pussy to his eager mouth. He kissed and tongue-fucked her, shoving his tongue deeper each time, trying to stuff it deep into her vagina. Vera wriggled and gasped with the deep pleasure his mouth was providing. After enjoying her tasty twat, Dan pulled his mouth from her clit and began to kiss his way up her bulging belly. She cupped her breasts and offered him her long teats. He eagerly accepted a big nipple and, as he suckled on her tit, he was rewarded with a few drops of her warm, sweet milk. She pulled herself into a sitting position, and cradled his head in her arms as he sucked and kissed her breast. When he peeked up at her face, she was smiling contentedly with her eyes half closed. "Do the other one now," she whispered softly after few minutes. Danny moved around and began sucking on her other nipple, and was again rewarded with a few drops of Vera's warm milk. He was hugely turned on by her lactating, and his cock began to ache with its need. He gave up Vera's nipple and knelt next to her with his erect penis inches from her face.
    She grasped the shaft of his penis and fed the swollen head into her mouth.

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       Watching the young girl eagerly accept his hard cock into her mouth made Danny even more excited. While Vera sucked Daniel's penis, he stroked her lactating breasts and gravid stomach. He could see that she was also becoming extremely aroused. Danny understood now that pregnant women were extremely sexy. He began to fuck Vera's face and moved his hard cock in and out of her mouth while she sucked him and pumped his shaft with her soft little hand. Her tongue swirled around his glans, and her cheeks were indented by the suction she was applying. "I need to fuck you," he gasped. I need to come inside your pussy. " "Yes, baby, fuck my hot pussy," Vera moaned. "I want you to fuck me. I need to feel your hot, throbbing cock inside me. " She shifted downward and spread her legs for him. Dan moved between her legs and pushed the head of his cock between her moist labia. As the head parted her fleshy lips, she groaned loudly. He lay down on top of her, not allowing his full weight to press down on her stomach.

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       Now he pushed his cock into her love tunnel. She was tight, considering her state, and he shoved harder and felt his dick slide all the way inside. He continued stroking her swollen belly with one hand. Danny moved his thick cock in and out, feeling the slick membranes of Vera's tight cunt stroke his rigid member. She was lolling her head from side to side and sighing. Clearly, she was enjoying his cock inside her as much as he was enjoying the feel of her gripping vagina. He had room enough between them, thanks to her big belly, to allow his fingers to feel her wet slit. He ran his fingers along the wet folds and played with her hot pussy. Next, he reached up and found one of her nipples; he squeezed it and was rewarded with another drop milk. As it dripped onto her naked skin, Vera groaned and shook with her climax. Now Dan slid his cock rapidly in and out of her pussy. Whenever he rammed his cock deep into her, Vera cried out with pleasure. Fucking her violently, he caressed her pregnant belly and swollen breasts. Again Vera groaned and twitched as another orgasm flashed over her body. Dan could feel his semen surging up through his groin.

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       He couldn't hold back any longer. Vera locked her legs around his hips and dragged him against her wet pussy just as streams of hot cum jetted from his prick. "Ahhhggghh! Oh god. . . ohhhhhh. . . ohhh. . . yessss!" Danny moaned as his throbbing cock shot his load of fertile cream into Vera's belly. Spurred by her heels against his legs, Dan drove his penis deep into her vagina, delivering his sperm into her depths. Vera reached for him, pulling his head down to hers, dragging him into a warm, penetrating kiss. He lay on top of her, continuing to push his cock slowly in and out, draining every drop of his seed into her.

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       Once again, Vera arched her body and shuddered, now with her third orgasm. She was so sexual, so feminine, and so comforting to his neglected life. He could not believe his luck, seeing, feeling her body, and now. . . he had come inside her sweet, tight pussy. He lay down next to her after removing his softened cock from her cum-filled pussy. He continued caressed her swollen belly with his hands. His soft penis, still sticky from her secretions and his semen, rubbed against her stomach. Vera reached down and held his limp cock in her hand and ran her thumb along its lubricated flesh. Dan lay on the bed clutching Vera's sexy body to his naked flesh. He was thinking about fucking her as her belly grew bigger and bigger. "What am I going to do with you, baby?" he asked. "I hope we can figure something out tomorrow, but next time, I want to be on top," she whispered into his ear. "Ok, baby, we'll do that, but first we need to get your clothes from the dryer and have some supper.

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      " Dan wondered what tomorrow would bring. .

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