A forced Fantasy


They walked into the room, he shuts the door behind them.   She is just about to turn around but he grabs her arms before she has thechance.   Tape swiftly secures her wrists to each other behind her back.   After he is done with the tape he pulls her in close to him andfondles her large tits.   She can feel his cock getting hard as her ass is pushed into him.   She goes to turn around and meets his hands ather waist.   In a swift motion her pants are undone.   He never takes his eyes off of hers.   He slowly lowers her pants to her ankles then putshis hand on the top of her head and shoves her down.  
She looks up at this man from her position on the floor, he had that smirk across his lips that she knows all too well.   The sound of a zipperdraws her attention back to the task at hand.   Before she even has time to take another breath his cock is across her cheek with a loudsmack.   Angry now that this man would dare strike her, no matter the terms or with what, she glares up at him with her lips persed.   "Youhad better behave".   He growls to her.   She turns her head and looks away, unwilling to give in to his demands.

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    Her abstinent face is met again by his powerful hand, this time it is on her neck, forcing her head to face his cock and making it difficult for her to breathe.
He smacks her again with his cock and smiles down at her.   "You cunt, you will suck this if you know what is good for you".   He says to her as he presses his swollen head to her still persed lips.   She softly starts to kiss his tip and sticks her tongue out just enough to lick it a little. Not being satisfied as fast as he would like he holds her nose shut as his other hand forces her lower jaw to open.   Despite the struggleshe feel his rock hard cock enter her mouth.   He lets go of her chin but keeps his hand over her nose to make sure her mouth staysopen.   She can barely catch a breath let alone swallow her spit, she nearly gags on his large cock with each thrust to the back of herthoat and she can feel her shirt getting wet from the spit that rolls down her chin.  
Just when she thinks she may pass out from lack of air he lets go of her nose and grabs the back of her head, entangling her hair in hisfingers for a better grip.   His strokes are slower now but deeper, she has to open her throat wide as his cock slowly moves down the length of her mouth and only stops when it can go no further.   He seems to be getting pleasure from just holding that swollen tip as farin her mouth as possible.   Despite her lack of excitement for what this man is doing to her she can't help but notice that her panties aregetting very wet.   She can feel them sticking to her and getting more slippery with each thrust of that delicious cock.  
As she is lost in her own thoughts his cock suddenly pops from her mouth and he walks across the room to the dresser.

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    She sees that hehas retrieved two small packages from the top drawer and a bottle of lube from the top of the dresser.   He returns to her side and setshis items down on the stand next to him.   Moving around to the back of her he removes the tape from her wrists and takes her shirt andbra off.   She hopes he will leave the tape off but shortly hears that familiar tape sound and feels it wrap around her wrists again.   Totallynaked except for a thong she must look a sight.   Expecially with her jeans still around her ankles and her shoes still on.   He stands behindher still as he opens one of the packages.   She closes her eyes in anticipation and dread for what he will do to her next.
She is lost in her own thoughts once again and is jerked back to reality by a hard pinch to one of her nipples.   She looks down and seesclamps in his hand while his other hand is working at getting both of her nipples hard.   As he puts the first clamp on it pinches so hardthat she looses her breath for a second and her eyes start to water.   The second one comes easier but they are still painful.   She looks down at her hostaged nipples, turning all red and purple with a hefty chain connecting the two clamps.   It can't get much more painfulthan this can it?  She thinks to herself.   She looks over to see him rubbing lube all over a little black anal plug.

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    She has done anal beforebut never worn a plug.   He sets it down and wipes his hands off on a towel.   He goes to the bed and grabs a couple of the pillows and lays them down in front of her and walks to the back of her.   She feels his hands caressing her back and moving over her ass cheeks. She feels him spread and kned them and slap them lightly.  
He runs his hand up the middle of her back to between her sholder blades and shoves her down.   Her head hits the pillows and her nipples scream in pain as they bounce and hit the floor making the clamps tighten and jiggle around.   She lets her ass sag down as herbody wimpers from the pain in her nipples.   A hard slap lands right across her right ass cheek.   "Pick your ass up cunt or you will get moreof those".   Says the familiar stranger.   She adjusts her knees and sticks her ass up as high as she can and spreads her knees apart a littleto help her balance.   WHACK!  His belt comes right up between her legs and hits from her clit to her ass in a stinging blaze.   WHACK. .

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  . another one across her ass.   She sees him toss the belt away then feels his hands on her pussy.   He caresses her pussy lips through herthong, running his hand up and down her slit, pausing to put a little more pressure on her asshole and clit.   "A little wet already huh?  Youlove being daddys little bitch huh"?  SMACK!  His hand lands right on her pussy lips.   "Answer me when I ask you a question cunt".   She manages to mumble a yes.   "Thought so ya fuckin dirty cunt".   He growls at her.   She feels him move in a little closer, running his handsover her ass and up her hips.   He slowly peels her thong off of her and slides it down her thighs.  
With her thong out of the way he moves on to the next task.   He pick up the anal plug and the lube and moves to the back of her again.   She feels the cold drops of lube hit her asshole over and over again as it starts to run down to her pussy.   Then slowly he starts to rub the plug up and down her slit, circling around her asshole and moving back down to tease her clit again.

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    He slides the plug up intoher pussy then out to make its trail again.   He does this for several seconds then starts to focus more on her asshole.   He rubs the plugall around it, flicking the tip of the plug up and down on her hole and using various pressures.   Between the lube and her own juices sheis so wet she can barely stand it anymore.   Then he starts to slowly and agonizingly press the plug into her ass.   Going in a little then coming back out, then going in more.   Teasing her to the brink of insanity.   After he works the plug all the way in he slaps her pussy againand stands up.  
Grabbing her sholders he pushes her back up to her knees again and removes the nipple clamps.   He throws the pillows back onto thebed and picks up his belt again.   Three more sharp stikes across her aching ass.   He helps her stand up and then takes the tape off of her wrists.   He throws the tape away and hands her bra and shirt to her.   "Put these back on and put your pants back on, don't you darethink about taking that plug out of your ass cunt.   It is staying right there till I am ready to take it out".

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    With that she puts her cloths back onand rubs her sore nipples.   This plug feels very out of place.   She thinks to herself.   He walks up and hands her a towel.   "Get your clothstogether, shower time".  
As they walk up the stairs to the shower she wiggles her butt from the invading plug and the slippery lube that is all over her and her panties.   Once in the bathroom he orders her to stip as he starts the water for their shower.   She stands there naked leaning against the countertop watching him get undressed.   He strokes his cock and walks over to her.   "You want this trick?  Are you hungry for daddyscock to pound you"?    She nods a little and he grabs her arm and whips her around making her bend over the countertop.   "Thats whatI thought you dirty little bitch".   He says to her as he positions his cock on the edge of her wet and swollen pussy lips.   He slowly entersher pussy, teasing her the whole way in.   "Your pussy feels so good around my cock, so tight and hot".   He says to her as he starts to thrustmore.

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    He grabs her hair with one hand and grips her hip with the other one as he slams his cock into her a few more times.  
He pulls out of her and grabs her tits, pinching and twisting the nipples.   "Get in the shower trick, it's not going to be over that easy".   Theyenter the steamy shower and stand under the water together.   Her sore nipples pressed against his firm chest as the hot water runsbetween them.   He takes her head in his hands and kisses her passionately.   The first tender moment she has seen in a long time.   It seemed to end too soon for her as he pulled away and told her to get on her knees once again.   She knelt down, eye to eye with hisnow soft cock.   Thinking that she was going to have her mouth fucked again she licks her lips and reaches out to take it in her hand. He slaps her hand away hard.   "You're not that lucky yet bitch".   She looks up just in time to see a yellow stream come from his cock.   Heis going to pee on her.   She feels the hot liquid hit her tummy, then he moves in, making her lean back a little, he pisses all up anddown her, from her tits to the top of her slit.

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    When he is done he hands her the soap and tells her to clean herself off.  
Still on her knees but now clean she goes to stand back up.   He pushes down on her solders, not letting her stand up.   He moves aroundbehind her and tells her to crawl as far forward as she can go.   She moves up to the front of the shower and he kneels behind her. "Spread your legs as far as they can go cunt".   She opens her legs and instictivly raises her ass.   She can feel the water running down her and around the plug still in her ass.   She feels his cock line up with her pussy and all at once he rams his full length deep into her.   He just holds it there for a second, teasing her again, then he starts to pump very hard and very fast.   She thinks he is going to cum butthen he stops.   He starts twisting the plug around, twisting, pulling, and pushing on it.   Then he slowly he pulls it out and sets it on the shelf. She feels him position his cock at the entrance to her ass.   She likes anal but has never been able to do it in the shower.

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    "You are gonna finish it this time bitch, we ain't stoppin till I cum".   She takes a deep breath as he plunges into her ass.   This time he showed nomercy, he goes in slowly but doesn't stop till he is all the way in.   He pumps a couple of times and she starts to rub her clit to bring herself to orgasm.  
"I'm gonna cum, turn your ass around so I can cum all over your face".   She turns around and meets with hot white goo landing on her lips then spurting all over her face.   She licks her lips and smiles up at the man she loves.