A Poker Game That Taught Me A Lession In Life


My oldest brother Tom invited me to play poker with my other brother George and their two friends Jerry and Chad. I was thinking that I could increase my savings by winning a few dollors and when I turned 16 I could have enough to buy a car. Well as the night went on I found myself winning some and was thinking I was going to cash in big time. It was my first time playing and I seemed to be picking it up really fast. They would make comments about beginers luck and I was feeling lucky. BODY:It was all leading up to one big jack pot and I had a winning hand. All my money was in the pot and I needed to have something to raise and call so I told my brothers and their friends that I would put an "I owe you "in, that would say I would do anything the winner told me to do if they would let me play out the hand. I was thinking of chores around the house or homework or something like that. It never even crossed my mind that they would even include sex and me in the same sentence. Well was I wrong! My brother won the pot and then informed me that I needed to pay my " I owe you" off now. I asked what he wanted and I was shocked when I heard the answer. He informed me that I would have to give each of them a blowjob. I couldn't believe my ears, I hadn't even touched a guys private parts. The only thing I had ever done was to kiss a guy and let him feel my small breasts. And now my own brother Tom was telling me this! I started to cry and jumped up and as i did he jumped up as well and grabbed me. I screamed at him and tried to slap him but he just pushed my hand aside and then he slapped me right across the face.

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   I fell to the floor and he grabbed me and pulled me up to my knees and grabbed my head and wispered in my ear that It was time for me to grow up and learn what life is all about. That I need to be a girl of my word and pay off my debts. He undid his belt and and unbuttoned his pants and unzipped and pulled them down to his knees. As he did that his hard cock jumped out at me and right in my face. I turned aside to avoid it but he grabbed my hair and yanked real hard. I opened up my mouth to scream but before I could utter a sound his cock went right in my mouth. I heard him laugh and yell to the others it was blowjob time. I was shocked, crying, gagging, and feeling pain as he pushed against the back of my throat. I was trying to blow on him and he yells to me "Suck it bitch Suck it you little whore!" I sucked and chocked and gagged and sucked and he pumped in and out of my face. All of the sudden he rams my face to his crotch and holds me there and I feel him flood my throat. All I could do was swallow and swallow. When he was done comming in me he pulled out and moved around behind me holding my head. There standing in front of me was my brother George and Jerry was right behind him with Chad in the rear. All with their pants down to their anckles. George came foward with his stiff cock and Tom yanked my hair and said "Open up bitch!" and when I did George shoved in with full force.

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   God I cried wanting this to end. My brother Tom was pulling my hair and George was pushing my head back and forth as he fucked my mouth. George started to cum and pulled out and shot it all over my face. I heard the one of the other guys say " Thats it, slime up the bitch" and then George moved and watched Jerry approach me and leaned down and wispered in my ear," We can do it the hard way again or you can start getting with the program and open up on my own. I opened up an took Jerry in my mouth and he came as soon as he got inside. He shot his cum and pulled out as he was still cumming shooting it all over my face as well. The other guys started laughing at him about cumming so quickly and he told them that it was my fault because I was soo sexy on my knees. When he moved away Chad came foward stroking his massive cock. His cock was the largest of them all and as I opened up my mouth he shoved it in. God it was big! I chocked and gagged and still crying he pumped in and out and all I could think of was I wanted this to end. He just kept fucking me, in and out and I felt like I was going to faint from lack of air. I tried to suck in air as he pulled out and breath out on his next stroke. His balls kept slapping my chin and I could hear the guys in the back ground yelling and cheering him on " Fuck the bitch! Fuck the bitch!" Finally he starts to stiffen up and then he pumped in me harder and faster. As he started to cum he pulled out and came all over my face hitting me in one eye and cheek and forehead. He reached down and as I was gasping for breath he grabbed my hair and wipped the cum off the end of his cock.


   Chad then said " You might become a good cocksucker some day bitch. I have been waiting to fuck your face for at least a year!" He then turned to Tom and said " Nice sister you have, we should play poker with her more often. " I had collapsed on the floor crying and trying to catch my breath Tom dropped all the money on the floor in front of me and said " Well sis, you earned this. Its all yours. " and walked out of the room. I am sure that these guys had never had a more lousy blow job before this or after. But thats when I grew up and learned how to play the game. A guy will do anything and give anything for a chance to get in a girl. And now I play by different rules. .

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