The Lifeguard Part 2: Lovely Sarah


My lifeguard job led to more situations that I did not expect. My first night with Dick was the first of many. One time he brought another hot guy so we could have a threesome. But I wasn’t truly gay. I wanted to still do it with a girl, and one time, opportunity showed itself.
            There was a really cute girl named Sarah that watched the desk and closed up the gym after Dick and I were done. She never knew what went on in there, nor did she suspect anything. One day, before her shift, she went swimming during my shift on a Wednesday. There was a swim practicing at the time and some guys in the Jacuzzi.
My attention, although it should have been all over the pool area, I was focused on Sarah. She had an innocent face and I suspected that she was a virgin. She had short brown hair, big lovely blue eyes that always seemed so kind and gentle and was always accompanied by a soft beautiful smile. She had medium sized breasts that were firm and perky, as it were. She was about five foot four, had very athletic but feminine features with the hottest ass I had ever seen on a girl before.
She was wearing her black one piece swimsuit, to hide her supermodel quality features. She was only sixteen and I was still seventeen.

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   I had always had a crush on her but was always too shy to ask her out. I guess my luck was good that day and what followed because of it was simple fate.
She was swimming pretty well, better than the swim team on the other side of the pool that was roped off. I think she had fun passing up the state champions while they practiced. One could tell that they grew frustrated with losing to her, but because of her gentle, friendly attitude, no one got mad at her. She was swimming along about halfway through the pool and got to the deep end. Suddenly she began to sink for some reason and began to flail her arms around. I didn’t know exactly what was happening, but soon she had completely been submerged.
I quickly dove off of my chair into the pool and swam after her. I grasped her around her soft, flat stomach and pulled her up and placed her on the dry ground. I checked her breathing, there was none. I turned her to the side to get the water out then I put my mouth on hers and began to blow life back into her. She then began to cough after the second breath and looked up at me.
Knowing what I did, she gave me a soft smile, and then hugged me. I then helped her to her feet.

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   Everyone had gathered around and we both felt uncomfortable. Sarah had been extremely nice to me after that for the next few days. It was Wednesday again and I had gotten a late shift as I did on the Thursday before, when I had my weekly session with Dick. I was wrapping up in the locker room and began to shower.
As I continued to wash myself, I began to think of Dick and my first time. I began to rub my penis. While I just started to masturbate my mind trailed to Sarah and her smile, and the feel of her mouth meeting mine. As I just casually rubbed my limp penis with soap, I looked up and saw a girl watching me. It was Sarah, fully dressed in those tight jeans that teenage girls wear all of the time, a really cute white blouse, and slip on sandals. I instantly stopped stroking myself, and somewhat embarrassed, I spoke, “What are you doing here Sarah?”
She apparently wasn’t expecting to find me naked and just stared at me I she probably had been before I noticed her. Her eyes were right on my seven inch dick, which was now beginning to erect. I didn’t really try to hide it at first, but feeling uncomfortable, I attempted to cover it with my hands, but they weren’t big enough to fully cover it. She grew very embarrassed then finally answered, I believe entirely truthful, “I thought this was the girl’s room. I’m sorry I just went in the wrong door. I’m kind of tired.

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“It’s alright Sarah. I won’t tell anyone. ” She gave me the smile again then went into the girl’s locker room. I began to feel bold. I wanted to cum really bad now, but I didn’t feel like masturbating. I dried off as quickly as I could then ran to the girl’s locker room.
As I walked into the locker part of the room, I could hear the shower running. I removed my clothes and walked silently over to the shower stalls. Unlike the men’s locker room, the girls had personal showers stalls with curtains. I watched Sarah’s naked silhouette through the curtain. I took a deep breath and pulled open the curtain. Sarah at first screamed. She tried to cover her breasts and pussy. I stood there, feeling awkward, but tried to get her to understand.
“Listen Sarah.

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   I know you like me, and I think you are the most beautiful girl I have ever met, and the tension is killing me. I just want to tell you that I love you. ” She stared at me lovingly and compassionately.
“Oh Jack, I love you too. ” With this she pulled me into the shower and gave me the sweetest kiss that I had ever had. We held each other, pressing our wet bare bodies up against the other as we lip locked for a good two or three minutes holding each other was the warm water ran down our bodies. My penis became extremely stiff and I could feel it rubbing against her clit as her breasts rubbed against me.
I then removed my face from hers and glanced down at her beautifully perky tits with her small nipples. I began to caress them with one hand, with the other stroking her vaginal tissue. She became very pleased with this and began to moan. She tilted her head back, giving herself to me. I felt something break and I realized that she was a virgin after all. I then pushed her up against the wall as I tried to situate her on me so I could put my cock up inside her. She began to moan even louder as my penis got all the way in and then began to go up and down. Her breasts bounced very little since they were some firm, but they did bounce slightly.


“Oh Jack. Mmmm. Ah yeah, it feels so good. Oh Jack I love you,” she began to moan and yell as I took her virginity. It felt so good to have her tight pussy surrounding my throbbing dick. The fucking continued for a couple more minutes, then she wrapped her legs around me and I took her out of the shower and laid her on top of a bench. I was on top of her still fucking her sweet pussy. She continued to yell out my name and moan uncontrollably as the new feeling of lust overwhelmed her. I gave one more thrust then let it all go as she came for the first time. I shot so much cum into her, I somehow felt worried that I would impregnate her, but I didn’t. The sperm dripped down my dick and out of her vagina. She then panted, lying there on the bench. The fucking had made me tired too and I decided that I couldn’t do anymore.
I took her over to the shower and scrubbed her down carefully and gently. Both of us came again before it was done.

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   While I scrubbed the soap all over her angelic body, she began to moan again and breathe deeply. She then grasped my dick and began to stroke it ever so gently. I began to breathe heavily with lust. She then knelt down and placed her mouth over my cock. She began to move her head back and forth,  sucking it and rubbing it. I could feel her tongue wrapping around it and moving down it and then circled over and over around the head.
She turned her kind gentle eyes of innocence up at me. “Am I doing it right?” she asked. I stroked her wet, silky hair then replied softly, “Yes, just keep doing it, your doing wonderful, my beautiful angel. ” She continued the best blow job I have ever had, way better than any that I had gotten from Dick. I continued to run my hand through her precious hair as she kept sucking and licking my dick. I finally reached the climax and let the cum flow into her mouth. She began to suck it down and swallow it then licked it up as best she could before the shower water washed it away. “Mmm. This stuff tastes really good.

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  ” She said.
I asked her if she wanted me to do her in the pussy one more time. She said yes. But we got wild and didn’t just do it one more time, but several times. We had an idea to do it on the front desk. This time she was on top of me bouncing up and down. I enjoyed watching my dick going in and out of her. And when I finally came with again, the sperm created a huge mess all over my dick, which she licked up promptly.
We then went into the weight room. She grabbed a bench press bar and bent over, waving her sweet ass back and forth teasing me. I then began to doggy fuck her from behind. She enjoyed this more than the two times before and kept yelling it too. “Oh yeah Jack, I love this! Oh yeah Jack, fuck me! Fuck me!” I thrusted my cock so hard, I thought I was doing it too hard. But every time I softened up she’d yell, “Harder! Harder!” I obeyed. Then I exploded again as she yelled so loud, I was afraid the whole city could hear.

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   Her vaginal juices felt so good on my softening penis that I wanted to do her one more time.
She agreed and we did it on the same bench I was anal fucked by Dick a few weeks before. This time I did her from a missionary style position, shoving it into her gently now, since we were both getting slightly tired. Occasionally caressing her breasts, I considered this a more loving style of fucking than before. She kept kissing me and licking my ear and neck, thus I returned the favor. She was so lovely that when we came again, we barely made a sound. I then laid back and she lay on top of me, resting her head on my chest. We laid there for several minutes. Then I realized the time. I got up and we both went back to get dressed and went home.
The next day she planned on catching me showering. But it was a Thursday, and she found someone else getting fucked by me, Dick.
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